Daily Inspiration #67

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Great Stylish Illustrations by Dan Mumford

Photography by Stefan Beutler

Beautiful portait photography by Stefan Beutler, semi professional photographer from Germany.
Photography by Stefan Beutler

Photography by Manfred-Dieter Kretschmer

Amazing fashion and portrait photography by Manfred-Dieter Kretschmer, 63 years old professional photographer, based in Hagen, near Dortmund, Germany.
Photography by Manfred-Dieter Kretschmer

The Art of Dr. Lakra

Jeronimo Lopez Ramirez also known as “Dr. Lakra” is a Mexican artist and tattooist. He creates his art using dolls, old medical illustrations, pictures from 1950s Mexican magazines and other objects he finds to create his own unique style.

Visit Ink Butter to view more of Dr. Lakra’s work.

Photography by Peter Fabian

Beautiful children portrait photography by Peter Fabian, professional male photographer, based in Bergstrasse, Germany.
Photography by Peter Fabian

Emeric Trahand

Spot On ViaComIT’s Blog

Great work by Emeric Trahand aka Takeshi

Prada by Steven Meisel

Prada spring summer campaign shot by one of the top fashion photographers Steven Meisel, who just recently shot a Louis Vuitton campaign featuring iconic superstar, Madonna.
Prada by Steven Meisel by Creative Photography Blog

Photography by Jamari Lior

The young artist has many facets and knows how to realize them in her own dazzling way. under the name “Jamari Lior” she takes beautiful photographs. she describes herself winkingly as being “without style”, because following one specific style, would be much too boring for her.
Photography by Jamari Lior

Dmitry Ligay illustration

Tashkent based editorial illustrator and freelance graphic artist Dmitry Ligay pushes his modern style through the diverse of fashion and lifestyle magazines.
Recently Dmirty took a part in the first ever book of 60 Russian illustrators released this month on Designcollector.

Nike Rock Victorious

Brilliant photos for Nike’s Rock Victorious campaign by Warwick Saint.
More photos here.

Photography by Benjamin Von Wong

Creative light, high speed, glamour and portrait photography by Benjamin Von Wong, talented male photographer, based in Montreal, Canada.
Photography by Benjamin Von Wong

Works by Rafael Dante

Photography by Julie Dennis Brothers

Julie Brothers’ photographic career, her life’s passion, began in Europe over twenty years ago. Since then she has created a diversity of work photographing on five of the world’s seven continents.
Photography by Julie Dennis Brothers

Taliah Lempert