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Strangefruits features a hand-picked selection of creative and amazing websites. Those that are both beautiful, innovative, functional and exceptionally well-designed, and we are very proud that one of our websites is featured on their site.

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Marketing related website, Design and development by MediaNovak

Marketing related website, Design and development by MediaNovak

Marketing related website, Design and development by MediaNovak

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D&AD show at The Truman Brewery

Interesni Kazki, AEC & Waone


Chris Held


Groovy is in the Art


Inspirational Business Card Designs

How do you think – what is the purpose of a business card? Is it only to provide a phone number, email, and address of a person, whose name is written on the card? Surely, there are many people, who would say “yes” to this question and would rather use one of the conventional business card designs from the templates, provided in Word, for example. However, there are also many people, whose understanding of a business card goes much beyond the traditional definition and vision of a business card.

If you believe a small business card can be a masterpiece, that people would wish to put into a frame and keep it on the desk along with the family picture rather than placing it into a business card holder, where all the conventional cards live, well then you have absolutely correct beliefs. If you don’t – just have a look at the collection of inspirational business card designs below and, I bet, you will be amazed with simply fantastic business card designs.

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Dran on Bagapart.com

The multi faceted French artist DRAN has been painting since 1995, using a variety of media to convey his cynically corrosive viewpoint. His dark yet comical sculptural installations depict a cynical way of commenting on our capitalist culture; he explores a variety of media including working extensively with taxidermy animals and intricate pencil drawings.

Jeune artiste Toulousain, Dran s’est rapidement forgé une réputation à la hauteur de son talent. Compagnon d’aérosol de Miss Van et Fafi, il se fait la main dans les ruelles de la cité rose. Des murs à la toile il n’y a qu’un pas que Dran franchit volontiers en exposant régulièrement ses oeuvres à travers la France. Auteur d’une série d’ouvrages édités chez « l’édition populaire », cet illustrateur nous fait découvrir un univers teinté d’humour et de cynisme.

A collab borned between Bagapart.com & Dran : see the results here

More pictures here.


Available to order now, get yours as there are only 50.
Email matt.needle@hotmail.co.uk for inquiries or to order

Size: 420mm x 297mm

Printed onto 250 gsm hi quality Gloss paper.

1 of 50 Limited edition


Payment via Paypal (Paypal address – matt.needle@hotmail.co.uk) /Or Bank Transfer (i will send an invoice with details if you wish to pay this way)

Available to ship worldwide A.S.A.P (shipping included in price)

Please include your address with order.

We Are Not Time Travellers


Three guys, three works, one subject, every week.

This week’s new topic: VIOLENZA DOMESTICA
enjoy and stay hard!

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watch the complete project HERE

50 Free Graffiti Fonts for Urban Artworks

Though Graffiti is one art form that has been around since the ancient times but its charm remains intact till date. A simple phrase painted on the wall cannot be termed as Graffiti. It is the creative designs and stylish fonts imparted by the professional designers that make an ordinary slogan look extraordinary and thereby qualify it for Graffiti. From interesting advertisements to customized t-shirts, Graffiti is seen everywhere these days. The digital world is also not oblivious from the craze for Graffiti anymore. Hence, to help our designer friends give their best in making Graffiti, we bring forth a list of some exclusive Graffiti fonts in our given post. You can now rely on these free graffiti fonts and include them in your designer arsenal right away.

Check Full List of Free Graffiti Fonts for Urban Artworks

world identity lab

The world identity lab is a non-commercial experimental platform, created by moodley brand identity, that looks into different levels of what we call “identity” on a worldwide basis.

> watch the movie

The platform has a seismographic function, inviting motivated people to contribute to the concept of “identity” with their opinions and observations in a visual or journalistic way. The goal is to reach interesting personalities worldwide and engage them as contributors to the lab. The vision of the experiment “world identity lab” is to create a worldwide network for interactive information exchange.

Have a look at the current project: fouled!!
Check it out, join and win a play loud!-book!

Photoshop Tutorial: Colorful Composition

In this Photoshop drawing tutorial we will create a beautiful and colorful composition with circles. In this tutorial we will mostly use standard features of Photoshop, but I think you will learn some extra tricks using basic Photoshop tools. Mostly, we will use Layers styles and Pen tool. Just want to add that the technique you will learn in tutorial you’ll be able to apply not only in creating balls, but for example the Christmas ornaments or any other abstract decors.

Final Image Preview

Read full Photoshop tutorial: Colorful Composition
Psd file included.