2018 Brabant

La province hollandaise de Brabant se porte candidate pour le titre de capitale européenne de la Culture en 2018. Pour l’occasion, Angela Lidderdale, directrice de création chez KesselsKramer, s’est associé à l’illustrateur James Joyce pour la création de l’identité. Une collaboration réussie!! La preuve en images avec quelques uns de leurs posters. WWW.ZEUTCH.COM

Which came first?

New t-shirt now available from Hunting Bears

A Hope for Haiti…vote for this design

Tress Suspension Lamp

Suspension lamp made of composite material on a lacquered fiberglass base. Available in three colors, each creates their own distinct personality. White is discreet, black is strong and decisive and red is volcanic. Tress is a web of threads and resin that acts as the decor, structure and diffuser all at the same time.

Am I Collective’s “bare project” feat Baba Mkhulu

This particular Bare is designed by south African based Baba Mkhulu, the 40cm high custom hand painted Bare was created as part of the Am I Collective’s “bare project.”
The ‘bare’ is based on the African occult and depicts a Sangoma (Witch doctor). It also serves as a social awareness commentary, by addressing the current issue faced by the albino people in Tanzania, who are being murdered in ritual killings, for their body parts to be used in mystical potions.
More Bare designs here

Banksy na pele! (Tattoo)

Wood Blocks

A handmade series of pieces that are for sale online for $20 a pop. I loved the idea that each piece could be totally unique, crafted simply, and stay affordable. To me it was a way of meeting you in the middle– somewhere between an art gallery and retail. There is also a “making-of” video that goes with this project.

Watch the video.
Visit the store.


Mishima Heihati Tekken 6 by Toraiadotoizu

Gangsta Style at 4 AM (Kingston, Jamaica)

Photography by Marlon ‘Biggy Bigz’ Reid for FIRST MAG

See the rest HERE.

Transparent Lamps by Sander Mulder

Dutch designer Sander Mulder creates lamps that are made up of large, contoured, clear acrylic sheets. More info and images Here!

iPad Frenzy and Other Mobile News

Last week was a huge week with respect to mobile news and buzz, primarily driven by the impending launch of the iPad on April 3rd. Of course we’ll get to some of the iPad coverage, but there were some other interesting stories that deserve a quick mention as well.

20 Simpson Graffitis

A selection of 20 Simpson graffitis. Yellow street art !
View more pictures : 20 Simpson graffitis

Justin Nelson Artwork

Great illustrations by Justin Nelson… More info & pics HERE

N8 Van Dyke – Illustrations and sketches

Black and white illustrations and sketches by N8 Van Dyke.
Watch more pictures here

Luiza Guedes – with lasers