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Designers for Obama!

dfo Designers for Obama!
With the goal of supporting Barack Obama’s campaign for presidency, Design/ers for Obama will introduce new tools and opportunities to web-powered grass roots organizing that has already revolutionized campaigning. Design/ers for Obama is a community for Obama supporters, whether visually inclined or not, to aggregate and rate Obama poster art that is available for download in a variety of sizes that can be easily printed by any and everyone. At such a turbulent (yet exciting) time in our nation’s history, collaboration has never been more important.

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GizMag Web 28

I’m the founder of the weekly web magazine GizMag. I published a new issue this weekend.
You also might want to check out the second PDF magazine.

gizmag screenshot GizMag Web 28

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007 1 2 Concept 007 — a site about architecture that is not boring. Projects here are not about schemes and layouts, they became a reason for a cartoon play.


Tec poster

This work for personal gratification in your bedroom…

793161219168321 Tec poster



Prada – Fallen Shadows

prada fallen shadows Prada   Fallen Shadows

Prada presented its Fall 2008 collection with “Fallen Shadows,” a very surreal, animated short film directed by James Lima. Fallen Shadows draws inspiration from Bunuel, Dali, Duchamp and Escher.  Video here


Nike Evolve Campaign

nike Nike Evolve Campaign

New campaign for Evolve, Nike Tuned 10 – For FootLocker, By Nitro and The Mill.

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Yay! Monday! Issue #38

ym38 Yay! Monday! Issue #38

Check it out:



vcfeatha Simple
Another logotype experiment, enjoy.


the aion drive

the aion drive2 the aion drive


Fence Art

fence 2 Fence Art

fence 1 Fence Art

This is the first time that I am seeing Fence art. Wow! Created by Dutch design house Demakersvan, they state: “The Lace Fence project translates that line of thinking. Fencing is a sign how we modified and cultivated our environment. Like brambles fences are rising rampantly around us. What would happen if a patch of embroided wire would meet with and continue as an industrial fence. Hostility versus kindness, industrial versus craft.”
-Adriana de Barros, from Scene 360

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Aaron Farley

aaronfarley01 Aaron Farley

Nice L.A. based photographer Aaron Farley has some stunnning rock’n'roll pictures !

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Hans Hoogerbrugge

hooger Hans Hoogerbrugge
Been following his work since around 1998. Basic flash animations that really deliver powerful self-portraits. Take a look at his NAILS collection and then try his older collection from 2001 which still impresses to this day. If you are looking for something more lengthy, check out more of his work at


Slow home video

MEDIUM LG Snail Slow home video
Up to 24 hours of video recording time.

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Erik Boker – Product Dissection


old roofs, new brochure.

roofs published a new self-promotional material. It is available to view or purchase on the site. Have fun.

self 3a old roofs, new brochure.
self 3j old roofs, new brochure.