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The french super studio, (HKI)™ HelloHikimori™, started off their new blog.
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City Bike Revolution: The Bamboo Bicycle

A revolution in city bikes design, Biomega presented the Biolove Bamboo bicycle designed by Ross Lovegrove, the master of organic design. More info of bamboo bike here.

Color Berlin

Flavio Melchiorre x Grove

Grove is a design collective based in Portland, that is dedicated to creating products that bring art into your everyday life. Their first product is a bamboo iPhone case engraved with designs from their artist series or a custom design of your choosing. Clever packaging is made from bamboo left over from the carving process and is intended to be used as a picture frame after un-boxing.

Now you can buy the new “Wild Things” iPhone case engraved with designs made by the italian artist “Flavio Melchiorre“. Buy now online!!

Grove: Handcrafted Functional Art!

Ground Zero feat. David-Ivar Herman Düne on Kulte bags

David-Ivar Herman Düne, 1/2 part of the talented Parisian folk band, also famous for his illustrations, has just signed a limited collector bag with GROUND ZERO Records Store, in collaboration with the french brand KULTE. 100 collector bags only available at Ground Zero.

Clive Stuart


Characters created using traditional techniques with digital enhancement

/// Redy

/// Angel with the scabbed wings

/// Radioactive toy

/// Animoti

/// Lily flies

/// Lily falls

/// Ducky duck

ARG /// Ilustração

Photography of ken hermann

Via Cretique

Awesome Space Divider by Eero Aarnio

The Tree is an office space divider designer by Eero Aarnio. It is a piece of art as well as a practical space divider. The Tree represents a design that is characteristic of Eero Aarnio in which art meet functionality.
More pics here.

Sarah Hankinson – Illustrator (Melbourne)

What it is, it isn’t…

What capture me the most is the title of this project: ” What it is, it isn’t.” beside the image of awkward looking cabinet, of course. Then, I realized the text was taken from ‘Alice in Wonderland’, which is written by Lewis Carroll and this project by Ontwerpduo get its inspiration from it.

What it is, it isn’t.
‘If I had a world of my own,
everything would be nonsense.
Nothing would be what it is,
because everything would be what it isn’t.
And, contrariwise, what it is, it wouldn’t be.
And what it wouldn’t be, it would.
You see?’
– Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland.

To describe the work better, these are exact text from Ontwerpduo:
‘Objects are how we perceive them to be. Our minds make things what they are and for us this is reality. Think of a branch hanging in the water. We see, with the refraction of light, the branch under the waterline in a different angle. But we know that in reality the shape of this branch is different. We learned how to see the world…
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Comparing US and France Company Logos – 20 counterpart logos

The best of the 4th week – iPhone Art Photography – Open contest by llot

The best of the 4th week on facebook :
Birds – Best Camera app – by Thore Alnes Øverland


The best of the 4th week on flickr:
Vancouver, 2010. by Bhlubarber


iPhone Art Photography – Open contest by llot

Take part and vote on facebook and on flickr.

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Photography by Sarah Hermans