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Posters Evolution and Use in Recent Society

Posters are paper prints designed to communicate ideas quickly in a graphical manner. They are basically reproductions that are multiplied in large quantities with a lower grade of paper and inks.
Posters come in various shapes and sizes and serve for a wide range of purposes. Ever since the beginning, they proved to be a very powerful means of expression, continuously evolving to satisfy the growing needs of modern society. The term “poster” has a long history behind it and comes from the ancient practice of “posting” messages in public places. Text posters were the first to appear and they were basically used to transmit information in an effective way.
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Tomorrowland 2010 Day 1

See More Pictures of the 2010 Tomorrowland festival HERE

See more pictures by Ricardo Diez Baeza HERE

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Photography by Yosigo

Alien Abduction Lamp

The Alien Abduction Lamp, a desk lamp in the form of a UFO that beams up a cow, is a wonderful product from designer Lasse Klein. via…

iDJ Music Mixing Station

Star Wars in Ancient Japan

According to some the epic battle between Jedi and Sith occurred on Earth, specifically in feudal Japan.

The game with the Star Wars geek universe was created by artist Steve Bialik. The result is a work of art to fill the eyes of any geek. In the images are Boba Fett, Han Solo, Chewbacca, Darth Vader and Yoda, all portrayed in the style Shogun.

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Victoria Beckham for Vogue Turkey

Victoria Beckham for Vogue Turkey August issue.

Photography by Yousuf Karsh

Yousuf Karsh is one of the most famous and accomplished portrait photographers of all time. His body of work includes portraits of statesmen, artists, musicians, authors, scientists, and men and women of accomplishment.
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Dexter Season 5 Trailer

Matte Paintings by Frederic St-Arnaud

Frederic St-Arnaud is a visual effect artist with 13 years of experience, focusing on high-end photo-realistic digital Matte Painting (also known as Matte Art or Digimatte), set extension and concept art in the film industry.

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sarah brandner painted

Mischief Champion

Funny, comic-y drawings by Katrin Hagen at Mischief Champion.

Bikes – Crashing into Love (video)

Beautiful graphic design/animation/motion graphics

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