Photography by Lauren Withrow

Beautiful portrait photography by Lauren Withrow, young female photographer.
by Creative Photography

Photography by George Steinmetz

Best known for his exploration photography, George Steinmetz sets out to discover the few remaining secrets in our world today: remote deserts, obscure cultures, the mysteries of science and technology.
Photography by George Steinmetz

Ross Berens Takes on The Solar System

One thing about space science posters is they are usually not designed very well. You see them in high schools or universities and often use back-dated images from missions dating back 30 years… or worse… they are badly illustrated with no relation to what these bodies actually look like. For this reason, I had always thought it would be a great project to make some well-designed posters of the planets that feature the amazing images we now have of them from modern missions.

Sure enough someone comes along and knocks the whole system out in one fantastic series. They are each available for sale, but the funny thing about doing one for each planet is that you will not likely have too many takers for Uranus or even Pluto. However, the design on some of these makes it pretty tempting to grab them up just for the pretty.

I would be a rube to not include Saturn. But the exclusion of the Galileans at Jupiter, no Charon on the Pluto poster and the absence of Titan here on the Saturn poster has me wondering if there is a moon series in the works? If so, put me down for a copy of Io.

Photography By Cade Martin

Creative advertising and fashion photography by Cade Martin, professional photographer, based in Washington, D.C.

Photography by Lukasz Murgrabia

Based in Warsaw, Poland, Lukasz Murgrabia has photographed for clients such as Young & Rubicam, Euro RSCG or Ogilvy, to name a few. 1978 born in Szczecin
Photography by Lukasz Murgrabia

10 Amazing Papercraft Cameras: Photography At Its Basics

Since when does photography have to be about megapixels and photoshop? These 10 amazing pinhole cameras show just how pure and basic photography can be, using little more than paper to capture compelling photographs. The best part? More than half of them are free and downloadable, so you can try your hand at pinhole-style paper photography. More at TheCoolist.

Photography by Thomas Paquet

Creative advertising and fashion photography by Thomas Paquet, beauty photographer from Paris, France.
Photography by Thomas Paquet

Wain Lin Tse

Wain Lin Tse has an awesome portfolio, really worth a check!

via coisa’74

Coral Table/Bench

The Coral Table/Bench is a versatile, practical piece of furniture with a modern twist. The algorithmically-generated, laser cut pattern extends along the full length of the form, and provides a visually complex experience. Constructed from radius bent steel and powder coated in four exciting color options. Also available in a Side Table or Bench models.

Photography by Satoshi Saikusa

Satoshi Saïkusa arrived in Paris in 1984, where he started long term collaborations with leading editorial publications such as Vogue Paris, Numéro, i-D, Flair, Harper’s Bazaar UK, 10 and GQ.
Photography by Satoshi Saikusa

Photography by Simen Johan

In his photographs, Simen Johan explores darkly the human proclivity towards fantasy and our attempts, knowing or otherwise, to craft alternate realities for ourselves.
Photography by Simen Johan showcase

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The Azahar Group World Headquarters by OAB Architects

Last year, the Azahar Group completed construction on one of the most progressive office designs in recent history. The Azahar Group Headquarters in Castellon, Spain is a progressive monument to green design practices, both in their own building and the company’s work in environmental logistics in the third world. More at TheCoolist.

Cartoon furniture from @Fashion4Home

Columbian/German designer Reinhard Dienes recently debuted an exclusive line of designer cardboard furniture with Fashion4Home. 100% recyclable, the pieces are lightweight and sturdy. More at

Fantastic Illustrations by Raphaël Lacoste