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HUGO Create Round 4: Vinyl Cover / Music Poster

Round 4 of the HUGO Create challenge is open for entries!

HUGO Fragrances invites artists working in any medium to submit their graphic designs, illustrations or photography to the HUGO Create contest website:
The 4th round of HUGO Create is now open for entries. This round runs until September 5, 2008.

A lot of music aficionados not only listen to music, they also love their album sleeves and concert posters. While listening to their favorite tunes, they look at the illustrations and photographs on the sleeves or embrace the memories that come with the concert posters on their wall. Sometimes the visual image is as important as the sound.

The dream of many up-and-coming artists and designers is to be commissioned to do a record sleeve or poster for their favorite group or singer. With Round 4 of the HUGO Create contest, HUGO Fragrances challenge creatives from all over the world to design a Vinyl Cover or Music Poster, starring the HUGO Man Bottle.

The choice of style of music is completely up to you and your image may contain illustration, painting, photos, collages, typography, … If your work is a Vinyl Cover, your finished work should be in a square format (672 x 672 pixels), if you create a Music Poster your final image will have to be a portrait poster format 672 pixels large x 960 pixels high. Please make sure that your file is max. 0.5 MB big. In case you become one of the winners, HUGO will need a hi-res version of your visual.

Prizes include 10 x $500, exposure on the HUGO Create website and the visual of the round winner will be featured in i-D Magazine.

adam mathew lipton1 210x300 HUGO Create Round 4: Vinyl Cover / Music Poster
Adam Mathew Lipton, Round 3 winner

leslie pinto 220x300 HUGO Create Round 4: Vinyl Cover / Music Poster
Leslie Pinto

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Inspire Your Imagination

hello Inspire Your Imagination

Pinspire is a place to enjoy and share quality photography and cool design portfolios. Inspire yourself by exploring the possibilities and limitations of creative photography. Look through the works of the world’s best illustrators to see the trends in modern design. Develop your own understanding of graphic arts. Find a source for your own creativity.



404 1 404
404 2 404
404 3 404
Photos by Ksenia Kolesnikova. More here.


Repeat Pattern

I’ve finally got my work online so this is some shameless self promotion. Sorry ’bout that. I’m a graphic designer based somewhere out in the English countryside.

iCanCountAugFlyerFront Repeat Pattern

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Ian Francis

Amazing mixed-media works from Ian Francis.

ian 04 Ian Francis
ian 02 Ian Francis

Via: Booooooom!

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Let Us Kiss

These animations were created for the launch of the “Let Us Kiss”. The online brand dedicates itself to more than just getting people to communicate with each other, even-though it does just that in a much more visually attractive and intelligently orchestrated manner.

By working with the brand’s Creative Director Rodrigo Butori we’ve created a series of animations that users can send to each other along with a custom message. Each animation is completely unique as we’ve used a variety of techniques ranging from plain stop motion to complex 3D graphics.

Nervo’s Music Director created all of the music tracks and sound effects for the different animations again showcasing our versatility in the music field as well. More from Nervo

[vimeo 1254827]

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Andy McCain vs. Barack Basquiat


Lightform Photoblog Updates

photoblog design you trust Lightform Photoblog Updates

I have recently updated my photoblog with new photos taken during Spring – Summer 2008. You can see it by visiting clicking here.

Thank you for your time.

Kind Regards

Stratos A.


Sneaker Marmalade

I saw the Sneaker Burger by Olle Hemmendorff two days ago on this site. Think this would be a good opportunity to add something to that “food-based-sneaker-series”. Here is a cover illustration, graphic designer Christian Kohl and I did in summer 2006 for “Sneaker Marmalade”, a fashion magazine which is published in Luxembourg and France.
The illustration was made from 2 kg’s of fresh mince.

sm3 1 Sneaker Marmalade
sm3 2 Sneaker Marmalade
sm3 3 Sneaker Marmalade
sm3 4 Sneaker Marmalade

sm3 6 Sneaker Marmalade


Funkrush Clothing

“Clothing that makes you smile.”

Definitely true in my opinion! Some really wicked clothes on this website, and I plan on getting a few soon :)

funkrushclothing Funkrush Clothing

Definitely worth a check out if you like what you see in the above screenshot.

A note though: Most of these t-shirts start at £20 pounds, that’s around $40 US dollars, so that is rather steep.

Funkrush Clothing


Webble: Active Footrest

webble 1 Webble: Active Footrest
webble 2 Webble: Active Footrest
Webble™ takes the smooth gliding concept to the next level with a unique mesh membrane that offers the ultimate in comfort and freedom of movement. The open frame combines strength and style in an unmistakable form that is sure to liven up your under-the-desk experience. With so much to like about the Webble™ AIR, it’s a good thing we also incorporated a patent pending spring suspension and intelligent self brake mechanism to hopefully minimize the inevitable shouting…“Where’s my Webble™?”

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Slinkachu Solo Show

Cosh would like to invite you to the opening of ‘Ground Zero’ the first solo show from Slinkachu featuring all new work at Cosh Gallery.

Opening / Buyers Night from 6.00pm – 8.30pm

Please make sure you to be added to the guest list.

We will confirm your invitation by email next week. If wishing to purchase please arrive early to avoid disappointment.

For exhibition Press Release and more about Slinkachu click

Invite2 Slinkachu Solo Show


Character Wallstickers

Some very cool wallstickers that I stumbled across. There’s a decent selection to choose from, so have a look around.

wallstickers Character Wallstickers

If you’re not German though you’ll want to translate the page!



World’s Most Counterfeited Fashion Brand

17 Worlds Most Counterfeited Fashion Brand
26 Worlds Most Counterfeited Fashion Brand
The worst investment you will ever make…

A cheap, overpriced, ugly accessory… a material statement of your ignorance.

Just because Paris Hilton rocks Louis Vuitton doesn’t mean that as soon you strap on that purse you begin climbing the upward later to high class or luxury. If you own a Louis Vuitton product you are fake, gullible, in debt, are not happy with you life, ignorant, have no sense of individuality, are a follower and probably have no idea why I’m saying these things.

Look at that chick with the Louis Vuitton purse, she can’t afford diapers for her kids, lives in a trailer, yet she always managers to consume the latest greatest Hollywood fasion.

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Holy War

holywar Holy War
Push me to the source, please.