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Bad Naso Rock t-shirt design by Anfex

badnasorock outpost1 Bad Naso Rock t shirt design by Anfex

Bad Naso Rock!

One of the best seller tee design by the italian artist Antonio Felaco, well known as Anfex.
You can have simply have this fantastic t-shirt sending a mail through his website!

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Chop Shop $1-10 Sale

10dollarcrop Chop Shop $1 10 Sale

Chop Shop $1-10 Sale

$1-10 sale at Chop Shop for any of the original launch tees. Some designs as low as $1 (bushBrains, frankenKerry) while other sale items are between $7-10 each. Below are a few of the designs included in the sale. Some sizes are limited or out of stock, so grab a $10 tee now before they disappear. Also, be aware that these links go directly to the sale items and that current designs (such as the ever popular celebrity robots tee) is also available on the main site.

toyrobot 150x150 Chop Shop $1 10 Sale nda 150x150 Chop Shop $1 10 Sale deskjockey 150x150 Chop Shop $1 10 Sale maid 150x150 Chop Shop $1 10 Sale 10yearplan 150x150 Chop Shop $1 10 Sale gdnerd 150x150 Chop Shop $1 10 Sale

Inspirations ’08 Out

diskultur 08 Out
Don’t miss the portfolio of this young fresh’n'french designer and obviously add it to your bookmarks ;)



dreamer Dreamer

Artwork and compositing starting from ispiration Flickr shot. Thank You for watch it:)

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Ashbincitizen jif @ deviantart

A great Artist with a lot sexy Fun !!!

ashbincitizen jif1 194x300 Ashbincitizen jif @ deviantart

Cool Style

Art, Inspirations

Portfolio of Camelia Dobrin

blrowmaba Portfolio of Camelia Dobrin

You can see more of her works here



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Eraser gum

eraser gum1 Eraser gum

by Psyho


Format x Monster Factory – Clive, the Format Mascot

format monsterfactory Format x Monster Factory   Clive, the Format Mascot

Format and Monster Factory collaborate to produce Clive, the Format mascot. Clive enjoys double-riding bicycles, collecting buttons, non-chalantly striking poses, and brunch. Currently travelling throughout North America, Clive is extremely shy, so please give him a big hug when you see him.



Architecture, Art


lilypad 02 Lilypad

When global warming raises the sea levels and the world goes underwater, you’ll be lucky to wind up living in one of these.


Marc Bijl – Burning Peace


Asger Carlsen photography

Great photos by Asger Carlsen.

asger 03 Asger Carlsen photography

asger 04 Asger Carlsen photography

via: booooooom!


Siri Brekke.


Sticky Note Experiment

sticky2 Sticky Note Experiment

sticky Sticky Note Experiment

How to have fun with sticky notes – From the creators of the Diet Coke and Mentos experiment.