Mountain Dew – Green Label Art, Volume III – Limited Edition Art-Inspired Bottles

mountaindewcldfx Mountain Dew   Green Label Art, Volume III   Limited Edition Art Inspired Bottles The Mountain Dew Green Label Art is about an awesome limited edition series of collectible aluminum bottles adorned with custom designs from six of today’s leading artists. See all of the six custom designed bottles and the corresponding collaboration gear at CLDFX.

Magnolia Tree is Soccer Field’s Centerpiece!

sebastianerrazuriz99 Magnolia Tree is Soccer Fields Centerpiece!
Now here’s a cool concept. Why not add a new “green” element to soccer matches by putting a 10-meter high magnolia tree in the center? Chilean artist Sebastian Errazuriz did just that…

More pics and info at My Modern Metropolis!

Nike 6.0 great illustrations by Adam Haynes

ANTA Ad: Deuce.

[youtube atiDZGBPRpc]
Released:August 2009
Advertising Agency:JWT Shanghai
Clothing & footwear

The advert titled Deuce was done by JWT Shanghai advertising agency for ANTA company in China. It was released in the August 2009. Business sector is Clothing & footwear.
Brand: ANTA
Agency: JWT North-East Asia
Agency Producer: Jane Zhang
Creative Director: Rojana Chasakul; Elvis Chau; Raymond Chin
Creative: Rojana Chasakul; Elvis Chau; Margin Ma; David Mo; Lu Nan
Director: David Edwards
Production: HANraHAN
Producer: Swifty Hanrahan
Director of Photography: Stuart Graham
Editor: Andy McGraw
Post Production: Pixel Box, Hong Kong
Editing Company: Cut+Run

Kulte x Bastardgraphics x Beach Arty

Bastardgraphics is Julien Rivoire, an art director and graphic designer from France. He’s been working on severals projects, involved with other artists, brands, labels, music festivals, magazines and so on…few names such as : Sixpack France, Universal Music, Trax, Clark Magazine, Technikart, l’Oreal….
Organised by the French brand Kulte, he recently took part in an exhibition named BEACH ARTY, which took place in the city of LYON, at the Kulte Store.
His work will still be on until the end of September09
 Kulte x Bastardgraphics x Beach Arty

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Josh McKible – Urban Paper Toy

JoshMcKibleurbanpapertoy Josh McKible – Urban Paper Toy

Josh McKible releases a promotional poster / cut-out paper toy promoting his upcoming Urban Paper Show in Tokyo. To be held at Cafe Pause in Ikebukuro from September 7th to the 20th, Urban Paper is a launch party for Matt Hawkin’s recent book release of the same title. Get your own paper toy here or drop by if you’re in Tokyo.

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Fatso Grafix – Illustrations

fatsografixillustrations Fatso Grafix – Illustrations

Antwerp, Belgium based Fatso Grafix showcases this set of illustrations including “Hunting Club,” “Gypsy Kings” and “Doctor’s 1942.” We’re loving his just-burgeoning on the cusp of dark/realistic style displayed in these three illustrations. Ironically, he draws colorful rainbows in his spare time.

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Thorbjorn Ingason – Kron Kron “B” CD Cover (DJ Ruff & Gisli Galdur)

ThorbjornIngasonkronkron2 Thorbjorn Ingason – Kron Kron “B” CD Cover (DJ Ruff & Gisli Galdur)

Iceland-based designer Thorbjorn Ingason conceptualizes this photographic/design project for the concept store Kron Kron in Reykjavik. It’s always great to see designers opting to go physical over digital, or combining the two as in this paper sculpture based on the form of the letter B. Photographic assistance provided by Torfi.

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Ana Beatriz Barros x Passionata

Beautiful Portrait of New York City

nyc Beautiful Portrait of New York City
nyc 21 Beautiful Portrait of New York City
Filmed during a 3 week stay in NYC. Directed by Max Moos, and music by Moby.

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“Big Brother is watchin you”

bigbrother Big Brother is watchin you
“Big Brother is watching you” t-shirt by KDBZ clothing. Win this t-shirt in comment article on Grafitee.
Contest only for people who living in europe

Eagle Awards 2009

kingjamesdyt1 Eagle Awards 2009

kingjamesdyt2 Eagle Awards 2009

Eagle Print Awards 2009 by King James – Visit Antilogic more..

Kulte X Mothi Limbu x “V”

Lezards (Aliens) looking like humans, and eating mice…It rings a bell?
Created for the new KULTE Fall/Winter09 collection named “The Final day”, the graphic designer Mothi Limbu was inspired by the famous US TV show “V” , when creating this funny Mickey “Mouth” version…a double cult reference.
DYTMickeymouth Kulte X Mothi Limbu x V

LAVAL 23.08.2009 Timelapse

Waiting for the sunset, i met a friendly little tiger under the bridge…
Shot with both HV20 & 5DmkII + sigma 12-24mm / 70-200mm

[vimeo 6251929]

Ryan McGinley, Moonmilk

JakeShiningRock 6.5x10in Ryan McGinley, Moonmilk

Famous for his gleefully natural photographic style that features his hedonistic, and usually very naked, friends on wild journeys across the United States, Ryan McGinley is hot property in the art world. McGinley’s latest show is his first in the UK. Opening on 11th September at London’s Alison Jacques Gallery, Moonmilk is a collection of vivid and psychedelic images taken in ‘wild caves’ throughout America on one of his wild travels.

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