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Illustrations by Yehrin Tong

Art by Yehrin Tong 3 Illustrations by Yehrin Tong

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Source Flagship Store by Huge Architects

Source Flagship Store by Huge Architects 8 Source Flagship Store by Huge Architects

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Volkswagen Golf Estate: Danny Macaskill

Color Of Life Photography by Andre’ Wright Jr.

Andre Wright Jr Polaroids 16 Color Of Life Photography by Andre’ Wright Jr.
Photographer Andre’ Wright Jr. presents his book called ‘Color Of Life’, which includes a huge and absoloutly awesome collection of Polaroids he shot over the past few years. The collection includes images of Wale, Jeremih, Cam’ron, Mel D. Cole, Flavor Flav and even Paris Hilton.

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Fahrenheit 212 Paintings by Drew Bemas

Fahrenheit 212 Paintings 5 Fahrenheit 212 Paintings by Drew Bemas
Illustrator and graphic designer Drew Bemas created these awesome paintings for Fahrenheit 212 which can be seen at the Fahrenheit 212 Gallery in New York. The artworks were made to alternate when guests where meeting at the company. Fahrenheit 212 wanted to make them say ‘Hey, wasn’t there a different painting a minute ago?’

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‘Cabeza De Helado’ by Rodrigo Miranda

Cabeza De Helado 2 ‘Cabeza De Helado’ by Rodrigo Miranda
Paper toy designer Rodrigo Miranda from Santiago, Chile, has recently dropped a new paper toy called ‘Cabeza De Helado’. Inspired by typical childish elements, and colors, Rodrigo’s signature design is prevalent in this work.

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Modern Architecture – Stunning Whale-like Structure

fluidamphibianpavilion1 Modern Architecture   Stunning Whale like Structure
This has to be one of the most stunning structures I’ve seen in awhile. Designed by Melbourne-based Peddle Thorpe Architects, Fluid is a whale-inspired pavilion that is sure to be a showstopper at the much-anticipated 2012 World Expo in Yeosu, South Korea.

More pics and info at My Modern Metropolis!

Tom Whalen’s horror movie posters

Tom Whalen’s illustrated homage to classic horror movies posters is one of a kind.
Check the full series here.
monsters Tom Whalens horror movie posters

Morten Solvstrom Work

4 236 Morten Solvstrom Work
fwa 2 Morten Solvstrom Work
Morten Solvstrom is a interactive designer from Copenhagen,Denmark. You may have seen some of his works in the FWA wallpapers section but he also worked with Microsoft Surface project.

More works and info here

A Heart A Day

Excellent Illustrations by Amose

amoseDYT01 Excellent Illustrations by Amose
These are some excellent illustrations/paintings by French artist Amose. I love his unique style, the colors he uses, and how the shapes on his illustrations look simple yet complex.

Click here to see the rest of the images.

Twitter Art Projects Part 2

whereisyourdyt Twitter Art Projects Part 2
whereisyourdyt2 Twitter Art Projects Part 2
A collection of awesome Twitter Art Projects on CreativeApplicationsNet
See also Part 1

Misconception /Photo by Remi Rebillard

misconceptremirebillard 01 Misconception /Photo by Remi Rebillard
Beauty is derived from the norm. It is usually a misconception due to various western standards of beauty. Many celebrities conform to this misconception. Some conform by getting quite expensive cosmetics surgery and others who try to be defiant suffer quietly as they represent the
“other” in the beauty expectations propelled by the mass media.
Photographed by Remi Rebillard
mise en beaute’ Davide’ Calcinai .

Collection of ads

amazon2 Collection of ads
amazon3 Collection of ads
amazcon4 Collection of ads

We presented ads from eBay, Microsoft and already. Today it’s a time to present collection of ads next of the web giants – Look yourself and tell us what do you think about it.

Look at the whole collection of amazon .com ads.


bagapart biennale BAGAPART AT THE Xth LYON BIENNIALE is partner of the 10th Lyon Biennial of contemporary art. Several great bags were made by the Donuts studio, you can find them here.
Bagapart made a real amazing thing by putting an interactive point inside the biennial to create your own bag with the design of two great artist : Eko Nugroho and Tsang Kin Wah. You choose the design, you place them on the bag model you want, you can zoom and rotate and you receive it at home.
You can make those unique bags online too on, in the biennale workshop.