Design is everything.


Giving a paintbrush to a sexless lump.


Cedric Malo aka Tabas

dyt tabas03 Cedric Malo aka Tabas

dyt tabas01 Cedric Malo aka Tabas

dyt tabas02 Cedric Malo aka Tabas

Interview (in french) and showcase of Cedric Malo aka Tabas.


Wolfgang Tillman

tillmans apple 731731 Wolfgang Tillman


Stunning Timelapse

lapse1 Stunning Timelapse

lapse2 Stunning Timelapse

lapse3 Stunning Timelapse

Some of the outdoor setups inside this movie : The idea was to emphasize the landscape beauty, and to propose an original point of view of this Alps region.


Kitty Hat 2

kittyhat2 Kitty Hat 2
According to this post.



jr 1 JR
jr 2 JR
jr 3 JR
From France, JR’s work is as good as unique. His regular modus operandi is to bill-post giant, unexpected, monochrome photographs in positions of high visibility – including rooftops, church windows and along the sides of buses. The work has graced the covers of Liberation and The Financial Times. Its goal is clear; to assist viewers in recovering their humanity.


friday feeling?

shaggy 300x225 friday feeling?

surely this is the most ridiculous campaign ever?


Ohhhh, Friday! Bored? Let’s Dance.

1 02 Ohhhh, Friday! Bored? Lets Dance.
THIS IS FRIDAY POST! Don’t click and don’t look inside: cats and beautiful nude girls ahead.

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Gorgeous Featherwork

Gorgeous feather accessories by A Farmer’s Daughter a.k.a. Melanie Hull.

farmers 12 Gorgeous Featherwork

farmers 11 Gorgeous Featherwork

Via: Booooooom!


In My Tribe

2 01 In My Tribe

1 01 In My Tribe

Photosession by Steven Meisel for Fashion Rocks magazine.

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New Web Pick Issue 17 Out

nwp New Web Pick Issue 17 Out
“Bruce Lee 32 35″ NewWebPick Issue 17 Full Version Released!
Bruce Lee (1940-1973), founder of Jeet Kune Do, had brought on revolutionary influence to the world of martial arts (and still does). Not only was he a ‘super actor’ of sorts, he was also an incredible expert of the martial arts, mastering the mind, body, and soul in the virtue of expressing oneself honestly.

On top of being an international star, he was a man of wisdom. With his unique views and mastery of the martial arts, he went so far as to creating his own style of martial arts: ‘Jeet Kune Do’.  I hope that through looking into this special edition of “Bruce Lee 32 35″ issues,  that you may find inspirations in your own life.


* Special Report
2008 International Design Excellence Award

* Bruce Lee 32 35

* Experimental Base
Alexander Otto / Elephant.xiang / Florian Bayer / LAURA OSORNO / Maciej Mizer / Niklas Hughes / Qiumingyi / Ageng Raditya / KaitaoLee / Viviana Villa / Hakule

* NewWebPick
Cedric Le Floch / Julien Aka / Mostard Design / Vincent Paul / ThingsMatter

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Mind your Business 2

mind your business Mind your Business 2

The french danse crew Bad Poison created the concept Mind your Business… Video here

Art, Photos

Marianne Maric

66 Marianne Maric

The photographer  Marianne Maric

More photos>>>


Unbelievable Pictures

un pictures Unbelievable Pictures

Looking at these pictures, I thought they were manipulated in Photoshop. The photo captions tell us they’re real. But I’m still not convinced… (laugh) -Adriana de Barros, from Scene 360

Technology, Web

iPhone GUI PSD

iphonegui iPhone GUI PSD
OMG, I don’t want to miss it!