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Beautiful Pop Surrealism by Joe Sorren

Awash with emotion, Joe Sorren’s paintings will whisk you away to another world. He creates stunning scenes by carefully mixing muted and bright hues together. Carefully straddling the line between whimsical and foreboding, Sorren’s paintings are filled with characters grappling with their surreal surroundings. See more at My Modern Metropolis.

Chad Kouri

Outpost by Olson Kundig

Egill Bjarki Photography

Short Animation using Video and After Effects compositing

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Daily Inspiration #99

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Concept Artworks by Vinod More

Vinod More is a digital artist from Mumbai who currently works as a lead concept artist for Pixion studios. Skilled with both traditional and digital painting, Vinod is able to capture conceptual environments and portraits that tell stories and convey messages. From fantasy castles to dystopian cities, Vinod captures the mood and feeling for each work with ease.

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Diana Bodea Documents the Semana Santa

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In Piedi da Secoli & Loving Pen

Soft Porn by Cocaleca

A Life of Design: David Hicks by Ashley Hicks

David Hicks was one of the United Kingdom’s most eminent, most influential interior designers, ever since he was first featured in House & Garden in 1954 – now, his son, Ashley Hicks, has authored A Life of Design: David Hicks, documenting his late father’s career. A colorful volume showcasing the life and work of one of Britain’s most prolific and vibrant decorators, this book is a rich gift for anybody seeking to add color and vivacity to their own lives, or seeking a better understanding of the late Mr. Hicks. Available through Paul Smith.

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Eric Joyner “Donut Logic” at Corey Helford Gallery

San Francisco artist Eric Joyner is holding a solo exhibition at the Corey Helford Gallery, entitled “Donut Logic”. Joyner’s art has a surprising twist in this exhibit as he replaces human life with metallic robots, although the act like regular humans like balancing a family and work, as well as sporting tattoos. There are 20 new works in the exhibition, which will run from August 14th to September 1st.

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Domestic Premium T-shirts – Summer 2010

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Daft Punk New Songs for Tron Legacy

You can have a taste of the new songs of Daft Punk for the upcoming movie Tron Legacy on You Have To Think Out Of The Box.