Water-harvesting skyscraper in Sudan

Polish firm H3AR has designed a water-harvesting skyscraper which would draw water from the underwater lake, creating an artificial lake in Darfur, Sudan. In 2007, scientists at Boston University discovered the existence of an underwater lake in the region, which is said to be the biggest in the world.

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30+ High Quality Examples of 3D Digital Artworks

High Quality Examples of 3D Digital Artworks
Today we proceed from 2D graphics to 3D graphics. A three-dimensional art is a very complex design mode. All of you in your life have touched with this type of design, virtually everywhere today use 3D objects: movies, advertisements, cartoons, etc. In three-dimensional artworks objects are solid rather than flat, because it can be measured in three different directions, usually the height, length, and width. Create 3D objects you can with some of special programs, such as 3D studio max, Cinema 4D, and others. Today for designers and all our readers, we would like to show the best more than 30 high quality examples of 3D digital abstract artworks.
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Foals – This Orient

Listen the new song of Foals on Le Blog de Yoland.

Richard Symons

Intricate and rich in detail, the sculptures in resin and metal cables made by Richard Symons are definitely worth a visit.
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New DIN hairline By Parachute

Parachute® has just released some very elegant DIN hairline weights. Ever since its first appearance back in 2003, the Parachute series has become the most comprehensive and sophisticated set of DIN typefaces ever. With its vast array of weights, the extended support for all European languages which includes Greek and Cyrillic, its careful and detailed design it has proved valuable to many complex corporate projects. Now a new set of hairline weights has been released. read more

Sunchase drone audio



Bisgrafic Graphic Design

Illustrations by Gianmarco Magnani (Silence Television)

Wrecking Ball Lamp

Designed by Studio Job, the Wrecking Ball Lamp is cast from solid bronze. A bulldozer forms the base of the lamp, while a “wrecking ball” light-bulb brightens up any room.

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Dj Stern*

[vimeo 9809595]

Here is a short stop motion that shows what happens when a Dj is in charge of the dishes, simply using basic and colorful items.

satansmothers – flickr update

Holga 120N
Films: pro 160S fujicolor, reala 100 fujicolor, ilford hp5 plus 400, provia 100f fujichrome, velvia 100f fujichrome

Gilda Davidian Photography

Open Minded – Let you get in.

Frenchies impose their style thanks to OPEN MINDED, a brand new french collective of artists which becames a reference in the world of Custom.
After having pimped M by Monderer’s snearkers during one of these private viewings, after having offered these sneakers to two very very lucky guys, we arrive on your screen.

Let’s check our website, get in and STAY TUNED.

Smallz and Raskind Photography

Livraria da Vila by Isay Weinfeld Architects