Darth’s Ride

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The Flight of HOPE

After the Oil Spill, let’s be a steward on this planet again, show your support and let’s do what we can do,
I am doing mine by making an awareness and a call..this is my second design for the cause..please vote for it if
you like it :D see the details on the body:)

DBH & HOPE “The Flight of Hope”

Thank you!

zerobriant :)


2.13 Photography is currently based out of Malmö, Sweden and Copenhagen, Denmark.
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Hedkandi Salon: Love what you see

Prints by WAX for hedkandi.
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Create Spectacular Sci-Fi Concept Art using Digital Painting Techniques – Walkthrough of “The Day We Left Earth” by Grzegorz Rutkowski

Concept art is used widely in cinematic, videogame and literature projects, to help convey a given message, situation or environment to the viewer. Whether it’s a rough concept sketch, or a highly polished conceptual artwork, having a smart workflow and the right techniques can make a big difference.

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to create spectacular science fiction concept art from one of the digital painting masters, Grzegorz Rutkowski. You’ll learn how to start with a concept sketch, use some rules of composition and perspective, and then develop a progressively more detailed concept sketch with a powerful visual impact.

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satansmothers @ flickr

Ikenaga Yasunari

Sarah Rose Smiley

Music Mondays 14

Summer Shoot

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Beware! Rant!

Projects that make you want to blow something up
A little while ago, I got so frustrated with freelancing that I honestly considered quitting. I have seen a lot of colleagues either quit the industry altogether, or switch to something less stressful than dealing with clients. Below are some things that happened to me in the last year that perpetuated the aforementioned doubt of my life’s passion.


Toy Factory

Produit en Italie

When Italy won the last world cup, Nike asked the agency Wieden & Kennedy to create a campaign to celebrate such victory. A series of poster based on the golden years of Italian products were designed by different art directors and artist in the agency.

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Minimalist John Hughes Film Posters

The Breakfast Club poster
Sixteen Candles
National Lampoon's Vacation

Series of film posters created for the Traverse City Film Festival in honor of John Hughes. Set includes 9 of Hughes classics. See the rest here.

Prayer Cards

A collection of intricately die-cut paper prayer cards. Dating from the 1890s to 1910s, the cards were produced by Verlag Von Serz & Co. in Nürnberg (Nuremberg), Germany.

prayer cards via studiotwentysix2