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Alberto Grillasca ‘Seres Chulos’ Portraits

AlbertoGrillasca SeresChulos img1 Alberto Grillasca ‘Seres Chulos’ Portraits

Visual artist Alberto Grillasca digs deep in to his Mexican roots with a series of works utilizing an ancient aboriginal form, dot painting. Used originally as a way of telling and recording Aboriginal ritual practices, Grillasca breathes new life in to the tradition by putting together a series of colored and non colored portraits and body pieces consisting entirely of dots.

More pictures…

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Animated Advertising Projected On Buildings

beamvertisingDYT01 Animated Advertising Projected On Buildings
Here is a video showing animated ads projected on the buildings and streets of Santiago de Chile. The company that offers this service is Lumina Motion and they call it “Beamvertising.” The ads look pretty cool.

Click here to watch the video.

We have not decided to die

ritual3 We have not decided to die
danielaskill We have not decided to die

Daniel Askill’s “We have not decided to die” is a masterpiece of a shortfilm.

Watch it here 2010 updates

Into1 is happy to announce a new update, with some new works and a fresh look they’re ready to kick off the new year. Into1 is the Creative Studio of Two brothers, sharing the same passion, combining their vision into one.

Visit Into1 – Creative Studio

into trust 2010 updates
2010 trust 2010 updates
artist trust 2010 updates

SPA Sana

Short legend about great feelings.
SPA main dyt SPA Sana
SPA z dyt SPA Sana
[vimeo 1755557]
© Gaumina

More pics and info at deKo.LT

Luca Dipierro

Muiz Anwar

muiz anwar Muiz Anwar
Arabic typeface experiment by Muiz Anwar via CreativeRoots

Dieter Rams, “Less but better”

If you havent heard this name probably the best way to understand what he’s done is if i tell you that Braun, the company he led for 40 years (from ’55 to ’95) in means of design direction is something like a grandfather of Apple as philosophy and timelessness of produce. (more info in the article)

Gestalten is going to publish a book about Dieter Rams’ work this December. Simulateously they’re having an exhibition of his work at the Design Museum of London. Both are called “Less and More — The Design Ethos of Dieter Rams”.

dieter5 Dieter Rams, Less but better
dieter11 Dieter Rams, Less but better
rams3 gross Dieter Rams, Less but better
rams2 gross Dieter Rams, Less but better

More info and pics, and a video interview with Dieter Rams after the jump.

[text is in bulgarian]

Inspiration: Showcase of Black and White Web Design

blackandwhite Inspiration: Showcase of Black and White Web Design
Not all web design is splashed with color and vibrant images. Many designers have chose to use subtle gradients and sparse use of color to convey a message or highlight a point. This post looks at a slew of great web designs that have stuck to black and white base colors in there design. CLICK HERE FOR MORE.

Printable Happiness Bookmarks

bookmark2 Printable Happiness Bookmarks

The positive psychology movement has recently identified 10 factors and behaviors that lead to feeling more happy and satisfied with life. These 10 printable bookmarks from e.m.papers serve as a convenient and regular reminders of these simple behaviors. Download once and print as many as you want – great (and affordable) gifts – especially for your favorite depressed type geek.

Win 25 t-shirts Original Music Shirt

oms11 Win 25 t shirts Original Music Shirt
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Laser Bread portfolio

BrockDavis00 Laser Bread portfolio The Beautiful works of Brock Davis.

Theater Poster by Carl Krull

IN TWO MINDS theater POSTER Carl Krull Theater Poster by Carl Krull
IN TWO MINDS – Theater Poster
A play inspired by the works of Danish artist Carl Krull
Conceived and Directed by: Athina Kasiou
At Agios Andreas Theatre, Nicosia, Cyprus.
from 27 January 2010 – Tuesday and Wednesday, 8.30 p.m.
View the Theatrical Teaser on Vimeo also by Carl Krull

Photography by Manolo Moran

ManoloMoran Photography by Manolo Moran

Manolo Moran is a Brazilian photographer based in Sao Paulo. His work privileges portraiture, beauty and ‘awkward’ characters

Photography by Manolo Moran

Photography by Fernando Zuffo

FernandoZuffo Photography by Fernando Zuffo
FernandoZuffo2 Photography by Fernando Zuffo

Established in the advertising photography market for the last 27 years, Fernando Zuffo has developed a unique style thanks to various techniques for treating images: turning the image, chromatic fusions and colouration, resources that preceded Photoshop, are techniques he has been using for the last 15 years.

Photography by Fernando Zuffo