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40 t-shirts that I definitely want in my closet

Who does not like to wear a good t-shirt? I change a few t-shrts a day, just because I like all the t-shirts I have and sometimes do not know which to wear. In this post I’ll show you a 40 amazing shirts I definitely want in my closet, and I think you will not remain indifferent as well. I invite you to see all shirts, comment on them, pick out your favorites, and add some yours. Enjoy!

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iPhone 4 We Like!

Of course this is not the iPhone 4 announced by Apple yesterday. But who doesn’t love this??? Read more……

Free Range art and design.

Seeing Double

Photography by Emel Bayram. More here.

Menno Fokma / Reel 2010

Rape is not love / Petar Pavlov

Rape is not love - Poster

The goal of this campaign was to raise awareness of the most common three types of rapes: acquaintance, date and marital rape. See the whole project and the rest of Petar Pavlov’s portfolio at:

Conflict Kitchen

Conflict Kitchen is a take-out restaurant that only serves cuisine from countries that the United States is in conflict with.

More info and pics here.


Miss Grigio & Mr Noir Wine Packaging

Mafia-type illustrations for Miss Grigio & Mr Noir Wine Packaging, designed by MASH. See more photos here.

Coffee Bean Bag

Sit on a giant Coffee Bean Bag!


Roadkill Rug?!

Roadkill Rug design from Studio OOOMS.


Icon Letter And Envelope

Icon Letter and Envelope. A cheeky take on a physical letter using well-recognized computer iconography.


Lego Earphones

Lego Earphones. Available in red, blue, black and white.


Stop Talking Cards

Stop Talking Cards. A classy way to get someone to shut their mouths!


A Roundup Of Cool And Creative Cake Molds

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