Photography by Gisel Florez

Gisel Florez is a Stilllife Photographer with her own studio in Williamsburg Brooklyn. She Graduated from Rhode Island School of Design
Photography by Gisel Florez

Pebble Eraser

Winner of the Gold Award in 2009 Taiwan International Design Competition.
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James Robertson House | Pittwater Bay, Australia

Hidden on a hill overlooking Australia’s Pittwater Bay, Rob Brown’s design for the James-Robertson house happily opens itself (and its occupants) to all that Mother Nature can dish out. Check out this amazing home here.

Photography by Michael Dykstra

Michael Dykstra is an emerging photographer and “photo artist” who creates colorful, vivid and unique pieces of digital art.
Photography by Michael Dykstra

Clowns By Varial

Varial is talented photographer and he is a french & canadian creative and visual artist.
Clowns By Varial

Daily Inspiration #77

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New Design for the $100 Note

Best of the week: iPhone art photography – Open contest by llot

1st place: hipsta- coachella by Lauren Ardis

2nd place: “between cars” by Chad Gurley; genius, photoshop mobile, lo-mob

3rd place: lomo/photogene by Siri Thompson

Take part & vote on: flickr | facebook

More about contest

Louis Vuitton Must Die by Lasse R. Jensen

Spot On ViaComIT’s Blog

Louis Vuitton Must Die necklace by Lasse R. Jensen

Citroën Metropolis

Portfolio Marcella Tamayo
my full name is marcella tamayo dos santos. my mother’s family is from japan, my father’s family
is from italy, germany and portugal. i don’t know exactly how, but they all came to brazil some
decades ago and met each other through time. :)

i was born in são paulo, ’87. i’ve been living here since forever though i love the idea of spend
some time of this life living in different places, learning cool things, languages and meeting
awesome people. if i could do that and have the power of make warm food appear all the time, it
would be great!

a lot of things happened until 2008 but, at that year, i graduated as a Bachelor in Graphic Design
at Centro Universitário Senac, São Paulo. since then, i’ve been working mostly with illustration and
animation and believing that we can change things for better if we work with our hearts and
brains at the same time. in everything we do.

Company Mouse Mat Design

Margot Mace Illustrator

Raphael Vicenzi Updates