25 Incredible 3D Vehicles by Maurice Panisch

Maurice is a Germany based 3D artist with a big passion for cars.
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A visit to the studio of Jackson Pollock

Ever seen Pollock paint? Moves like a dancer, that one…

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Saints & Martyrs and Monsters by Gosia Herba.


Out and Out explication of Refine Edging in CS5

What do billowy hair, fur coats and horse manes have in common?

They used to be the bane of designers who had a rough time selecting these sorts of complex edges from the surrounding background. An under billed, yet, one of the most path breaking features of CS5, the Refine Edge feature has finally put an end to those exasperating hours of fine tuning the edges.

Mask creation happens to be one of the most important and difficult tasks in Photoshop. Edge selection has one of the more trying aspects of Photoshop as the transition of edges in earlier versions of Photoshop was either uniformly hard or soft. This always caused problems when there was an image with both hard and soft edges, such as clothes making a hard edge and hair making a soft edge. Also, with all the blurring out of the edges, there was always the problem of adjusting the contrast between the edges. With the Refine Edge along with the Decontaminate Colors option even a beginner can come up with results professionals in the earlier versions of Photoshop would have struggled with.

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Mug shot for “The Forty Thieves 3”

by Camellie

Mug shot for “The Forty Thieves 3” exhibition at Gorker Gallery in Melbourne, Australia
15 giclée prints available for sale at the gallery.

20 Excellent Oil Paintings by Odwin Rensen

Here is one of my favorite digital painters. Odwin Rensen a 36 year old Digitalartist from Netherlands. He is one of the good digital artists whom I found on the internet. He is famous for hisdigital paintings, portraits and illustrations.
20 Excellent Oil Paintings by Odwin Rensen

Track 09 Exhibition Posters

The Broken Melody at S2SNation.com

Description: The songs of the seas, the chants of the mermaids and the melody of the waves, were all shattered by the dark cloud of oil spill that floats and spreads across the gulf. Act now to help save the seas and the life within and beyond it. Nobody would care unless you talk about it.

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It will be printed on a Limited-Edition Bamboo/Organic Cotton Apparel.
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artist link http://zerobriant.com

Daily Inspiration #96

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A Creative Universe’s Daily Inspiration

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“I.” a webcomic drawn by everyone.

“I.” is a webcomic drawn by anyone. All the images featured are found around the web just googling simple tags. They all are under public domain or a Creative Commons License. Francesco D’Isa just edited everything in order to do the story. There will be a new episode more or less once a week.

You can read it here

Stunning Star Wars Paintings

Born in Osaka, Japan, artist Tsuneo Sanda is the man behind some of the most incredible Star Wars art ever made. A self-proclaimed Star Wars fan since 1977 and providing art to Lucasfilm since 1995, he has a wealth of knowledge and experience as well a passion for his craft. See more at My Modern Metropolis.

Fiona Banner “Harrier and Jaguar”

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Paintings by Sebastian Krüger

Sebastian Krüger was born in Hamelin, Germany in 1963. In the early 1980’s Krüger studied painting and graphic arts, and then quickly moved into the professional art world where his iconic ‘personality portraits’ continue to captivate famous collectors and audiences across the continents.
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Colored Pencil by Julia Randall

Julia Randall is an artist originally hailing from New York, New York, USA, but currently lives and works in Connecticut, USA.
Randall’s work is very delicately intricate in detail, and her pieces are completed in colored pencil on paper.

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Unfading Glory of Rome

The city of the seven hills, the eternal city, city of love, and the city of fountains – these are only some of the nicknames given to one of the most magnificent cities in the world – Rome. Founded by two brothers Romulus and Remus, who were raised by a legendary wolf, the city of Rome had witnessed a lot – from the fratricide to the fires of the Inquisition, and from being the center of, perhaps, the most glorious empire in the world to the eternal art masterpieces, created by Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Bernini, and Raphael. It is Rome that introduced such people as Julius Caesar, Virgilio, Federico Fellini, Sophia Loren, Ennio Morricone and a whole pleiad of other remarkable painters, scientists, poets, writers, musicians, and thinkers to the world.

Naturally, every stone in the city of Rome, every street and building in it has the traces of such a magnificent history of the city. A great world legacy has been concentrated in Rome, its architecture, and art galleries. No wonder that Rome is often chosen by professional photographers as the key object, featured in their modern creative art works. No matter whether it is a black-and-white or a color photograph, Rome itself can turn it into a real masterpiece, even if this photo was made by an amateur. Furthermore, the city of Rome itself with its architecture and unique flavor can be a source of inspiration for many modern artists and creative people. Below we introduce a few photo of this eternal city to you – have a look and try to catch that special feeling, inherent to this Italian and world city.

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