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Richard Fang

kool Richard Fang

madeforyou aka Richard Fang submission on Cameesa

You can find more of Richard’s work on his site:


Paddy Hartley – Project Facade


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Yay! Monday! Issue #36

ymissue36 Yay! Monday! Issue #36

Check it out:


Carlos Serrao

cs 1 Carlos Serrao
cs 2 Carlos Serrao
cs 3 Carlos Serrao
Stunning photos from Carlos Serrao!


Inspired Objects

You see the consumed objects on the streets? Why are they rest there?

They are cheap. But why?

They  have lost their story. Thy have lost their soul. I’m marking this objects with self-written storys. 

So they are inspired. Now you can pick them up, because now they are of value!

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Rodney Smith

smith Rodney Smith
Artistic black and white photography by Rodney Smith. Some of the images are influenced from classic movies (Alfred Hitchcock), paintings (Rene Magritte), among other connections. -Adriana de Barros, from Scene 360

[All Photos © Rodney Smith]



21 year old Andre Perez just released his new site, with tons of new work ranging from motion graphics, photography, music composition, and sound design. Link:


Perttu Murto

Perttu Murto 22-year-old graphic designer from Finland relaunches his portfolio!
Visit site.


Wire Button

earphoneswire Wire Button

Wire Button keep your earphones wire not moving : thin and tiny product that can help you fix the wire in a button as if you do up your buttons.



carlsplatz 3 l Jewelry/.

Inges Idee

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Slim Jim Light


Three Design Contest – Win $900

JingZhang Three Design Contest   Win $900

3 Mobile and Don’t Panic are looking for a designer to create a poster as part of a street ad campaign, and there’s a prize of £500 ($900).

Mobile Broadband is a service offered by 3 that gives customers access to the internet on their PC or laptop using a USB modem and 3′s HSDPA network. Mobile Broadband and dongles are becoming more widely understood but there is still an education job to do to communicate their benefits, and that’s where Don’t Panic comes in.

We wanted to organise a competition that allowed artists and creative types as much freedom as possible, while still creating a visual message which related to 3′s mobile dongle (they are offering you £500 after all!). We want you to create a personal, unique piece of work representing freedom, communication, locality or whatever you can draw from 3′s mobile-broadband Dongle. You can take any part of it as your inspiration: it’s name, it’s functionality, it’s colour scheme, mobilisation, the internet, whatever.

As well as a £500 cash prize, the winner (as selected from a publically voted shortlist) will also have their work reproduced as part of a limited edition collection of posters available through east London, as well as being used in a flyer poster campaign and included on stickers inside the Don’t Panic packs. The collection will be exhibited in the Truman Brewery in October where the winner can come down and showcase their skills in a live art studio with some of the UKs leading creative artists.

This is a chance for you to shine, to create something cool, desirable and beautiful and have it seen via various media throughout the world.
If you’re interested in submitting a piece of work, please head over to for the full brief.

The competition opens for submissions worldwide on 1 Sept and run until 28 Sept

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espira 2 Espira

espira Espira

Espira is a London-based visual artist who mixes themes such as fashion, war and religion… in a modern and commonplace surrounding, “resulting in a transgressive assault on contemporary culture and the senses.” -Adriana de Barros, from Scene 360

[Top Images © Espira]


Fashion Branded Weapons

1 Fashion Branded Weapons

3 Fashion Branded Weapons

Justin Melnick is an avid photographer, digital artist, and has spent time oversees in the Middle East. All of these influences have come together in his latest project, titled ARM•ME Melnick imagines — quite vividly — what Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Pucci, and Chanel would add to standard ammunition. The exhibition starts September 2nd at Gallery 385 in New York City. The outcome is a compelling statement that questions how we — individually and as a nation — spend our money, contrasting the abundance of weaponry with the scarcity of high-end luxury goods and some pretty amazing imagery.

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Ghana Horrors!

ghana 1 Ghana Horrors!
ghana 2 Ghana Horrors!
ghana 3 Ghana Horrors!
These hand-painted movie posters were used for traveling exhibitors in Ghana, often using local artists. They went from town to town with a videotape player that ran from a generator. The posters were used and re-used.