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creatib 01   Design from across the Design from across the World has a very unique concept. Is about to create an art and design collection, based on countries of the world. CLDFX recently reported about the outstanding Blog. More info at CLDFX.

Psychedelic Dreamscapes – Allison Torneros

AllisonTorneros Psychedelic Dreamscapes   Allison Torneros
Perhaps the most interesting thing about Allison Torneros’ paintings is the thought process behind her pieces…

More pics and info at My Modern Metropolis!

The 1937 BMW R7 Concept Reborn

1934BMW R7 dyt1 The 1937 BMW R7 Concept Reborn
1934BMW R7 dyt2 The 1937 BMW R7 Concept Reborn
Is that not the most beautiful motorcycle you’ve ever seen? This very bike has sat in a crate since before the second world war. Finally unearthed in 2005, the 1937 BMW R7 has been restored to its original glory. Only one of these was produced in ’37, and that very model is touring European bike shows this summer. [more pics and info at TheCoolist]


Juan Casini Illustrations

Juan Casini 7 Juan Casini Illustrations

llustrator and graphic designer Juan Casini from Buenos Aires, Argentina just released his latest body of work, which features illustrations and designs in the shape of a sketchbook. After awesome contributions for Playboy Magazine and Telecom he’s gone on to create LI5E Experimental Mag, which is an authentic Spanish dictionary that has been transformed into a creative opus complete with elements of photography, graphic design and typography.

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Route 66 Photographed By Giorgio Fochesato

route 66 2 Route 66 Photographed By Giorgio Fochesato

Giorgio Fochesato offers a beautiful photographic look at America in this set from his portfolio. The Berlin-based photographer looks at America with the critical eye of an outsider, and the creative eye of a photographer, giving us a look at the iconic American road – Route 66

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Voxel is a technology portal. They asked Andrés Schmisser, for a branding design of Voxel, and that’s what he did. Pretty Amazing Work.

voxel580x347 Voxel
voxel4580x584 Voxel

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Gold Dust in Motion

dust Gold Dust in Motion
An experimental video by Memo Atkin. He is testing the interaction and motion control of gold dust particles, which are regulated via the movement on camera. A project developed in openFrameworks.

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Softbank Ad: Sumo (Brad Pitt).

[youtube _OIlmlkpiG8]

Released:August 2009
Advertising Agency:DENTSU
Home electronics & audio-visual
mobile phones
Celebrity marketing

The advert titled Sumo (Brad Pitt) was done by DENTSU advertising agency for SOFTBANK company in Japan. It was released in the August 2009. Business sector is Home electronics & audio-visual.
Client: SoftBank
Agency: Dentsu
Director: Spike Jonze
Production Company: MJZ

Kultorama N°5 “The Final Day”

Coming out together with the launch of their new FALL/Winter 09 collection, the French brand KULTE is also producing a 64 pages printed magazine, named KULTORAMA, and today available in all good fashion stores.
Design by Julien Roques aka Delarocca, this mag could be called a Magalogue, or a Catazine, as next to the latest news of the brand it also features their new collection through out 14 fashion pages, shot by the photographer James Reeve .
Get a quick preview of the KULTORAMA N°5 ” THE FINAL DAY”

 Kultorama N°5 The Final Day
 Kultorama N°5 The Final Day
 Kultorama N°5 The Final Day
 Kultorama N°5 The Final Day

Illustrations by Ari Weinkle

2 25 Illustrations by Ari Weinkle
5 10 Illustrations by Ari Weinkle
Ari Weinkle is a designer and artist from Boston, Massachusetts. Ari combines abstract shapes, type, and diverse colors palettes to create his illustrations and designs. His work has been featured in a variety of magazines, printed material, and online outlets.
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Michael Schepis

IMG 2941 Michael Schepis
IMG 2946 Michael Schepis
IMG 3007 Michael Schepis

I would like to invite you all to take a look at my current portfolio to date. Thank you.

With a fresh, clean edge to his work Michael’s designs create impact and show his creative talent. Variously described as unique and distinctive, Michael’s work is highly commercial and with this he has been able to use his skills in various studio environments throughout Sydney. Recently he has had the opportunity to work for high end design studios, which allowed him to take on a variety of tasks including editorial design, packaging and corporate identity. With the ability to meet deadlines and multitask he is able to produce work of a high standard and pay attention to fine detail. Michael brings to the table versatility with a strong interest in multimedia, web design and exceptional photographic ability. With this he also has a great attitude towards design and shows great professionalism.

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Inc Apparel

Russair by QUSQUS

Anti System

Series 2 from Anti System now up on Tokyocube
ant 2 11251177940542 Anti System

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