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Alcoholic Drinks: Sexy Packages

at 1 Alcoholic Drinks: Sexy Packages
From the creators of scandalous monkey posters – very artistic and sexy alcoholic drinks packages.

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3rd. edition of the Boardgame Festival. Spain

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The Food and the Fabulous: An Interview with Twinkie Chan

twinkie2 The Food and the Fabulous: An Interview with Twinkie Chan
The Food and the Fabulous: An Interview with Twinkie Chan. Twinkie crafts fun, unique and coveted food-themed scarves. Read what inspires her to pick up her crochet hook and turn ideas into yummy, wearable art.



OZEANEUM is the one of the biggest aquarium parks in Europe, opened in the middle of July in Stralsund, Germany. 3 years of construction. About 60,000,000 euros to spent. 39 aquariums inside. More than 2,500,000 litres of water to fall.

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Volkswagen : Shift

vw2 Volkswagen : Shift

Interesting use of the numbers in the last Volkswagen campaign.


Motor Home Makeover

DeltaShelterTB056 Motor Home MakeoverWK2 Motor Home MakeoverLPredwood Motor Home MakeoverMotor Homes is a misnomer–these portable living spaces are the next new standard in on-the-go living. PS-the one in the middle, WALKS. via Been-Seen


Rene Almanza

Fantastic drawings by Rene Almanza – love the looseness to his line work.

rene 05 Rene Almanza
rene 01 Rene Almanza

via: Booooooom!


Georg Parthen

gp 1 Georg Parthen
gp 2 Georg Parthen
gp 3 Georg Parthen
Landscapes by Georg Parthen, German photographer. Ongoing project about the relationship of reality and its image. Digitally altered and constructed photographs of implausible landscapes.


Michael Zheng

mz 1 Michael Zheng
Portfolio of Michael Zheng.


Life In London After Global Warming


I Can Vector Too

ff I Can Vector Too
Mmm… tasty portfolio of Felipe Ferreira, visual and interface designer from Brazil.


Mysterious Nights

1 Mysterious Nights
2 Mysterious Nights
3 Mysterious Nights
Nordic landscapes in the night, by Eskil Olsen, Norwegian photographer.
Part I. Part II. Part III.

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Yay! Monday! Issue #34

ym34 Yay! Monday! Issue #34

Check it out:

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brazilian hand painted t-shirts

jututu 300x199 brazilian hand painted t shirts

Ju Padilha is a Brazilian artist that choose closets as a way to make her art visible. She use to paint things about brazilian religions and culture… but not just that. She has started to do this serious few months ago and she is all ready trying to impose her own style. Recently she was invited by 2 stylist to paint a collection of dresses and t-shirts that will be coming soon.

You can see more of her work at her blog Camisetinhas de Ju Padilha.


All Of Us Made From Plasticine