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GML = Graffiti Markup Language

gml3 GML = Graffiti Markup Language
gml2 GML = Graffiti Markup Language
gml1 GML = Graffiti Markup Language

Today’s new digital standard for tomorrow’s vandals…
Check out the video HERE

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Grant Coghill Illustrations

Grant Coghill Illustrations 21 Grant Coghill Illustrations

Grant Coghill Illustrations 22 Grant Coghill Illustrations

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Drake & Colin Munroe – Where Were You

Drake and Colin Munroe Drake & Colin Munroe   Where Were You

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322 Stuntkid
1280 jellyvomit Stuntkid
jess Stuntkid

You can find loads of cool work from Jason Levesque over at his place. Been a fan of his since the surfstation days…
Check out more amazing illustrations HERE

morning breath

Grab Magazine n° 10

grab10cover web Grab Magazine n° 10

Issue No. 10 of Grab Magazine, the Italian free publication dedicated to street culture, features cover worked by Nick Walker. The stencil king is profiled, along with Ron Van Der Ende, Niklas Coskan, and photographer Magnus Osterhult. Review of current accessories, sneakers, and snow, and a fashion spread complement the art content.

Grab Magazine n°10

  • Ron Van Der Ende
  • Niklas Coskan
  • Allison Torneros
  • Nick Walker
  • Photographer Magnus Österhult
  • Lodewijk Duijvesteijn
  • Think Outside The Parking Box
  • Wunderkammern
  • Fashion Spread
  • Snow + Accessories + Sneakers

Cover artwork :
Nick Walker

Read online here.

Stefan Oury – Pictogram

StefanOurypictogramdictator1 Stefan Oury – Pictogram
Artist Stefan Oury has created a few pictograms resembling several dictators, with a super dictator composite of all the features. We like it, but we’re not too sure how these dictators would. Can you guess who’s who?

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Visualbug – Facebook

VisualbugFacebook1 Visualbug – Facebook
Artist Visualbug has created a few Facebook no photo images for those popular, but shy Facebook users. Who knew Batman was on facebook?

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Castleforte – Trojan Horse Paper Toy

CastlefortePaperToyTrojanHorse4 Castleforte – Trojan Horse Paper Toy
Los Angeles based designer Castleforte has designed a Trojan horse paper toy that has snuck its way into our hearts. The toy is not only cute, but also has a secret compartment where you can hide your historical army men…or you know, whatever else you want to hide.

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Lets play!

toyroom web Lets play!

For more check out

Is this not the best ‘do not disturb’ sign you’ve ever seen?

Hoto Fudo, Mount Fuji, Japan

Polar Beer t-shirts

polarbeerDYT Polar Beer t shirts

Created entirely by hand with scratchboard, this design squarely inhabits the junction of cryptic LOST mythology with classic beer label design, executed in a vintage, hand-tooled style rarely seen in t-shirt design.

For this printing, I’ve worked personally with a local screenprinter to ensure the absolute highest quality prints on American Apparel 100% fine jersey cotton garments to make a shirt that both looks and feels even better than its original printing!

Now available at

30+ Professional Business Website Design Tutorials In Photoshop

business website design tutorials in photoshop 30+ Professional Business Website Design Tutorials In Photoshop

With more and more businesses needing an online presence, it’s no surprise to see there’s a lot of photoshop tutorials out there about creating a professional business website design layout. We have collected some of the very best 30+ professional website design tutorials mostly done in photoshop. These website design tutorials would help to improve your photoshop skills.


Last month they came up with an awesome drawing project ‘About’ which was featured on the Behance network and deviantArt. Now they’re giving you a pretty wallpaper and a t-shirt design!
Into1 opened a little shop where they will sell a t-shirt now and then, for a reasonable price. To kick of their new shop they’re selling a design in two colors possibilities; Black & white and color.

artist trust1 Into1 ARTIST
artist trust2 Into1 ARTIST
artist trust3 Into1 ARTIST
Download wallpaper set on