Photographer Michael Wagner

“Stilllife (Strelitzia: Paradiesbirdflower)” – Michael Wagner

Michael Wagner is a German photographer who studies photography in Leipzig at the HGB Leipzig.

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CMYK Inside

CMYK inside

I was thinking of CMYK as a person who lives inside you. A person based on four colors and those simple four colors which can
build really complicated and deep things. Those four colors who can inspire people,can emotionally affect and much more .
In this tee they are alive and they live inside you.

Design by Dimo Trifonov exclusively for Ardentees.

Shirt for sale at Ardentees

Photography by Jessie Craig

Fashion photography by Jessie Craig, more pics and info here.

Julian Hibbard

Julian Hibbard

Learn more about Julian Hibbard and view more pics on Le Blog de Yoland.

Photography by Rankin

Photographer, publisher and film director, Rankin established his reputation when he launched Dazed & Confused with his business partner Jefferson Hack in 1991.
Photography by Rankin

Photography By Giuliano Bekor

Beautiful celebrities portraits by Giuliano Bekor, professional fashion and advertising photographer, based in Los Angles, CA.
Photography By Giuliano Bekor

Tron Legacy – Jeff Bridges

Enjoy more work by Chris Thornley here

Photos by Kevin Hayes

Anthony Acosta

Anthony Acosta est un photographe de skateboard qui travaille également TheSkateboardMag. Des réalisations on ne peut plus classe à découvrir dans WWW.ZEUTCH.COM

Kill Procrastination – Tomorrow…

But first you need to commit to a life audit to forever change the way you do business. Will you share with me a few minutes of your precious time? I guarantee you’ll be glad you did. Today is a very special day. Today marks your last day of planning, to make sure that tomorrow is your first day of a new life that involves nothing but getting things done – on time, to a better standard than you could ever imagine.

Gonzales is preparing a movie with Tiga, Peaches, Feist and Adam Traynor of Puppetmastaz

Flying Mouse.

flying mouse
Flying Mouse is a designer based in Kuala Lumpur

Chow Hon Lam aka Flying Mouse

Interview with the talented t-shirt designer, illustrator and motion graphics designer from Sabah, Malaysia

Hand made Type

hand made

Quinze & Milan X Eastpak

Amazing backpack inspired sofa by Quinze & Milan and Eastpak. More details and pictures here !