Linn Olofsdotter Illustrations

House in Obama by Suppose Design Studio

Weekly Fix of Inspiration – #13

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Michael Schepis – Wedding Crest & Stationery

Michael Schepis
Michael Schepis
Michael Schepis Design

I am currrently working on updating my portfolio. I would like to invite you all to visit my work at this point.
Michael Schepis

High Five Font – Exclusive Free Font Download

high five exclusive download

High Five Font is another free font exclusive for ImJustCreative, continuing the process of helping designers spread the word about their font creations. You can download High Five font for free.

Explosive Gunpowder Art

Artist Cai Guo-Qiang is hailed as the most influential Chinese artist in contemporary art. In this brilliant drawing, he uses gunpowder to create a magnificent effect.

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35 Stunning Fantasy Castle Artworks

There are plenty of amazing castles around the world and there are also many beautiful castle artworks created by talented artists who surely love these stunning buildings. I tried to pick some of the most beautiful fantasy castle artworks for this post and hopefully you will like them all.

35 Stunning Fantasy Castle Artworks

Flickr’s Finest!

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Mumford & Sons – The Cave

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Erin Fortes ‘Sunshine Enema’ Marketing Package

Just like the recent resurgence of vinyl sales has indicated a possible return to the age of more tangible formats for music, Erin Fortes’ innovative marketing package for ‘Sunshine Enema’ works to seamlessly merge the texture of physical packaging with the design and content flexibility of digital formats. The most interesting, and humorous, aspect of the design is undoubtedly the enema shaped memory stick that contains the band’s demos; a design feature that when combined with its ‘pill bottle’ container, demonstrates the creative heft integrated into this offering. Fortes’ design works as a clean and interesting marketing package for the band that doesn’t come off as commercial solicitation, but rather a unique artistic offering.

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Frank Cresencia Design Profile

Furniture designer Frank Cresencia’s work is characterized by it’s unique take on minimalism; elegant structures executed in ways that utilize their simplicity in the most intriguing fashions. Two of his works pictured below, ‘Tension Bowl,’ and ‘Levels Table’ champion this aesthetic. Although both these pieces each work with one type of material to generate the whole of their structure, it is manipulated in a manner that draws out its potential for intricacy and complexity. With ‘Levels Table’ one sees the deconstruction of the traditional solid surface, reworked in a vision of positive and negative space; just as with ‘Tension Bowl’ the expertly sculpted walnut pieces seamlessly combine to generate a functional structure where before their was none. Both these works, along with his many others, outline Frank’s capabilities for truly interesting and thought-provoking minimalist design.

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Ilana Bandarovsky ‘New York Subway Performers’

With seamless execution from packaging through to content, designer Illana Bandarovsky has created a beautifully designed profile of the performers that liven up the New York subway system on a daily basis. The resulting ‘New York Subway Performers’ collection provides a vibrant look that truly does these artists justice; featuring a collection of accordion style profiles on each artist complete with pictures, interviews, and a musical card containing a recorded sample of their craft. Bandarovsky’s set, elegantly packaged in a metal box featuring an embossed layout of the subway system on it, is something that is sure to appeal to anyone who has traveled down those tracks.

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Vector Inspiration – 40 Images

InfoGraph of the Internet

Stats freaks will LOVE this wonderful infograph of the Internet consumption in 2009 – See full graph here

Colour Forecast Branded video

stunning Colour Forecast Branded video for MAC Cosmetics by Weareplus – More info, pics & watch video here