How to Create a Cool Sweet Style Text Effect

A nice tutorial, on how to create sweet shiny 3D text effect. It’s rather for people who are just starting their journey with Photoshop. Check it out!

Create a Cute Sweet Style Text Effect

Create a Cute Sweet Style Text Effect

Must Read Inspirational Blogs & Websites for Creatives #5

Here we are again, showcasing some 10 cool new blogs & websites we come across lately aka Inspired Websites. Feel free to leave a comment and suggest other interesting stuff for the creative community.

how to treat globalphilia


Each week Warren Ellis challenges you to redesign a classic comic cover.

Spiderman redesign by Raid71

Photography by Oliver Katibi Stalmans

Beautiful and very creative fashion photography by Oliver Katibi Stalmans, only 21 years old talented photographer, who living between France and Denmark, Olivier have a bright future ahead of him.
Photography by David Woolley

Photography by Paco Peregrin

Paco Peregrín, talented fashion photographer, was born in Almeria, Spain. He is one of the talents of the Spanish photography with major personality.
Photography by Paco Peregrin

Photography by Jamie Nelson

Jamie Nelson is a New York based fashion and beauty photographer with work shown in numerous international publications, ad campaigns and billboards.
Photography by Jamie Nelson

Interview with Fashion Photographer Luca Patrone

Photo by Luca Patrone
Interview with Fashion Photographer Luca Patrone

Milan based fashion photographer Luca Patrone has worked for clients like Walt Disney, Marie Claire and Virgin Active. recently had the opportunity to interview Luca about his work and technique.

Read the entire interview here…

The Art of Hiroshi Hirakawa

View more of Hiroshi’s work at!

Jeffrey Vanhoutte

Photographer Jeffrey Vanhoutte was born in Belgum and has been working as a professional since the age of 21, his work for agencies include BBDO, Ogilvy, TWBA, Saachi. From WW.ZEUTCH.COM

Defaced Presidents

A Collection A Day

Crookers feat. Steed Lord – Transilvania

AquaNotes, the Waterproof Notepad

If you’re like everyone else, then you’re a thinker in the shower and your insoiration and best ideas probably come to you in the shower. Don’t let them gone as soon as you step out of there! This waterproof notepad allows you to write down all ideas while in the shower. AquaNotes is so durable, you can even write underwater. Each pencil is made from 100% natural cedar that is water resistant. Also you could leave romantic messages, encouraging words, or appreciative sentiments in the shower for that special someone!

bathroom accessories at mydeco


Un rêve devenu réalité, un vrai lit à bascule. Vous pouvez également utiliser des pieds pour fixer le lit dans toutes les inclinaisons que vous souhaitez. Un design du groupe Mkloker. Un article à découvrir sur