Pravdoliub Ivanov

This is Pravdoliub Ivanov’s Monument To The Unknown Washerwoman (2005).
PravdoliubIvanovmonumenttotheunknownwasherwoman Pravdoliub Ivanov
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on music and design

capa on music and design
Design has always been deeply connected to music. From muse to client – who, after all, wouldn’t love to create artwork for their favourite band’s next release? – music is always present in our routine.
What is seen by many as a source of inspiration, however, can be the actual goal for others. So what if music is your actual language in a design project? That’s what Pedro Oliveira, a.k.a. I Buried Paul, did in his fantastic project The 633 EP.
Great music, great artwork. Check it out!

Our Mountain

our mountain Our Mountain
Tepee design and illustration created by Steven Harrington More here

Team Daddy

Team Daddy are a two-man design collective. Their name stands for Design, Animation, Design, Design, Yay – in that order. Based in Ireland they create highly imaginative music videos and adverts for companies including Virgin, Warner Music and Rough Trade.

veghead Team Daddy

Brass Knuckle Bottle Opener

chromoly Brass Knuckle Bottle Opener

A brass knuckles bottle opener by Chromoly. A smart design! This product will be released in the market at Ministry of the Interior in Toronto, on Friday May 15th. Price: $100 (CAD).

Link via Scene 360 Illusion

Vanuatu mask stamps

vanuatu10 Vanuatu mask stamps
Vanuatu mask stamps found via

Longest Art Projects

avery Longest Art Projects
With Synecdoche, New York just released in the UK, which centres on theatre director Caden Cotard (Philip Seymour Hoffman), building an increasingly complex living replica of New York over twenty years, it seemed an appropriate time to visit a selection of real artists who have dedicated their lives to a single project. People like Charles Avery, who has imagined a whole island of people and species that he is gradually creating (above)
christo Longest Art Projects
Christo and Jeanne-Claude, who like wrapping really large things in fabric – like The Reichstag, a forest and a number of islands; and John Cage, who has written a musical piece being played in a German church which will last 639 years.

Staley-Wise Gallery Presents: America the Beautiful

amr1 Staley Wise Gallery Presents: America the Beautiful
Photographer Harry Benson.

In the spirit of change and rebirth of patriotism, Staley-Wise presents this exhibition of black & white and color photographs reflecting the people and landscape of America. Entertainers, activists, athletes, authors, artists, politicans, poor folk and rich folk are shown at work and play by photographers who have captured their essence.

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Hugh Hefner’s Playboy

hh  Hugh Hefners Playboy
Hugh Hefner and Cynthia Maddox.

An intimate portrait of the magazine and its founder.

Hugh Hefner presents an illustrated autobiography and chronological selection of highlights from Playboy magazine s first 25 years. Starting with his youth and early comic collection and ending with the height of Playboy success, this publication is the most probing and intimate portrait of “Hef” ever made. Published by TASCHEN.

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Fashion Designer Series by Vivienne Balla

IMG 5224 Fashion Designer Series by Vivienne Balla
Vivienne Balla fashion photographer made a new photoshoot with Délia Horváth clothes designer! Click here for the full series, or here for some backstage photos about this project.

Tree House

I wouldn’t mind living in the Tree House, designed by Standard, and located in the hills of L.A.
StandardTreeHouse1 Tree House
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Jonas Loiske

Photography by Jonas Loiske.
2964810059 864aa96be4 o Jonas Loiske
via: Picdit

55 fresh T-shirts for the Creative Community

tees1 55 fresh T shirts for the Creative Community
tees2 55 fresh T shirts for the Creative Community
tees3 55 fresh T shirts for the Creative Community

Inspired Magazine made a selection of the hottest tees right now.

Wood by MCBess & Simon