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From the Basement :: música desde el sótano

trecoolfromthebasementtomyorke From the Basement :: música desde el sótano
Ayer, casi por casualidad o quizás porque los planetas se alinearon en mi favor, descubrí From the Basement. Para los que desconocen esta maravilla de la música, les cuento que es una serie de presentaciones de varios músicos, que producidos por Nigel Godrich, se dieron una vuelta por el estudio Maida Vale (Londres) y grabaron algunos temas con una producción única, excelente iluminación, un set perfecto, filmados en HD y con un muy buen sonido. Más info en Trecool.

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Justin Wallis

Miss Italia – Official 2010 Calendar

MissItalia101011 Miss Italia   Official 2010 Calendar
Italy is know for its art, culture, delicious foods, and beautiful women. In this set, we take a look at the beautiful angels of Rome, found in Miss Italia’s official 2010 calendar.

More pics at My Modern Metropolis!

Adidas Pieces of Heroes

122 Adidas Pieces of Heroes
222 0553 Adidas Pieces of Heroes
Unique creation from Camille Marotte presenting Adidas sports products in a mosaic effect created in Cinema 4D 11 and After Effects.

Video here

Marie-Claude Hames Photography

Leitmotiv 4 Marie Claude Hames Photography
Based in Montreal, Canada, photographer Marie-Claude Hames from Leitmotiv Studio releases some interesting works which are partly amusing, partly totally confusing and especially sexually provocative which is always the best way to get some attention.

More Pictures

Vespa Print Ads by Marvell Lahens

Vespa Print Ads 2 Vespa Print Ads by Marvell Lahens
‘It’s too manly for you, not the other way around’ – what more can an advertising campagne say to convince you how ‘badass’ a Vespa scooter can be. With the brand new print ads by Marvell Lahens from Boston, Vespa is finally loosing its reputation that its scooters are just made for girls.

More Pictures

Cluckin’s Knitted Artworks

Cluckins Knitted Burger 1 Cluckin’s Knitted Artworks

We have to admit that we don’t know much about this artist, but the knitted artworks by Cluckin is it worth to share it with you. After a knitted Kurt Cobain and Star Wars figures, Spain based Cluckin presents the first food knittings like Sushi food and hamburger.

More Pictures

Ibai Acevedo Larranaga

Smitten sticks

smittensticks01 Smitten sticks

Handmade paper expressions, mustaches and the like. Perfect for wedding photo booths, favors, or polaroids. More pics on TheTrendyGirl.

SuperFoam chair

chair SuperFoam chair

What if we had the power to manipulate nature’s structures ? SuperFoam is a re-creation of naturally occurring reticulated foam structures through a casting process that facilitates designing the properties of the foam itself. By developing the casting process the properties of the foam could be controlled so the chair flexed and deformed to create a supportive structure.
See more pics and making of here.

Michael A. Salter

Stephane Halleux

Capturing a Comet and Tornado in Time

spriggs 02 01 Capturing a Comet and Tornado in Time
The art of David Spriggs has a similar technique as of Chinese painter Xia Xiao Wan. Spriggs paints with acrylic on layered transparent plastic film, while Wan paints on glass panes. Both artists create realistic looking 3D forms. It would be interesting to see the painters at work.

Link via Illusion 360

Beautiful Oil Paintings by Sas Christian

sasDYT01 Beautiful Oil Paintings by Sas Christian
sasDYT02 Beautiful Oil Paintings by Sas Christian
Sas Christian is an artist from London born in 1968. She is greatly inspired on anime and likes to portrait in her oil paintings “weepy girls, punk, catholic, damaged but not broken girls, yet intelligent and independent”. I really like the expressions and the big eyes on her paintings.

Click here to see the rest of the images.

Photography Site

REVE03 Photography Site