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Tanco in Illustrissimi 08

diavoletti2 Tanco in Illustrissimi 08

Miguel Tanco’s illustration for ‘Illustrisimi’┬áin Castello degli Agolanti (July/August). More illustrations: Tanco’s blog, Pencil Illustrators.


Over 1,000 Protesters March to Pepsi Center in Denver

1 Over 1,000 Protesters March to Pepsi Center in Denver
Over a thousand protesters here in Denver marched from the state capitol to the Pepsi Center on Sunday in the first major demonstration of the Democratic National Convention. Organized by the group Recreate 68, the protest temporarily blocked access to the convention site before police ordered the crowd to disperse. Speakers at the rally included antiwar activist Cindy Sheehan, Green Party presidential nominee Cynthia McKinney, and Vietnam veteran and antiwar activist Ron Kovic.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger: Let’s Go Party, 1977


Collection of Classic Advertisements

ca 1 Collection of Classic Advertisements
ca 2 Collection of Classic Advertisements
Very big collection, from 1850s to 1980s!


Masked Mexican Luchadores

0 Masked Mexican Luchadores
Lucha libre (Spanish for “free fight”) is a term used in Mexico and other Spanish-speaking areas to refer to a certain form of professional wrestling involving varied techniques and moves. Outside of these areas, the term is synonymous with the professional wrestling performed in Mexico and other Latin American countries.

Mexican wrestling is characterized by rapid sequences of holds and moves, as well as spectacular high-flying moves, many of which have been adopted in the United States, and colorful masks. Lucha libre performers are known as luchadores (singular luchador).

I don’t know who is author of photos – point me, if you know.

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Inspirations, Video

Psychedelic: Skate and Create Video

skate die Psychedelic: Skate and Create Video
A nine day contest put on by Transworld Skateboarding Magazine. There were four teams and they had nine days to skate the same obstacles. They could bring any sort of prop, as long as it fit in the door. You could paint the ramps and cut them.

A colorful, artistic/psychedelic video of this skating meet. The shots are crisp with good contrast and light. You can find this video featured today in Scene 360′s Video Channel. Enjoy!


iCables for Philips

holeder2 iCables for Philips

holeder3 iCables for Philips

The Holedar Earphones by Yoonsang Kim : a concept design with a mix of innovation, minimalism and function, designed for Philips.


Fuck Art Ride Bikes

fuckartridebikes Fuck Art Ride Bikes
“This is a design for an independent local art collective here known as the the Orlando Art House Circuit. The premise is that several houses in the orlando area are set up as venus for artists to show work. They are arranged in a pattern in such a way that patrons are encouraged to be able to ride their bikes from venue to venue. I wanted to make something tongue in cheek as the poster.”


Aled Lewis

Threadless seems to print every single one of Aled Lewis‘ designs… for good reason.

aled 01 Aled Lewis

Via: Booooooom!


Lamp of Martinelliluce

793 mico 161 remo Lamp of Martinelliluce
Fly-agarics are so wonderful. Italian electric lamps from a company

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Yay! Monday! Issue #35

yaymonday35 Yay! Monday! Issue #35

Check out this week’s issue:

Art, Photos

Photomontages by Jens Windolf

jens Photomontages by Jens Windolf

These photos are from a collection of photomontages by Jens Windolf. He gets various film stills from Hollywood classics, and then gets another scene from an unrelated movie and pastes it over… which creates a completely different storyline. Very interesting! -Adriana de Barros, from Scene 360


Natalie Arefieva

nr 1 Natalie Arefieva
nr 2 Natalie Arefieva
nr 3 Natalie Arefieva
Trash glamour, fashion & people by Natalie Arefieva.


Illustrated typography showcase

dyt 01 Illustrated typography showcase

dyt 02 Illustrated typography showcase

Illustrated typography at it’s best. Check the full showcase on Designfeedr.