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Easy healing music mix by Dj Mashinka

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FRUITS DEFENDUS by Sophie Varela

Magical Bokeh Photography

bokeh Magical Bokeh Photography
bokeh2 Magical Bokeh Photography
Though you can read about bokeh on any number of photography websites, the concept can best be explained and appreciated only by examples. It’s how a cup of tea turns into a magical elixir, how a city street becomes a movie scene, and how Christmas comes alive. See 25 amazing examples at My Modern Metropolis.

B&W Photography by Jake Oleson

25 Creative and Clever Advertisements by Neil Bailey

Neil Bailey is a photographer and creative advertiser from Sydney, Australia. His photographs have been used in some of the most popular advertisements across the globe. He has won two UK Association of Photographers awards, and has also been featured in a variety of publications and exhibitions. His recent projects include Ocean Rock Pools, Suburban Sci-fi, and the San Genero Festiveal.

In this post, we’ll look at 25 creative, clever and interesting advertisements from Neil. You might recognize some of them, but there will certainly be some new ones. You’ll definitely want to take a second look at them.

If you like Neil’s work, check out his gallery:

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tmpphpJtYjrQ 25 Creative and Clever Advertisements by Neil Bailey

Illustrations by Arn0

Photography by Julius Bramanto

1 juliusbramanto Photography by Julius Bramanto
2 juliusbramanto Photography by Julius Bramanto

During his study in London, Julius Bramanto picked up his first camera. He soon started taking pictures of the people on the street and its surrounding environment.

Julius Bramanto

Paper Trees

Arjowiggins Creative Papers commissioned the talented young designer Matthieu Missian to create a paper cut-out sculpture to communicate the message that we can all take steps to protect the world’s forests and help to address climate change.

This was part of a new initiative by the world’s leading manufacturer of creative eco-sustainable papers to support the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen. The initiative includes a partnership with the World Land Trust to protect one hectare of Brazilian Rainforest for each state leader that attends.

PaperTreeMakingOf Paper Trees

Be Dandy!

parapluie dandyfrog Be Dandy!
Jthree-Brella Limited Edition on
Collaboration between Jared Nickerson and a french designers team.

Supra Vader

Fuck You Sida! :: spot agencia acHe, Barcelona

trecoolfuckyousida 01 Fuck You Sida! :: spot agencia acHe, Barcelona
Fuck You Sida! from Suigeneris on Vimeo.

Hoy se acaba de lanzar este nuevo spot publicitario de la campaña Fuck You Sida! organizado por la fundación Gais Positius a través de la Coordinadora Gai Lesbiana de Barcelona y que desarrollaron los amigos de la agencia acHe Healthcare de Barcelona. Trecool

Apple Accessories

Mac and iPod accessories are packaged using a remarkably simple system. On every box or bag, the labeling is clear, the product is shown actual size and the packaging is recyclable.

6a00d8345250f069e20120a6791b04970b800wi Apple Accessories

via Sorrythiblogalreadyexists

Creative Photography by Eugenio Recuenco

EugenioRecuenco Creative Photography by Eugenio Recuenco
EugenioRecuenco2 Creative Photography by Eugenio Recuenco

Eugenio Recuenco is considered as one of the most creative Spanish fashion photographers.

Photography by Eugenio Recuenco

Pirelli Calendar 2010 by Terry Richardson (all)

dytpirelli2010 01 Pirelli Calendar 2010 by Terry Richardson (all)
dytpirelli2010a 01 Pirelli Calendar 2010 by Terry Richardson (all)
Another attempt to collect all previews of Pirelli Calendar 2010 by Terry Richardson that some called “weird softporn” another “erotic masterpiece”
At last this a pure media provocation…

Sympathy for the Unusual FW09

fw home Sympathy for the Unusual FW09
After last summer’s opening, Sympathy For The Unusual reaffirms its creative personality through a winter mini-collection that once again is the result of an international collaboration.
An Unusual style, an Unusual synergy between the fabrics, an Unusual idea underlying this new line: when Design meets Fashion, their untold power of suggestion fills up everyone’s imagery with unexpected coloured visions.
Four new designs, one brand new distinctive feature: an original colourful patchwork. An Unusual collection for Unusual people only.
This time, it’s the designers Rubens Cantuni, Emory Allen, Dario Verrengia and the Unusual Design Movement Collective who customise the Sympathy For The Unusual garments.
fw 16 Sympathy for the Unusual FW09