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Logorama – Very nice animation short

Logorama is a short film made with logos and typos of international brands. Isn’t our world a little bit like that?

See the video here

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Photography by Lucas Tomaszewski

Lucas is based in Warsaw, Poland.
Via Unstage (Click here for more)

Godfather Horsehead Pillow

Nothing says “I want you dead” more than this Horsehead Pillow inspired from The Godfather.

More pics and info at My Modern Metropolis!

“Le Petit Prince” in the Modern Ages

Ahmet Coka is istanbul based designer, also He is story reader of the modern times. There is not too many words in his stories, most of them is naive drawings like “Le Petit Prince”, all of them are online at Cokabook Look Drawing Blog

Photography by Benoit Paille

Great work from the Canadian Photographer.

Via Unstage (Click here for more)

Paper Extravaganza

Charles Clary aka Paper Extravaganza creates beautifully intricate hand cut paper installations that somehow look molecular or biological. Check out more pics here.


Goni Montes Illustrations

Goni Montes Illustrations (19)

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Herring & Herring Photography

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Herring & Herring Photography (15)
Herring & Herring Photography (8)

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Patrick Leung Dark Matters ‘NGA4′ Resin Characters

Here we have the tooth-shaped ‘NGA4′ resin figure designed by Patrick Leung of Dark Matters. Based in Toronto, Canada Dark Matters is a designer toy collective founded with the intention of putting Toronto on the toy map. Standing at just under 3-inches tall, the NGA4 is hand-cast in polyurethane resin and then hand-painted by Leung. Each of the 30 figures features a laser-cut number that denotes its place in the series.

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Miss Rakanlover’s ‘Barrilete’ Collage

The Barrilete collage work we have here is from Miss Rakanlover, a graphic artist based in Manchester, UK. She describes the Barrilete inspiration in her own words “I had a dream, and it was a kite flying so faraway, I found deers in my dreams, I had the head of a deer, and many colors in me, and I want it to express this.” We’re have to say she’s managed successfully to convey the dream in all its vibrant complexity.

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Cesar Gomez Anatomy X Illustration

Cesar Gomez is a freelance graphic design from Xalapa, Mexico and we thought you’d appreciate his Anatomy X illustration series – we sure do. Each digital illustration is appropriately named: Red Flesh, Orange Flesh, Thinking Skeleton, Moon Walking and Time on Hearth. Not included in this post is the Grunge Torso, which we excluded based on consistency. Otherwise, you can see, Gomez has paid a lot of attention to detail, the illustrations are vibrant and anatomically correct, for the most part.

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Gavin Bond for GQ UK

Mario Wagner

Les Dangereux – Very Nice Animation Short by Daniel Klug

A vacationing ninja finds true love, but it’s much more than he expected. This nice animation short was directed by Daniel Klug, it took about nine months for completion, and was done with Maya 2009, MentalRay, and AfterEffects.

Click here to watch the video.

pOrnamental > art from porn

pOrnamental > art from porn
Volumetric shapes generated from xxx rated images represented as physical objects.
Each piece’s title is an anagram of the original xxx filename.
so, guess where does “Soviet Habakkuk Mess” comes from.
The collection of 20 images is divided in three series: Golden / Carnal / Fetish
via: behance

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