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Crookers feat. Steed Lord – Transilvania

AquaNotes, the Waterproof Notepad

If you’re like everyone else, then you’re a thinker in the shower and your insoiration and best ideas probably come to you in the shower. Don’t let them gone as soon as you step out of there! This waterproof notepad allows you to write down all ideas while in the shower. AquaNotes is so durable, you can even write underwater. Each pencil is made from 100% natural cedar that is water resistant. Also you could leave romantic messages, encouraging words, or appreciative sentiments in the shower for that special someone!

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Un rêve devenu réalité, un vrai lit à bascule. Vous pouvez également utiliser des pieds pour fixer le lit dans toutes les inclinaisons que vous souhaitez. Un design du groupe Mkloker. Un article à découvrir sur

Chairman Ting does Jive Talk. Welcome to Jiveland EP

Chairman Ting’s latest illustration + design project: Jive Talk’s first EP ever––Welcome to Jiveland.
Jive Talk is a Vancouver band made up of Jared Zecchel, Nick Lanyon, Tak Komiya and Eric Busto.
Their music is a mix of funk, rock, jazz and blues.

Check them out on Myspace:

All the funky silly characters featured are all Chairman Ting originals. ;)
Illustration + design by Chairman Ting.

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Bladi One Slab 4F Heavy

Font family Bladi One Slab 4F extended by Heavy weight with four styles. Please visit for details.

Advertising for the International Day of the Woman

Work by Duda Pan. More in

Inca Pisco bottle collection

Inca Pisco bottle collection more via CreativeRoots

LOST bingo cards – Free pdf download

I know that others have made LOST bingo cards before, but the ones I’ve seen only had 2-3 different card variations, so you couldn’t play with a group. They also only had about 30 items, so there was a lot of overlap.

For these cards, I’ve started with 70 items and created 10 cards with random permutations of that starting set. So while some of the elements repeat, no two cards are the same! Also, I’ve numbered each card, to be able to quickly tell them apart.

LOST bingo cards

To get your LOST bingo on, just download the PDF file for FREE from my shop and print out as many pages as you want. I’ve endeavored to make it attractive, but also not to use up too much ink in either color or gray-scale printing. And while you’re there, be sure to check out my LOST inspired “Polar Beer”t-shirts and pint glasses

Also, I plan to continually update these through the rest of the season, so if you have any suggestions, feel free to leave them on my Facebook Fan Page or send them to me directly on Twitter (@ianleino).



Cool New Home Wallpaper for DIY Room Decor

More like peal-away borders than traditional wallpaper per say, this idea lets home owners blend the best of stylish professional design with unique, personal and artistic decorative touches. So easy a kid could do it.

This is a bit like wallpapering in reverse. Sound complex? The concept is simple: add the peal-away paper elements to a selected wall surface, decorate with paint on the in-between spaces and pull back the sticky tape-like material to reveal the final design.

More pics here.



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Papermonster | True Identity Print

PaperMonster( has teamed up with Abztract ( to release a new 5 color screen print based on PaperMonster’s True
Identity painting. The print is a beautiful size at 18″x24″ with great texture and even better colors. The quality of the print and art speaks foritself.If you are a fan of PaperMonster this is a print that you do not want to miss.

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Choose the abstract, artistic form of an oval, or an accommodating armchair complete with armrests. Designs by Sylvia Colombini and Zoran Jedrejcic, Eklipse chairs push the boundaries between art and furniture. The unique shape looks stylish grouped in sociable clusters. The removable covers are available in a wide range of fabric or leather options.

Check it out.