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Joel Carlo

jc 1 Joel Carlo
jc 2 Joel Carlo
Cool concept artworks of Joel Carlo.


Electric Sky

T-shirt design entry based on the Aurora Borealis (northern lights). Entry to the US$10k t-shirt design contest at design by humans.
big Electric Sky


Tyler Stout


The 100-Year-Old Photo Blog

sh 1 The 100 Year Old Photo Blog
Luna Park at Coney Island circa 1903. Tonight only: “Infant incubators with living infants.”

sh 2 The 100 Year Old Photo Blog
“Dog catchers.” In Washington, D.C., 1924.

sh 3 The 100 Year Old Photo Blog
April 1922. “Oldsmobile window.” The Model 47 “Smaller-Eight Super Sport,” $2095 at Oldsmobile Sales Co., 1016-1018 Connecticut Avenue in Washington.

One of my favorite photo blog!
Shorpy is a photoblog featuring high-definition images from the first half of the 20th century. The site is named after Shorpy Higginbotham, a boy who worked in an Alabama coal mine and ironworks in the 1910s.


Party for a cause

to Party for a cause
A city light that works…
more here


Sugarkane occhiali.


Obama vs McCain: Tshirt Competition

collar Obama vs McCain: Tshirt Competition
Grand Prizes: $250, 20 Tshirts. Tons of recognitions! 2 Winners, 1 for each candidate. Keepeng politics positive! is a voting and competition site with a unique head to head system making it easier to vote on all the shirts and rank them by picking your favorite of 2 shirts. We pay our designers a royalty for every shirt that is sold and we also let them bid on custom work when people ask. Our goal is for the designers to profit alongside the company. We are also focused on producing stylish shirts that we can sell into boutiques as well as online helping increase the sales and royalties for each designer.


All you see is lines photoshoot

phone box mark andrew webber1 All you see is lines photoshoot

A photoshoot i did a couple of years ago.. with costumes i drew lines on


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Friday? Again??? Let’s start with girls and robots!

frid 1 02 Friday? Again??? Lets start with girls and robots!
Nude girls and robots ahead! Work is paralized! Friday post.

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Ralph Goings

goings 2 Ralph Goings

goings 1 Ralph Goings
The image above may look like a photograph, but in reality it is a painting (oil on canvas) by Ralph Goings. It is so crisp, detailed. A large portion of his collections are based on food and bottles, which is a reflection of daily life from the 1960′s to present time. Ralph Goings is a realist painter who has exhibited in the United States, Europe and Japan. “He is recognized as one of the original members of the Hyper-Realist or Photo-Realist group of the late 1960′s.” – Adriana de Barros, Scene 360

Top Image: Double Ketchup © Ralph Goings. Oil/canvas 40-1/8 x 60 inches, 1996-97.
Bottom Image: Donut © Ralph Goings. Oil/canvas  30 x 43-1/2 inches, 1995.


Lauren Javor

Lovely paintings by Lauren Javor.

javor 03 Lauren Javor

javor 02 Lauren Javor

Via: Booooooom!


Boots it Up!

boots 033 Boots it Up!
Blundstone Boot It Up 2008, September 25th 2008

A Fashion and Visual Arts Fundraising Celebration to support SKETCH – Working Arts for Street-Involved and Homeless Youth.

more boots


Motion & Audio Experiments – A Minireel

Introducing a small showreel showcasing a selection experiments with motion graphics and a dark, distorted synchronized soundtrack. This piece consists of scraps and pieces from random animations from the last few months, but the soundtrack pretty much makes it work as a whole. Check out this blog link for a higher quality mov-file, and please do turn up the volume for this one.

[vimeo 1619106]

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Antonio Felaco as Anfex

presentazione post 1 Antonio Felaco as Anfex

ANFEX is ANtonio FElaco (X…?), who was born and is based in Italy.
He is a young talented designer who make Illustrations, Prints,  Animations, Clothings, Toys
and everything that comes to the design world.

“I approached the design’s world as something to make in the freetime, studying and experiencing with typography, adding the more spontaneuous-nowadays-young-style. Basicly i have ever loved the idiots cartoon’s characters and the funny things, i am a happy person and i like to get some inspiration from People, Food and Nature. That’s all!”.

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Or go to his BeHance portfolio »



Skinheads & Skingirls

sk 1 Skinheads & Skingirls
sk 2 Skinheads & Skingirls
sk 3 Skinheads & Skingirls
British skinheads (not nazis!) culture in photographs.