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Aweonao! bota el papel en el basurero.

A draft Chile,  brings awareness to people with a message direct and accurate for people to recycle and care for the earth.
Мisit Aweonao.


Color Hawk

22075 Color Hawk22075b Color Hawk

New shirt design submitted to Design By Humans. Click here to view and vote for this design to be printed.


Strange Things of Breandan Monroe

4 Strange Things of Breandan Monroe
“Mycobacterium” dimensions variable, various hardwoods and acrylic (wall mounted)

Breandan Monroe creatures. Eating shit inside!

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Sam Green

Amazing “Treading Water” illustrations by Sam Green.

sam 01 Sam Green

sam 02 Sam Green

Via: Booooooom!

Inspirations, Photos

Hardcoremetal collecion clothes from hell, by DHNN


Today is friday, let’s go party!!!

party Today is friday, lets go party!!!


Scenes From An IBM Slide Presentation

ibm 1 Scenes From An IBM Slide Presentation
ibm 2 Scenes From An IBM Slide Presentation
ibm 3 Scenes From An IBM Slide Presentation
It’s 1975 and this man is about to show you the FUTURE!



razoom RazoomGame
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Stunning photo works from RazoomGame Studio.


15 Awful Mistakes Made by Designers in the Music & Apparel Industry

kiss 15 Awful Mistakes Made by Designers in the Music & Apparel Industry
Jeff Finley from GoMedia informed us about his new article, called 15 Awful Mistakes Made by Designers in the Music & Apparel Industry:

Designers in the music and apparel industry are some of the most talented designers around. I’m willing to bet there isn’t a sector of graphic design that allows more creativity and more artistic freedom. Despite the amazing talent and style, the “scene” suffers from a few fatal flaws that need to be remedied. If you’re a designer and your client base consists mostly of bands and clothing companies (myself included) then you need to read this.

I’ve interviewed eight of the premier designers in the music and apparel industry. Each designer had lots to say about the subject and spoke from their own experiences as well as what they observe in the design community. I’ve compiled a list of 15 mistakes and summarized the key points for each.

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Aran Darling

picture 11 Aran Darling

From The Publics:

Freelance Aristocrat: a decently educated, cultured individual who skips from metropole to metropole but rides the subway in every city he (or she) inhabits. Aran Darling, a Paris (via London, NYC & Vancouver)-based illustrator is about as close as one can get to achieving this vision of a free and easy sophisto-tramp lifestyle.


Happy New Year 2008

hny08 Happy New Year 2008
A little outdated post from me and link to my folio, welcome!


Print your Web Bots

Symantec Norton (anti-virus program) are getting a bit more “hipper” now and enticing us with cool cut-outs, like these “web bots”, lately.

Download n’ Print!

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origamibijoupost ORIGAMI BIJOU

Origami Bijou features beautiful silver and gold necklaces and earrings for you to adore and adorn. Fashioned from a single sheet of fine silver (99.9% pure), the origami pendants and charms are folded in the same tradition as paper. It is all handmade in the San Francisco Bay Area, designed by Cindy Ng of 

You’ll get tonnes of compliments! I promise!


Anti-terrorism exercises in China.

Amazing photos over at The Big Picture. Anti-terrorism exercises in China.

china 01 Anti terrorism exercises in China.

china 02 Anti terrorism exercises in China.

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Shapeways: Passionate About Creating

sh 1 Shapeways: Passionate About Creating
sh 2 Shapeways: Passionate About Creating
Shapeways enables 3D artists, architects, product designers and consumers of all skill level to produce their 3D designs, reasonably priced, as physical printed objects easily online. Whether you want to create a new utensil, the ultimate toy or wacky piece of art, with Shapeways you can Do-It-Yourself (DIY) online. Users can create and modify their designs on Shapeways, or import from popular 3D modeling software. In a few clicks, Shapeways checks whether the object can be made and provides a real-time cost estimate. Within 10 working days, a tangible 3D product will be produced and arrive at the consumer’s home globally.
Friends! I’ve got only 50 Special Beta Invites to Shapeways.
Register here and use DesignUtrust as Beta Invite Code. Enjoy ;)