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iPhone GUI PSD

iphonegui iPhone GUI PSD
OMG, I don’t want to miss it!


Mixed-Media Obama Art for DNC

newgame Mixed Media Obama Art for DNC
Here’s another interesting piece of art being featured at the Manifest Hope Gallery exhibit during the DNC that is sure to delight gamers, technophiles, and art fags alike. It features the imagery of 8-bit inspired artist Jude Buffum paired up with custom music making Computer Jay. The 2′×2′ canvas of a pixelated Obama logo with the words “New Game” will hang above a boombox with this “Yes We Can” track playing on a continuous loop. Look and listen!



Jokers of our time


What Separates The Men From The Boys

brain What Separates The Men From The Boys
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Lego Stimpy!

Amazing little Stimpy made out of lego by Adrian Florea.

olog 01 Lego Stimpy!

Via: Booooooom!

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Daryl Banks – Crinoline Flowers

c2 Daryl Banks   Crinoline Flowers

Crinoline Flowers – pictures of the Canadian fashion photographer Daryl Banks.

More photo>>>

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ie280a2madee280a2dis online portfolio of ace york bobadilla 1219253581866 244x300 www.imadedis.caie280a2madee280a2dis online portfolio of ace york bobadilla 1219253819168 216x300 is the online portfolio of graphic designer Ace York Bobadilla. Based on Vancouver, Canada, the site showcases his previous and current selection of work that he did for clients and for personal keeps.

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Hand-art by Guido Daniele

hand art1 Hand art by Guido Daniele

Outstanding body painting and hand-art by Guido Daniele. If you click on the “Press” section of his site, you will find his artwork displayed in product campaigns and more. -Adriana de Barros, from Scene 360.

(Top Images of Eagle and Snake © Guido Daniele)


Original handpainted artwork

pritt1 Original handpainted artwork

pritt2 Original handpainted artwork

pritt3 Original handpainted artwork

Advertising campaign to promote a new Pritt correction roller. By Built studio / Wanda productions / DDB Paris.

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Picture Neontigers
Picture01 002 Neontigers
Photographer Peter Bialobrzeski here merges the seven Asian cities of Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Jakarta, Singapore, and Shenzhen into a virtual megatropolis.

The result is a view of a world that no longer seems real but appears instead as a series of dream-images from an eccentric director or computer game designer. References to reality evoke a sense of conflict in the viewer, as appreciation for the beauty of the absurd competes with recognition of an irreversible process of change in urban living space. Two different growth models are exposed: unscrupulous, uncontrolled expansion, as in Bangkok, and controlled, yet equally unscrupulous growth in a city like Shanghai. The pictures burst with conflicting signs and symbols, mostly indecipherable to the western viewer, a semiotic overkill held in check only by the edge of the picture frame.

All pages were scanned! Sorry for quality. But they’re original.

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Kasara – Chair Design

kasaracopy Kasara   Chair Design

1copy Kasara   Chair Design

This is a chair design by me, Aloke Pillai. Please let me know what you think.



Limes Hotel

limeshotel1 Limes HotelLimes Hotel Brisbane Limes Hotel
This gorgeous new hotel in Brisbane, Australia, focuses on state-of-the-art everything instead of the traditional “luxury” experience. Chic, modern, timeless. via Been-Seen

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The Windrunner by Jonas & François

windrunner The Windrunner by Jonas & François

New video for the famous 80′s Nike Windrunner by Jonas & François – music by Teenage Bad Girl. Video here

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Justin Timberlake’s William Rast

williamrast Justin Timberlakes William Rast

Justin Timberlake – “My Name is William Rast” for his premium denim and lifestyle clothing line William Rast. Video trailer here


New Shanghai Living

slider15 New Shanghai Living
slider4 New Shanghai Living
In photos of Hu Yang.

Hu Yang’s extensive photographic publication “Shanghai Living” documents the living spaces of 500 families living in today’s Shanghai. A selection of 100 of the images were first displayed at ShanghART Gallery and caused unforeseen public attention due to their rare and particular presentation of intimate and protected private spaces.

The “Shanghai Living” series works almost as an archive: all subjects and interiors, whether wealthy or impoverished, are equally treated. One might naturally question the objectivity, authenticity and honesty of the documentary photos. As with any other visual art form, the intentions and stylistic strategies are, ultimately, always a subjective choice made by the photographer. Nevertheless, these intimate portraits do not come across as staged settings, and unlike exterior views of the city, they are spaces that are otherwise closed to the public. Finally, it is up to the spectator to manage and interpret these contemporary iconographies of modern Shanghai living spaces.

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