Swedish Furniture Font

Swedish Furniture font by Markus Vad Flaaten.

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Leaked Information



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Sexiest Celebrity Portraiture – James White

angelina jolie
Flip through the latest issue of Esquire, Glamour, Entertainment Weekend, Vanity Fair or GQ and you might just stumble upon the gorgeous work of James White. As a famous celebrity photographer, he’s the one who makes all of our A-list actors and actresses seem incredibly sexy. See more at My Modern Metropolis.

Daily Inspiration #64

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The iamamiwhoami Viral Video

The iamamiwhoami phenomenon or the weirdness of viral video – No video titles or something like, no promotion or credit…More info & video HERE

Shanghai prepares for Expo 2010

Derniers préparatifs avant l’ouverture le 1er mai de l’exposition universelle en Chine. On attend jusqu’à 800000 visiteurs chaque jour, soit 70 millions en tout. Dans la suite, les photos de l’avancement des travaux. WWW.ZEUTCH.COM

Carlo Vidoni

The fascinating sculptural works of the Italian artist Carlo Vidoni.
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Urban Street Art: reFRESHink + Friends

Based out of Novara, Italy, reFRESHink paints eye-catching murals on city walls. Every so often he’ll team up with his friends and collaborate on a group piece. Called the Spruzzer Crew, the artists compliment each others work, coming up with amazingly creative pieces.

More pics at My Modern Metropolis.

New Wave Intelligence / DK

illustration/graphic design

more: http://melibayev.tumblr.com/
and..: http://www.behance.net/miniman

Photography by Thomas Prior

Via Oh, Snap!

Filmspiration – The Only Successful Videogame Movie Ever

Even though I’m a filmmaker by profession, it’s my firm belief that videogames will be the dominant artform of the 21st century. The adaptation of videogame hits into big spectacle movie blockbusters seems like a logical, straightforward and businesslike endeavor with little room for failure. So how come ALL of the videogame movie adaptations so far have been so aggressively pathetic? Let’s not get started on Uwe Boll, bless his heart – he’s too easy a target – it’s just so disappointing when films we think (hope) are going to be at least decent (Silent Hill, I’m talking to you), turn out to be such barely competent, affect-free drearfests.

swimsuits by Skorobogatova Evgeniya

check all models here http://www.behance.net/Gallery/my-swimsuits/453016

M Poster


one great collab between Dran from Toulouse/France and Bagapart. LIMTED EDITION
Check it quickly, there are only 9/25 left.

The “Very Slim Table” by Nilly Landao

The “Very Slim Table” by Nilly Landao (designer from Israel) is absolutely non standard solution for dining table. Nilly reduced the table to just a wooden strip. The table is a wonder because it is made using slim wooden material surface with special holes for small trays and it’s great for a compact lifestyle with a limited amount of space. The slim strip of wood may save space and be placed aside when the table is not in use. This original construction gives a great freedom of application and allows to save a space. This model demonstrates a perfect combination of simple design and functionality, which is very important to modern furniture.
Nilly Landao site.

Here you could find widest selection of tables, even out of the ordinary