What will it take before we respect the planet?


You do not need many words to explain the new campaign ecological impact of WWF France.
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Discover these Fluo Umbrellas designed by Jamie Milestone, on Diesel Fragrance Factory

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Exceptional Contact Forms Designed by Media Novak!

Contact form is one of the most important parts for most of the websites. It plays a vital role to interact with your clients or well-wishers. So, many of the designers pay plenty of concentration to design a contact form. We hope you’ll enjoy this article and get necessary inspiration and understanding how contact sections and forms can be created in appealing, clean and creative way.

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Exceptional Contact Forms Designed by Media Novak

Exceptional Contact Forms Designed by Media Novak

Exceptional Contact Forms Designed by Media Novak

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Green Footwear

Could these be the current footwear trend? The ‘Green’ effect of materials used such as this ‘Grass Sneaker’ by Wendy Golden applied mixed grasses & linen thread on her work.

‘Working predominately in natural fibres, my sneaker is crafted from the most common of materials – grass. The ‘logo’ or flash on the side of the sneaker of an arrow travelling backwards utilises an endemic fern. The increasing loss of such small plants in large housing developments is indicative of a backwards step. As sneakers replace Blundstones on the pavements, I ponder the increasing impacts of footprints on our fragile environment.’

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Visual Kontakt – Interview with Kris Sowersby

Clean wood textures for designers

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100 Classic Examples of Art Photography

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Amos Toys + Almost Skateboards

Images http://www.naxart.com/naxblog/2010/7/20/amos-toys-almost-skateboards.html

Illustrations by Wesley Burt

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Some awesome illustrations and concept art from San Francisco artist Wesley Burt.

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Pose — Worx

The Goon, the movie teaser

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Sessions&You “Brendita”

Photo collection consists of photographs containing an indie atmosphere in pleasant surroundings.
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New Artist Spotlight Eunjeong Yoo

Seoul native Eunjeong Yoo is an illustrator who now lives and works in New York City. Beautiful line work , compositions and tasteful use of color seduced me on the spot when I first saw her work. Haphazard feel of her palette both sensitive and dynamic creating a sense of in-the-moment movement. We hoping to see more great work from Eunjeong Yoo in the future and will keep you posted as soon as we do.

More Images http://www.naxart.com/naxblog/2010/7/20/new-artist-spotlight-eunjeong-yoo.html

João Oliveira Updates

João Oliveira updates his portfolio – ONREPEAT.NET – featuring lots of new works including a motion project and a new layout.