Photography by Jason Parry

Fashion photography by Jason Parry, more pics and info here.

The Life & Death Illustrated, by R.Ferrer.

‘It all started with a spark, then grew bright and shiny, only to end up fading away in darkness.’

The Life & Death Illustrated is French Illustrator Romain Ferrer’s last piece of work. This new poster plays on the understanding of idiomatic expressions and the representation of a concept translated into a graphical system. ‘The misuse of words and lexical fields, throughout literature, always brings to life amusing graphical analogies. Behind all strong concepts such as Life, Death, Sex and many others […] you will always find references that link them all together: it gets very confusing. Take the color red for instance: it is the color of blood(flow) for ‘Life’, the color of blood(stain) for ‘Death’, and the color of heat and passion for ‘Sex’. Just work by association, it works all the time.’

Click here to visit R.Ferrer’s online portfolio.

Vectorial Design Art.

This is the amazing work of a south brazilian designer. You can see all of his work here.

The Secret Life of Toys

Star Wars characters who have been hit hard by the recession!

Nicolás Sarsotti – 80’s series

Teen Wolf

David Bowie

Mr “T”

Michael Jackson

Nicolás Sarsotti is a designer and Illustrator from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Bojana Borak

Bojana Borak est une styliste qui vient de Belgrade. Vous la connaissez peut être sous le pseudo de BokicaBo et elle vient de réaliser une magnifique série. Des vêtements pour femmes soulignés par le travail du graphiste et photographe Nikola Arezina. WWW.ZEUTCH.COM

Interview with Aussie Illustrator Patrick Brown

Some nice illustration work from Aussie Illustrator Patrick Brown.

Check out an interview with him up here.

via Australian Edge

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AntiVJ Performance, New Songdo City, South Korea

Mik Bow

‘Let’s Colour’ Project

Ridding the world of ‘grey’


Water Figures – Linden Gledhill

Water Figures macro photography – see more pictures here

Visual Chinatown of Davidope

Best Animated GIFs EVER ! See more gif here.

Coyote – Mark Growden

Mark Growden’s clip for his song “Coyote” – Watch the video

VSP Porto

Vhils in VSP
Oker in VSP
Best Ever

Visual Street Performance is a graffiti Portuguese event that brought English David Walker last year alongside Portuguese Mar, Klit, Vhils, Hium, Time and Hibashira and lot’s more guests to the space. This year, they’re taking the event for the first time to the North of Portugal, and with English BestEver as the international guests, and many more Portuguese writers to play along. The works have already started on spot and you can catch all the latest work in progress shots from the event here.