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Shit Box. Now wash your hands!

shitbox Shit Box. Now wash your hands!
What is it:
Shit Box is a lightweight portable cardboard toilet, made especially for outdoor use.

Where it can be used:
Fesivals, camping, building sites, fishing, travelling, etc.


Jose Luis Rojas

rojas 1 Jose Luis Rojas
rojas 2 Jose Luis Rojas
rojas 3 Jose Luis Rojas
Fantastic miniatures by Jose Luis Rojas, made of ceramic!!!



Some new crazy design stuff from Andrey SHCH! Bhnc.


Rubik’s Cube Has Celebrated 25th Anniversary

Design, Technology

the NmG

full 11 the NmG

The NmG (No More Gas) car may only seat one person, but it also uses NO MORE GAS. Bonus: it parks everywhere and is super cute!


New Painting

I have made a few new paintings and this is one of them.
I’m quite fond of it, but looking back I’m not fond of the lettering. I should have just left it alone; but there’s always that little urge to do just a little bit more–too bad I can’t just erase it. But, for the most part I enjoy this new one, and I’ll post some others as the week follows.

James C.
Easily Amused, Inc.


ISO 50, the making of…


vwc contest site

logo vwc contest site

The 1st time flash experience to made the website,containing

all worlds VW related club sites and contest for ”Site of the Month”

Click on Image to visit the site.

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New work

2633038935 509f418729 o New work

Added a couple of new pieces to my site – both t-shirt designs that will be up for voting at soon.


Joao Paulo Alvares Rua

downtown www 02 Joao Paulo Alvares Rua

imrpessive drawings : check the website

Art, Design, Inspirations

Museum of Russian Posters

1300 Museum of Russian Posters
«A disgraceful brand of the American democracy»

1355 Museum of Russian Posters
«Africa is fighting, Africa will win!»

2004 Museum of Russian Posters
«All the world records must to be ours»

Very, very big collection of classic Soviet posters: from propaganda to social and advertising. Designers, must see to inspire! (Sorry, Russian language only :)


Take part in the contest and win 8Gb iPod Touch!

concoursevasion Take part in the contest and win 8Gb iPod Touch!
The blog Visual Evasion organize this month a competition to win an iPod Touch and limited edition typographic poster.

Competition is open to all until July 15th.



y mouse yeduo
This discontent mouse decided to leave the mouse pad, it will no longer explore flat lands.

Some of very interesting home-living things created by YEDUO company.

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Noize Magazine #15

noize Noize Magazine #15

The latest issue of brazillian music free-magazine called NOIZE is out now! You can download it in pdf format on the magazine website.

Enjoy some great artwork and illustrations.


Joseph Marconi – Site Relaunch, New Work!