AIGA fellow Lanny Sommese is interviewed about Cheese Monkeys, design and his posters

Pixel-like Winery Building Designed by Santiago Calatrava

The Bodegas Ysios winery’s roof, when seeing from exact 90 degree, giving us a pixel-like visual, thus create the effect of an unreal building when photographed. Designed by Santiago Calatrava. Read more here!

Cute Pancakes

Light sculptures in the new BT campaign

As part of a major new positioning campaign for one of Australia’s leading investment companies, The Glue Society and Revolver, via agency Host, Sydney, have created a series of commercials which blend light sculpture with financial data. AWESOME vids!

Star Wars weekend at Disneyland

The New Landscape of Saint Petersburg by Igor Yanovsky

The New Landscape of Saint Petersburg by Igor Yanovsky

The New Landscape of Saint Petersburg by Igor Yanovsky

The New Landscape of Saint Petersburg by Igor Yanovsky

Igor Yanovsky is a Russian artist from Saint Petersburg.

Few days ago he has opened 300 sq. m live workshop at the main street of the city – Nevsky prospect. At this open studio during the next month he will paint 2x3m canvases, and fashion designer ENA will create clothes with images of these paintings.

If you are lucky to be in Saint Petersburg, you can meet Igor at his gallery.
“Passage”, Nevsky pr., 48, 3rd floor. 10am – 9pm.

More by Igor Yanovsky on his Facebook page

Pasta-like Eco-Friendly Kitchen Scrubbing Clothes

These may look like corn and peach pasta, but these are in fact kitchen scrubbing cloths by designer Hiroki Hayashi that clean up stains after every meals. More info here!


Paintings by Till Rabus…More info & pics HERE

Eugene Plotnikov

analogue art in digital

handmade art by lora.
more pictures here.

(Free Wallpaper) Puderu-San – The Japanese Warrior Poodle

From the distant land of Japan, our friend Živko Kondic bring us Puderu-San, the insanely true Japanese warrior poodle. Živko has made these awesome wallpapers of his character Puderu-San, and wants to share them with pixelelement’s readers.

Click here to see the rest of the images.

The Exploded iPad T-Shirt

Rainbow Stairway

I love what they’ve done to this staircase. Just imagine u are walking up rainbow, each step would be such a delightful journey! Found these lovely images through The Townhouse, they have all these photos on stairway while searching for idea for their own stairacase. These stairways are the work of art by Horst Glasker, an artist professor in Germany.
more pictures here…

Luke Ighile “Réflexions”

More Images on The 25th Century

PROPEL by Laura Facey

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