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Cristiana Couceiro

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Jonathan Darby

Igor Scekic Interview

igortrust1 Igor Scekic Interview
igortrust2 Igor Scekic Interview

Igor Šćekić, who doesn’t know him? Well if you don’t, this should be a truly interesting interview. For those who’re not sure, he’s also known as Virus69 on deviantArt and art groups like slashTHREE and evokeONE. Igor has made a truly amazing wallpaper to be featured on WallpaperArt. So now you’ve two good reasons to click that “read more” button and find out more about this amazing artist and his exclusive wallpaper.

Read interview here.

It is all in the Eyes (graffiti)

herakut 09 It is all in the Eyes (graffiti)
German duo Herakut take graffiti to a new level. Lovely paintings!

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Chris Jordan – Midway

albatross1chrisjordanmidway Chris Jordan   Midway
albatross2chrisjordanmidway Chris Jordan   Midway
albatross3chrisjordanmidway Chris Jordan   Midway

Chris Jordan criticizes the consume in our society. These abatrosses died of the garbage they ate. See the Rest of Jordans great projects on HUNDERTMARK.

JS Rossbach

Da F-Powa wit uz!

fg dyt Da F Powa wit uz!

Photographer Philipp Paulus

php Photographer Philipp Paulus
Philipp Paulus, a 17 y.o photographer from Germany. Wow!

The Ultimate Light Show – Alan Jaras

colour The Ultimate Light Show   Alan Jaras
What happens when a beam of light travels through transparent textured materials? If you are Alan Jaras (or Reciprocity on Flickr), you can make it refract into a gorgeous array of colors. Bridging the gap between art and science, Jaras bends, twists and turns light…like you’ve never seen. See more at My Modern Metropolis.

70s Disco/Funk Inspiration

cosmic70s600x594 70s Disco/Funk Inspiration
disco70sinspiration600x400 70s Disco/Funk Inspiration
disco70sinspiration7600x400 70s Disco/Funk Inspiration

We compile a lot of images scan from 70s disco/funk vinyl, great for inspiration – see all of them HERE

Graffiti Artist ScorpionBlaze

Paintings by Andrew Newton

Kelvin Paintings by Andrew Newton
Cathy Paintings by Andrew Newton
Andrews work is focused around hyper realistic faces.
Via Unstage (Click here for more)

t-shirt BO-BOX

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original 164621 fmfmkoysfkD98seca3nanITJT HENDRIX

droid Geisha

original 164621 9HHdPsYvS9eCBW4YdvsIAJ1Ar droid Geisha