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UnitedFakes have launched a rejected proposal.

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London Olympics and The Cloud

In London – on the occasion of the Olympics in 2012 – has been created quite interesting project. The Cloud, which will offer people visiting it, really incredible views.

Look at the photos and videos of The Cloud.

Tim MacPherson

Gorgeous work of british advertising photographer Tim MacPherson.
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Enric Ruiz-Geli

Enric Ruiz-Geli est l’architecte de cette maison de banlieue Bio. Bénéficiant d’un toit-jardin hydroponique, un garage souterrain. Une solution astucieuse qui illustre le rôle de maison durable de demain. Plus d’images sur www.zeutch.com

Visual Creatures by PerlssDj

A personal collection of manipulated images, fractal galleries and other visual creatures… www.perlssdj.net

Rik Oostenbroek

Rik Oostenbroek est Néerlandais et cet artiste n’a que 18 ans. Jeune, mais avec une habileté folle. Il émule un style chaud et tendance qui se tourne vers un design actuel. Un talent naturel que je vous laisse découvrir dans la suite avec une partie de son portfolio. Le tout dans www.zeutch.com

Simplicity in Product Packaging – 80+ Examples

Eye catching aesthetics are achieved by using minimal graphic elements in our list of over 80 simple product packaging.
Via Unstage (Click here for more)

A Machine that can print buildings

In a small shed on an industrial park near Pisa is a machine that can print buildings. Driven by CAD software installed on a dust-covered computer terminal, the armature moves just millimetres above a pile of sand, expressing a magnesium-based solution from hundreds of nozzles on its lower side. It makes four passes. The layer dries and Enrico Dini recalibrates the armature frame. The system deposits the sand and then inorganic binding ink. The exercise is repeated. The millennia-long process of laying down sedimentary rock is accelerated into a day. A building emerges. This machine could be used to construct anything. Dini wants to build a cathedral with it. Or houses on the moon.

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Alexander Heaton Back Country Paintings

As an explorer of mountains myself, what I noticed whilst climbing and ski touring in the Alps and Himalayas was the quality of the light in the rare-ified atmosphere. This feeling is …

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Creative Photography by Michael Heinsen

Michael Heinsen is a Creative Lifestyle, Editorial and Advertising photographer based in Hamburg, Germany.
Creative Photography by Michael Heinsen

One Marylebone – Crypt of London Events Venue

One Marylebone’s Crypt has been awarded as the 2nd in Event Magazines Top 20 venues for the coming year. It was awarded second place, ahead of the London Eye. The new lighting system that Point Source Productions, working in conjunction with Fine Art Lighting, is an another attracting source for One Marylebone’s Crypt.

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Creative Photography by Cody Hamilton

Creative photography by Cody Hamilton, husband and father whose passion is for photography.
Creative Photography by Cody Hamilton

Photography by Norman Jean Roy

Few photographers’ careers have ascended skyward as meteorically as that of editorial and advertising photographer Norman Jean Roy.
Photography by Norman Jean Roy

Photography by Lars van de Goor

Amazing landscape photography by Lars VanDe Goor, talented 45 years old male nature photographer.
Photography by Lars van de Goor