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Angkor Wat by Seiji Fukimori

In “Angkor Wat,” Ana Mihajlovic interacts with Buddhist monks, meditates, and poses in front of Cambodia’s most sacred temples.

More pics at My Modern Metropolis.

Holy Freebased Blues stop motion music video

[vimeo 12197409]
Giovanni Ferrario music video for Holy Freebased Blues track by llot creative network . 3000+ shots around Lisbon, by Laura Veronesi and Luca Pedrotti. Official music video from the album Headquarter Delirium.

100 Chairs by Singapore Artists

100 Chairs is a fully youth-run project supported by *scape Singapore. It aimed at fostering youth creativity and promoting the arts as a platform for youths to contribute to the community. View the entire collection here.

Meriguet Clement

Creative illustrations by Meriguet Clement aka Le Môme Kéké, talented female French artist and illustrator.
Meriguet Clement

Home Sweet Home #2

This post is part of our series of posts showing the most inspiring houses around the world. This institution is one of the most important things in life, because in homes we can think, grow, feel confortable and reinvigorate ourselves to continue the beautiful journey of our lives.

Home Sweet Home #2

Black & White Zombie

Latest zombie drawings by Graphic Designer & Illustrator Shalimar Luis.
See more of her work here.

Amazing Photo Manipulation Collection

Photo Manipulation is always popular and favorite area for many digital artists. I always wonder how artists imagine these kinds of things. Photo Manipulation requires much imagination as well as creativity.
Click Here to check all Photo Manipulations…

Evgenij Soloviev

photo manipulation
photo manipulation
photo manipulation

Russian designer Evgenij Soloviev and photo manipulations.

via Four Fifths Design

20 Beautiful Examples of Urban Street Art

As a powerful platform for reaching the general public, street art is unlike any other movement. Using the blank walls as a temporary canvas and transforming the urban space, these artists often times seek to make a connection with their audience through socially relevant themes. While quite often their work will come off as clever or thought-provoking, every once in awhile you’ll see a piece that will also stand out for its unbelievable beauty. See more at My Modern Metropolis.

Linda Lundgren Food Styling

Amazing Linda Lundgren Food Styling for Hemkop…more info & pics HERE

Lo Bjurulf Set Design

Amazing set design by Swedish Prop Stylist Lo Bjurulf… More info & pics HERE

The Blues Maker

Create a Blues using your mouse and share with your friends! More here.

35 Simple Logo Designs

Julia Rohwedder

Creative illustrations by Julia Rohwedder, female digital artist from Germany who started creating photomanipulations in December 06. It began with fantasy art which later emphasized the emotional side of many images.
Julia Rohwedder