Photography by Oleg V. Dragon Semenets

Amazing and very beautiful portrait photography by Oleg V. Dragon Semenets, professional glamour / beauty photographer, based in Amur, Russia.
Photography by Oleg V. Dragon Semenets

Culture Project ABC

Practical Training book design. Congreve printing. 22×22 cm
Designed by Denis Kuchta
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Muse Magazine x Terry Richardson x Art Print “Viva” Skateboard Deck

White Light by Winnie Lui

Winnie Lui jewellery designer created the White Light Fixture for Innermost. It is a chandelier that is made of waste. In this concept trash is made equal to treasure. The dramatic design is made from unique pieces sourced to create the elegant limited edition of 100 individual White and Black chandeliers (50 each).

Lighting at mydeco

Why Losing Everything is a Winning Move for Designers…

Our guest today – Dave Thackeray fuels ordinary people with extraordinary ideas to be the best. He’s a pen for hire and a higher pen you’ll never find. Join him on his quest to write a blog post of note every day until 2011.

If you’re a web designer – should I say, if you’re not, what the hell are you doing here?! – then let’s join hands and pray that our next project doesn’t end up like this.

I remember my first web design job. And as you know, I’m not even a designer, which as you can imagine, posed a significant challenge to my inner strength.

Photography by Alpo Syvanen

Beautiful landscape photography by Alpo Syvanen, professional photographer, who married and father of two lovely daughters.
Photography by Alpo Syvanen


Take a look at the Trax Magazine “Trax makes you fussy” Ad Campaign by Young & Rubicam. Just in

Green Marker

Love this bookmarks!!! Design by Yuruliku.

Photography by SortVind

Breathtaking macro shots by Sortvind, 22 year old photographer from Norway.
Photography by SortVind

letterpress greeting cards

very cool letterpress work by san francisco artist mai kong

Reza Evol “Light”

A crazy love for photography and natural light have me creating pictures like the ones above.


CrossProcess Photos

Some photos taken on the iPhone using Nick Campbell’s new iPhone app: CrossProcess


Diet Scale

Instead of showing the weight, this scale tells the person what to eat according to the weight. Design by Ji Lee. More pics here.

Honda C-3R

This is the pictures of the Honda C-3R electrical energy. A concept for single-user, that leads us to a not so distant future. The rest of the photos in

bagapart, artist on bags

great artist design on quality bags. see more on