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Cutting Freedom

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Cool Car

nissanpivo22big Cool Car
NP Cool Car
The Nissan Pivo 2 is a concept car cuter than Wall-E. Eco-friendly, with a electronic interface to eliminate extra baggage, this adorable vehicle has one big advantage: it seats three.

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wehatetrendsxo8 wehatetrends

wehatetrends are looking for illustrators, typographers and motion designers to develop new artistic group. Main idea of wehatetrends is to set new trends in graphic design not looking for other artists. If you are not doing things we could see by other artist, want to do something different and experiment with other designers, you’re person which we’re looking for so feel free to give me a sign at

Wojciech Zalot


Bush’s Brain T-Shirt On Sale For $0 from Chop Shop

freebush Bush’s Brain T Shirt On Sale For $0 from Chop Shop

Get it here for $0 with no strings attached. Just enter the code “freebush” upon checkout and it will discount your order for every copy of “bushBrains” taken. You only pay for shipping which is $4.75 for every 3 copies (US).

Already sold out of SM and MED.


Aerosol Interiors

aerosol 1 Aerosol Interiors

aerosol 3 Aerosol Interiors

aerosol 5 Aerosol Interiors

Check out the work of graf-artist turned interior designer Graham Oatman at The Publics and Elemente Magazine.

Art, Photos Issue 45 [The Canada Issue]

format45dyt Issue 45 [The Canada Issue]

Format Magazine shows its national pride, releasing Issue 45 [The Canada Issue] featuring the best in urban culture from across the country.

Featuring Adrian X of Too Black Guys, Matt George of United Front (Goodfoot/Ransom/Nomad/St.Alfred), Juan Carlos Noria, Derrick Hodgson, Elicser, Holy Fuck, Crystal Castles, Style in Progress, Moody Bovinyls, and more, this is one of Format’s most prolific issues to date.

And look out for more surprise features over the next two weeks dropping in The Daily Bread!

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Yay! Monday! Issue #30

ym30 Yay! Monday! Issue #30

Whups, forgot to post this here yesterday! haha. Happy Tuesday? I updated the looks of the site last night. It’s not much different… just better.

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Maison Close – Opened

maison close Maison Close   Opened
Provocative Designs By Maison Close, a new French brand for the provocative, sexy, playful and seductive lingerie. See the video teaser


Beautiful Restaurant in Belgrade

karim1 Beautiful Restaurant in Belgrade

karim2 Beautiful Restaurant in Belgrade

New restaurant in Belgrade, Serbia by Karim Rashid. Digital artwork made of RGB LED panels surround the bar. More pictures.

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Merged Friends on Sunday Afternoon.

When friends became one only thing.

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egobi EGO
created by Kaan Ozsoy.

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What You’d Like to Know About Extreme Russian Girls

matr 1 What Youd Like to Know About Extreme Russian Girls
matr 11 What Youd Like to Know About Extreme Russian Girls
Matreshka-girls is independent photo art project dedicated to tattoos, bodymodification, freaks, pin-up, goth, fruits, fireshow, punk, fetish and just beautiful interesting girls. The Matreshka-girls project brings up actual, crazy and sexy fun and erotic art for musicians and artists, for those who like everything unusual.

+24 EXTREME images more!

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kakof 1 kakofonia
kakof 2 kakofonia
Illustration of the guy named Kako, from São Paulo, Brasil. Sorry, my spanish is ugly.

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Geekmilk Project

599971213965594 Geekmilk Project
GeekMilk Project by DHNN (design has no name) /


| Ironic Warming

2528944258 85852caa25 o |   Ironic Warming
partes 01 |   Ironic Warming
2513420163 f3f56fd033 o |   Ironic Warming
partes 02 |   Ironic Warming
Firma Trabajos |   Ironic Warming