Impressive and Scary Works by Calum Andrews

Kanye West new Blog

Finish the streetwear, Kanye West follow the trend well with his brand new blog ! Nice & clean, huge image and some sexiness & high fashion ! Yeah ! More info Here

Joseph Tran Photography

Photography by Gabi Dilly

Beautiful portrait, fashion, beauty and children’s photography by Gabi Dilly, talented female photographer from Oberhausen, Germany.
Photography by Gabi Dilly

Photography by Philippe Sainte-Laudy

Beautiful landscape photography by Philippe Sainte-Laudy, 49 years old professional photographer, who live near Strasbourg in France.
Photography by Philippe Sainte-Laudy

M is dope, Red Funky Car

[vimeo 10150693]

[vimeo 10151582]

By Markus Vad Flaaten

Vector Inspiration

Photography by Brian Goodman

Born in Los Angeles in 1957, Brian Goodman as been taking pictures for over 40 years now.
Photography by Brian Goodman

Souffle D’Orient: Oriental Glass Wonders by Marie Claude Boustany & Jacqueline Khayyat

Oriental glass wonders. All custom and handmade by the talented Marie Claude Boustany and Jacqueline Khayyat. From candle holders to decorative ornaments, you’ll definitely leave the world behind once you enter their world of colors; Souffle D’Orient.

Check it out.


PSDtuts Wallpapers recently started a new project by giving exclusive wallpapers by talented graphic designers. To start this new project they asked Bram & Tim Vanhaeren from to make some wallpapers.
Below you can find a preview of one off the wallpapers they made.

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60 Incredible Examples of Sport Advertising

A Showcase of 60 simply incredible examples of sport advertising. These ads are exceptional for there design, concept and most importantly execution.

Falling Flowers by Changzhi Lee

Event design with paper flowers designed by Changzhi Lee. Find out more at

[NSFW] Henrik Halvarsson Photography

Free Stuff From Ethcs Clothing

Shane over at Ethcs Clothing loves free stuff and he’s quite partial to a little photography too. So he decided to put those things together and has produced a series of large magnets that he sends out to every customer who orders from his online store. The photographs/magnets are mostly scenes from around Wellington, New Zealand where he lives but occasionally he changes things up a little. You never know what you’re going to get but you can guarantee he’ll throw a little something he created in with your order.

Photography by Dean Isidro

Dean Isidro Isidro grew-up in a small coastal town in Northern California framed by broad expanses of the Pacific to the West, the Santa Cruz Mountains to the East, a boundless blue sky overhead and rich fertile soil under his feet.
Photography by Dean Isidro