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Collages Pt2

771641218148323 Collages Pt2

One of many illustrations made for the book “Sailing Void” by the amazing writer Aldo Xavier. To be released soon.

771641217548928 Collages Pt2

more original works on and

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Joker’s scruffy and grungy make-up

dark knight Joker’s scruffy and grungy make up
I’ve been curious to know find out who did the make-up art for the new Batman film, especially for Joker. Because it is incredibly expressive and darker then the first film with Jack Nicholson. On Wikipedia, there is a note about the influence coming from: “We gave a Francis Bacon spin to [his face].” Wow! Specifically “Study of a Portrait” (1953) by Bacon, and I found this painting which I feel there is some similarity. And for those who are interested to learn more, here is an interview with the “The Dark Knight’s” make-up artist John Caglione, Jr. at Resource 411. Caglione states “The biggest challenge for me was to maintain and keep continuity of the Joker makeup all day in spite of heat and variable weather conditions. I had to match scenes shot in Chicago and the UK but I got to watch Heath Ledger’s completely off-the-hook and physically demanding performance. I had a ball!” -Adriana de Barros, from Scene 360

[Top Image: Heath Ledger as the Joker in “The Dark Knight” (2008). Bottom Image: Study after Velázquez’s Portrait of Pope Innocent X (1953) ©/by Francis Bacon]


R2D2 feels small.

Illustrations by Damien Weighill.

youface 04 R2D2 feels small.

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11 Animalistic

This is my latest project I’ve created, hope you enjoy!



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Luke Bes

For those who still believe in the future, Luke es el mejor.

we still felt 300x171 Luke Besgreen 235x300 Luke Bescoffin 234x300 Luke Bes


Adidas Countdown

adidas Adidas Countdown

adidas2 Adidas Countdown

Adidas ad, made for Hong Kong and parts of China, featuring Chinese Olympians and sports fans. Created by TBWA China. : The warm-up movements of some of the nation’s Olympic hopefuls as they prepare to compete.

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Ginger Monkey : Clarks Originals

dsc 0347 Ginger Monkey : Clarks Originalsin situ Ginger Monkey : Clarks Originalsdsc 0377 Ginger Monkey : Clarks Originals

This is a new project I’ve published on my website

Hope you enjoy!


andrew zuckerman

Landscapes by Andrew Zuckerman.

zuckerman 04 andrew zuckerman

zuckerman 01 andrew zuckerman

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splitkick Powerizerz

Wile E. Coyote, eat your heart out! via Been-Seen


100 Amazing Book Covers

100pcent 100 Amazing Book Covers
vallery 100 Amazing Book Covers
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Chayo Mata

chayo 1 Chayo Mata
chayo 2 Chayo Mata
Chayo Mata, beauty and fashion photographer.


How to Get 2500 New ‘Subscribers’ to Your Blog Overnight

feedb How to Get 2500 New Subscribers to Your Blog Overnight
Every 2nd blog about blogging today seems to be writing about a video showing how to get 2500 subscribers overnight using a Netvibes accounts and an OPML file with thousands of copies of your own feed in it.

I’ve had a lot of people email me to ask what I think about the technique. My response:
1. It’s not surprising to see that it’s Possible – I’ve seen a few bloggers play with this type of technique over the years.

2. It’s an empty Achievement – so your feedburner button is a few thousand more tomorrow than it is today – but ultimately all it means is that you hacked it – no one new is reading your blog.

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Creative movie posters inspiration

poster01 Creative movie posters inspiration
Cool post showcasing a bunch of recently released movie posters.


Inside the Statue of Liberty

liberty s Inside the Statue of Liberty
Click image for full size! No Easter Eggs inside ;)