Hydroelectric power station Avce – Fixed gear heaven

bike1 Hydroelectric power station Avce   Fixed gear heaven
bike2 Hydroelectric power station Avce   Fixed gear heaven
bike3 Hydroelectric power station Avce   Fixed gear heaven
Amazing rides inside the accumulation pool before it fills with water!

Who is Banksy?

queen banksy Who is Banksy?

The identity of the (now millionaire) infamous graffiti artist is a well kept secret.

Kerry Ward at redbubble.com may have the answer.
This is a great t-shirt. Modern, punk, graffiti, art, cans, hoodie, corgi, it’s got everything.


New Site for Attentive Health

ah New Site for Attentive Health
Attentive Health provides an integrated wellness solutions, customized for every individual and corporation. We built an interactive logo as one way to illustrate this customization.


Douglas Alves/Nacionale


Master of the Macintosh David Ho knows how to get under your skin. If you can scroll through the following collection of sinister creatures and burnt out landscapes without feeling a cold breeze lapping at your neck, then you’re well brave. Don’t Panic chatted amiably to him, but always with one eye on the door.


Kill’em all! The iRoach.

iroach Killem all! The iRoach.
My mate did it ;) iRoach is a funny game with superior cockroaches graphics. They look and move just like real ones. When you squash them, see them torn into peaces with liquids flowing out.

Russia’s Biggest Graffiti

graf Russias Biggest Graffiti
graf1 Russias Biggest Graffiti
graf2 Russias Biggest Graffiti
About 420m2! More photos.

B&W Zeppelin

bwzeppelin B&W Zeppelin
The new B&W Zeppelin is now available for the iPhone 3GS!

Knotan agency

 Knotan agency
 Knotan agency
 Knotan agency
Provoking Swedish photography agency Knotan shows off everything they shot, and they shot everything in realistic manner believe us.
spotted on DC

I Wear No Underwear.

[youtube YsbCQZjI3hI]
Animation, Motion Graphics by Nico Casavecchia http://www.niconico.me



The KDU website has been re-launched with new case studies, ideas and works.
Founded in 2003, The Keystone Design Union (The KDU) is a Creative Strategic Consultancy, fueled by our Global Creative Network with over 700 members in more than 60 countries Worldwide. The KDU identifies and unites the world’s top established and undiscovered creative talent to form highly focused and efficient vertical teams specifically tailored to deliver innovative, strategic solutions to the world’s top brands.
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The HUGE list of Michael Jackson Tributes

diddy The HUGE list of Michael Jackson Tributes

See the other 19 tributes (including P Diddy’s) here

Notepad CS3 Concept

MTV Ad: Model.

[youtube fqQAwEmMIts]
Released: June 2009
Avertiser: MTV
Country: Argentina
Client: MTV
Agency: La Comunidad
Executive Creative Director: Jose Molla, Joaquin Molla
Creative Director: Fernando Sosa, Ramiro Raposo
Copywriter: Julian Tachela
Art Director: Agustina Anguita
Production Company: The Lift
Director: Jose Prat
Executive Producer: Avelino Rodriguez, Valeria Chavez
Post Production: Cinecolor
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Belgacom TV Ad: Who has taken my peignoir.

[youtube DLz_P-Msdsk]
Released: June 2009
Avertiser: BELGACOM
Agency: VVL/BBDO
Country: Belgium
Category: Publications & media
It’s like having the biggest stars at your home everyday.

Client: Belgacom TV (big on-demand movie catalog
Agency: VVL/BBDO, Brussels, Belgium
Production Company: Latcho Drom
Director: Raf & Roel
Creative Director: Jan Dejonghe / Jan Baert
Art Director: Henry verstraete / Bert Braet
Copywriter: Sam De Win
Agency Producer: Leen Vandenbrande
Country: Belgium
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