Flashback:10 Early Web 2.0 Websites

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Ear.con 3

Illustration by Martin Faynot a.k.a. Marutan.

I’ve always been curious of the word “Iconic”. What could be the link between eyes and cons ?! If we suppose that an icon is a con for the eye, then music be iconic too… I mean, EAR.conic!

Discover more Eye.cons and Ear.cons on Diesel Fragrance Factory !

Fall 2009- Brochure for Ice Age Publication Design by Changzhi Lee

‘Fall 2009’ is a brochure created by Changzhi Lee for Ice Age Publication Design that aims to raise awareness on the effects of Global Warming towards the habitats of Polar Bears.

‘Lee creatively folded the brochure up like an iceberg, as you unfold the pages, you melt the ice and destroy the polar bears’ habitat…’

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The Best Photo Manipulation Tutorials on the Web

The capabilities of modern image editing programs, such as Photoshop, really amaze. Stunning visual effects and unbelievable photo manipulations – these are, perhaps, the most vivid applications of Photoshop. Cruzine magazine has always positioned itself as the source of the most up-to-date practical information and experience, related to graphics and design, and we are now offering a series of tutorials on photo manipulation. These are the best practices from the graphics design industry, which would be of interest for both professional and amateur designers.

These photo manipulation tutorials present easy-to-follow guidelines on using particular tools and instruments with the purpose of creating a particular visual effect. Graphics design gurus share their practical experience and reveal their secrets, explaining complex notions in simple words. If you have ever wanted to play with graphics and manipulate with your photos, this is the best time and place to start. Choose a particular style of photo manipulation or final visual effect from the list below and follow the instructions: you’ll get the description of the process, explanation of the tools and techniques, as well as the sequence of actions for creating a particular visual effect.

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Speedo+Comme des Garçons

Love these beautiful swimsuit collection from collaboration of Speedo and avant garde fashion brand Comme des Garçons. via…

Comet lamp by Tom Dixon for VCP

during 2009 Milan Furniture Fair, Veuve Clicquot revealed DesignBox – its own exclusive eco-friendly gift box – and showcasing three interpretations of DesignBox : the Comet lamp by Tom Dixon, the Chaise Lounge by Front Design and the VCP cellar by 5.5 Designers. These collaborations will be part of an installation called “Out of The Box” at Superstudio+ during Milan Furniture Fair.

Comet lamp by Tom Dixon

Source : cubeme.com

WEARETHENEONS – “Sun and roses” – Summer Collection 2010

It’s the lifestyle photos for the new summer collection of the french fashion brand WEARETHENEONS. Lot of Dresses, t-shirts in a retro style. Go to the website for more images and collections : http://www.wearetheneons.com
Photos by Levet Christophe, photographer who lives at Grenoble, France © http://www.levetchristophe.fr

Omikron Cencinquanta Floor Lamp

Designed by Marco Antonicelli in 2008, the Omikron Cencinquanta Floor lamp features adjustable lamps for ambient and accent illumination. Painted cubic steel base, chrome plated brass stem. One of the lamps is shield by a white reflector. Includes inline dimmer foot switch. Electronic transformer.

Mecanique Generale

Buying Art Online – Some Simple Rules to Bear in Mind

More and more people are getting comfortable about buying art online. In the early days of the Internet, potential art buyers were hesitant, fearing fraud and worrying about transaction safety. Moreover, images and descriptions were often too wanting in quality to serve as a reliable fundament for judgement. The market has matured and a more professional corps of sellers is addressing a public growing increasingly comfortable.

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Pilot Shows You How to Tattoo Your LEGO-Man

Zack Snyder’s Sucker Punch posters

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Stuart Gibson Latest Work – Photographer (TAS)

Incredible surf and beach photography by Stuart Gibson. Read the rest here.

My World My Way : Posters serie for Allen Solly clothing

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tending to yesterday

New photography by Camillo Longo.
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