False Friends Blackout by Coarsetoys

Police Line shower curtains

Designcollector shop opens to advise cool design products like shower curtain “Police Line” made by Ukrainian designer Aleksander Mukomelov.

Magical Triptychs by Gavin Hammond of @sweettoothuk #photography #lomo




Lomo photo works by @GavinHammond (singer/songwriter and producer of @sweettoothuk )
For more triptychs, please visit here (flickr).

Emilie Muller

Emilie Muller - Georgina Howard

More photos of Emilie Muller on Le Blog de Yoland.

Alvaro Tapia

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Official Classic Vector Packs

Federico Erra

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Create an Eco-Friendly Nature Themed Composition

When working in the field of graphic design, it is not always necessary to use excessively advanced techniques in order to achieve quality results. One of the things that makes a great designer is the mastery of simple techniques, such as stock isolation, composition, blending and color.

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to create an eco-friendly, nature themed composition for a TV product ad. You’ll be taken through step by step how to set up the background, control the depth of field, add the foreground subject, and additional elements to create a finished composition. And best of all, you’ll see how the simplest techniques in Photoshop can come together to create a sharp, polished and creative finished result.



Photography by Patrick Hoelck

If at First You Don’t Succeed… – Banksy

Not one to just rest and enjoy the success of his critically acclaimed documentary, “Exit Through the Gift Shop,” Banksy’s been tearing up San Francisco, beautifying the city with over ten pieces within the last 30 days.

More pics at My Modern Metropolis.

American Psycho

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Villa Saitan by Eastern Design Office

Villa Saitan in Nishioji-hachijo, Kyoto is sitting on a 16m x 19m lot size which has proved that the architects, Anna Nakamura and Taiyo Jinno from Eastern Design Office has provides an architecture answer on how to build a low collective housing in a quiet but dense place. The villa itself were inspired by the idea of an “immortal tree”. This is because the villa land was once the site of shihachijo-palace, the residence for the hero of Japanese classical tragedy, Tale of Heike. The tale was at the stage of the rise and fall of a clan in the 12th century, because of that such old and sad memory is cherished and still told among the people of this neighborhood. Therefore, Eastern Design office think collective housing that is built on a place with such historical value should not be of any average apartment house and because of that too, they came out with this Villa Saitan, which does not take vaguely a shape of a tree, but rather an intense and massive form with a hint of movement.
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Wander and Wonder by Jeremy Blincoe

Melbourne based photographer Jeremy Blincoe captures the innocence of our youth in this captivating series called Wander and Wonder. See more at My Modern Metropolis.

Grandma’s Patterns Carpet

The 70F design carpet by Carina Nilsson is a group of carpets that revive grandma’s patterns into a modern twist. The old patterns are used to create (crochet) big carpets…. Click here for more info.

“Its mother is a scooter. Its father is a car.” –BB1 Concept Car

Peugeot BB1 Concept car is an electric car born from a mix and match of a scooter & a car. Designed to tackle all issues of the modern world faced by people on a daily basis in order to offer maximum versatility…More photos & info after the jump.