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Life In London After Global Warming


I Can Vector Too

ff I Can Vector Too
Mmm… tasty portfolio of Felipe Ferreira, visual and interface designer from Brazil.


Mysterious Nights

1 Mysterious Nights
2 Mysterious Nights
3 Mysterious Nights
Nordic landscapes in the night, by Eskil Olsen, Norwegian photographer.
Part I. Part II. Part III.

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Yay! Monday! Issue #34

ym34 Yay! Monday! Issue #34

Check it out:

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brazilian hand painted t-shirts

jututu 300x199 brazilian hand painted t shirts

Ju Padilha is a Brazilian artist that choose closets as a way to make her art visible. She use to paint things about brazilian religions and culture… but not just that. She has started to do this serious few months ago and she is all ready trying to impose her own style. Recently she was invited by 2 stylist to paint a collection of dresses and t-shirts that will be coming soon.

You can see more of her work at her blog Camisetinhas de Ju Padilha.


All Of Us Made From Plasticine

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Ideas That Rock!

fw 1 Ideas That Rock!
Stunning ideas from Fastway creative studio (russian language only, sorry). +6 iside!

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artoftrash productions

i249 artoftrash productions
Tshirts. Or here.


Funk You, my friends!!!

funkyou Funk You, my friends!!!
Stefan and Co. launches new design scene community – FUNKYOU!

FunkYou is a platform for experimental graphic design and will be the first book of its kind to be created in Eastern Europe. Our aim is to present designers with the opportunity to express themselves without the constraints of a usual designer-client relationship.

FunkYou stands for experiments and developing new ideas. Everything is possible and we want to encourage people to try a new way of thinking and creating.

The FunkYou community (this website) is the online platform for the project. It’s a good place for networking and exchanging ideas with other people in the field. Also, it will feature regular interviews with great artists and studios, which we hope it will become a real source for inspiration.

Welcome, friends and register here.

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meg 1 EMR
meg 2 EMR
meg 3 EMR
Stay Connected. Website for Megafon, Russian mobile provider.


Del Mar Medical Spa (Bucharest, Romania) Print Ad

delmar 1s Del Mar Medical Spa (Bucharest, Romania) Print Ad
Click image for full size.

delmar 2s Del Mar Medical Spa (Bucharest, Romania) Print Ad
Click image for full size.
Via copyranter.


Tulipan Condoms Print Ad

tul 1 Tulipan Condoms Print Ad
tul 2 Tulipan Condoms Print Ad
Be Careful

Agency: Y&R Argentina


welcome back designyoutrust!!

gasp welcome back designyoutrust!!


Very Beautifil Giant

maj156 Very Beautifil Giant

Setting up the exhibition. More than 33 characters on hard plastic. It took us a few days to set it all up. Some of the characters were up to 6m heigh on 5mm plastic. more here



Homeboy01 Stephane TARTELIN

tartelin give Stephane TARTELIN

270b Stephane TARTELIN

French illustrator,check the website.