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Pez x NUKOD ‘Happy Fish’

PezxNUKODHappyFish1 Pez x NUKOD ‘Happy Fish’

NUKOD has teamed up with Barcelona-based graffiti artist Pez to create the ‘Happy Fish’ toy. Jose Sabate, or Pez, has had his work showcased in the book Street Logos, and alongside The London Police and Flying Fortress in touring exhibitions across the United States. The ‘Happy Fish’ is one of Pez’s most enduring designs, a character that’s dotted the walls of Spain since 1999, and is now available as a limited edition vinyl toy. There are only 450 pieces available, with an additional 45 signed units available through the artist directly. Get your own Happy Fish here.

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Haute Couture Bugs

Shot for accessories ezine Pedderzine, the editorial Supernatural mocks all National Geographic conventions by making bugs part of haute couture with tongue n’cheek aplomb!

Full series here

 Haute Couture Bugs
 Haute Couture Bugs

Full series here

Don’t Shoot The Hostages by:Monte Smith

DSTHCovers1 01 Dont Shoot The Hostages  by:Monte Smith

Don’t Shoot the Hostages is more than just another “conscious” or “radical” poetry book. It’s an outspoken contribution towards the clarification and understanding of: Race, White Guilt, Religion, Police Brutality, The Real Drug War, America the Plantation, 9/11, The Prison Industrial Complex and Local/International poverty issues from the perspective of the Revolutionary, The drug dealer/addict, and the common man and woman.

The foreword was written by Bruce George, co-creator of HBO’S Def Poetry Jam. Contributors for Don’t Shoot the Hostages were hand selected for their in your face approach to, “telling it like it is!”

The contributors are Carlos Andres Gomez (winner of the 2004 Red Bull Word Clash and recipient of the Best Spoken Word CD Award for 2006), J DEE (member of the militant west coast rap group, Da Lynch Mob), Nancy Winters (prison rights activist, advocate and friend of Mumia Abu Jamal), The Mad Rabbi (member of the prolific Rap group, Pens and Needles) and Abstract Rude (former member of the legendary Hip Hop groups, Freestyle Fellowship and Abstract Tribe Unique).

What Don’t Shoot the Hostages offers the reader is the opportunity to live out the following scenario: imagine walking into a heavily populated section of any major city and having the ability to read the minds of everyone you passed. You would quickly realize the masses are starving, doing dope to cope, and as a result, severely failing in personal and social relationships. Don’t Shoot the Hostages reminds the reader that the main problem poor, working class people face, are themselves. From beginning to end, Don’t Shoot the Hostages is an unflinching look into the minds of society’s forgotten.

The poetry, social commentary and contributions in this book are radical, angry, and at times, terrifying.

“Monte brings you fire and ice; the burning of his heart is his passion; the coolness, is his reason and insight. His poetry is a welcome ingredient in the mix of Hip Hop.”

MUMIA ABU-JAMAL – Author, Journalist, Unjustly incarcerated political prisoner

Maria Elisa Duque

dusk 02 Maria Elisa Duque
maria elisa duque 03 Maria Elisa Duque
dusk 01 Maria Elisa Duque

Maria Elisa Duque is an artist and works as a fashion, portrait, photographer for several international magazines and advertising agencies. MORE PICTURES HERE!

Art director Xavier Beauregard

Jirat James Patradoon

jj3 Jirat James Patradoon
jj7 Jirat James Patradoon

Powerful Illustrations by Jirat James Patradoon

Caroline Gilroy

CarolineGilroy3 Caroline Gilroy

A new graphic designer and typographer you should see. Awesome and so simple design, We love it !
source and more

Weld Echo Art Exhibition

weld Weld Echo Art Exhibition
A collaborative exhibition of works inspired by the wild Weld Valley in Southern Tasmania. A fundraiser for the campaign to protect the Lower Weld Valley from industrial logging.

weld11 Weld Echo Art Exhibition

weld22 Weld Echo Art Exhibition

Surealizam-broken by tariqdesign

Surealizam Surealizam broken by tariqdesign
art work design by tariqdesign see it in full size click here

More Improbable Movie Trading Cards

trouble 580 More Improbable Movie Trading Cards

rosemary 580 More Improbable Movie Trading Cards

So these were, in relative terms – a big hit. A few commenters asked for more… So I made some more.

Link to full post:

Maciek Kobielski

maciekkobielskiphotography2 Maciek Kobielski
maciekkobielskiphotography9 Maciek Kobielski
maciekkobielskiphotography4 Maciek Kobielski

Raw, fashion and sexy is the style of Maciek Kobielski Photography… More info & pics HERE
via Trendland

Hip-Hop Portraiture Photo Art Print – Prodigy of Mobb Deep by Chad Griffith

prodigy art print Hip Hop Portraiture Photo Art Print   Prodigy of Mobb Deep by Chad Griffith

Prodigy in front of a calendar counting down the days before he reports to prison shot by Chad Griffith, published by Village Voice and offered as an art print by Hideout Gallery

Backstage photography

backstagephotography Backstage photography
fashionbackstagephotography Backstage photography

If you like fashion and runways, then you will love Sonny Vandevelde exclusive backstage pictures… More info & pics HERE

David Sprigg

Untitled1 22 David Sprigg

David Spriggs,s sculptures.

via: Look in art

Jenny Lee Fowler

Incredible with scissors Jenny Lee Fowler offers traditional freehand silhouettes cut from heirloom-quality paper, bark, and leaves. Really delicate and beautiful.

More here.

folha2 Jenny Lee Fowler