Adidas Cantina 2010

Probably the best spot of all time, made by Adidas, With Snoop Dogg, Daft Punk, Noel Gallagher, David Backham and more … in the middle of a star wars scene. AMAZING

More pics and most importantly the video are here

Flickr Friday Photography – #18




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Eduard Erlikh

Creative fashion illustrations by Eduard Erlikh. The colours and shapes of his illustrations are beautiful.
Eduard Erlikh

Popping bubbles Calendar

“Popping bubbles is something everyone loves.” It’s true & I love it very much. Read more…

Annie Mac presents Sunshine Players 2010

Annie Mac presents Sunshine Players 2010

Listen and download this new mix of Annie Mac presents Sunshine Players 2010 on Le Blog de Yoland.


some artworks by javier alvarado from costa rica.
more artworks here.

rgc3 posters

posterdesigns made by robert meril.
more posters here.

MGDR: photo contest

Remi Rebillard

Quente! just Quente Daniela Cicarelli

Watch more images here

Sputnik Watch

Raquel Zimmermann & Eniko Mihalik by Mario Sorrenti

More tattoo related photography and art at Ink Butter FIX.

Philip Straub

For over 16 years Philip Straub has been creating art for the games, film, and publishing industries. He is the author and creator of the acclaimed illustrated Novel, Utherworlds and co-author of D’artiste Digital Painting.
Philip Straub

Perfect Slang!

Amazing Typopattern experimental project made by the italian artist Flavio Melchiorre.

Pink & Carey Hart by Dan Annett

Pink and Carey Hart by Dan Annett for FHM.

More photos at