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Paintings by Sergey Tyukanov

Born May 17, 1955, in Poronaisk, Russia. In 1981 he received his Master’s Degree in the graphic arts. He currently works and lives in Kaliningrad and Chicago as a free artist. His work is collected widely in the United States and Europe, where he has separate following for his etchings, ex libris prints, and his paintings, watercolors and drawings.
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Katherine Pont ‘Chairman Meow’ Mine and Cissi ‘Cecilia Hammabourg’ Black River Falls

Travelling art stars with a focus on women and fashion. More info here!

Burma Viral


Creative Production company Shilo joined forces with an amazing group of people to create this viral public service announcement (PSA). The original purpose of this film was to raise awareness on the Burmese peoples ongoing peaceful protests against their military government’s notorious human rights violations.

The video is an motivational and beutifull piece of art that deserves to be seen in HD and Full-Screen.

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25 illustrations by Lois van Baarle

Landscape photography

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10 Video games Consoles compared to Human persons

Oi São Paulo Fashion Week Concept space by 20.87 Estúdio

São Paulo based Estúdio 20.87 has designed the space for “Oi” inside the biggest fashion show in South America, São Paulo Fashion Week.

The space takes advantage of the inherent intelligence of already made objects, such as plastic baskets, mechanical workshop lights, wooden containers and even trash bins.
An attempt to find another use for objects easily found in large scale industry by giving new purposes for these objects as well as combining with esthetic needs.

During the week event, took place inside the lounge, the act Work in Progress with artists Flip and Sesper, graffiting all around day by day.

20.87 intends to share ideas, to stimulate the creativity and promote the new.


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Nahlin Steam Yacht

Sir James Dyson, the renowned English industrial designer has refitted a 300 feet classic steam yacht named Nahlin.

The 1930 steam yacht Nahlin was completely restored at Blohm + Voss (B+V), a German yacht building firm. The yacht has been refitted with new diesel engines and period-correct paneling and moldings.

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Skate Decks by mp14

Skates Deck
more jobs and others.

Free Range Art Show

These are from the art show of graduates from London universities. I love the London vibe they all seem to have. Some really original pieces here. For the rest of them, look here: http://www.dontpaniconline.com/magazine/arts/free-range-mixed


If you haven’t had your head in the sand for the past six months chances are you will have heard of Polly Morgan – the artist who has brought taxidermy out of the curiosity cabinet and into the gallery. Her new show ‘Psychopomps’ runs at the aptly titled Haunch of Venison and features four suspended taxidermy sculptures.

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Flame thrower VS Extinguisher in Slow motion


Last Thursday C215 opened a solo show at the Signal Gallery in London. If one artist knows how to use colour, it’s certainly this guy! C215 born in France has traveled the world painting in all major cities. His work is figurative and powerful to any passer by in the street.

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