E Bench

Ventury is a design label in Paris. They recently made the E Bench. An amazing design you can check out on Whitezine

The Photography of Jorge Peniche

The 22 year old, LA native began his career in 2006 by shooting photographs for The Game. Since then he has photographed other well-established figures in the hip hop and entertainment industries.

“Peniche’s images reflect the world through a kaleidoscope of subjects, from shooting in the trenches of the world’s most notorious gang neighborhoods to shooting in the most lavish abodes sitting atop hills overlooking the world he roams. His work is unique, and seeks to create iconic images that will represent a generation’s history.”

More about Jorge and his work at inkbutter.com.

Sónia Matias Final

Sónia Matias /// Website

Sónia Matias was the first woman to become a rider bullfighting in Portugal.
The site reflects the beginning of his journey in Lisbon his home town.

Skyskraper™ The Designers Collection, wallpapers series 001 + 002

Skyskraper™ The Designers Collection, wallpapers series 001 + 002
Check out the latest give-a-way at Skyskraper™. Each designer in the team has been tasked with a blank canvas and must populate it with visual goodness – all for your enjoyment.

First up is Charlie Keeper with Series 001
View Here
Download Here

Matt Thorne provides series 002
View Here
Download Here

2 New kins


so This weekend was packed with getting my simple but new .com up and getting these Tees in and shooting them
They have a bit of a different feel than the previous tees but they fit very well with my Designkins story.
These two I designed with environments to further tell their stories……



Lukas Hudec Illustration

Lukas Hudec from Czech Republic, more illustration on his website


Gros gros Coup de cœur pour cet artiste urbain découvert sur Behance. Kenor est de Barcelone. Il ne semble pas avoir de difficultés à poser sur différents supports. Un vrai talent qui se caractérise par un trait bien particulier. A quand le passage en France ? WWW.ZEUTCH.COM

Essential Mobile & Social Media News You May Have Missed

Overall mobile happenings seem to have slowed a little since the release of the iPad and then the announcement of iPhone OS 4.0 the week after. That doesn’t mean that things are still happening. In fact, there were some interesting things going on in the space last week, with one story in particular getting some attention from some influential sources.

50 Incredible Digitally Restored Vintage Asian Ads

Cretique presents a collection of 50 Digitally Restored Vintage Asian Ads, most of which are Chinese. These Collection is possible due to the efforts of digital artist and Illustrator Vincent Lexington Harper who Interdependently embark on an effort to preserve this historic images.
Via Cretique

The Brilliant Design Lecture

Illustrations by Wesley Eggebrecht

more images here

LCD Soundsystem – Drunk Girls

Cool Music video, Directed by Spike Jonze.
Via Unstage (Click here to watch video)

highpixel+ /// logos

Hello girls and boys, here’s another one for you.
Grab a coffee, listen to the rain outside and enjoy.
45 minute break starts now. Go see!

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QUB free font

Qub poster
Eko Qub
Box Qub
After 3 months of activity and inactivity in dyya studio, here’s QUB.
Read more and downlaod @ www.behance.net/Gallery/QUB-font/487834
Direct download @ www.dyya.tv/qub

Illustrations by Julia Sonmi Heglund

Julia is a designer and illustrator based in Madison, WI. She enjoys imagery that brings intrigue; whether it be through the mystical, the bizarre, or the grotesque. Graduating with a bachelor’s degree in art at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2006, Julia utilizes her roots in fine art with her interest in child-like styles, creating whimsical worlds with sublime elements to allure the viewer’s mind.
Via Unstage (Click here for more)