Christophe Beauregard

christophebeauregard 01 Christophe Beauregard
christophebeauregard 02 Christophe Beauregard
“Technomades” is a beautiful series realized by the photographer Christophe Beauregard. Via: iGNANT.

Mario Wibisono


mimibig 03 GOODBYE TURDBRAINS!GOODBYE TURDBRAINS! is the title of Mimi Leung’s summer show at Tenderpixel Gallery.
Mimi paints drawings and draws paintings, and uses lots of colour on top of her paintidrawings.

GOODBYE TURDBRAINS! is the result of her mental journey. You may be disgusted, you may be fascinated, or both… this is bloody life transformed into bloody art.

For more info please visit the ardentees blog


Valerie Phillips

valeriephillipsphotography1600x455 Valerie Phillips
valeriephillipsphotography600x455 Valerie Phillips
val Valerie Phillips

It seems that Valerie Phillips likes to shoot young & trendy teenagers, I like her raw style a lot…More info & pics HERE
Via Cyanatrendland

New saltwater Photos: Skate and Parkshooting with Nora

More as always under
01 08b New saltwater Photos: Skate and Parkshooting with Noran02 04 New saltwater Photos: Skate and Parkshooting with Nora

Sound Design from the HOOD pt. 2

[youtube hij8tjwMe-c]

Sound Design from the Hood via : Somethin Of Nothin Network – Featuring original compositions, packages and live music arrangements.

Chötkaya Vodka

New web-site and product design of brand new russian vodka — Chötkaya Vodka, from Piruli.

dyt 07 Chötkaya Vodka

Mini Cabrio Ad: Ninja.

[youtube BUk7iK31T2k]
Released: July 2009
Avertiser: MINI
Brand name: MINI CABRIO
Agency: Plantage
Country: Germany
Category: Cars
Advertising Agency: Plantage, Berlin, Germany
Creative Directors: Jason Schragger, Karl Dunn
Art Directors: Janine Jales, Johannes Jost,
Copywriters: Martin Beswick, Benjamin Schwarz
Director: Tim Godsall
Agency Producer: Sandra Niessen

Photography by Chadwick Tyler

chadwicktyler bentrovato6 Photography by Chadwick Tyler
chadwicktyler bentrovato9 Photography by Chadwick Tyler

Fashion photography by Chadwick Tyler, more pics and info here.

New Popwhore!!

Ibai Acevedo

Tom Chudley

Photography by Tom Chudley.
3473173517 85502b0b29 o Tom Chudley
3128965580 693a703514 b Tom Chudley

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Storefronts of New York City