Ekaterina Zagustina

Creative illustrations by Ekaterina Zagustina, talented female illustrator from Belgorod, Russia. In her artwork style she utilizes a combination of digital illustration and photography.
Ekaterina Zagustina

Getting ourselves in hot water?

WWF Hot Water Cup
We have been constantly bombarded with the issue of climate change in a global scale. But to be remembered the message had to have impact and be engaging. The concept of rising tides due to rising temperatures isn’t some kind of outlandish threat but actual fact.

To give the dire situation its due, WWF China, in collaboration with Ogilvy & Mather Advertising Beijing, a cup was created using a special ceramic coating. As a hot beverage was poured in, the graphic of the world’s land mass vanished under the rising sea, while the following poignant written message appeared:

‘A global climate increase of just 2º will have irreversible, catastrophic effects’.

During the 2007 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Bali, where 250 of these cups were given out to the most influential attendees, Nobel Peace laureate Al Gore said, “the Hot Water cup uniquely presents an everyday reminder of the perils presented by the climate crises.”

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Dutch Environmental Minister commenting on her gift.
Dutch Environmental Minister commenting on her gift.
Vice Secretary-general of UN.
Vice Secretary-general of UN

Chris Searl Photography


Face Detect – Nikon

Coke Light by Lagerfeld

Limited edition of Coca Cola light More info & pics HERE

The Adventures of Mr. Fly – by Nicholas Hendrickx

A bug’s life ;) “The Adventures of Mr. Fly” by Nicholas Hendrickx, a very funny photoshoot about the flies on spare-time.
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Lin I Chen aka Eat01234

Lin I Chen aka Eat01234 is a taiwanese illustrator who work with Painter and Photoshop.
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The Stylish Illustrations of Faboarts

Sarah Hankinson

Melbourne Illustrator Sarah Hankinson creates feminine yet striking works which play off broken lines and occasional splashes of colour.
Sarah Hankinson

Tilt – by Romain Laurent

Romain Laurent
A personal work by Romain Laurent named “Tilt”. A very simple concept for a stunning result !
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10+ Easter Wallpapers

MEET MELINE : The 3D Animated Short Film is now Online !

The Hen stole the Easter Bunny’s Decorative Eggs

Decorative Easter eggs by illustrator Julie Quigley. Her technique consists of drawing with black wax on a white egg, and then dying the whole thing. The wax resists the dye, and the eggshell underneath stays white.


Julieta Soler photography