TypePong Retro iPhone App Gaming

TypePong Retro iPhone App gaming for typography & gaming fans alike, from HypeForType

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Binboa Vodka: Stop-motion

[vimeo 10979699]

Design your own bottle! Great stop-motion animated video for Binboa Vodka by 41? 29!

Morphine Pillow

Morphine Pillow -by Dan Golden- says: “Someone once said laughter is the best medicine – They’re wrong, morphine is the best medicine.” I agree, absolutely…

GE launches New Energy Smart LED Bulb

GE has unveiled a 40W replacement Energy Smart LED bulb, which will be available later this year or early 2011. The company claims that the new LED bulb will provide a 77% energy savings and produce nearly the same light output as a 40W incandescent bulb, while lasting more than 25 times as long.

Read news at ‘Clean Technology Business Review

50 Incredible Digitally Restored Vintage Japanese Ads

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3D Art by Frank Vitale

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4º Downhill Day – Brazil


4º Downhill Day – São José dos Campos – SP – 13/dec/2009
more info: downhillday.com.br

filmed/edited – Joey 123jaera
Canon HG20 postpro: Pr / Ae


Design Posters with famous quotes

Design posters is our recently completed project. All posters featuring famous quotes from various creative minds. We tried to create a very minimalist and pure graphic statements but at the same time visually powerful. Some of the famous quotes used in our designs include Steve Jobs, Le Corbusier, Frank Chimero, Colin Wright, Scott Stevenson, David Carson just to name a few. More here:

Photography by Laura Zalenga


A little type, a little art. More from my site

Joy, Fotoshops & Mean Green

Art by Dan Bru. Available at 3-D Monster

Lisboa Photography by Stefan Oury

More Photos @ Wooop Design

Daily Inspiration #74

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Photos by Cari Ann Wayman

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Design for virtual theatre and games

Virtuater is a virtual theatre and game concept company.
They create all kinds of digital media.
From stereoscopic steampunk to augmented android apps.