Vintage 1973 Docu Euro Comics

In this short documentary from 1973 all the great French and Belgian masters of European comics are being interviewed : Herge (Tintin), Franquin (Gaston Lagaffe, Spirou,…), Goscinny (Asterix), etc…

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The big election debate: red, blue, or yellow?

What would you find in the homes of Brown, Cameron and Cleggy: Best of British and not too pricey designs, a Union Jack cushion or a conservative armchair?

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Illustrations by Derek Stenning

Photography by Robert Harper

Photography by Robert Harper, more pics and info here.

Collecting Saul Bass

A short video documentary on collecting the famous filmposters by Saul Bass and the special silkscreen editions he did, which could be regarded as the “directors cut” of the poster.

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X Games – Licensed Brazil Clothing

Introducing light body mapping

The Twisted Universe of Cyriak

DRIP – by Joe Murtagh

WEIGHT – by Joe Murtagh

STARE – by Joe Murtagh

RICH – by Joe Murtagh

Photography by Gemma Booth

Everybody wants to be in love!

[vimeo 9934831]
Share your love with others, because ♥ Everybody Wants To Be In Love ♥
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Everybody wants to be in love - say Sweet Tooth!

The London newcomer band Sweet Tooth have started a very cute online campaign to spread a little love around the world. Named after their single ‘Everybody Wants To Be In Love’ – the idea is as follows:

• Simply draw, design, printout or make a paper heart
• Write on it the name of a person, place, thing or idea that you love
• Take a photo of the heart in the setting or location of your choice
• Post it online and let Sweet Tooth know that you’ve done it
• Sweet Tooth will collect all the photos and put them on their blog at
• Watch the project spread around the world!
• PS: No stock photos or non-original artwork – for copyright reasons!

♥ How to share the love! ♥
Twitter: post the pic on your Twitter page (via TwitPic, etc) and tag Sweet Tooth with @sweettoothuk
Facebook: post your photo onto the page for Sweet Tooth
MySpace: upload your pic into PhotoBucket, etc, and post it as a comment on Sweet Tooth’s Myspace page:
Email: send an email with your photo attached

Sweet Tooth chanteuse Fleurtini loves her cat Sophie!