We Love Apply By Adobe

Ok here’s the story:

Apple has never authorized the presence of “Flash” (developed by Adobe) on the iPhone or on the iPad to the dismay of the users, developers and Adobe. So Adobe created an ad “WE LOVE APPLE” to explain that they have nothing against Apple, but that they just do not appreciate those who try to control the internet with proprietary technologies.

Adobe’s Issaco imagined what Apple’s response (via an ad) would be like. Its genius, check it out here.


Change Your Routine

Change Your Routine is a campaign created by DM9DDB for Cia Athletica. The campaign aims to urge people to replace hours in front of the computer or TV with physical activities.

The result was a series of handmade posters of disassembled electronics that illustrate athletes in action. Computers, for example, formed a boxer. TVs became a weightlifter…and so on.

You can see the other versions of the posters here.


The Island

A hand drawn map of London with incredible detail. By Stephen Walter.
More pics here.


Your Pebbles

Korean company DesignMAXX has launched Your Pebbles, stackable silicon pebble-inspired blobs that can be used to prop up your electronics. The “Your Pebbles” are also hollow on one side so that you can put stuff inside of them, like paper clips or tacks.

More pics here.


Chat Cups

These chat cups from Soop Group are cups outfitted with hilarious one-liners on vinyl stickers that are positioned at the cups’ bottoms so that other people can read them only when the drinkers lift the cups to drink from them.


Mind Numbing 3d Murals | by John Pugh

The paintings featured in this post are the works of creative painter John Pugh, who specialises in trompe l’oeil (trick of the eye) art. More images here.

James Zanoni Stencil Work

Japan’s Massive Comic Book Mural is a Sweet Send Off

As a sweet send off for Japan’s National Team’s departure to the World Cup, TBWA/Hakuhodo and Adidas Japan have started a massive mural/comic book project called Sky Comic. Thirteen huge murals are being created in 13 different Japanese cities over a five week period. As they are completed, each of the murals are being photographed from the sky by a hot air balloon. See more at My Modern Metropolis.

Tunc Ak – It’s A Beat – 5″ x 7″ front / back flier


Tran Nguyen

Magnus Magnusson

see more photography here

Giro d’Italia through my village

source: jonathanvink.wordpress.com/2010/05/18/analoog/

Los Molles


More images here http://www.naxmix.com/naxmix/2010/5/18/matters.html

Lacoste Eco/Techno Polo shirts

More images here http://www.naxmix.com/naxmix/2010/5/18/lacoste-ecotechno-polo-shirts.html