Juan Weiss – Flying cows rodeo

From the Flying Cows series

Juan Weiss:

Makeup Photography by Nadine Dilly

Beautiful fashion photography by Nadine Dilly, 28 years old talented photographer from Germany.
Makeup Photography by Nadine Dilly

Rankin Cheeky Exhibition

Started in London. Most of the images and new form his book… More info & pics HERE

A Picture called Death

[vimeo 10100477]

See the full story on FIRST


Berlin-based German artist HANS HEMMERT is concerned by one essential characteristique of sculpture; the redefinition of the space in which it is placed. With subtle but firm perspicacity, his visual investigation into sculptural materials has led him to the uncommon and surprising use of air as a component of his work. More pictures only www.zeutch.com

Bath rug with scale

Kwon Sunman created genial concept, which simply combines a scale with a rug. This rug not only tells your current weight , but also stores the previous data. So you could control the ups or downs in your weight. Really very useful thing for those who cares about health and wealth! You may remove the textile part of the rug for cleaning, allowing a neat and hygienic rug every time you enter the bathroom.

bathroom accessories at mydeco

Alberto Seveso – Medicina rossa

A new photographic project of Italian designer and illustrator Roberto Seveso.
More on Designaside.

The new Generation office chair

The new Generation office chair was recently launched in the UK by American furniture company Knoll. It is designed by New Zealand-based Formway Design (which also designed Knoll’s very successful chair, Life), ‘Generation by Knoll’ is the product of years of hard work involving over 400 hours of video research into how people sit in today’s offices.

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Tesco Party

Private Lives is a trio who are “more pop than Andy Warhol.” Check out their party at Tesco in Dalston here.

Photography By Jens Leonhardt

Beautifil animal and portrait photography by Jens Leonhardt, professional and very creative photographer, based in Germany.
Photography By Jens Leonhardt

Logorama wins Oscar – A Victory for Corporate Logos!!

Click here to read and view movie of Logorama

Faile artwork

Faile Arcade
Decade of Faile
Decade of Faile
Faile is a long known street-art collective, and they have two massive shows in London right now.
Catch the Faile x Bast “Deluxx Fluxx Arcade” show here, and a “Decade of Faile” here.

Sebastien Tellier Music video

his latest music video ‘look’ is only ass animation ! In a very cute way ! More info & watch HERE

bagapart X L’Original Festival

Hi mates,
nice collab between bagapart and l’Original Festival. Limited edition with the design of Pups on 4 models of bags here. only 50 samples.
See more artist bag on bagapart.com : design by yackfou, Mamzelle mamath, Dran, Lime, BomK, Brusk, Tougui… and many more

Rosh “Afroditas. Pensamientos y mentiras”, Apetit Gallery (making-of + inauguración)

Click here to view video.