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Reka Nyari photography

rekanyari1 Reka Nyari photographyrekanyari2 Reka Nyari photography
rekanyari3 Reka Nyari photographyrekanyari4 Reka Nyari photography
New York based fashion and editorial photographer Reka Nyari.
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Blue Thousand and One

[vimeo 2047190]

Blue Man Group – Blue Thousand and One

“Blue Thousand and One” is one of the latest video realized by Blue Man Group: a beautifull Slow Motion HD Work. Just check it out!

Blue Man Group Update

Rockie Nolan, 18 Year Old Photographer

rockienolan 1 02 Rockie Nolan, 18 Year Old Photographer
rockienolan 2 02 Rockie Nolan, 18 Year Old Photographer
rockienolan 3 01 Rockie Nolan, 18 Year Old Photographer
Rockie Nolan is a young, 18 year old photographer with a lot of talent. Her portfolio is here.

Source: Burstoid

Editorial & Cover // 90+10 // Adidas House Party

Evolution of Underwear

photo 1246291634 Evolution of Underwear
photo 1246291880 Evolution of Underwear
Underwear was first created to govern the body – to shape its irregularities and bulges. Over time, it has begun to look quite nice on its own. A new exhibition documents those shifts, at the Fashion and Textile Museum.


[youtube 90DwfEGX5-Q]
Released: July 2009
Avertiser: NIKE
Agency: Wieden + Kennedy Portland
Country: USA
Category: Public awareness messages
Agency: Wieden & Kennedy Portland
Advertiser: Nike
Client: Melissa Schnoenke, Nike
Copywriter: Marco Kaye, Karl Lieberman
Art director: James Moslander, Shannon McGlothin, Ryan O’Rourke
Production company: Epoch Films, Anonymous Content/Gorgeous Pictures
Director: George Hickenlooper, Frank Budgen
Editor: Kyle Valenta, Angus Wall
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707521246463280 Italy

Image of italy, country of fashion, in an unusual view.

Atomic Energy Lab

Orba Squara

Picture35 Orba Squara
Picture42 Orba Squara
Random Collective connects people of different disciplines (writers, directors, designers, photographers, coders, etc) to work on different projects together, have just completed a fresh web experience for the band Orba Squara. It’s a multimedia journey which allows fans to venture together with the band in a tour across the US, in the form of a 430 ft long lateral scroll stuffed with photos from the tour, music from the band’s new album, and a solid feel for design overall.

Start your own experience here!!!
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Placido Domingo

576771245410028 01 Placido Domingo

576771245409511 Placido Domingo

Amazing ticket for Placido Domingo’s concert in Astana
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Breeze Reflection

[vimeo 5261534]
I would really enjoy seeing this project live. It is created by Djeff. By using your body movement, you can change the way the screen lights up and blows air (through small fans). The concept is about changing your surroundings through innocent gestures. We all effect our society and environment through our actions.

More amazing art and design at Scene 360 Illusion

Super Model Bar Refaeli Gets Inked

dytBarRefaeli Super Model Bar Refaeli Gets Inked
Sport Illustrated swimsuit model Bar Refaeli gets inked for the July 2009 cover of Esquire. Graphic designer James Victore was asked to transcribe parts of Stephen King’s short story “Morality” on the beautiful Bar Rafaeli.

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David Sykes



Check out Boston Dynamics’ range of running, climbing and swimming robots. All their designs are based on animals, an unnerving effect, particularly with the centipede-like squishbot, which can change its dimensions. Watch them in action.