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iMated, the new iPhone app from Sevnthsin/PopLife/&Yustin. Creepy hilarity at its finest. Update now!

supercolors Update now!

The fresh works of Alby P. Ostinelli.


CalvinKleinUnderwear2 THE MOST BEAUTIFUL GIRL.

Classic, gorgeous… see more.

Sweet Heart

[vimeo 5395793]
An amazing video by Universal Everything. Watch another one here.

Tomek Koszik

“Stand” short film by Stephen Fitzgerald

stephenfitzgerald Stand short film by Stephen Fitzgerald

Creative Emmy Award Winner Stephen Fitzgerald did this as he had some free time in 2006, a short film called “Stand”. He animated this short film in in Lightwave 3D, “Stand” is about a water pump station that transforms a desert into a paradisiac green plain.


Sophie Meier // Cosyworks

2D artworks made by Sophie Meier.
Image19 Sophie Meier // Cosyworks


Interview Nash Edgerton

nash edgerton Interview Nash Edgerton interview with Director Nash Edgerton over at Australian Edge.

Director of short film ‘Spider’, and Aussie feature ‘The Square’.

TKO Stick Ups!

3644598499 59d1358dc7 TKO Stick Ups!

Tokyo has a weird thing going on when it comes to graffiti. The punishments are severe and the city’s population density doesn’t exactly lend itself to covert vandalism, but at the same time it’s one of the best places to get lost with a marker and a must-do when it comes to getting up globally.PBLKS

Michael Steele – Artist (Melbourne) – New Work!

The Chronoverse.

[youtube j4bmcRlrV0M]
Motion Graphics, Animation by Jeroen Krielaars

Calango’s entry for the ‘Swatch X Mtv Playgrounds’ competition. An animation that tells the story of ‘The Chronoverse’, a new perception of time.

During ancient history, the earth was presumed to be flat. Later, astrologists discovered the spherical shape of the planet. This radical new concept required such a new way of thinking, that it was incomprehensible for the majority of the human population.
A same degree of perceptual shift occurred during the discovery of the chronoverse. Untill 2064, mankind knew only one past, one present and one future.
Past, wich consists of nothing more than a log of occurred events stored in the human brain, called memories.
Present, a constant flowing point in time, separating past from future.
And future, a mere collection of expectations and assumptions.
All three sorted along one horizontal axis.
During research on the behavior of colliding particles, scientist stumbled upon the existence of multiple points in time, occupying the same physical space.
This led to an entirely new concept of time, called the chronoverse.
Events could no longer be indexed along a single axis. To index events in this new time-concept, a Y and a Z axis were added to convert the traditional timeline into a 3 dimensional timegrid.
Common ways of displaying time became obsolete. From that year on, time would be indicated with a coordinate, pinpointing an event along the three axes in the grid.

DJ Furniture

n-matic light concept

1114121246225175 n matic light concept
“This experiment of light was created using LED technologies and unique transformable constructions.” The presentation movie on Looks Like Good Design

Inspired Interview: Mills of UsTwo – The Studio of Dreams

mills Inspired Interview: Mills of UsTwo   The Studio of Dreams
us Inspired Interview: Mills of UsTwo   The Studio of Dreams
ustwo Inspired Interview: Mills of UsTwo   The Studio of Dreams

Well either you know Mills™ as the man behind the ever fresh and popular MouthOff iPhone app, either as the co-owner of ustwo™ the studio of dreams™, either as the first Inspired Magazine advertiser (thanks mate!) or – one of his favourite identities – Danny to the Schwarzenegger’s Devito.