Science World dazzles with 22-karat billboard

See the making of the 22 Karat Gold billboard here via Vimeo:

Created by Vancouver’s Rethink Communications, this is all part of Science World’s latest summer exhibit, Treasure!, which opened May 7 at the TELUS World of Science.

The golden board is the first of its kind anywhere in the world and took four weeks of painstaking work by Canada’s top gilder, Brian Dedora.

“The first time they asked me, I thought they were mad,” says Dedora, who usually spends his time gilding vaulted cathedrals or modern works of art. “I’ve never done anything quite like this. I’ve spent the last three years of my life gilding the Ukrainian National Church in Toronto.”

Science World is banking on the timeless appeal of the mesmerizing metal. “It’s the kind of interactive, inspiring message we love sending out,” says Suan
Teo, director of marketing of Science World. “As soon as Rethink showed us this idea, I couldn’t wait to see it in real life. It’s a great example of how fun and exciting science can be.”

And the price tag? Rob Tarry, a creative director at Rethink, estimates the board cost close to $11,000 for the gold and time spent on it. “But compared to the
crazy high price of a TV ad, this is a deal. Plus, who needs another TV ad? The way this board captures the light is almost magic.”

The board comes complete with its own full-time security guard, and will remain up until Friday.

If diamonds are more your thing, Rethink has crafted another board at the 1200 block of Powell St at Clark Drive encrusted with more than 9,000 diamonds (not real this time, sorry), arranged to spell “Diamonds aren’t all that rare.”

The board is now available for public viewing at Science World.

The Beauty of Sunset: 40 Gorgeous Photographs

Sunset is one of the most beautiful daily sights. Although they occur every day, the quality and majesty of a given sunset depends largely on the amount of clouds, the amount of particulate matter in the air, the angle of the sun, and the location. Every so often, all the variables come together just right, and a beautiful sunset is born.

This post showcases the intrinsic beauty in sunsets, by bringing together 40 gorgeous photographs for your viewing enjoyment. Each was hand-picked for the perfect balance of colors, contrast and scenery.

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Another hot ad before the World cup

Axe new fragrance play 2010 in reference to the upcoming FIFA World Cup. enjoy!

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