Yuji Fujimura

Le designer industriel Yuji Fujimura a développé un concept vraiment sympa. Un vélo utilisant une batterie au lithium-ion. WWW.ZEUTCH.COM

Colorful Casio G-Shock

As colorful as a G-Shock can get!

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Milk Island for Tetra Pak

Milk Island | Süt Adası
Agency: McCann Erickson Istanbul Client: Tetra Pak
Creative Director: Gökhan Yücel Creative Group Head: Örgüt Çaylı
Art Director: Tuna Balkan Copywriter: Deniz Coşkun
Concept Design / Character Design: Hakan Kocaeli, Cenk Köksal
3D Modelling and Animations: Evren Rodoplu, Cenk Köksal
Graphic Design / Interface Design: Volkan Ekşi Flash Animations: Türker Vural
www.sutadasi.com | orgutcayli.com | source & more here

Tetra Pak’s “2 glasses of milk a day!” campaign aiming to enhance growing children’s milk drinking habits, has come to life in imaginary paper city Milk Island. The website which has launched in March 2010 include milky games, rewards and interesting papertoy designs. The site’s simple design is a rendezvous of milk and Tetra Pak’s healthy packages, and its content will keep on to grow richer every month. Besides the games, another fun part of the site is that, papertoys in the games can be printed out and made at home. In short, Milk Island invites all milk lovers, both children and adults, to join the game!

via flickr/orgutcayli

Repeat-x Repeat-y

Today heralds the launch of Repeat-x Repeat-y (www.repeatxrepeaty.com)

We are big fans of repeating patterns and feel they should get the recognition they truly deserve, thus Repeat-x Repeat-y is born. The aim of the site is to showcase the best repeating patterns from around the world, and make them freely available (for non-commercial use).

The site is open to submissions ( 200x200px .jpg .gif .png. bmp )

russian empire twitter

russian empire twitter
by fastway creative agency

Emeric Trahand Illustrations

Emeric Trahand, also known as Takeshi, is a French artist and art director. Emeric lives and works in New York City.

Emeric Trahand

Robert Garcia

Robert Garcia vit et travaille à San Francisco. Issue de la communauté hispanique, ses peintures à l’huile comme ses dessins reflètent l’univers dans lequel il a évolué. Un style soigné et un très gros travaille des couleurs …WWW.ZEUTCH.COM

Graphic Design by Andrei Robu

Itadakimarshall Series 1 : California Dreamin by J*ryu

30 Brilliant and Creative Billboards Advertisements

Billboard is one of medium of advertisement, besides it is very useful and very good field, where designers can disclose his creativity. Today with simple billboards are not enough to interested people, therefore more and more are used creative billboards, which draws our attention, such as the vertically car or 3D displays. Today I would like to show you 30 great examples of creative advertising billboards designs. I tried to find such billboards that you had not yet seen.

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Andrea Innocent Illustrations

Andrea Innocent aka Innocentgirl is an artist, illustrator, animator and designer currently living and working in Melbourne, Australia.
Andrea Innocent Illustrations

Audience33 Illustations

Audience33 is a collective of artists who specialize in the production of professive photography, cinematography and music projects.

Alberto Cerriteno Illustrations

Alberto Cerriteno is designer and Illustrator from Mexico City who likes animate as well and enjoy whatever looks good with the right colors.
Alberto Cerriteno Illustrations

Man-Tsun Illustrations

Man-Tsun is creative illustrator from Hong Kong. A world without Art and Creativity, is like a Harry Potter novel without Magic.

Incredible CG Characters