30 Stunning Upcoming Movie Posters

This 2010 year will be exuberant with interesting and exciting movies, such as Prince of Persia, The Twilight and many children’s long-awaited continuation of the Harry Potter adventures. But the movie is not just adventures and video effects. I think you will agree that for designers, one of the most interesting elements of the movies is poster. To draw the attention of fans, the movie industry designers must create stunning, surprising and sometimes scary posters. In the movie posters you can find interesting solutions for some of the design works, therefore today I want to show you the best upcoming movie posters. I tried to choose posters where you can find more designers created effect, so I hope these posters will inspire you.

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Figurative Motion by Andre Nax

More Images http://www.naxart.com/figurative-motion-gallery/

Laguna Seca Photography

More Racing Photography http://www.naxart.com/laguna-seca/

Pencil Fashion Art by Andre Nax

More art here http://www.naxart.com/pencil-fashion-gallery/

Love Me or Fuck Me but don’t do both

More to look at http://www.naxmix.com/-art/2009/11/8/love-me-or-fuck-me-but-dont-do-both.html


Take a look at more http://www.naxmix.com/car-design/2009/10/11/audi-concept.html


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Qidlat does Doodles!

Featuring the fresh works of Qidlat
Hand made doodles + illustrator = fun!

Fine #art by Tom Przondzion

Cate Blanchett


Dorota Halewska as Galliano

Tom Przondzion
More about the artist from Bad Nauheim in Germany can be found here:

Dange – graffiti artist & designer from Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Dange – graffiti artist & designer from Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Dange – graffiti artist & designer from Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Watch more works by Dange on his blog: http://blog.Dange.ru

Design of the Past: The 1951 Vincent Rapide

Photographers Guerry and Prat have captured this stunning rehab of the world’s fastest production motorcycle of the 1940s. This 1951 Vincent Rapide has been faithfully restored to near original perfection, a bike that showcases a time when motorcycles were true works of art. More at TheCoolist.


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Viet My Bui


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