John Lennon Peace sculpture design unveiled at Shanghai World Expo

A six meter hand-painted scale model of a peace monument to be built for John Lennon, one of the founding members of ‘The Beatles’ Group, has been unveiled at the Liverpool pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo.

Created by young American artist Laurean Voiers, the hand-painted scale model will be about one meter tall. The full-size version will be installed permanently in October 2010 in Lennon’s hometown of Liverpool, and is expected to become a major attraction for tourists on the Beatles trail. It will stand 8 feet tall, 11 feet wide, and weigh 4.5 tons. Expected to cost $350, 000, the monument will be made from a mix of brushed aluminum, acrylic and a special weather-proof coating.

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New Product: Sean Dix’s Dowel Sofa – Retro Chic

In blue or warm grey @ £499 from

The Tangible Web: Thoughts on Designing Websites for Touchscreens

It’s probably safe to say that touchscreens as a method of interacting with the web aren’t going away. In fact, it appears quite the opposite: most new smartphones have one now, Google’s making their own tablet, and I think ol’ Steve Jobs has managed to shift a couple…million.


Staudinger + Franke Update!

Scott Campbell’s lasercut money

Scott Campbell is a famous tattoo artist from Brooklyn, NY. As almost all tattoo artists he also works in other arts fields. In this series we can see lasercut money wads with tattoo style subjects.
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Altered magazine covers by Christopher Coppers

Christopher Coppers is a Belgian artist who specializes in ripping up accurately magazine covers to create beautiful works of art…
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30+ Substantial Firefox Addons for Web Developer

Here is a very useful list of Firefox Addons for Web developer. Firefox is very easy to use and also powerful and popular web browser. It is also my favorite web browser and Firefox use most of the web designers and developers. Why? One of the reasons is the huge amount of Firefox Addons that facilitate the work of web designers, for example, with some Addons you can check errors on your website and with others you can check how your website will looks at other browsers and with different screen size. For this reason, today we give you ultimate list of most important Firefox Addons for Web developer. Totally is this list we include more than 30 extremely useful Firefox Addons.

Window Resizer
Resize your browser to various standard resolution sizes. The Browser Window Resizer is useful for testing different screen sizes. It accurately resizes your browser so you can test to see what a web page looks like in all of the standard resolution sizes.

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6 Tips for Creating a stunning print-based portfolio. +4 amazing examples

Your portfolio is the showcase of your work and potential for your future employers or potential clients, your portfolio reflect who you are as a graphic or a web designer and accurately demonstrate all of your skills. Portfolio can be made and shown in two ways, online and offline. Online portfolio is your main tool for your work and skills promotion. A printed portfolio or your offline portfolio is just another way to draw attention to your work. Just imagine the reaction from the client when he gets the book along with a business card. With these few tips we will to make and develop a print-based portfolio that represents who you are and what you do in the best possible light and help you to stand out from the crowd.

So, here is how to create a sunning print-based portfolio, whatever your profession, to accurately represent yourself and your work. Below are also included a serie of amazing examples of print-based portfolios.

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Ellen von Unwerth for Tank Magazine

light cables

Very Original Jewelry Packaging

Illustrations by Alejandro Giraldo

Some awesome work from Colombian illustrator Alejandro Giraldo

Via Unstage

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Henry Pilcher – Furniture/Product Designer (Sydney)

Block 2 is the first of Henry Pilcher’s designs to go into production. The design turns the classic industrial lampshade into a playful, dynamic lighting feature – encasing it in a geometric timber frame.

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Amazing Lamps Made of Minerals

Luxury designer Brenda Houston has created a series of Mineral Lamps that made out of hand-selected mineral formations. See more photos>>>