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22 Amazing Celebrity CG Characters

22 Amazing Celebrity CG Characters
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Implementing A Good Redesign: Advices And Examples

Redesigning a website can be very satisfying and very stimulating for a web designer. A redesign consists of objectively improving the aesthetics or the structure of a website and, with the use of new elements or content, giving a new form or a new identity to the site

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kyza’s graphic design

artwork by khyzyl saleem based in manchester.
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Ramen Head Munny by Jim Lasher x Ayumi Yasuda


“It doesn’t matter where you go, as long as you keep moving forward”, was what I was thinking while I was out drinking last weekend. It was the same thought that inspired this design. It was more of a personal mixed release of frustration and optimism, than a simple I-am-bored design project. Please let me know what you guys think of it. :D

Daily Inspiration #71 Deadpool Edition

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Water Hand and Chewing Gum

The XX x wait what x Notorious B.I.G. – the notorious xx

the notorious xx


Listen the amazing mixtape of the notorious xx on Le Blog de Yoland.

Photography by Alessandro Zuek Simonetti

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Amazing Illustrations by Stanley Lau

Something great

Nanami Cowdroy Illustrations

Nanami Cowdroy was born in Sydney, Australia with close bonds to her mixed Japanese-European heritage.
Nanami Cowdroy

Marc Da Cunha Lopes ‘SKLT’ Photo Series

Paris photographer and master of photo-manipulation, Marc Da Cunha Lopes, has created yet another stunning photo series titled ‘SKLT’. The images, which feature various semi-industrial abandoned sites transposed with the complete skeletons of large creatures, works as a commentary on the nature of archaeology and how we as humans leave our landscapes riddled with skeletons of many different sorts. Interesting and thought provoking, Cunha Lopes’ ‘SKLT’ continues the thread of fine work the artist is known for.

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Duann Scott ‘Bits to Atoms’ Printed Rings

Artist Duann Scott’s ‘Bits to Atoms’ jewelry line is one that is made all the more remarkable because of the methods of construction he uses; laser printing. Each piece is laser cindered particle by particle, slowly being printed up in layers until the final form emerges in its entirety. The limits of technology never cease to amaze, and Scott’s use of it for his ‘Bits and Atoms’ line is no exception.

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