Jake Stangel

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Good Milk

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Cecilia Moledo Atypica! Editorial June 2010

Editorial for Atypica! June 2010

PH, Idea & Post: Cecilia Moledo
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PD: Daiana Saucedo
PH Asist: Santiago Frione
PD Asist: Santiago Tauzin
Mk up & Hair: Daiana Saucedo
Models: Catalina Windmuller, Sofia Fanego (REBEL Mgmt)
Special thanks to: Ay Not Dead , Jane Pain, Lucila Iotti, Peuque, Lara Bernasconi Shoes,De La Ostia.

I have lost all my tomorrows

lost all of my tomorrows

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iPhoneArtPhotography in html5

iPhone Art Photography – a work in process in html5 for immediate release
the 2nd comment on the prologue to the book ‘finalmente uma câmera fotográfica com telefone!’ joao simoes

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Website title in Morelomo

Paintings by Lee Price

Lee graduated from the Moore College of Art in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree.
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Jermaine Saunders


Ron English x Made By Monsters Barney Grin

Ron English’s “Grin” series made our news feed yesterday with The Telegrinnies. Today, Barney is the next re-appropriation of his series, in collaboration with Made By Monsters. Barney measures at 10″ tall and this colourway will be released by Zacpac Japan.

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Enterbay’s Bruce Lee Figure

On November 27th, we will see the 70th birthday celebration of martial-arts and movie celebrity, Bruce Lee. Known for his lightning quick speed and undeniable heart of a dragon, his attacks took the world by storm to the point where he became an action movie star. Enterbay created a 1/4 scale HD Bruce Lee figure in his famous pose from “Enter The Dragon”. The release date is slated for September 2010, but you can pre-order now from Enterbay for $170.

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Os Gemeos “Don’t Believe the Hype” Mural

Participating in MCASC’s Viva La Revolucion show opening this Saturday, Os Gemeos have created a large outdoor mural titled “Don’t Believe The Hype” to go along with their pieces in the show itself. The large mural is outside an above-ground parking lot, and is a great piece of work by the Brazilian twins.

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Atypica Editorial June 2010

Grungy Sketches of Florian NICOLLE


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Lloyd Serif Bold Free

N. Salventius


Qhuit Spring/Summer 2011 Lookbook

France’s streetwear brand Qhuit unveils its spring/summer lookbook for 2011. From one season to the next, the brand expands its collections by offering t-shirts, polos, shirts, hoodies, zip-ups, Japenese denims, jackets and accessories. Offering its own world with visual metaphores, dubious “fran-glais” puns, enticing slogans and absurd images, the collection next summer features also some grown-up items for those who like it down-to-earth. See more pictures…