‘End of a Scarer’ by Chris O’Hara

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Photographers Jenny Gage & Tom Betterton

provocating photos

decadent photo sets by agent provocateur.
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silveira illustration

illustrations for magzines etc. by gabriel silveira, brazil.
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Never Could Stand That Dog

For my full portfolio please visit: www.chris-nixon.com

Create your own typeface which embodies both Tom Waits and Prince Philips characteristics- with this typeface create a typographical poster which reflects the story of Tom Waits’ Franks Wild Years. The poster itself has to feature the line “Never Could Stand That Dog” (a key line within the story).

First and foremost I created my typeface based around fusing the Royal credence expressed in a ligature based Serif display face and combining it with a bold, brash, harsh San-Serif display face. To put the typeface into context I decided that the Uppercase of the typeface should be more reflective of the Upperclass- ligature and serif based throughout the case; whilst the lowercase was reflective of the lowerclass by removing the ligatures and serifs.

This then led onto the creation of the poster- the story itself is about the breakdown of “Frank” and as the story evolves he exacts his revenge on his life by killing his wife and destroying his house. The poster is based around this unveiling of destruction- using wood as the medium, the further down the layers the more corrosive the message gets until it is entirely illegible and destroyed.


[NSFW] SP3KTR 2010

Concept Design – Vladimir Shelest

Some badasss hyper-futurism from Russian artist Vladimir Shelest.

Via Unstage

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The CityLife Project.

Hysterical Minds 4: Insanity

The hispanic artgoup Hysterical Minds has released its new pack called Insanity.

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Alessandra Ambrosio by Jacques Dequeker

Photographer Salvador Pozo

Visit the studio of New York City-based designer Chris Rubino.

(screen print, digital collage)

(Via Monsieur Bandit)

HIFANA – Crazy breakbeat comes from Japan


FINISHIZER is a CGI and postproduction studio focused on print advertising.
The cool “HTML-only” site include step-by-steps of some interesting campaigns they did (e.g. H-I-S jeasn worldwide campaign)..

San Francisco recreated with Jelly