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Daily Inspiration #12

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acreativeuniverse12 Daily Inspiration #12

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Freedom Of Creation 3D prints New York Apple

Several designers were commissioned to represent the New York Big Apple as an art piece for a special auction organized by Tommy Hilfiger in New York. Christian Thiel designed a Big Apple, which incorporates all the most famous attractions of New York, Freedom Of Creation produced the art piece by means of 3D printing.

TommyHilfiger2 Freedom Of Creation 3D prints New York Apple

TommyHilfiger1 Freedom Of Creation 3D prints New York Apple

Russian creative heads on Behance

dytbehance16 Russian creative heads on Behance
Another one creative set of cherry-picked projects from Russian section presented on design platform

Package Design Inspiration #1 Vectro Ave

Ed Freeman photography

World’s Largest LED Project | YAS Hotel

Fashion Illustrations by Eum Hayoung

Science Fiction Typography

Science Fiction Cover 1 Science Fiction Typography
Milan’s Matteo Gualandris gives us some nice vintage inspirations in ‘Science Fiction Typography’, which is an analytical story of typographic used in America’s most popular science fiction magazines published between 1930 and 1970. Publications as broad as Marvel Science Stories, Astounding Stories, Amazing Stories and Fantasy Thrilling Science Fiction all come under the spotlight with a main focus on cover headlines. To create the very special ‘used’ look, Gualandris kept it folded into his back pockets for days.

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Woolrich USB Pen-Drive

Woolrich Toys 21 1101 Woolrich USB Pen Drive
The Woolrich USB Pen-Drive is a project by Gianni Rossi for Woolrich John Rich & Bros. The sheep character was created as a toy, USB drive and a promotional gadget for Woolrich’s customers in Milan, Italy. Greeted with great success all Woolrich outlets, the USB drives where given away within minutes. We will keep you posted when and if they are make a comeback.

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La Roche Chair By Milla Rezanova

larochechair La Roche Chair By Milla Rezanova
The La Roche Chair By Milla Rezanova is one amazing chair. The conceptual piece looks like it’s quite literally floating.

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Official 2014 Olympics Games Logo Revealed

designfetish2014olympicgameslogo6 Official 2014 Olympics Games Logo Revealed

We’ve waited—and we’ve even seen some early concepts—but today the official Sochi 2014 logo was unveiled in Russia.
Check it out.

Customized Band Aid

designfetishbandaiddispenser1 Customized Band Aiddesignfetishbandaiddispenser2 Customized Band Aid

Instead of having to keep an assortment of shapes and sizes of band aid at home, all you need is the band aid dispenser! hun…how come no one thought of this before?!

[via Design Fetish]

52 Stunning Long Exposure Photographs

There’s just something about long exposure photography that makes it dazzling. Maybe it’s the ability to see things from a different perspective. Or maybe it’s the ability to experience time in a different fashion. Whatever the reason, long exposure photography is an incredibly popular and difficult form of photography. Not only does it require a perfect subject, but it also requires mastery of light and dark, and the ability to see beyond the face of an image, and to see what it can become.

This post showcases 52 of the most stunning and unbelievable long exposure photographs from the most talented photographers in the world. Whether you’re a photographer, or just an admirer, these images will leave you breathless.

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longexposure opt 52 Stunning Long Exposure Photographs

I dont Like Mondays

idontlikemondaysbybenturnbull I dont Like Mondays
idontlikemondaysbybenturnbull1 I dont Like Mondays

“I dont Like Mondays” by Ben Turnbull – A beautiful wood carving art exhibition… More info And pics HERE

Greens T-shirt by Analogous clothing

5 Greens T shirt by Analogous clothing
1 03 Greens T shirt by Analogous clothing
4 01 Greens T shirt by Analogous clothing