Amazing Book Cutouts

It doesn’t look like it is easy to cut shapes through a books, however, artist Robert The is a specialist in this craft. He’s cut out lobsters, insects, leaves, letters, guns, and more.


Logorama wins Oscar – A Victory for Corporate Logos!!

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Faile artwork

Faile Arcade
Decade of Faile
Decade of Faile
Faile is a long known street-art collective, and they have two massive shows in London right now.
Catch the Faile x Bast “Deluxx Fluxx Arcade” show here, and a “Decade of Faile” here.

Sebastien Tellier Music video

his latest music video ‘look’ is only ass animation ! In a very cute way ! More info & watch HERE

bagapart X L’Original Festival

Hi mates,
nice collab between bagapart and l’Original Festival. Limited edition with the design of Pups on 4 models of bags here. only 50 samples.
See more artist bag on : design by yackfou, Mamzelle mamath, Dran, Lime, BomK, Brusk, Tougui… and many more

Rosh “Afroditas. Pensamientos y mentiras”, Apetit Gallery (making-of + inauguración)

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Japanese Signs & Signage

Japanese Signs & Signage more via CreativeRoots


Du 10 au 24 mars 2010, IKEA crée l’événement dans 4 stations du métro parisien. Plus d’infos sur

London Fashion Week 2010

The London Fashion Week 2010 viewed by Daniel Gil Rodriguo.

The awesome pics on Whitezine

15 Great Short films

Great acting, excellent directing and interesting subject matters all feature in our list of 15 well executed short films.
Via Unstage (Click here to watch videos)

60 awesome sport ads

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Bodypaint 2010 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit

(print image)

Sarah Brandner, Abbey Clancy, Bethany Dempsey and Melissa Satta were photographed by Yu Tsai at Milk Studios, New York City. Bodypaint by Joanne Gair.
all pic’s

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Photography by Nigel Tomm

Creative photo installation art by always a cult photographer, Nigel Tomm
Photography by Nigel Tomm

Animal Photography by Mark Vincent Muller

Mark Vincent Müller is from Volketswil, Switzerland, he knows how to deal with animal photography.
Animal Photography by Mark Vincent Muller

Shades of Beauty – Metin Demiralay

Looking at Turkish photographer Metin Demiralay’s photos, it’s apparent that he’s not looking for the crispest shot. What he is looking for is depth…

More pics at My Modern Metropolis.