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Intricate Art

draw tigerlayout Intricate Art
Intricate pattern art by Claire Scully. Her work is inspired from natural patterns found in the environment.

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Hyper Island students up for grabs!

This november the students of Digital Media 2010 at renowned new media school Hyper Island are starting their 30 week internship period.
Their class promotion site is available at and some students are still available for internship. Grab them while they’re hot!

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Sixpack France AW/09 Print Campaign by Ill-Studio


Revenge by Lernert Engelberts & Sander Plug

Art Rocks!

mm1 01 Art Rocks!
Blink 182

Art Rocks Matryoshkas. Those superb dolls were made by designer Pavel Kulinsky for luxury Moscow superstore decoration.

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all over the kiez

aotk1 01 all over the kiez
“all over the kiez” is a photo exhibition in the heart of Hamburg’s district St. Pauli and bordering neighborhoods – exploring exactly that: The area, streets, buildings and moments of St. Pauli.
The exhibtion will not take place in a gallery or any closed off location but transform the area of St. Pauli itself into a gallery.

52 photographs are distributed all over the “Kiez” and are displayed as of today at the exact point where the photo was taken. In the street, on the wall, on certain buildings.

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Nihil aeternum est

Roland Polczer has finished his project called “Nihil aeternum est”.

The photos have been taken at the castle garden of Schloss Nordkirchen in Germany, NRW.
rivera2 Nihil aeternum est

Paintings by Dave Macdowell

lollypulpfiction davemacdowell Paintings by Dave Macdowell
davidmacdowellthesamueljackson520x24acryliconcanvas Paintings by Dave Macdowell
David MacDowell is a self-taught artist who paints with acrylics on canvas. His subject matter focuses on the Lowbrow/ Comic Surrealism, and often take a satirical view of popular culture.
Via Unstage (Click here for more)

Process: Helly Hansen Annual Report

HH FrontCover Process: Helly Hansen Annual Report

HH Report 2 Process: Helly Hansen Annual Report

Gorgeous annual report by Shelby White for a class assignment at the Art Institute of Seattle. It wasn’t done for Helly Hansen, but if anybody at Helly Hansen is smart, they’d keep an eye out for Shelby’s work in the future.

Read the process of designing the report at the source.

Chinza Dopeness

Japanese rapper Chinza Dopeness’ first solo album ‘100% Rap’ releases. Signed by EMI Japan and W+K TokyoLab, Chinza crosses genres from Hip Hop to Blues in a chameleon-like style.

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OTAKU MAGAZINE – End of the World

Coperta fatza finaldesign OTAKU MAGAZINE   End of the World
We are glad to announce the launch of the new Otaku Magazine issue (out October 2009), which has the theme “THE END OF THE WORLD”.
Preview and more info :

Rhymesayers – Midwest Hip Hop

Picture1 02 Rhymesayers   Midwest Hip Hop

The new Midwest Hip Hop at its finest.

Armed Revolution

armed Armed Revolution