One day around the tower (Zaha Hadid – Marseilles)

The french city of Marseilles (south of France) has been designted to become the European capital of culture in 2013.This video clip is giving a vision of some great changes the city is going through today.
[vimeo 10558659]
Shot between June and december 2009 with Sony EX1, Letus Elite and Nikon D90.
Edited in Final Cut Pro, post and grad in After Effect.
Score performed by His Boy Elroy : Revolve (R Mix)

Songs For The Weekend #1

Artist Edition Yo-Yo #1 – Jason Limon

The Steve Brown Gallery is excited to announce an on-going series of limited edition wooden yo-yos, engraved with new artwork by today’s most exciting artists.

Jason Limon Yo-Yo

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Summer Jam

Summer Jam invite for ARY Musik.

Bradford Gregory

Bradford Gregory

See more pictures of Bradford Gregory on Le Blog de Yoland.

No Underwear: April Fool’s

Dripping Sunglasses

Ah ça sent le carton cet été pour ces lunettes de soleil. Un look d’enfer, qui risque de faire du grabuge chez les filles. Pour plus d’infos sur cette trouvaille c’est sur WWW.ZEUCH.COM.

Paul Fox Graphic Design

Poster Designer Rhys Cooper

Some great poster designs by Melbourne boy Rhys Cooper.

You can read an interview with him up here.

via Australian Edge

Captain America – Vintage Poster

Well, I had tackled a few of the popular DC heroes, thought I’d enter the Marvel realm. I’m getting excited about the Captain America movie, so I had to crank this image out.

If you’re interested in a print, they are available in an assortment of sizes at Imagekind.
Captain America – Vintage Poster Print @ Imagekind

The rest of the series is available here:
Drawsgood Posters @ Imagekind

22 Intelligent Industrial Designs

Via Cretique

Interview with Typographer Jessica Hische – Visual Kontakt

To view more of her work and really get to know the about her amazing typography skill take a look online at Visual Kontakt.




In a Far and Distant Land…

London-based Noemie Goudal has that amazing ability to visually narrate stories through her photographs. With an undertone of fantasy and adventure, her photos are intriguing because her sets are often times just a blown up photo within a photo.

More pics at My Modern Metropolis.

Unbelievable 3d Renderings by Nelson Liaw

Nelson Liaw
Nelson Liaw
Nelson Liaw

It is with a huge pleasure that I am posting the portfolio from an excelent architectural designer: Nelson Liaw, also known as “Neellss” on deviantart. Nelson Liaw is an artist with a lot of sensibility for home design. His brillant work shows very detailed scenes inspiring us to invest more in our homes.

Unbelievable 3d Renderings by Nelson Liaw

Planet Solar Boat

Faire le tour du monde avec escales, à l’énergie solaire ! Voilà le genre d’initiative qu’on aime chez Zeutch. C’est le défi que s’est lancé PlanetSolar et ça sera une grande première. Attention, les proportions et le design du bateau sont à couper le souffle …WWW.ZEUTCH.COM