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Psyzoo Fashion Boutique

Psyzoo represents the unique design space created by the young Russian designer Ekaterina Zimodro and embodied in psychеdelic resonance of color and experimental forms.

Psyzoo is a feeling, the sensation defining the author’s concept of clothes and accessories of handwork, which purpose of creation – to decorate inhabitants of planet Earth and to take away in flight everybody who feels infinite tenderness to the world of space creatures with the extended consciousness, inhabiting Psyzoo space.

Psyzoo project became attractive not only to admirers of freak-design, handmade and avantgarde art, but also to the fashion designers working in various style flows to which collections lines of accessories by Psyzoo are created and presented on joint shows and photosets. Among them is the line of accessories “Plant Resonance”, created specially to the collection “Reflexia” by Dina Kovaleva, the line “Wonderland Exp” to the collection “Igromania” by Zhanna Ostobunaeva.

Accessories and clothes by Psyzoo are works born by inspiration and created exclusively by hand and design of Ekaterina.


Peaceful Stranger Happy Plain
Peaceful Stranger Happy Plain
Another Galaxy Embryo Dream
Another Galaxy Embryo Dream
Optic Cat In The Void
Optic Cat In The Void
Shamanic Spiritual Key
Shamanic Spiritual Key
Wonderland Exp
Wonderland Exp
Plant Resonance
Plant Resonance
Sunrise Cat Fantasy
Sunrise Cat Fantasy

10 Awesome Phone Concepts

Cool Futuristic phone concepts by very talented designers.
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Amazing Anatomical Drawings

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Next Generation art exhibition.

Under the Westway flyover in London, a group of artists displayed in Next Generation, an exhibition rooted in the modern urban age but dreaming of escape.

1977 Mercedes-Benz C111-III

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Mother’s Children – What’ll happen to all the girls VIDEO


Directed and produced by

1000 Names–Anish Kapoor Early Work

1000 Names was Anish Kapoor first works done in 1979-80. Made from coloured pigment, the works was very much influenced by his journey through India in 1979 where small sanctuaries along …… Read more

Major Lazer – Summer Mix 2010

Major Lazer - Summer Mix

Listen and download this mix of Major Lazer – Summer Mix 2010 on Le Blog de Yoland.

Creation Studio

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artworks by paroiq1 a romanian digital artist.
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signet art

signet artworks by andy awesome.
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“The Stool Pigeon” Music Newspaper

“The Stool Pigeon” is a free, fully independent and award-winning music newspaper based in London. It’s edited by Phil Hebblethwaite, designed by Mickey Gibbons, printed five times a year and available all over the UK, Paris and Berlin.


Knock ’em Out and Never Tap Out!

never tap out

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This is No.7 of the Freedom Fighter Series

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