Iron Man first appeared in Tales of Suspense issue #39 in March 1963. 50 years on, to celebrate the launch of Only the Brave-Iron Man limited edition fragrance, Marvel is republishing this iconic edition especially for Diesel Fragrance.

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Photography by Emiliano Horcada

The journey of an ant

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Discoery – an Egg Shaped Child-Care Center by GPAC

German studio GPAC has designed an egg-shaped children’s nursery called ‘Discoery’ in Dresden, Germany.

The facility features a ‘discovery zone’, which connects the ‘eggs’ to create a unified space. The discovery zone design stimulates the children and aids in the development of their sensory perception through hearing, seeing, feeling and smelling. It is a common area to be used multi-functionally for various group activities such as arts and crafts, exercise, and theater and stage productions. The room ‘Blind Man’s Bluff,’ located over the sanitary tract, can be fully darkened and used as an observatory or planetarium. The glass roof of the building will feature a graphic or floral pattern. The interplay of ‘open’ and ‘closed’ roof spaces creates sunlight patterns and illuminates mythical creatures on the walls and floor spaces.

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Franco Brambilla

The beautiful works of Italian illustrator Franco Brambilla. Since 2000 he has been one of the main illustrators of the “Urania” and “Urania Collezione” sc-ifi book collection by Mondadori.
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Six exclusive posters by Official Classic

Official Classic designed six exclusive posters for GYAR Post Production Studio.
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Multitouch Barcelona interviewed at 40Fakes

Multitouch Barcelona have been interviewed at 40Fakes (Spanish blog).

Dresslight in Trecool

Dresslight BARCELONA was created with the clear vocation of creating lamps based on the excellence of their elements as a whole. More in Trecool.

Shwood Sunglasses

Handmade in Portland, these Shwood sunglasses are entirely made of Maple wood, East Indian Rosewood, or Zebrawood.

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Tim Burton Minimal Posters

2 in 1 Dance Shoe for Father & Daughter

A lovely Dance Shoes designed for daughter and father by Aamu Song. The red felt shoes with rubber soles are meant for the father and a young daughter to use together. More info & pics here.

Flyer Design Goodness

Introduction to a large collection of flyers and posters, ranging from contemporary music and film posters to vintage Dutch design.

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101 Weird and Creative Examples of Surreal Artworks

Check out some seriously creative example of surreals artworks from various artists across the world.

Johnny Pierce of The Drums by Hedi Slimane


State of Mind is a collection of hand-crafted snap-back hats that feature 10 clean, bold designs that are deceptively simple yet heavy with meaning. Their purpose is to act as a simultaneous representation and reflection of the current state of things whose definitions enjoy the ability to fluctuate depending on context, intent and delivery. While coming across as a physical representation of our wants, needs and desires, the sole purpose is to make a singular statement that drips with a variety of interpretations.

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