Powerfully Loud – Minjae Lee

Due to the amount of detail and variation in these images, it’s easy to assume that these powerful femail portraits were created using digital tools. You may be surprised to find out, however, that Minjae Lee, a self-taught 19-year old South Korean artist, uses old-fashioned tools like markers, pens, crayons, and acrylics to create these loud, powerful illustrations.

More pics at My Modern Metropolis.

Belém Inspiration: Mangal Das Garças Park

Mangrove of Herons in Amazon
Mangrove of Herons in Amazon
Mangrove of Herons in Amazon

This is a beautiful park in Belém, Brazil. It has very sinuous architecture inspired by Amazon nature forms. One strong point in this project is the possibility of very close contact with exotic birds of the region. In English, the name of the park is Mangrove of Herons.

Belém Inspiration: Mangal Das Garças Park

Smoke Extent in iceland

Smoke Extent In Iceland

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Photography Roundup 4 – 50 Beautiful Images

Current Installment of our Weekly Photo Series. Featuring 50 beautiful images from talented photographers all over the world.
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Art & Design Showcase

creative crossing becomes a new “Showcase” Section for show the world your creative works.
At first the Showcase is for Works in Animation & Film, Architecture, Illustration, Interior Design, Jewellery, Logo Design, Painting, Photography, Print Design and Web Design.

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like minded studio’s typo

typo art by like minded studio under the guidance of creative director luca ionescu.
more typo artworks here.

Binboa Design Your Own Bottle Stop Motion

[vimeo 10979699]

Drawn on 550 bottles, made up of 5000 photographs and over 100 hours shooting.

New stop-motion animation by creative agency 41? 29!

Anton Martin








Amazing Lost Tarot Cards by Alex Griendling

Alex Lundqvist x BlackBook Magazine

Alex Lundqvist gets into some gangsta sh%t for April 2010 issue of BlackBook magazine.

“Fashion editor Christopher Campbell of Atelier Management gives an amazing cinema like transformation to supermodel Alex Lundqvist for a shoot by photographer Blair Getz in the latest issue of BlackBook magazine.”

More shots from the mobster themed shoot at inkbutter.com.

30 Incredible Photos Of Insects

30 Incredible Photos Of Insects
30 Incredible Photos Of Insects
30 Incredible Photos Of Insects

Take a look in these amazing photos of insects taken by tamyl91. The insects are very diferent in this angle. They are strange, but have very inspiring design. It is just a little of the big nature around us.

30 Incredible Photos Of Insects

Daily Inspiration #72

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