Anger T-shirt by Studio KXX

“Anger is an emotional state that ranges from minor irritation to intense rage. Anger becomes the predominant feeling behaviorally cognitional and psychologically when a person makes the conscious choice to take action to immediately stop the threatening behavior of some outside force”‘.

Design by Krzysztof Domaradzki of Studio Kxx

Shirt available for sale at Ardentees

Cool Illustrations by Cassandra Jean Piedra

Guns! Lazers! Knives! Deftones return with new music video for first single “Rocket Skates”

[youtube _0r8v0g0fV4]

What do you get when you combine Grammy-award winning band the Deftones with two of the most talked about visual artists in current press? The ocular treat that is the band’s first music video in three years, “Rocket Skates.”

Learn more about the creative behind the video by visting URB Magazine.

Brain Labyrinth

Every brain has a system of paths to go through. This T-shirt visualises that.
If you want it, create a user and vote 5. That way it’ll be printed for real.

Our brain is a labyrinth. Cool, right?


37 Stunning Examples of CG Art and Digital Illustration


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Illustrations by Fabrice Nzinzi

Gonçalo Pereira

ALDO x Terry Richardson x Jessica Stam

Racism in Photography ?

Illustrations by Mike Friedrich

Fashion Photography By Pierpaolo Ferrari

Pierpaolo Ferrari was born and raised in Milan where he developed his passion for photography and art.
Fashion Photography By Pierpaolo Ferrari

Clarks Light Installation by Roso

Le studio de design et d’architecture Roso a été chargé de concevoir une installation d’art novatrice à Somerset au siège de Clarks. Basé autour du concept singulier que “la lumière n’est visible que lorsqu’elle est réfléchie”. Pour le coup on peut même affirmer que la lumière explose et de façon spectaculaire. Le reste des photos de l’installation dans la suite. D’autres photos dans

Hitchcock Re-Envisioned Posters

Check out more posters & illustrations by Laz Marquez.

The Hi Dresser by Thiago Frias

Unique piece of art on a antique dresser by Thiago Frias, young street artist based in Sao Paulo, Brazil
Art by Thiago Frias

Artist on bag are on

Hi there, artist design on bags are on You can make your own in the workshop of bagapart, test it, it’s a great 3D application.