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Kerstin zu Pan photographer

44 zupanportfolio215 Kerstin zu Pan photographer

Seen On ViaComIT’s Blog
Kerstin zu Pan, one of Berlin’s most original photographers…

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“The Game” Stop motion / Pixilation Music Video

framefromvimeo The Game Stop motion / Pixilation Music Video
framefromvimeo2 The Game Stop motion / Pixilation Music Video
framefromvimeo4 The Game Stop motion / Pixilation Music Video
Pixilation and Stop Motion music video for the band Rodeo Massacre.
The video uses several small pixilation and stop motion experiments, including animating christmas lights!
Everything was done taking stills in one day!
Shot with Canon 5d Mark II

Raul Allen

7 Fresh & Effective Shopping Themes for WordPress

wpa 7 Fresh & Effective Shopping Themes for Wordpress
simple2 7 Fresh & Effective Shopping Themes for Wordpress

Need a fully customizable E-commerce website? There are quite a few interesting themes for that and we’re here to introduce them

CHOCO Tube Packaging Experiment

choco tube 01 CHOCO Tube Packaging Experiment
CHOCO Tube is a creative packaging experiment by Petar Pavlov, exploring the concept of making packaging where the name of the product is written by the product itself instead of using any kind of printing techniques.
View more here!


Lou Doillon in “Lou”

LouDoillonGivenchy Lou Doillon in “Lou”

The French actress Lou Doillon appears naked in a moody new video for Givenchy; a sort of animated fashion shoot and collaboration between Givenchy AD Riccardo Tisci, the online magazine Fly 16×9, and the photographer Karim Sadli. More>>

Sebastian Onufszak

Heineken Mini-Keg x R2-D2

tumblr kqwebvVzVG1qa6odbo1 4002 Heineken Mini Keg x R2 D2

Star Wars fandom has reached a new plateau with this cool R2-D2 figure built from a Heineken mini-keg and some industrial materials.

Source: The Jailbreak

Able Magazine October

AbleMagazine October Able Magazine October

Lately we have been thinking a lot about the economic changes that have taken place over the past year. We asked Scott Heintzelman a partner with the CPA firm McKonly & Asbury for some direction on what to do now. He responded with an positive challenge in this month’s article: The Profit Equation.

Check it out:

James White incredible Works

i curvature2 James White incredible Works
jameswhite20 James White incredible Works
James White is a talented mixed-media artist and graphic designer with an incredible portfolio and featured in Computer Arts and Advanced Photoshop magazines.

More info about James White and works here

‘Multiple Subjects’ By Pavel Bolo

MultipleSubjectsByPavelBolo1 ‘Multiple Subjects’ By Pavel Bolo

‘Multiple Subjects’ is a set by Israeli photographer Pavel Bolo. The shoot explores the idea of focus and space and photography in a way that de-individualizes and emphasizes the models all at once. There is an undeniable sense of intimacy, but that’s undercut by Bolo’s post-production work which alienates the viewer.

More Pics

Optical Illusion Grafitti

street art by roadsworth 08 Optical Illusion Grafitti
Clearly, most types of street art still have that illegal aspect to it. And if one day, you decide to alter a road surface marking, you will likely be fined or arrested. That’s the case with grafitti artist Roadsworth, he infringes the law every time he risks placing a clever stencil on pavement.

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Think Pad

Everything – Collection of Shorts

Bildschirmfoto20090930um18.17.57 Everything   Collection of Shorts
Bildschirmfoto20090930um18.17.48 Everything   Collection of Shorts

To watch the Shortfilm Collection by Danny Jelinek head over to HUNDERTMARK