Creative Photography by Ralf Breitenbacher

Superb creative photography by Ralf Breitenbacher, talented photographer from Germany.
Creative Photography by Ralf Breitenbacher

iPhone Horn

The iVictrola is a vintage iPhone horn by Matt Richmond.

“The Eyes of Mars” by Lady Rouge

Laura Stone x Interview Magazine

Manuel Belgrano – Campaign Against the Bicentenary of Argentina

Primera imagen para la Contracampaña por el Bicentenario de la Nación Argentina. No debería ser motivo de celebración.
(First image for the Campaign Againgst the Bicentenary of Argentina. We shouldn´t celebrate it.)
Manuel Belgrano
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T-SHIRTS from Mother Eleganza

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Cool Illustrations by Denis Zilber

MINI Beachcomber Concept Car 2010

Again, MINI is expanding their model range through the unconventional creativity of MINI design team. The Beachcomber Concept Car 2010 prove to be another successful design. (See more photos…)

Laurence Jenkell

OO – High Definition Wireless Projector

The OO is a wireless projector capable of displaying high definition (1080p) data. Utilizing either a WIFI connection or internal SSD storage, the projector can operate independently from any wire for up to 3 hours based on an internal Li-Ion battery or using a single wire connected to a power source.

Part of the GEO series, the OO’s form is inspired by the simple and elegant form of the circle – from which it also gets him name – denoting the shape of the projector combined with the shape of the lens.

[vimeo 9932419]

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Photography by Long Bach Nguyen

Long Nguyen is one of the few photographers who enjoys the opportunity to create stunning images from the desk of his day job.
Photography by Long Bach Nguyen

TAG Heuer x Tesla Motors

Photography by Henrik Halvarsson

Henrik Halvarsson, born 1969, is one of Sweden’s most sought-after fashion, beauty, and portrait photographers.
Photography by Henrik Halvarsson

Naked City Spleen by Miru Kim

This collection by Miru Kim truly blows me away. Taking naked self-portraits in places we wouldn’t dare visit, Miru draws beauty from old and abandoned subway stations, tunnels, aqueducts, catacombs, factories, hospitals, and morgues.

More pics and info at My Modern Metropolis

Alice in Wonderland Tee!

From Designkins.

A special edition Kins character commemorating the Cheshire cat from Alice in Wonderland. This special Tee also glows in the dark acting out the Cheshire cats famous appearance for the first time to Alice in the forest.
Get this unique Glow in the Dark Specially theme Tshirt to go along with your experience in Tim Burtons “Alice in Wonderland” opening march 5th.

Printed on American Apparel – super soft
for only $20