Jiri Adamek Portfolio

more works on www.pseudopseudo.com

The Picnic Table Condiment Set

There’s nothing better on a warm summer’s day than a nice picnic. And what about picnic accessories? Simple, cute and convenient, this mini picnic table will sit perfectly on your full picnic bench. This cool and quirky condiment holder is perfect gift for anyone that loves eating outdoor. And of course, if the picnic is getting a little boring, you can always play around taking pics of the set, making it look like the bottles are monstrously large!

lost in space/beyond

project by trisme t.(poland) and sept design(mongalia) for nearly extinct animals.
more pictures here.

Jerwood Contemporary Painters

An exhibition demonstrating the painting talent of the UK and challenging style and direction at The Jerwood space.

David Vogin Illustrations

Artist David Vogin has created a visually stunning set of illustrations, spanning content and themes from the military to the animal kingdom. Each design is characterized by a remarkable sense of aesthetic; tending to reference history, but through the distinct perspective that comes with an informed sense of hindsight. Vogin’s illustrations demonstrate his ability to edit with sense, combining numerous elements into one cohesive piece.

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Unite Illustration

Paper, pencil, wacom tablet and Illustrator by Alessio Radice
Bigger image and complete portfolio, here

Race Horses – Pony

An excellent video clip for “Pony”, by Race Horses

Bang Boom – a lamp design inspired by comics

What an awesome artist

Beautiful Bond Girl

Bond Girl in Love by Azim Haidaryan is a visual treat. The editorial was created for Velvet magazine’s May 2010 issue and features Russian model Valentina Zalyaeva as your stereotypical bombshell. See more at My Modern Metropolis.

Grow a flower. Grow an inpiration

Packaging design for a product that helps you get inspired and ‘grow’ your ideas. Designed by Changzhi Lee

E Bench

Ventury is a design label in Paris. They recently made the E Bench. An amazing design you can check out on Whitezine

The Photography of Jorge Peniche

The 22 year old, LA native began his career in 2006 by shooting photographs for The Game. Since then he has photographed other well-established figures in the hip hop and entertainment industries.

“Peniche’s images reflect the world through a kaleidoscope of subjects, from shooting in the trenches of the world’s most notorious gang neighborhoods to shooting in the most lavish abodes sitting atop hills overlooking the world he roams. His work is unique, and seeks to create iconic images that will represent a generation’s history.”

More about Jorge and his work at inkbutter.com.

Sónia Matias Final

Sónia Matias /// Website

Sónia Matias was the first woman to become a rider bullfighting in Portugal.
The site reflects the beginning of his journey in Lisbon his home town.

Skyskraper™ The Designers Collection, wallpapers series 001 + 002

Skyskraper™ The Designers Collection, wallpapers series 001 + 002
Check out the latest give-a-way at Skyskraper™. Each designer in the team has been tasked with a blank canvas and must populate it with visual goodness – all for your enjoyment.

First up is Charlie Keeper with Series 001
View Here
Download Here

Matt Thorne provides series 002
View Here
Download Here