Honda C-3R

This is the pictures of the Honda C-3R electrical energy. A concept for single-user, that leads us to a not so distant future. The rest of the photos in

bagapart, artist on bags

great artist design on quality bags. see more on

collective Klip

Here is what you can do with a good video projector. The collective Klip, transformed the Art Deco facade of the Edison Hotel in Miami Beach for the Super Bowl. Hired by Anomaly in New York, Klip to shot a lot of work sponsored by Motorola and the NFL. The video in

Jason Hawkes

Our obsession with night photography and cities at night continues, this time with a focus on the big apple by excellent city photographer Jason Hawkes. More in zeutch

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Beautiful Artwork by Ekaterin Zagustina

Ekaterin Zagustina, also known as Katja Faith, is an artist from Belgorod, Russia. In her artwork style she utilizes a combination of digital illustration and photography. On every painting she creates a beautiful surreal/fantasy world full of emotions. She definitely is one of my favorite artists.

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Fallout (Patryk Kuleta)

It is not often an artist dubs his style ‘eerie fashion’. With muses such as Egon Schiele, Josef Fenneker, Franc Marc, Francis Bacon, Lyonel Feininger, the final product is anything but eerie. Patryk Kuleta is also influenced by elements of theater and film posters. There is a post-apocalyptic feel in some his works, especially so in the maimed but still captivating work of a radiation exposed Marilyn Monroe in “Princess Motel”. The spotlight is on you Pat.

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Greg Lamarche

Record Makers Promo video 10th anniversary

Watch the video by Mrzyk and Moriceau for the 10th anniversary of Record Makers

What if Google buys Famous brands – Logos in Google style!!

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Photography by Andriete Le Secq

Creative and amazing fashion/glamour/beauty photography by Andriete Le Secq, talented female photographer, who working with fashion, music, advertising, fine art / glamour.
Photography by Andriete Le Secq

Photography by Phil McDarby

Phil McDarby is a freelance digital artist, photographer & composer. He has been drawing and painting fantasy and sci-fi characters and environments for most of his life, and made the jump from traditional to digital around 1998
Photography by Phil McDarby

25 Amazing 3D Realistic Characters

34 amazing fire illustration

Photography by George Holz

George Holz is an American photographer whose work spans 30 years and includes nudes, fashion, and celebrity portraits. He is a native of Oak Ridge Tennessee, and graduated from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California in 1980.
Photography by George Holz



Felipe Rocha has some nice work. He’s just 19 from Brazil.