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DRIP – by Joe Murtagh

WEIGHT – by Joe Murtagh

STARE – by Joe Murtagh

RICH – by Joe Murtagh

Photography by Gemma Booth

Everybody wants to be in love!

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Share your love with others, because ♥ Everybody Wants To Be In Love ♥
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Everybody wants to be in love - say Sweet Tooth!

The London newcomer band Sweet Tooth have started a very cute online campaign to spread a little love around the world. Named after their single ‘Everybody Wants To Be In Love’ – the idea is as follows:

• Simply draw, design, printout or make a paper heart
• Write on it the name of a person, place, thing or idea that you love
• Take a photo of the heart in the setting or location of your choice
• Post it online and let Sweet Tooth know that you’ve done it
• Sweet Tooth will collect all the photos and put them on their blog at
• Watch the project spread around the world!
• PS: No stock photos or non-original artwork – for copyright reasons!

♥ How to share the love! ♥
Twitter: post the pic on your Twitter page (via TwitPic, etc) and tag Sweet Tooth with @sweettoothuk
Facebook: post your photo onto the page for Sweet Tooth
MySpace: upload your pic into PhotoBucket, etc, and post it as a comment on Sweet Tooth’s Myspace page:
Email: send an email with your photo attached

Sweet Tooth chanteuse Fleurtini loves her cat Sophie!

Photos by Janssem

Janssem Cardoso is a designer/photographer from Manaus – Amazonas – Brazil. He’s been working with photos profissionally and as a hobby. See some of his work on

Andrew Brooks


Voici le fantastique portfolio du photographe Andrew Brooks. Un photographe so british au style bien imposant. Le reste dans la suite. WWW.ZEUTCH.COM

It might be Elvis’s New Laser Jacket

Designer Wei-Chieh Shih has made a “stage-suit” with 200 laser diodes and nylon fabric. I’m assuming if Elvis was still alive that he’d like to update his wardrobe with one of these.


Zen-like Design in 3D

Scream of Uluuka





nice inspiration Illustrator !

Heidi Klum for DT Magazine

Cutlery Toolkit

Cutlery Toolkit concept by Rafael Morgan. More…

The Lost Art of Avatar: A Massive Collection of Over 155 Avatar-Inspired Art

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