On vous a déjà parlé de cet artiste et on va continuer. Une impression de redécouvrir à chaque fois ses œuvres, tant le talent est grand. Voici ici sa dernière « street production ». Plus d’images sur

Love Never Dies – Coney Island Experience

Coney Island Experience - Home page
Coney Island Experience - Fortune Teller

The Coney Island Experience was created for the Love Never Dies official site as an interactive playground of funfair games. Love Never Dies is the follow up to the hugely successful Phantom of the Opera written Andrew Lloyd Webber. I have to say that it’s one of the most visually rich sites I’ve worked on so far, and also a lot of fun to design.

To create Coney Island a 3D model was first created and textured. The model consists of over a million faces and 250megs of textures. From this fly though renders were created for each point in the funfair out-putting over 17 Gigs of HD frames.

Each game was firstly visualised in PhotoShop combining 3D renders, photography and hand drawn elements and then put together in flash. Visitors to the site can sign up and save their scores to game and global leader boards.

Created at Outside Line studio for The Really Useful Group.

Photography by Joseph Tran

Fashion photography by Joseph Tran, more pics and info here.

Hylton Warburton

New Volkswagen Melted model by Nache

new model

Ron Pippin art

Ron Pippin creates sculptures of animals with mechanical augmentations.
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Valentin Fischer

Earthquake-proof All Seasons Tent Tower in Armenia

Sustainable and earthquake-proof All Seasons Tent Tower proposed by Slovenian architectural practice Ofis Architecture featuring tent-shaped layer for the city of Yerevan, Armenia.

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YURI Sunglasses

Romain Kremer’s YURI Sunglasses for Mykita Eyewear. More informations and details here !

Stainless Steel Bottle Opener Cufflinks

Amazing cool stainless steel functional bottle opener cufflinks. All details and pictures here !

Chicken Tikka Disasta – Slinkachu

UK-based artist Slinkachu recently released images of his latest installation: Chicken Tikka Disasta. This new piece is part of a larger effort to raise funds for the people of Bhopal who are still suffering the effects of the world’s worst industrial disaster – the chemical gas leak of December 1984.

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MUTE Magazine 2nd Issue

Daniel Freytag Graphic Design

Sarah Wilmer Photography

Photography by Mark Warrillow-Thomson

Amazing birds photography by Mark Warrillow-Thomson, semi professional photographer specialising in wildlife photography, both in Europe and Africa.
Photography by Mark Warrillow-Thomson