omar NEW STUFF //
^^3 CIRCLEs^^
First collection of tees from Local Atlanta brand +FRESH.i.AM+, 3 designs LIK + YUM + 3 CIRCLEs // enjoy + more pics after the jump + MARKET

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LAVAL 07.06.2009 timelapse

fascinating sights from a little city in western france
[vimeo 5072163]

Borner Soldier

BornerSoldat Borner Soldier

“Borner Soldat”, Ink on paper, A3 2009
more work @

World’s Ugliest Dog Contest

dog1 Worlds Ugliest Dog Contest
dog2 Worlds Ugliest Dog Contest

21st Annual World’s Ugliest Dog Contest at the Sonoma-Marin Fair, California. And Pabst wins!

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Seth Siro Anton Photography


Voodoo Envy Recognized by I.D. Magazine

vood1 Voodoo Envy Recognized by I.D. Magazine
vood3 Voodoo Envy Recognized by I.D. Magazine
vood2 Voodoo Envy Recognized by I.D. Magazine
The Voodoo team is honored – again – to be recognized by a leading design publication for our work in creating the Voodoo Envy 133. This time the system has won “Best of Category” in I.D. Magazine’s 2009 Design Review!

55 Incredible Product Advertisements You Haven’t Seen

ads 55 Incredible Product Advertisements You Havent Seen
Advertisements are everywhere. On the back of cereal boxes, on the sides of busses, on billboards, in magazines, on TV, and, of course, the internet. It’s funny, most people spend a lot of energy trying to avoid advertisements, but in the world of graphic design, advertisements allow us to look at a specific product or service and see the message that is conveyed through the advertisement.

Today, we have 55 incredible product advertisements from deviantART that you haven’t seen, but are extraordinary examples of how creative and meaningful advertising should be done.

Cathy Daley

CathyDaley 8 fabrik dyt Cathy Daley

Cathy Daley is the name behind this fresh stuff! View more!!

Ridin’ Dirty

ridindirty Ridin Dirty
Minneapolis illustrator/designer Celeste Prevost was in the recent ARTCRANK to show her support the cycling community. After selling through most of what she did for the show, it looks like she’s got a few left.

“My ARTCRANK poster is now available online for your purchasing pleasures!! This poster is proven to increase your sexual prowess while riding a bicycle. You NEED this. Also available as trade in exchange for gold and/or unicorn horns. Buy on here!

Evian New TV Commercial

evianyoungcommercial4 Evian New TV Commercial

evianyoungcommercial2 Evian New TV Commercial

How sick is this new TV commercial !!? check it out here
Via Cyanatrendland

Art On Display

nif sha w580 Art On Display
The online art gallery just been re-design. Visit them & submit your links.

Creative Review site update



Following the release of Carlos Cuaron’s playful rags to riches story, we look at some of history’s finest domestic squabbles

Matte Black MacBook Pro

blackmattemacbookpro Matte Black MacBook Pro
A beautiful limited edition matte black MacBook Pro by ColorWare.