AOI – Images 33 Awards

Images 33 AOI   Images 33 Awards

Tuesday night saw the launch of the Images 33 exhibition with a special award ceremony.

Chris Thornley aka Raid71 was there to pickup an award (Silver) for Animal Story

VK Circus

VTKINV09D700372 VK Circus

ph: Gaby Herbstein
art direction: m10

The Future of Font Searching

font 01  The Future of Font Searching
The future of font searching may be based on an interactive application such as the one in the video above. It can easily help you find a typeface for a project in a collection of several thousand fonts. It also lets you browse, preview, compare and print the fonts you are interested in.

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Zenzero Gold

zen1 Zenzero Gold
zen2 Zenzero Gold

Even the drink must be of trend and we give life to our coktail with Zenzero Gold.

Product without equal in its kind, the material sought in South Asia, the careful study and selection of various natural spices East, led us to give a single result and the mixed quality.

With a pungent and aromatic flavor, which is considered an aphrodisiac for its active ingredients is a powerful stimulant for the presence of essential oil of gold.

Leituras Descoladas

rex1 Leituras Descoladas
rex3 Leituras Descoladas
rex2 Leituras Descoladas

The graphic project developed for the early teen’s books “Leituras Descoladas” collection (“Cool Readings” collection), has rendered another international prize for REX Design. Its project has been awarded by Communication Arts Magazine among many design selections around the world.

The awarded project is going to be published in the 2009 Design Annual 50th edition.

Studio RAAR

raar1 Studio RAAR
raar2 Studio RAAR
raar3 Studio RAAR
Conceptual bike design from STUDIO RAAR from Netherlands (sure!).

Geo Panch

geo Geo Panch
Geovanny Panchame, interactive designer from NY.

Improve the Way You Blog & Write E-mail

zemanta Improve the Way You Blog & Write E mail
Focus on writing the best content. Let us jazz it up for you.
Simple point & click enrichment of your blog posts (and emails). In real-time, while you type. Zemanta suggests tags, links, photos, related articles, and more.

Michael Dotson

md1 Michael Dotson
md2 Michael Dotson
md3 Michael Dotson
Awesome paintings and drawings of Michael Dotson.


pnts ~PNTS~
PNTS collective. Graphic designers based in France.

The Culture Front

dogs The Culture Front
shio The Culture Front
Mozambican Illustrator Rui Tenreiro is now working out of Stockholm.
He works with textiles, ceramics, illustration, editing, curating, writing and advertising and film. phew!
His new book: ‘The Celebration’ is available to buy now.see here for more details<

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Photography by Guy Aroch

guyaroch bentrovato1 Photography by Guy Aroch
guyaroch bentrovato9 Photography by Guy Aroch

Fashion photography by Guy Aroch, more pics and info here.


33 olaf4 02 Relaunch!!!24 ballonshirt1 02 Relaunch!!!

Smyk is a Berlin based design and illustration studio founded by in 2007.
We just relaunched our Portfolio. Check out the new work and our free font olaf.
we are available for freelance work.

Laura Gatto. Italian graphic design female

Based on the work of Italian graphic artist Laura Gatto, this new Web site is structured on a typical Web 2.0 layout by implementing fully some features of the jQuery framework of Photo sharing Flickr, a Widget to your network and investing in a graphic style full web trend. have a good visit:
laura gatto blog1 Laura Gatto. Italian graphic design female

laura gatto blog3 Laura Gatto. Italian graphic design female


Andrew Archer’s beautiful illustrations

BFMSSL Andrew Archers beautiful illustrations
This guy is simply amazing, his work is powerful and subtle. Vibrant colors as well as moody……continue to read and view more images here