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Emi * – photography

Here are some of my photos !

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Emi* –


Fresh Clothing

freshc Fresh Clothing
Fresh Clothing launched!

“A t-shirt shop founded by Bram Vanhaeren and co-founded by Tim Vanhaeren. It’s always been a dream to start a store with our own t-shirts in it. We decided to go a step further, and invite some other young artists to join this project. We try to provide these t-shirt as cheap as possible.”


b10Gg3r$ aR3 DaNg3r0u$

BloggerGangHandSignsSmall b10Gg3r$ aR3 DaNg3r0u$


Shoot Shoot Bang Bang

medvedt Shoot Shoot Bang Bang
Russian president Dmitry Medvedev holds a prototype of “Tranklucator”, new Russian secret weapon.

Design, Inspirations – a community tricking blog

trickzorz   a community tricking blog

I designed and launched trickzorz last night. There have been a few tricking videos posted to here so I thought some of you might be interested… it’s also a site I designed so it fits in. Let me know if you like it.


Become the King of Bluff

live poker 1s Become the King of Bluff
Ad prints for Live Poker Magazine. All previews are clickable to be expanded in full-size.

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Art, Technology


Style, Technology

Body Technology Interfaces

2415018504 7f40c22ed71 Body Technology Interfaces


Oksana Bardak

bardak Oksana Bardak
Attractive works!


amazon river by jan sochor

Photographer Jan Sochor have made a tip into the amazonas. As seen on the picture there is a man, not looking like the common people does, he suffers of polio. Now days polio isen’t so common in the world, but in Amazonas it’s still something you can see out on the streets.

Design, Video

Tricking in 120fps by Chris Kalani

[vimeo 1062601]
Tricking in 120fps from chriskalani on Vimeo.


Israeli artist Einat Peled works on dream job

For the past year, Israeli artist Einat Peled was tapped to create drawings for a book celebrating the 10th anniversary of Manta Ray, one of the hottest waterfront restaurants in Tel Aviv.

Peled 07 Israeli artist Einat Peled works on dream job


Starting With Some Illustration Work…

bird Starting With Some Illustration Work...


This is my first time posting here and I´ll be brief.

I am a brazilian Illustrator and graphic designer. I have tons of design websites and portfolios that I follow everyday, so I´ll do my best to share everything with all of you.

But, for my first post I´d like to start by showcasing a bit of my own work, wich will be found at the following address:

It was just released, opening my brand new domain name and now I´m spreading the word about it.

Hope you all like!

All the best,

Felipe Cunha.


Format Artist Wallpapers

formatdesignwallpapers Format Artist Wallpapers releases over 70 new wallpapers with the Sneaker Wallpapers II Collection and the Issue 40 Anniversary Collection. The Issue 40 collection includes pieces by 123 Klan, Atome, Desio, Jaek El Diablo, Kryot, Misk1, Steve Grody, and many more.

Each wallpaper is available in 1600×1200, 1280×1024, and 800×600. These recent additions bring the total count of sneaker and artist wallpapers at Format to over 150. Head on over and freshen up your desktop.

Architecture, Art

Modern old architecture by Altwork