Create an Abstract Composition Using Rendered Images and Light Effects

In this Photoshop tutorial you will learn how to create an abstract composition using rendered images and light effects. As you can see from the final result preview we will create a mystical and magical effect. In this tutorial we will use plenty of Photoshop tools, and we also will use another Adobe product – Cinema 4D, but if you don’t have Cinema 4D that’s ok, you will be able do all rest steps of this tutorial. I hope you will learn some new tricks. So, let’s move forward and start this tutorial.

Read full Photoshop tutorial: Create an Abstract Composition
Psd file is included.

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Blue Note inspired Jazz Comics

Philip Paquet is a Belgian illustrator and comics creator. Preview his new Jazz comics at Monsieur Bandit

Vuvuzela Hero – Legend of Africa

View in bigger size the vuvuzela hero

World’s first ‘tree museum’ unveiled in Switzerland

The Tree Museum, hailed as the world’s first tree museum, has been unveiled in Switzerland, housing more than 2,000 trees.

The Tree Museum, spanning 75,000 square meters, was officially opened on June 14, 2010. Designed by green architect Chad Oppenheim and Swiss landscape architect Enzo Enea, the sprawling complex has been developed on a 14th century monastery site.

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10 Deadly Gorgeous Bedrooms Design


Another hard week is over and we
made some great artworks to the topic:
“Let me be your underwear”

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Watch the whole hard project HERE




Watch the whole hard project HERE

Digital Waterfall Paintings

Matt Allsopp

Ho Chi Minh City’s tallest building Bitexco Tower nears completion

The final stage of construction of the Bitexco Financial Tower, slated to become the tallest tower in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam, has been completed recently.

The Bitexco tower is set to reach a final height of 265.5 meters and the final project cost is expected to go up to $220 million. Designed by American Architect Carlos Zapata, the tower is shaped as lotus petal, considered a symbol of Vietnamese culture. Glass and steel have been extensively used in the construction.

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I Heart Realism

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Orten’zia Pendant Light

With little gold petals that cast magical (and romantic) shadows, the gold version of the Orten’zia suspended lamp is such a work of art, you almost forget it’s a light fixture. Designed by Bruno Rainaldi for Terzani, tiny metal petals are hand-soldered to make up spheres that are then finished in gold-plate.

The best videogame trailers of E3 2010

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Green Wall for your home

Close to nature organic Green Wall partition for your home. Green Wall divider is designed by Jean-Marie Massaud. See more.

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