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Realistic Paintings by Sarah Graham

Sarah will be appearing at a number of galleries across the UK over the coming months. The shows will feature her latest limited edition canvas prints from her publisher’s Spring Collection, which include ‘Lollipop Carousel’, ‘Pick & Mix’ and ‘Found my Marbles’. And for the first time two of her popular mixed media stencil sketches have been made into limited edition framed prints.
So do come along if you’d like to chat with Sarah about her work and ideas over a glass of bubbles.

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What really Limited Edition Art, Printmaking, Numbering, Digital Prints, Ciclee Prints mean….

Read more http://www.naxart.com/naxblog/2010/6/16/limited-edition-art-printmaking-numbering-digital-prints-cic.html


Ferrari 612 GTO Concept Design | by Sasha Selipanov

Automobile designer Sasha Selipanov of Berlin, Germany caught our eye with this Ferrari 612 GTO concept. More images and information here!

Michael Jackson Minute’s Moonwalk

A Minute’s silence wouldn’t be the right way to remember Michael. There’s a movement online getting people to join and moonwalk to celebrate his amazing life. These are some exclusive images created for the event featuring Michael moonwalking in heaven.

Michael Jackson Moonwalk

Michael Jackson Minutes moonwalk

Michael Jackson

Join the Movement here: http://bit.ly/9MmvmB

Diesel | Timeframes & Jewelry 2010 Collection

Designed by the Diesel creative team, headed up by the Creative Director Wilbert Das, the latest Diesel timeframes and jewelry 2010 collection won’t disappoint. The watches in the Diesel’s X-Ray collection, feature neon green transparent applied pieces, black IP stainless steel, and black sunray dials. More information and product shots here!

Houdini Sportswear | Eco Conscious Designed Gear

Houdini Sportswear’s entire design philosophy is based on form following function and less being more. Houdini’s clothes are built for uncompromising performance,sustainability, versatility and reliability….not to mention making you look good, from mountaintop to white water rapid. Find out more about Houdini Sportswear here!

40 Perfectly Captured Motion Blur Photographs

Motion blur photography is accomplished using slow shutter speeds, panning, or zooming, and can yield very cool results. By moving either the camera or the subject, an awesome sense of motion and action can be captured using these techniques.

This collection showcases 40 perfectly captured motion blur photographs. From travel to sports, dice, pool, and playgrounds, these photographers have managed to perfectly capture the motion in their photographs using motion blur techniques.


Automotive Photography

Car photography is no easy task. Different techniques are used depending on whether they are prowling on the streets or stay put right before your lens. For amateur photographers, it takes great patience and a lot of practice before you can truly bring out the action and elegance in car photography. Panning shots is one of the most challenging things I’ve encountered while doing car photography. Choosing the background is important; the correct background can either gives your car a clear contrast or it can create significant dramatic effect. You don’t want to have a photo of your car blending into the complex city background or a sports car that looks stationary.

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theMonsterMec and BigMec

A new history of theMonsterMec.
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Grand Opening of OMG, Motivate me!

Grand Opening of OMG, Motivate me!
We don’t have much yet, but we plan to be regularly pumping out motivational graphics to help you back on your feet.
Now taking Submissions! Posters coming soon!!

OMG, Motivate me!

Koleston ID Snapshot Makeover