Sunflower Clock

The Sunflower Clock is created by a series of birch wood planks formed in to gentle waves and centered on a black disk to bring to mind the intricate beauty of a sunflower in this re-edition Nelson timepiece from Vitra Design Museum.

Trax Magazine Ad Campaign

Laurent Nivalle Photography

Typography Joke

From the good folks at

Matt W. Moore Graphic Design

Exposed Superhero Sculptures

In this series titled Heroes: The Route of Exposure, sculptor Adrian Tranquilli shows us the rarely seen, vulnerable side of our favorite superheroes.

More pics at My Modern Metropolis.

Bridge & Burn Spring 2010

Bridge & Burn Spring Jackets. More at their website Bridge & Burn.

More at Bridge & Burn.

I am the Trend – Designkins Write up

Read What I am the trend thinks of Designkins newest Movie Theme Tee.

Intoxicating Design: 10 Amazing Bar Gadgets

Humans have been drinking for thousands of years, likely more than history itself can mark. It should come as no surprise, then, to see that designers have worked to enrich the drinking process with amazing tools and glassware and technology. To celebrate the high-design gadgetry of the home bar of the future, here are 10 amazing designer bar accessories for the modern home. More at TheCoolist.

Photography by Mathew Foster


The beauty of fractal / 4 new pieces

Virgin Atlantic’s Gatwick Clubhouse

Michael Landy’s Art Bin

With art from the likes of Damien Hirst, Tracey Emin and Julian Opie alongside public submissions, Michael Landy’s ‘Art Bin’ is a comment on creative failure… see it soon though, it’s set to be destroyed at the end of the week…..


Glasgow 2014 20th Commonwealth Games

Created as a launch vehicle for the new Glasgow 2014 identity as designed by Marque Creative the short piece places athletes in and around urban Glasgow. The film…

via the Design Cove

Pekmez Med ‘Pentax 110′ Series

In her ‘Pentax 110′ photograph series, Croatian artist Pekmez Med utilized low-fi film to emphasize the voyeuristic/fetishistic nature of her subject matter, creating a collection of photo’s that maintain a sense of the underground and its happenings. Featuring various action figures and playthings, ranging from the infamous Barbie to Skeletor, the images are stripped down in their simplicity, but ignite and maintain interest in the viewer. Ultimately, her ‘Pentax 110′ series demonstrates a talent for executing a creative notion to a maximum effect.

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