Vintage Road Safety Posters

Dubai City in 45 Gigapixels !

Vertical Garden for your home

Great for nature lover & the environment!
Plantwall is a new way of integrating greenery in home or public spaces. It’s suitable for home with limited spaces but still like to have some greenery…. Click here for more pics & application of Plantwall.

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Victoria Holguín

Cette photographe vient de Bogota, elle est passionnée par la photographie. Particulièrement attirée par le photojournalisme. A travers ses différents voyages elle a capturé de fabuleux instants. Voici une série spéciale urbanisme à découvrir dans la suite. WWW.ZEUTCH.COM

Sprung Accessories

Product Design student, Hannah Jassim, has rethought the design of the bag, by harnessing the natural properties of plywood in a unique way. She has designed her own range of bags that provide an eye-catching way to carry and protect possessions when on the move. Aimed at young, trend conscious individuals, the range of accessories provides an industrial yet elegant aesthetic, making them ideal for the unisex market.

The project was initially inspired by observing body language within a shopping environment, but soon developed into the psychology behind the shoppers’ behaviour. Through research, Hannah discovered that the chemical dopamine was released within the brain when doing something pleasurable such as shopping. The molecular symbol for dopamine then formed the basis for both the brand and logo, with each bag depicting its unique structural image.

The range of accessories is made from 3 core materials- wood, metal and leather. For the outer layer, plywood is used due to its natural ‘spring’ quality, allowing the bags to open without a hinge. The thin aluminium layer provides strength and an aesthetically pleasing quality, whilst the leather forms the section to hold the contents. These layers are hand stitched together to create the final form for each of the bags.

Oded Ezer – between graphic design, art, science and silliness.

The Typosperma Project, Typoplastic surgery, combining ants with letterforms,… These are just some of the weird and wonderful experiments of artist/typographer Oded Ezer.

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Freshjive Spring/Summer 2010

The new collection of Freshjive are available. More picture on Grafitee

Marlboro Red Exhibit


Slinkachu nous fait partager son projet en cours, intitulé Relics. Une pièce qui permet de remuer quelques réflexions. WWW.ZEUTCH.COM


Camouflage Pendant by ZERO

Camouflage is a light fitting with outreach. Both light and shadow from the lampshade form patterns in the room. The enormous globe has been pressure turned and then perforated by three-dimensional laser cutting – a technique which is frequently used in the motor industry. Click here for more Camouflage Pendant photos and the beautiful ambient in the room.

Boring Pictures by Mothi Limbu

Mothi Limbu is a french graphic designer based in Marseille (south of France). Usually behind his computor, or pencils in hands, infront of a piece of paper, he also push his creativity forward with a minox camera and his new series of “Boring pictures”


Phil Ashcroft

Miele’s CAVE (Computer Aided Virtual Environment) Room

German appliance manufacturers Miele’s ‘CAVE’ room which stands for ‘Computer Aided Virtual Environment’ is used to show how their appliances can work in a scheme, in a completely CGI setting you can actually step into. It allow clients to literally walk around in the proposed setting and experience the full visual idea as well as show products which may not even be in production yet.

Once you put the glasses on, the images become totally 3D and the perspective surrounds you and moves as you do, because of four head tracking cameras tracking the viewer’s movements.

A highly technically sophisticated system of optics, electronics and software developed for the aircraft and automobile industry, the CAVE came at a total cost of 1.6 million euros.

Read the full story at World Interior Design Network’s Interior Design Blog

Retro Style Table Fan

A color coordinated accent that is reminiscent of times past, the Retro Style Fan is your quiet companion. A stylistic, subtle, table-top solution to your comfort needs in any room.