Misprinted Type

Retro yet surrealistic and modern collages and illustrations by Misprinted Type, based in Brazil.
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Flying, yet not

Illustrations exploring 4 dimensions of our reality, Religion | Space | Science | Death

Here represented Science & Death

Full project HERE

Fox Fur Double Hammock by Bless Studio

This hammock was designed be the German design studio Bless and asembled by Germanys most skilful fur artisan. It’s not just luxurious stuff. When you see this fabulous hammock you realize it is a truly spectacular one. And it’s definitely a piece of art. In spite of this it’s quite functional. You could even take it on your next camping trip, just don’t forget to buy appropriate camping accessories ;)

Urbania Magazine

Dans le dernier numéro d’Urbania Magazine, on peut y trouver un photoshoot réalisé par Gabriel Jones à la photographie et Simon Beaudry à la Direction Artistique. Merci Whitezine pour la source. D’autres photos dans la suite. WWW.ZEUTCH.COM

Nokta. by Onur Senturk Nokta on R27

Nokta (Dot) is an abstract film project which is an improvisation of organic pieces while considering themes like power, chance and luck.


Free Desktop Wallpapers from R27

These illustrations / wallpapers were created to sit along side articles for Jazz Vocalist Elli Fordyce. Read the articles here. Each image picks on one aspect in our dialogue and then… well see for yourselves.



Awesome Illustrations by Alec Strang

Here are some awesome artwork pieces by illustrator Alec Strang. Strang is a recent graduate from The London College of Communication. He describes his illustrations as portraits of the darker more fantastical depth of his imagination. He uses mechanical pencils to produce his predominantly black and white images in an attempt to give his characters a feeling of charm and immediacy. I really like the distinct personalities of the characters in his illustrations.

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Photography by Michael Casker

Photography by Michael Casker, more pics and info here.

Isaac Cordal

Almost invisible

No photoshop, just Chinese painter in action..

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12 Great Computer Animated Short Films

Via Cretique Play

Red Hot Stamps Collection

Naughy but really nice stamps design by German illustrator Martin Graf. More images here

Markie Darkie’s extreme toys customizations

You absolutly can’t miss these toys customizations by Markie Darkie, if you like art toys or not. All these wonderful pieces are hand painted and sculpted.
More on koikoikoi.com

New photo series about MUSIC by Marko Mrše

Porteño – Darks streets and old port as inspiration for gentle melodies.

Attitude – Music is a part of an attitude.

Phoenix – Game of creating a new harmony is about reconstructing the old one.

See the whole collage/wallpaper series here.