Rankin “Eat Me Naked”

Pete Doherty par Rankin

Learn more about the Rankin’s exhibition on Le Blog de Yoland.

T-shirts by Ethcs Clothing

A couple of tees from Ethcs Clothing. Designed by New Zealand native Shane G. The Ethcs label has been around for a couple of years but has been pretty exclusive to New Zealand until recently.

design walk 2010 by Indyvisuals & Charis Tsevis

Indyvisuals had to deal with the digital vs analog contradiction and the truth is that we were delighted as almost everything we do combines both technologies and creative processes. So what we finally ended up to, was to invite a really good friend of ours, famous for his work making digital mosaics and invert the whole process. Charis Tsevis was given the symbols as well as the final photo we wanted to use, did his magic and gave us the final piece which consisted of 3 different sized square pieces and 58 varieties of color and size combinations. All this on a 6×2,5m canvas made of 120 columns and 50 rows of a 5×5 pixel grid.
more Design walk 2010

Anton Rhoden


You are looking at some pretty delectable work from Bronx native, Anton Rhoden. Our personal favorite is the sultry geisha, with sakura flowers and a Torii (traditional Japanese gate) added in makes for a much coveted T-shirt. Another interesting piece of a boy, perched on top of a Tetris-like structure. Keep those blocks coming, I say.

Via Ardentees blog

Mirror Balls on a Stand

A new addition to the Mirror Ball collection, the Mirror Ball stand shows a new configuration featuring an array of various sized balls on a robust stainless steel stand. Tightly held in place with industrial strength clamps the stand creates an extraordinary sculptural interior lighting “tree”.

Masked Clothing


Daily Inspiration #61

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Hilarious Old Spice Commercial



For the funniest commercial in the world check out Old Spice on KeepInspiring.Me

Comb Over Carpet

This Studio Graphic Design


Gwigui a new t-shirt brand by Gregory Ferembach. More picture in the link.

Andy Gilmore Illustrations

Fun Loving Criminals – Classic Fantastic

You got to love these guys, The still kick some ass!
Check out the video HERE

Yana Moskaluk

Beautiful work by Yana Moskaluk from Russia!.
Check out more of her wonderful work HERE

saltwater – sunday afternoon photosession

Another sunny afternoon… More on www.saltwater.cc