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Evoke XVII Unity

screen capture 10 Evoke XVII Unity

Evokes 3 year Anniversary release; Unity!

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knit one pearl

Getting cold in Sydney and I want (need) some warmth. Been checking out these great hand knits.

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romp font sml rompfont
typeface design for personal use – “romp” means “to play”. This font is called Rompfont.

More about Jess: she is young not old. freelance not hired. shepherd not sheep. not consumer but PROsumer. Available for contract or permanent work, in London.

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Yay! Monday! Issue #26


Your Personal Room Defender

defender Your Personal Room Defender
Bored with your sisters, brothers or colleagues? Mounted on three gun-turret style legs, the Room Defender will protect your privacy from prying snoopers.


Format Mag Issue 43

format43mdesignyoutrust Format Mag Issue 43 publishes Issue 43 featuring Scifen, Craola, Seth Kushner, Si Scott, One People Project, SEAZ, and more!


Hot Girls of Euro 2008

russian girl 01 Hot Girls of Euro 2008
Girls of football’s EURO 2008 Championship in Austria-Switzerland.


Robert McGinnis

McGinnis Robert McGinnis
One of the most celebrated American illustrators of the 20th century, Robert McGinnis is best known for his era-defining film posters of the ’60s – the 007 films, Barbarella and Breakfast at Tiffany’s just to name a few.

Via The Publics.


The Soviet Moscow

raremoscow The Soviet Moscow
The Moscow, Russia back from 1960. Rare and nostalgie.


United Colors of Bundesliga

kaistuht mladen petric02 United Colors of Bundesliga
Mladen Petric (Borussia Dortmund).

In photographs of German photographer Kai Stuht von Neupauer for Starshot / Periscope Creative, L’Equipe Magazine and Stern Magazine.

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Reina Mia Brill

Knitted wire sculptures.

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Tibetan Flow

ragingblowterificablog Tibetan Flow

A new experimental piece focusing on an influence of subway art mixed with elegant Tibetan hand style.

Grandmaster Slam


Computer Girl at The Null


Anime Inspired Photography

David Omoyele Photography
Click Here for larger Image.

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Belk Department Stores “A Book” Catalogue Concept

2472292547 761417480f o Belk Department Stores “A Book” Catalogue Concept

2472292465 5ac5a748a8 o Belk Department Stores “A Book” Catalogue Concept

By Tom Vincent Creative

When I was developing the concept for the new Belk Department Stores styleguide for their fashion catalogues I had to test my typography concepts. This is an example of a Belk “A book” catalogue (top) and direct mailer (bottom) with my concept applied.