Photographer’s showcase: Francisco Carrera

The world seen by the camera of this Ecuadorian photographer.


Mr. Bean- Very Real Collectible Toy

How real can Mr.Bean be? This collectible figure by Enterbay has the answer. Although shorter (only 30cm tall), this ‘Mr. Bean‘ is as real as the drama character. More pics after the jump!

Creative Photography by Clive Stewart

Clive Stewart is a commercial photographer who lives and works in Johannesburg, South Africa. His clientele includes work for Axe, Coca-Cola, Apple, Ford, Toyota, Nissan, Playstation and more.
Creative Photography by Clive Stewart

Commissions to Zuleta are like this

Chinese ink.
Visit the website:

For the commisions this way.

Colwyn Thomas

Colwyn Thomas is a South African Illustrator from Durban. Colwyn is behind the design studio Stone The Crows.
Colwyn Thomas

endorphin for everybody

website of endorphin, creative agency based in hamburg.
more pictures and link here.

Mugs, Skateboards & Shirts

Designs by Dan Bru. Fine Products Available at Pop-ocalypse

Future Tram for Stockholm City 2025

A project sponsored by Alstom to designed a future autonomous tram for Stockholm City 2025 saw three designers- Vanessa Sattele, Patrik Pettersson & Fredrik Nilsson came up with this double decker tram that designed in a Scandinavian way, being clean, simple and bright at the same time as it is timeless, open and user friendly. More pics after the jump!

Creative Illustrations by Tom Bagshaw

Creative illustrations by Tom Bagshaw, talented UK based illustrator, who is currently showcasing his first-ever solo show at the Knifesmith Gallery in Bristol, UK.
Creative Illustrations by Tom Bagshaw

Save water, Shower together.

watch the video here

Join us. Únete.

unconscious violence shows itself in banners

TBWA/Istanbul has prepared a concsiousness raising campaign for Mor Çatı (Purple Roof), which is a shelter for women who have been subject to domestic violence and/or experienced similar problems. In this campaign they have used the public space to make the impact and see how violence has permeated into the Turkish male psyche.
Watch the video of the campaign at Black Yogurt

Some rare images of Petra ( rose-red city ) From

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Painting with Canvases and a Pellet Gun

Artist Richard Jackson has made a unique series of paintings using canvases as paintbrushes, and shooting paint-dipped lead pellets onto canvases.


75 More Scary Examples of Monster Illustrations

This collection is an extension of a showcase of monster artworks that were published on ForCG a few days ago. You’ll find here 75 more great examples of monster artworks but this time they are mostly 3D renders and not digital paintings like before. Check it out!

75 More Scary Examples of Monster Artworks

d°light Huggable by Diana Lin Design

Made from American standard food-safe silicone, d°light Huggable designed by Diana Lin Design, an innovative combination of ambient lighting and cushion would certainly lighten up your living room!

A furry pillow cover wrapped around a series of 12 LED lights embedded within silicone bubbles where it acts as a diffuser for the LED lights. When the warm-white LED lamps lit up, the technology creates a warm and comforting glow through the natural color of the silicone translucent white which represents sunlight.
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