Dmitry Dmitriev photography

Dmitry Dmitriev is Russian photographer from Saint-Petersburg.

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16 yrs old Rising Star Photographer

British Eleanor Hardwick at 16 years old already shot for Vogue UK, Dazed, 125 Magazine and NEET amongst others… MORE info & pics HERE

Urban Street Art: Shepard Fairey Hits Melrose Avenue

L.A. street artist Shepard Fairey recently put up this piece which can be seen on the busy street of Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles.

More pics at My Modern Metropolis.

showing aroma

work of ruslan mavrodinov student at savannah college of art, usa.
more pictures here.

10+ Awesome 3d Designs by Fernando Di Gasperi

This is the portfolio of an interesting artist: Fernando Di Gasperi, also known as “ferdaviola” on deviantart. Fernando Di Gasperi is a architectural designer from Brazil; his work is very good showing us good rendering images and realistic views for our inspiration.

10+ Awesome 3d Designs by Fernando Di Gasperi

Sten&Lex, ‘Poster Stencils’

Hi, i’m Bob

Sculpture art by Scott Riddle

“I want people to feel the frenzied urgency of my spirit, translated physically, as I create primitive, chaotic shapes combined withintricate obsessions. As I give shape to my own fears, I hope to help others to identify and come to terms with their own”.
Scott Riddle

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Ugur Sahin Aston Martin Gauntlet Concept

On ne peut s’empêcher d’admirer cette ligne si parfaite. L’Aston Martin Gauntlet est le résultat d’un lifting sur la One-77 et la DB AR1. Nous ne pouvons qu’espérer la voir dans nos rues. Voir prier, tant le design est à couper le souffle ! WWW.ZEUTCH.COM



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Blind Walks

The principle behind a ‘Blind Walk’ is simple: strangers meet up in a public place in New York, for example the George Washington statue at Union Square. They put on blindfolds and set about their day’s activity – a walk from Broadway to Times Square. The performance is particularly impressive when there are up to 30 participants – their en masse stumblings throw into confusion the perfectly designed streets of Manhattan. The organisers talk of the ‘social sculpture’ and the solidarity that the participants experience when taking part in the event.

The World of 100 People :: el Mundo con 100 personas

The World of 100 People es una interesante reflexión gráfica sobre: ¿cómo sería la composición del mundo si fuera un lugar en el que viven 100 personas? More in Trecool.


Dry your tears

Detox with Death Bear to mend your broken heart.

On the tip of everyone’s tongues is a bear who was given a whole page in the New York Times. He will provide a shoulder to cry on if ever you need comforting after separating from your partner. You can arrange a meeting by telephone and wait for the day when he arrives at your home, teddybear head on a long human body. Solemn, fascinating and yes, maybe a little sinister, Death Bear inspects your humble abode and decides with you which sentimental objects to get rid of to allow you to move on. He takes all of these unhappy memories away in a big bag; photos, letters and clothes leaving you to start your new life.

FIAT presents an amazing series of audiovisual installations

Michael Myers: Superhero Posters