Hysterical Minds 4: Insanity

The hispanic artgoup Hysterical Minds has released its new pack called Insanity.

Watch the rest here:

Alessandra Ambrosio by Jacques Dequeker

Photographer Salvador Pozo

Visit the studio of New York City-based designer Chris Rubino.

(screen print, digital collage)

(Via Monsieur Bandit)

HIFANA – Crazy breakbeat comes from Japan


FINISHIZER is a CGI and postproduction studio focused on print advertising.
The cool “HTML-only” site include step-by-steps of some interesting campaigns they did (e.g. H-I-S jeasn worldwide campaign)..

San Francisco recreated with Jelly

Design inspiration

Viral Saturday: 10 Funny Videos You Might’ve Missed

8-bit pixels Cosplay !

Robots Having A Treat

The guy who made this is called Tommy Vad Flaaten. Here’s his website: TOMMYVF.COM

Benjamin Lennox Photography

happy 4th

45 Amazing Photo Manipulation of Girls by Machoarts.com

Photography is a beautiful thing but we can make images more beautiful by adding more colors and light effects. Ville Valo said that, “Women are always beautiful.” And it’s totally true. Here we are going to show 45 beautiful Photo Manipulations of Girls.
Check 45 Amazing Photo Manipulation of Girls…

Six Lane

A short film by Syed Syahrul Zarizi about a man living in a developing city but is still plague with old problems-no proper highway. The film is in Malay shot entirely using Canon EOS 550D