Photography by Dimas Apriano

Creative photography by Dimas Apriano, professional photographer, based in Jakarta, DKI Jakarta.
Photography by Dimas Apriano

Photography by Alicja Rodzik

Alicja Rodzik is a Polish photographer living in Aberdeen, Scotland. Her passion is photography and computer graphics.
Photography by Alicja Rodzik

Fierce Emotion – Yuta Onoda

Yuta Onoda doesn’t hold back the emotion in his paintings. Each of his pieces vibrate with energy and are full of life.

More pics at My Modern Metropolis.

New ANZ Bank ad – ANZ Fraud Squad Ballon Ad

This is the second ad in the ANZ Fraud squad series.

[youtube QUBdfHrz6IA&NR=1]

Credits: Paul Riley head of retail product marketing; Melissa Hendrickson
senior manager marketing deposits; Kirsty Tucker senior
manager marketing credit cards; ECD Grant Rutherford; CD Jim
McKeown; creative team Andre Hull and Lee Sunter; business management
Tess Doughty and Kristian Hunt; director Paul Middleditch;
production house The Editors; media agency Mitchells

Photography by Chuck Babbitt

Amazing animals photography by Chuck Babbitt, professional and talented photographer, based in Hawaii.
Photography by Chuck Babbitt

Photography by Andreea Retinschi

Beautiful and glamour portraits by Andreea Retinschi, professional female photographer, based in Bucharest, Rumania.
Photography by Andreea Retinschi

The New Balance 365 Project

Jean-Francois Lepage Photography

Matthew Lyons Illustrations

Puma McQueen giveaway

111VOX was one of the first stores in Scandinavia to sell Puma McQueen online, and they have carried a wide range of shoes and clothing from Alexander McQueen ever since. The tragic news of his unfortunante death saddens us deeply, and it is with grief in our hearts that we say farewell to this amazingly talented designer.

For those of you who loved his design as much as we did, we are giving away one exclusive pair of Puma McQueen shoes of choice to the Polkadot reader who can best describe why this pair of shoes would make a difference in his/her life. Just send your few words to Read more…

Photography By Kevin Van Aelst

Kevin Van Aelst was born in Elmira, New York and did most of his growing up in central Pennsylvania.
Photography By Kevin Van Aelst

Tell him … I love you! With these icons full of love.

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painting and computer disks by Nick Gentry

My first piece of work using floppy disks as a canvas was an image of a fingerprint. To me, this connected the data world with the human physical form using the theme of identity, albeit in an obvious way. After that I looked at using the disks in a grid to create photo-fits, constructing imaginary faces and identities that could draw connections to the personal information stored on the disks. By chance I found that the metal circular hub on the reverse side of the disk worked well as a metaphor for the human eye…

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The 33 Dragons by Kerem Beyit – King of the Dragons

Quentin Tarantino is a monster, Ibraheem Youssef sublimate a little more

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