More images here http://naxnews.squarespace.com/fashion/2009/9/20/textile-sculptor.html


Take a look at more images here http://naxnews.squarespace.com/fashion/2009/9/16/brainless-pleasure.html

Design of Neville Brody

Take a look at more images http://naxnews.squarespace.com/naxmix/2010/1/24/neville-brody.html

Julie Ordon by Greg Kadel

Jan Kriwol Photography

Warsaw based photographer – Jan Kriwol

Turning Everyday Moments into Movie Scenes

Photographer Dom Cruz has a knack for taking ordinary street scenes and turning them into movie-like moments. Snapping candid shots of unsuspecting people on the streets, Cruz sees drama and mystery that most of us might miss. See more at My Modern Metropolis.

Hey, remember Wicket the Ewok from Return of the Jedi? Here’s said dwarf vandalising a shop

Warwick Davis, who you may know as Wicket, Marvin the Paranoid Android, Willow or Professor Flitwick looks to have fallen on hard times!

Vandalising a bookstore
to try and get some recognition for his book, tsk tsk…

Matthew Tammaro Photography

Game We Can’t Miss–The Beautiful Game 11

’11’ is a collaboration of two world-class specialist skills companies – GRO design and Tim model makers. The football table is named after the amount of players on each side. The term ‘the beautiful game’ is often used to describe football/soccer and is the title of Pelé’s book “My Life and the Beautiful Game”. More beautiful photos and info after the jump!

Fire & Ice Coffee Table

The Fire & Ice Coffee Table designed by EcoSmart Fire features an open fire set within a freestanding coffee table. On one end, a recess for your flue less burner, on the other, a recess for storing your own patch of grass or perhaps ice to chill your favorite bottle of champagne. More info & pics here.

Plantoon ‘Kunsthalle’

The good people at Plantoon have given us a look into their breathtakingly designed building in the heart of Seoul, South Korea. Consisting of 28 cargo containers, Plantoon has transformed these building blocks into a haven for the creative subculture in Asia. Kunsthalle offers to be a “program [that] will provide a communication platform for anybody interested in subcultural creative fields like street art, graphic design, fashion, video art, programming, music, club culture, political activism etc.” The half warehouse, half upscale loft plays host to “exhibitions, movie nights, concerts and multimedia performances, workshops, discussion panels and special events.” Take a good look at the pictures above and below, as well as the Kunsthalle Website to get a better idea of how this building flows with creativity inside and out.

More Pictures…

k:fem–Building Special Designed Solely For Fashion

k:fem is Sweden’s first pure fashion department store in a building that is specially designed solely for the fashion. It has been described as a luxurious lacquer box or as a beautiful woman dressed in white silk and veil. The interior is a heavenly light experience and in the evening the exterior is transformed into a giant lava lamp with red lacquer ceiling and large glass facade. More amazing pics & info here.


Trash? Well, You be the judge

argentinia digital art

digital art collages by daniel delgado volchaire aka sidoo2 aka siidore from argentinia.
more pictures here.

Digital Oil Paintings & Petrol Disaster

“An oil painting on a 80.000 square miles ocean canvas with 32 million liters of oil – a unique piece of art.”