Work Design by Duda Pan

Development of all the Visual Identity of the restaurant of Fast-Food Sabore Express. The logo, packages for pizzas and snacks, cardápios of table and cardápios of delivery, uniforms, business cards and all the internal communication of the restaurant were elaborated. More here

Useful reminders by Romain Ferrer

French Designer Romain Ferrer designed a new range of useful green wall stickers (called Sustainable Habit Reminders) for London-based studio Hu2 design. Check the whole range here.

Illustrations by Lorenz Hideyoshi Ruwwe

Artwork by Francisco Perez

Great work by the Miami, Florida based Artist.
Via Unstage (Click here for more)

Les ” New Yorkaises ” From Mat.b

Excellent Watercolor Paintings by Ben Tour

Ben Tour is an artist/painter from Toronto, Canada. Tour obtained his degree in illustration from Sheridan College Oakville, Ontario, Canada. He currently resides and works in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. These are some of his excellent watercolor paintings, I really like his style.

Click here to see the rest of the images.

Secret Yakuza

54 Illustrations by Mariusz Kozik


DanseDance is a great Video by Julien Vallée. Watch DanseDance on HUNDERTMARK

Eagle Moon T-shirt by Fishgun

Look out hipsters, Here’s a new T-shirt with the Moon on it. And an Eagle. A fine greyscale image of the lunar landscape, with a bonus for those who get up close. What’s that you say? Where are the wolves?

Designed by London based Graphic DesignerDexter Hartley‘s alter ego Fishgun and available at Mysoti on American Apparel.

Modular Abstractions

Comlplex abstract patterns by italian artist Flavio Melchiorre

Sberbank 2010 calendar

The Calendar of Sberbank for 2010 was designed with the goal not to get bored when looking at its pages during 12 months. There is only money in the bank calendar. Original, isn’t it?

Actually almost every page has some extra elements having no any concern to money but still they are in to bring the picture more fun.
So look properly.

Russian rubles by russian designers in largest russian bank’s calendar.

Created by fastway. Ideas that rock!


Be part of an upcoming installation store in Singapore by contributing your statement, which will be installed in the structure. Find out more here.

Say It With Chocolate By Jamie Wieck

Designer Jamie Wieck gives chocolate-giving an update with this clever idea: printable chocolates. The individual chocolate “pegs” can be arranged in a box to form a word or short message that is printed on the top inside of the box (thanks to chocolates with a low melting point which allows the chocolate to melt even in room temperature).

Check it out.


Impressive Work from Diane Özdamar