David Plunkert

David Plunkert is an award winning illustrator and graphic designer based in Baltimore, MD.

Rui Ricardo

Creative Illustration by Rui Ricardo, talented male illustrator, based in Matosinhos, Portugal.
Rui Ricardo by Creative Illustrations


Adeline Mai

Adeline Mai is a young French photographer. More about her on AMY&PINK and on her own website.

Christian Northeast

Creative illustrations by Christian Northeast, talented illustrator from Cobourg, Ontario, Canada.
Christian Northeast by Creative Illustrations

50+ Extremely Clever Ads from Around the World

More Images at Cretique

Michael Dykstra Photography

VPRO “The Green Transition”

Spot On ViaComIT’s Blog

Straight after delivering the animations for the “Quants” documentary by Marije Meerman, VPRO wanted us to do a leader for a series of 5 documentaries for the show called “Tegenlicht” (Backlight).

All 5 documentaries show the European and world-wide transition we are currently in, involving the big transition to more sustainable energy recources and generation. “The Green Transition”

Bertoia Stools

Harry Bertoia’s 1952 experiment bending metal rods into practical art produced a revered collection of seating, including this Barstool. The Bertoia Barstool is innovative, comfortable and strikingly handsome. The Bertoia Barstool is offered Unupholstered, with a Seat Cushion or Full-Cover upholstery. Available in your choice of four different frame finishes. Cushioned/Fully Covered versions can be customized to your precise needs with a range of upholstery textiles and colors.

Artist Day: Isaiah Stephens

Artist Day Isaiah Stephens
Artist Day Isaiah Stephens
Artist Day Isaiah Stephens

This is the portfolio of an interesting artist: Isaiah Stephens, also known as “isaiahs” on deviantart. Isaiah Stephens is a traditional artist from United States; his drawings are really natural and beautiful showing that tradicional art is very amazing too. Blending handmade drawing with realistic style, he presents us with fascinating women.

Artist Day: Isaiah Stephens

Artist Day: Wangli

Artist Day Wangli
Artist Day Wangli
Artist Day Wangli

This is the portfolio of a talent artist from Republic of China: Wangli, also known as “feimo” on deviantart. Wangli has great skills, her drawings are a mix of much beauty, delicacy and sensitivity.

Check out more illustrations by Wangli here.

Flickr Friday – #9



For the full series of featured images check out Flickr Friday – 9 on KeepInspiring.Me.

Heather Scholl

Creative and commercial illustrations by Heather Scholl, LA based illustrator, who work with clients as: Boeing, 3M Today, Bloomberg Financial Review, Delta Sky, Ms Magazine, Seattle Weekly, Ganette, Kube 93 FM, Mix Magazine, American Lung Association.
Heather Scholl

Bonnier – The Magazine of the Future Now

Back in December of 2009 I posted an article titled “Bonnier Mag+ Prototype – The Magazine of the Near Future.” This near future is now a reality, Bonnier just informed me of the release of their first digital magazine. They have taken the first step towards their Mag+ vision by building a Popular Science digital magazine for the iPad. Popular Science+ is available for download today in the iTunes store for the lucky iPad owners.

Click here to watch the video.

Photos by Habanasucia.

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