Amazing Works by Kai Spannuth

creepy vintage ads

Glamour Photography by Nicolle Clemetson

Creative High Impact Portrait Photography by Nicolle Clemetson. Nicolle is professional glamour and portrait photographer, who based in Phoenix, Arizona.
Glamour Photography by Nicolle Clemetson

Photography By Karin Eberhard

Beautiful macro photography by Karin Eberhard, young female photography, who only 14 years old.
Photography By Karin Eberhard

Loft sur Loire

A couple of designers decided to do build an incredibly long swimming pool into a Penthouse in the center of france, just next to a river.
The interior of the Penthouse looks a lot like a Yacht and every part of it is modular.

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nothing less than surprising – Felix Gephart

fg graffiti

Starting up sketching wildstyles and being enthusiastic about the precision and inventiveness of Graffiti-giants like Amok and Kaos from Berlin, his main focus became elaborate wildstyle pieces, executed in various Hall of Fames and shut-down industrial areas. Many of those pieces he did together with his brother Matthias, a passion both share up to now.

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Dr. Denim S/S 2010

Agency: Dragster Kommunikation
Client: Dr. Denim Jeansmakers
Brand: Dr. Denim Jeansmakers
Copywriter: Catja Björklund
Art Director: Dan Stendahl
Illustrator: Alexander Åkerström
Category: Fashion
Photographer: Jonatan Fernström
Other credits: Therese Olander, Freddy Olsson, Jonas Skoglund, Petter Jarenskog, Martin Johansson, Marcus Dalgren, Martin Joelsson, Maria Melkersson, Jessica Nilsson,

Flavio Melchiorre

Photography By Katarina Stefanovic

Absolutely amazing landscape photography by Katarina Stefanovic, superb talented female photographer.
Photography By Katarina Stefanovic

60 Beautiful Oriental Style Artworks

oriental beautiful illustration
oriental beautiful illustration
oriental beautiful illustration

The art of oriental countries has been inspiring people for hundreds of years. These artworks reached even higher heights of expression with the rise of Internet. Nowadays, thousands of artists can share their personal visions of the orient and other cultures too.
60 Beautiful Oriental Style Artworks

Inspired Giveaway – Three Huge Prints from Alex Mathers, Noper & Xavier Gallego

We’re giving away three huge posters (63 x 43.5 inches) offered by Uprinting and our friends Alex Mathers, Noper and Xavier Gallego.

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The Effing Typeface

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Cool Works by Pawel Nolbert

Photography by Hengki Koentjoro

Amazing and very professional fine art photography by Hengki Koentjoro, talented photographer, who shoot black and white landscapes.
Photography by Hengki Koentjoro

Behind the Scenes with Matthew Lyons