Pretty Woman Garden Tools

Spring is a hot season for gardening. Its time to buy new garden tools! if you think that garden accessories couldn’t be a piece of art, you should look at this beautifull fork and trowel and change your thoughts! This Pretty Woman garden tool set by Celia Birtwell contains aluminium fork and trowel with gorgeous hand drawn prints, inky florals in cream and Aztec prints. Both with an ergonomic grip and printed over with one of Birtwell’s trademark lively, pretty designs. It packed in a pretty strippy box and could be a great gift:)

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Kevin Peterson ‘Graffiti Girls’

Houston based artist Kevin Peterson has created a series of visually stunning painting called ‘Graffiti Girls’. The oil paintings combine landscapes focused on street art with young girls in the foreground, rendered in astonishing photo-realistic detail. Peterson’s combination of themes in ‘Graffiti Girls’ is both aesthetically seamless and brilliantly executed.

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Zim & Zou ‘Paper Game’

The artistic duo of Thibault Zimmerman and Lucie Thomas, otherwise known as Zim & Zou, have created ‘Paper Game,’ an amazing reproduction of a classic Gameboy constructed entirely out of paper. Anyone who has ever owned or played a Gameboy is sure to appreciate this piece’s fantastic details. Zim & Zou’s ‘Paper Game’ is a visually stunning piece that creatively uses analog materials to recreate its digital subject matter.

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“Tattoo Jew” Documentary

“Tattoo Jew” is documentary about Jewish people getting Jewish-themed tattoos as expressions of individuality and pride; people who feel more connected to their roots by displaying a modern Jewish identity permanently etched in ink upon their skin. This project explores the intersection between traditional Jewish culture and the current popularity of tattoos.”

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Ruadh DeLone

Dutch photographer Ruadh DeLone’s ‘Faces of History’ series brings individuals such as Sigmund Freud and Albert Einstein to life through a little creativity, and a lot of shaving cream. WWW.ZEUTCH.COM

Saab Aero X


Psdeluxe first anniversary mega giveaway

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Basel & Zurich Photography

Clarks ‘Light’ Installation by Roso

Casa Lever, New York

dunhill A/W10 Installation by Campaign

Photography by Karine Basilio

Fashion photography by Karine Basilio, more pics and info here.

Bald Guy Uses His Head for Art

A guy named Philip Levine was going bald, so he started to use his head as a canvas for art.


Dragos Jieanu on Portfolios

More works on Portfolios
And 2007 Demoreel