Puma Siluro SF – Ferrari

Motorsport-inspired shoes from Puma & Ferrari. More details & pictures here !

Flying cows

The day has arrive

Fauna autóctona por Juan Weiss

One Pretty Face

New works, a few more at my Behance.

Russ Mills, an illustrator with a artistic signature really grunge

More on Zéfulon

Photography By Lithium Picnic

Philip Warner is an award-winning freelance portrait and entertainment photographer based in Houston, TX.
Photography By Lithium Picnic

Cool Illustration by Dan Howard

Abandoned Gas Stations by Eric Tabuchi

35 Amazing “Single Letter Logos” – Power of One!

Photography By LSD S.R.L

Creative advertising photography by LSD s.r.l. , a great Italian photography and image manipulation studio.
Photography By LSD S.R.L

Exclusive Backstage at Ralph Lauren (NYFW 2010)

Exclusive Backstage photography by Nathan Copan at Ralph Lauren (NYFW 2010) – From the sketches to the runway – More info & pics HERE

Useful Web Design and Development Books

Useful Web Design and Development Books

I was going to use the adjective essential in the title rather than useful but no one book is essential when it comes to learning web design. There are thousands of online tutorials to help you master the profession and there are dozens if not hundreds of books on all aspects of web-based creativity. Not having access to any one book will stop you from learning your desired skill but some books will greatly assist you in the process. 10 of these such books are below.


Amazing Works by Heri Irawan

Clockwork Orange

Following the success of Hitchcock 4 Haiti (Still available @ – http://needle1.wordpress.com/2010/01/21/hitchcock-4-haiti/
I am donating the proceeds from Kubrick prints (The Shining and Clockwork Orange)

Individual Prints = £25.00/€28.00/$42.00


Payment via Paypal (Address – matt.needle@hotmail.co.uk)

Available to ship worldwide A.S.A.P


Chris Fortuna

Chris Fortuna

Fashion and celebrities’s photographies by the talented Chris Fortuna, who worked with Richard Avedon, Helmut Newton and Paolo Roversi.
More pics on Le Blog de Yoland.

Photography By Michael Muller

Michael Muller is an American photographer known for his celebrity and advertising photos.
Photography By Michael Muller