Photography by She Is Frank

Fashion photography by She Is Frank, more pics and info here.

Ji Yong Ho

Ji Yong Ho – Awesome Sculptures Made Of Tires.
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Photography By Silvia Bratanova

Beautiful portrait photography by Silvia Bratanova, talented female photographer, based in Bulgaria
Photography By Silvia Bratanova

DHL 24 Hours Online Tracking ‘Courier’

Courier 1
To generate buzz for the DHL Online Tracking among the business community, a group of couriers were posted around the Beijing’s Central Business District. A white silhouette of a computer cursor were placed on their back as they walk around, quite literally demonstrating the possibility of constant tracking of your DHL parcel!

This simple stunt/ live activity had effectively resulted in an apparent drop in parcel enquiry recorded by the DHL phone tracking system while online tracking click counters surged.

Translation: 24 Hours Online Tracking.

Source: Michael Wong

Citroen DS3 Racing

Amazing Citroën DS3 Racing. More pictures here !

The Evolution of Dubai

dubai evolution architecture urban
dubai evolution architecture urban
dubai evolution architecture urban

Dubai is part of the seven emirates of United Arab Emirates (UAE). It has successfully become one of the most famous and sophisticated cities around the world in just a short period of time. In order to understand the evolution of Dubai, we’re going to travel in space and time investigating the nature, society and technology that surround this sunny futuristic city.
The Evolution of Dubai

Urban Hall of Fame: Parks

jardindessai alger urban park
mangal das garcas belem urban park
japanese garden portland urban park

The park is one of the most important part of cities, it’s a place where cities can showcase their natural beauty and people can relax in the recreation, sports and cultural venues. This is a collection of the best urban parks, waterfronts and gardens all over the world.
Urban Hall of Fame: Parks

cora design studio

The new brazilian studio CORA launches their new site. Check this out!

laFraise/Edgar Allan Roll by Jared Nickerson

25 incredible photographs of hands striking originality

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Design an Underwater Omega Code Poster

Omega Code is a band that ran a massive design contest to create interest in their music, by allowing designers to use their unique triangle logo and compete to win the contest. Many of the Omega Code posters are masterful works of art, and range from steampunk to retro space. One style that wasn’t seen, however, was an underwater take on the Omega Code.

In this tutorial, you’ll learn step by step how to create a brilliant 3D shatter triangle effect, and then combine it with a background and familiar underwater elements to create a brilliant finished work. From polygons in 3D Studio Max, bombs to shatter the geometry, and incredible underwater creatures added in Photoshop, you’ll learn everything you need to create your own digital artworks.

Let’s get started!

A Visual Trip – The Portfolio of Pedro Sarmiento


A Visual Trip is the portfolio of recent graduate Pedro Sarmiento. His main study is Graphic Design but also dwells in Web Design. Check out his portfolio at Drop by, leave his a message.

Amazing Illustrations by Mario Wibisono

Wau! Mauzilla arms are here!

be a creative figheter in the Mauzilla arm! get this paper card, make a photo in your area with you and then send it

Via Mau Russo desing

theotherstream updates!

theotherstream updates with a lot of new work here are just some of the pieces, check for much more!!