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lapin Lapin
OMG, Lapin rabbit from Fontastica font foundry.


The Existence of Typography in a Visual World

cover The Existence of Typography in a Visual World
Love the book cover.



pulse Kalenteri
Calendar? Bigger image here.


London Typography Massacre

london London Typography Massacre
This is crazy thing!


Cocaine Mule Wallpapers

cocaine Cocaine Mule Wallpapers
I found some very awesome wallpapers, presented by Cocaine Mule, a retailer of bags and accessories for the middle man. Enjoy.


Improve Your Flexibility

radiator Improve Your Flexibility
Anyone who enjoys the water has dreamed of something which would be better than a wetsuit. Something which would be super warm and comfortable and yet still so light that it would be totally unrestrictive – well it’s here and it’s called RADIATOR.

Photos, Style

FTV Sexies

flor 01 FTV Sexies
New sexiest photos from lovely Florencia.



playmoo Playmoo
Playmoo, very cooOool illustrator from France.


Ritxi Ostariz

iikki Ritxi Ostariz
iikki is the online portfolio of Ritxi Ostariz, designer from Bilbao, Spain.


“Do you know what you eat?”

greenp Do you know what you eat?
Do you know what you eat? The DNA of genetically modified plants may contain the genes of insects, animals or even viruses. These products may potentially cause harm to your health. Look for GMD free sign on the package.

Design, Style

CoSTUME NATIONAL Has Launched Its New Blog

cnc CoSTUME NATIONAL Has Launched Its New Blog
CoSTUME NATIONAL has just launched its new blog about fashion, street-style and everything related to collection inspiration & feelings. Come visit brand new Community and Join in to be informed on latest events, starting from the latest online casting on MySpace to new events, castings and competitions.

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“I Am Legend” in 4:35

[youtube e8H9NuT5dLw]
“Preaching the End of the World” performed by Chris Cornell.

Art, Technology


mori Oneness
Mariko Mori, famous Japanese artist, and her UFOs.

Inspirations, Web


puppy Digipuppy
Experimental digital puppy representing by Jeremy Rotsztain.



hello Hello!
Fantastic patterns and colour amusements of Daniele De Nigris.