Digital Oil Paintings & Petrol Disaster

“An oil painting on a 80.000 square miles ocean canvas with 32 million liters of oil – a unique piece of art.”


The world of Matt Gaser


Lou Beach

In a perfect World

Catrin Dulay thought about what would be differen in a perfect world

Laser Stage Suit

Rice Kreepies, Fat Iron Man and other stuff by Wayne Harris

Rain Drum

Castleford Bridge – Award winning pedestrian bridge in West Yorkshire

Castleford Bridge, a pedestrian crossing which snakes across the River Aire in West Yorkshire and over the boiling waters of a weir, inspired a creative approach. It has won the 2009 RIBA CABE Public Space Award and a Civic Trust Award among others.

Designers have used light to make a new pedestrian bridge in West Yorkshire a focus for the community as well as making the turbulent post-weir water below it a sensational feature.

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TZ3 Corsa


Le carrossier italien Zagato possède des liens historiques forts avec Ferrari et Alfa Romeo. A la demande d’un collectionneur, Zagato a donné naissance à cette TZ3 Corsa, qui fête le centenaire d’Alfa. WWW.ZEUTCH.COM

10 free pixelated fonts – part1

These fonts are very close to technology and computers. Instead of hi-tech style, many of them represent computer early ages. If you are not in your teens anymore, I am sure you’ll remember Atari, Commodore and the games featuring pixelated graphic and fonts. Anyway, if you are looking for fonts like that, take a look below. I put together a list of 20 free pixelated fonts. Download and enjoy! :)

Finger Five Free Font

Blinkie 10 Free Font

Trick 12 Free Font

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Je vous le donne en mille… Acadalus, petit fabricant suisse de trépieds, sort une tête de trépied robotisée qui met toute seule votre appareil photo à l’horizontal. WWW.ZEUTCH.COM

Playstation 4 Concept

Revealing the Playstation 4 (PS4) concept by designer Tai Chiem. The PS4 console would feature transparent surfaces made for adaptive touch screens, with a glossy black round compartment to place the discs of your choice. More info & concept photos of PS4 here.

wei-chieh shih x 200 ld Stage Suit


Il aura fallu pas moins de 200 diodes lasers au designer taiwanais Wei-Chieh Shih pour élaborer cette jacket en nylon un peu spéciale. De quoi être un « king » sur la piste de danse … Je vous laisse la découvrir en détail dans la suite. WWW.ZEUTCH.COM

Stuart Pearson Wright

Cowboys, courtiers, Keira Knightly and country and western – welcome to the strange world of artist Stuart Pearson Wright!