Studio 360: St Valentin Challenge

February 14th is a day that lives in infamy — for some of us, at least. It has evolved into something to dread, not love. Valentine’s Day is loaded with pressure and stuck in an aesthetic rut: The Hearts. The Everything Red. The Chocolates. The Roses. We think Valentine’s Day needs makeover and we want your help.

Photography by Gavin Bond

Gavin Bond is currently one of the world’s hottest living portrait and fashion photographers. Gavin Bond is a graduate of London’s infamous St. Martin’s School of Art.

Photography by Gavin Bond

Andreas M. Wiese

Exit Through The Gift Shop – A Banksy Film

Monica Antonelli photographer

Giorgio Armani S/S 2010 campaign by Josh Olins

Professional Photos by Chris Rochelle

Chris Rochelle uses a Photo Porst Quarter Plate Camera from 1896 and coats the plates with a film emulsion to produce images such as the ones that make up his 2005/2009 series Hampstead Heath.
Professional Photos by Chris Rochelle

Weekly Inspiration – #9

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Creative Portraits by Ian Pool

Toronto based photographer Ian Pool imagines the lives of superheroes if they were average people. In comic books and movies, superheroes are extraordinary people.
Creative Portraits by Ian Pool

CH.AIR “Special Edition” by Laisr

Portraits on Glass Bottles

Portrait paintings on empty glass bottles by Meghan Paterson. Lovely idea!

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Javier Tles photographer

Currency for iPhone: So Simple, Yet So Powerful

Knowing the value of the world’s currencies is always useful information. As I was thinking about what app I was going to review today, I had a realization.

Complete 2010 Pirelli Calendar

Friday Featured Artist #14: Moon