Famous Visual Services

Interview with talented Aussie studio….

READ IT – With more brilliant images of their work

iPad Cozy by CraftSanity


Claridge’s Rebrand by Construct

Beautifully refined rebrand of London’s iconic Art Deco hotel….


Blue in Green print by jp33

available as a 12×12 print

membertou 400

visual ads for the membertou 400 festival in halifax, canada.
more ads here.

New tripping series by Flavio Melchiorre

queen/2010 © flavio melchiorreking/2010 © flavio melchiorrejoker/2010 © flavio melchiorre
New amazing pattern design made by the italian artist Flavio Melchiorre. Enjoy it!

2010 Fifa World Cup wallpapers collection

Trouble Andrew Mixtape with Diplo, Santigold, Amanda Blank, etc.

the Design Cove | Photography by Kseniya Vetrova

numero 10: the worst job in the world

You may be a sucker graphic designer or a loser account executive. Don’t worry, the Swiss ad firm Numero 10 has thought of you, too. They offer you the worst job in the world.
Watch the ad at Black Yogurt.

Photography by Emily Abay

Photography by Emily Abay, more pics and info here.

Shame I wasn’t there!

You missed the event of the year? You missed the big day?
Shame I wans’t there” rewards those who missed the target once again!
becose do the right thing does not always pay… it’s time for d-night meeting in Follonica – Italy
TSHIRTS are ready @ 9 euro BUY NOW!



Fotografia de Paulo Riquelme

10 Articles that Suggest Android Might Take Over


More infos here : WWW.ZEUTCH.COM