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TBWA\RAAD Design Lab’s “The Fridge Posters”

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The Brief
The Dubai music scene is barren at best. The Fridge is one of the only live, grassroots music venues filling this cultural-void. Located in the industrial district of Al Quoz in a remote warehouse, it’s too underground. The audience that wants it, doesn’t know about it. The Fridge needs to build awareness, without going mainstream.

The Solution
The posters created follow the feel of the venue: organic, approachable, down to earth. The raw look, the hand-drawn typography keeps the place safe from trend chasers. The ‘musical creatures’ invite people to ‘find music’ in the most unexpected place, maybe even a remote, industrial warehouse.

Creative Ad: Moon Striker

JAM Adelaide designed this creative billboard for the Adelaide United Football Club to promote their night games. The ad cleverly reinforces the night aspect of the game by having a player on the billboard interact with the “moon,” which was attached above the poster with a pole, painted black.

via My Modern Metropolis

Christiane Vleugels “Raipun”

Painting of Christiane Vleugels “Raipun” More on caffeedezin
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House Of The Devil

The Silent Giants just released a new poster for a rad B-Movie called House of the Devil, be sure to check it out and pick up one of these great posters….there isn’t many left, so grab one quick!

Process: Branding Ian Matteson

ian matteson
ian matteson
ian matteson
ian matteson
Designer Shelby White created this beautiful identity for Salt Lake City photographer Ian Matteson. This process covers the brand objectives, logo development, color, typography, and business materials.

See full project here.

Minimalist TV Show Posters

paintings & prints by Michele Rosenthal

Mark Zuckerberg portriat by Emily Shur

A portrait of the face that created Facebook avilable at Hideout Gallery in limited edition prints signed and number by the artist.

Daily Inspiration #54

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Creative Advertising Photography by Achim Lippoth

Achim Lippoth is a German photographer and film director best known for using child models to stage scenes from everyday life.Lippoth was born in Ilshofen, Germany in 1968 and is currently living in Cologne
Creative Advertising Photography by Achim Lippoth


Julio Rocha aka SatansMothers is a graphic designer who likes to make large collages in his spare time.

Aasland Talk Show Vignette

[vimeo 9501766]

More stuff

Me and my bro made this for Markus J.C. Andersson to be used in his school revue.

60% Cinema 4D, 40% After Effects
80% Markus Vad Flaaten, 20% Tommy Vad Flaaten

It was intended to be an imitation of the well-known Swedish-Norwegian talk show “Skavlan”. See the vignette here: svtplay.se/v/1887304/skavlan/del_5_av_11?sb,p102975,1,f,-1

Weekly Smashing Web Design Inspiration – #6

Weekly Smashing Web Design Inspiration

We love web design and go through a lot of websites every day for inspiration. We save the websites which inspire most and showcase them every week for our readers as a Weekly Smashing Web Design Inspiration collection.


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