MUJI CD Player

mujicdplayer MUJI CD Player
The MUJI CD Player will make you listen to CDs again.


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Not filled poster to musical event for teaser…
Other works

BBC BLAST Studio: Create art in Real-Time

Visit BBC BLAST Studio now and take control of some creative devices. [via fff]
bbcblast BBC BLAST Studio: Create art in Real Time
tweetthis BBC BLAST Studio: Create art in Real Time


Music video for russian post-rock band Sistra
[vimeo 4645261]


OFFF 2009 Sponsor Titles

[vimeo 4558827]
An entertaining title sequence for the upcoming design and technology event, OFFF 2009.

Notes about this video from OFFF:

Onesize premiered their astonishing titles for the festival sponsors. And they were huge! An extremely inspired eight minutes piece where art and branding converges in the most wise way possible. The work mixes video and 3D under a retro aesthetics where everything fits just perfectly. We love it! Thanks, Onesize: you made us happy!

Link via Scene 360 Illusion

Henry Darger

Henry Darger was a true artist. Following his death in ’73, after a solitary life working as a janitor, his legacy was discovered. Today, 35 years after his death, his legacy in art, rocknroll, illustration, and counterculture is undeniable… Here then are a few images taken from his his amazing 15,143 page manuscript titled The Story of the Vivian Girls, in What is known as the Realms of the Unreal, of the Glandeco-Angelinnian War Storm, Caused by the Child Slave Rebellion:
HenryDargercath Henry Darger
HenryDarger1 Henry Darger
For a 12 pic collection of his work (all in higher res) follow this link to colectiva.

saturation dream2

ry 02 saturation dream2

saturation dream

rtcop11ycopycopycopy saturation dream

MaxShop “Naked” Campaign

Brain Orchestra

Science beyond DYT Brain Orchestra

“ What we want to show here
is the use of your brain
without your body ”
Anna Mura – SPECS group

Info, video and photos here!

You’re Ugly.

IMG 7470 Youre Ugly.

New illustration by Shalimar Luis. More.

As Good as Any God

paper animal As Good as Any God

These sculptures are created with wood, paint, and nails, by AJ Fosik.

Link via Scene 360 Illusion

Photographer Lenny Wolf

Milky Dressed Girls

mlk1 Milky Dressed Girls
In photographs by Andrey Razoomovsky. + How-to process inside!

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KULTE x Six Strokes by Thomas Cantoni

This is the story of a fruitful pollination between a talented graphic designer, a still unknow budding artist who brust into the sphere which welcomed him warmly, creating a great artistic brainstorming, a creative explosion, which would, a few months later, bring a delightful range of T-shirts into the world, black&white sextuplets that would be christened the “SEEDS”
SeedCanto KULTE x Six Strokes by Thomas Cantoni
This season, the Kulte “Seed” is Thomas Cantoni a french graphic designer, presenting to us his real passion for cars.