Collection of beautiful female photographs

Here is the collection of most beautiful, gorgeous females photographs from Deviantart. See all these beautiful girls and you can download these photographs for your desktop also.
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Friday Fashion Finds #8

Ziemowit Maj Graphic Design

Illustrations by Nathan Fox

Kno Tablet | A Duel Screen Digital Ecosystem

While everyone was paying attention to Apple’s iPad, someone revolutionized the textbook, higher education, and learning itself in one crazy, bold move. Yes, Kno is a digital textbook and yes, it’s a whole new ecosystem. The Kno packs two 14.1″ (1440 x 900) spacious panels, touch-screen interaction with stylus support, sharing and a community. Kno is everything a textbook was, and will be. More information, images and video here!

Illustrations by Nicole Guice

Nicole Guice is a 23 year old fashion illustrator based in Los Angeles. She basically lives within her sketchbook, spending each second she gets drawing and elaborating amazing pieces of detailed, graceful and über-feminine illustrations.


Photography by Morten Marten

Via Oh, Snap!

Constructed Environments by Jason Burch

The absurdity of man and his relationship to the environment is brought to light in this though-provoking set, titled Constructed Environments, by Jason Burch. See more at My Modern Metropolis.

Top 10 Reasons to Hate Kobe Bryant.

4th & Forever just posted a pretty funny list of the Top 10 Reasons to Hate Kobe Bryant.

New Tees by Fourth is King

Illustrations by Victoria Price

Victoria is based in Sarasota, Florida.
Via Recave

Adidas Cantina 2010

Probably the best spot of all time, made by Adidas, With Snoop Dogg, Daft Punk, Noel Gallagher, David Backham and more … in the middle of a star wars scene. AMAZING

More pics and most importantly the video are here

Flickr Friday Photography – #18




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Eduard Erlikh

Creative fashion illustrations by Eduard Erlikh. The colours and shapes of his illustrations are beautiful.
Eduard Erlikh

Popping bubbles Calendar

“Popping bubbles is something everyone loves.” It’s true & I love it very much. Read more…