The Cuckoo’s Nest – Gameshow Open

The Cuckoo’s Nest- A Fear-Factor-ish kind of game show.
The Open is basically a tour around the show’s house with such rooms as an “Oil Room”, “Upside-Down Room” etc…

[vimeo 9267123]

The Cuckoo’s Nest – Gameshow Open from Ben Naaman on Vimeo.

Sexy chupa chups

63 Reasons to Stop Smoking

Fera Fera

Fera Fera is a young t-shirt brand from Los Angeles. -10% with GRAFITEE code.

70+ of the Best Free Fonts for Graphic Designers.

We present to you a collection of some of the best free fonts available for use in design work.
Via Unstage (Click here to view Collection)

Nike redesign

Nike Redesign by Maxime Nilov.

The 24 versions on whitezine

Photography – Amber Gray

The incredible works of Photographer-Director Amber Gray.
More on Designaside.

Daily Picks #6

daily picks

Here I will be posting the most inspirational images found throughout the web. Feel free to send your “Daily Picks” and I will make sure to post your picks as well as credits ;)

See the rest of the post here

Beyond Beautiful – Antoine Verglas

Paris-born Antoine Verglas takes fashion photography to a whole new level. Using great color, composition, and texture, he captures gorgeous shots of models in their natural setting. The images are so full of life, they almost jump out at you.

More pics at My Modern Metropolis.

Spec-work in Logo Design – Boon or Bane?

MWM : Crystals & Lasers.

MWM : Crystals & Lasers. Exhibition & Artwork Photos. My month in Paris, things seen and places been, behind the scenes in my painting laboratory, the mural, the awesome opening reception, and the 17 new canvas paintings.

I am very pleased with how the canvases turned out. A clear evolution from my Parallel Universe Series (June 2009 : Sao Paulo, Brazil) but still with the scrambled vision, hypercolors, and op-art zing.

The show runs through March 12th. Swing through and please pass the word to your friends in France and beyond :) View Full Slideshow.

100 Abandoned Houses by Kevin Kevin Bauman

Erika Iris Simmons

She creates illustration with cassette and film tape. And she does amazing thing with it.
Check out more of her artworks HERE

Where will the ocean take you next?

12 Photos of Vinyl Toys in Interesting Places