Winter’s Hands…

ATAW Icehands Glow 01 Winters Hands...
Ice hands in the city! These are urban “sketchbook” interventions to create a more provocative and interesting urban experience. From our ‘Natural Urban Interventions’ series at www.at-aw.com

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Aneta Kowalczyk – Dark, Sexy, Beautiful Portaits

anetakowalczyk14 Aneta Kowalczyk   Dark, Sexy, Beautiful Portaits
At first glance, Aneta Kowalczyk’s portraits really stand out. She sends a bold statement through these dark, classical shots and protrudes a deep sense of confidence through her beautiful models.

More pics at My Modern Metropolis.

The Cream Of Australia

eamodonnelly3 The Cream Of Australia
Australian Illustrator Eamo Donnelly work is full of colors and details – More Info & Pics HERE
eamodonnelly5b The Cream Of Australia
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Awesome Rain

[vimeo 3306247]
A personal project created in After Effects by Versa studio.

Video selection via Scene 360 Illusion

UNIQUE iPhone socks

P1000390 UNIQUE iPhone socks

The first collection with 12 graphics in 8 colors is online now!
english or german

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In One’s Heart / After love comes sorrow

[vimeo 3186735]
“The happiness become a sadness because the state of happiness is not forever and has changed or gone.” by DongHyun Kim. Storyboard is here.

Overlap by Audrey Kawasaki

OverlapAudreyKawasaki Overlap by Audrey Kawasaki
Just wanted to share this new 2009 painting from one of our favorite artists, Audrey Kawasaki. This print was exclusively created for the Outre Gallery in Melbourne Australia. Only 200 signed and numbered prints were available. They have sold out.

via My Modern Metropolis.

sam webber paints

halloween sam webber paints
Sam Webber’s works in ink, water colour, and acrylic, which is then scanned and finished in photoshop. brilliant.
more at: youmightlikethis.com

Graffiti Girl

troytcoburn1 Graffiti Girl
Australian fashion photographer Troyt Coburn sets his model in front of colorful graffiti murals.

More pics at My Modern Metropolis.

Gary Salter

garysalterphotography Gary Salter
Gary Salter Pictures made me laugh, his style and lighting are great, Love it ! – More Info & Pics HERE
garysalterphotography8 Gary Salter
garysalterphotography6 Gary Salter

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confusion Confusion
01 there are no forbidden thoughts 01 Confusion
Top image from the “Confusion” (2002) installation, and bottom image from another show “There are No Forbidden Thoughts” (2007) by Ivanov Pravdoliub. Despite the minimalist setup, the carpet cut off and this car park object moving up from its base, it does cause some confusion in one’s mind… these installation are really to mess the spectator’s brain.

Link via Scene 360 Illusion

Jim type

typo Jim type

Tipografia experimental – www.laboratoriodetipos.com.ar

Dehisce Linomation Print – Hand Carved Animation

[youtube F8dJFPE0StE]

This project is for “The Art of Lost Words” Exhibition, taking place in London from 5th March 2009 till 9th March 2009, for more information about the exhibition visit:
I chose the Word Dehisce from a list of Lost words.
work by: Mark Andrew Webber

More information click below:

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Say Hello, World!

hello Say Hello, World!
A “Hello, World” hellostream.