Superbowl : Coca-Cola


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Illustrations by Jace Wallace

Illustrator based in Sarasota, Florida.
Unstage (Click here for more)

4×6 Postcard Pack



For the generous, this humble pack of postcards is a way to bring color into the lives of friends and loved ones while letting them know that you care enough to write using an actual pen with your actual hand, and not just a status update typed on a keyboard. Send your college roommate a quick update adorned with classic 80’s cars. Show your nephew how Eclipses really take place (no matter what his parents have told him.) Show grandma you care with a quick note carried on the backs of Japanese feudal mech warriors.

Or for the less altruistic, keep them all yourself as a set of miniature art prints.

Each 4″x6″ set of 5 cards comes with one of each image and is available for sale through my site

Cool Kids Never Die

Johann’s Illusions by Kit Grill

A set of four paintings using colour’s from Johann Goethe’s colour theory triangle along with illusion techniques. All images are originals, each hand one hand painted with acrylics.

More work can be seen at /

30 The Best jQuery plugins inspired from Twitter and Facebook

jquery plugins
jQuery is a fast and concise JavaScript Library that simplifies HTML document traversing, event handling, animating, and Ajax interactions for rapid web development. jQuery plugins are an integral part of modern web design. jQuery plugins gives web designers a wide range of activities and opportunities to develop a wide range of variation effects to your websites. The plugins below will allow you to insert in to your website very interesting effects of Social media giants: Twitter and Facebook. If you want to create Facebook like Twitter fan page or Facebook post on Wall effect, these plugins are for you.
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Performance Speedboat XSR48 From XSMG

Performance Speedboat XSR48 From XSMG

The world of motor cars and performance boats have merged with the XSMG.
‘Globally the ultra-rich are spending vast amounts of money on super-luxury ‘Supercar’s’, but there was no marine equivalent in the market; so we challenged ourselves to create a Superboat, a state of the art performance powerboat with the DNA of a Supercar’
– Ian Sanderson from XSMG

Duke Abduction Debut album.

This is the debut album of Duke Abduction
The Curious World Of… Duke Abduction
Duke AbductionDuke Abduction

Mikael Ishhanian, AEON; Logofolio pt.2, 09-xx

Second installment of my logo collections with past and present projects.
Thanks for you time.

Mikael Ishhanian
Behance Network
Online Portfolio

70+ incredible photos of animals

We would like to present 70+ great photos of almost each species of animals. These domesticated, as well as completely wild ones. Amazing!

Look at the collection of photos.

Andi Licious’ new Toy-Wallpaper

All Andi Licious ( – wallpaper on Flickr:

Download for free in max. 1920×1200 Pixel.
Thanks, have fun ‘n cheers

Artwork by Jeffrey Guzman

Great work by the Phillipines based Artist.
Via Unstage (Click here for more)

Ecological Order and Disorder – Claire Morgan

The gorgeous works of eco Artist Claire Morgan.
More on Designaside.

Sevigne Typeface

A preview of Reserves’ Sevigne Typeface, a highly refined couture inspired sans-serif which includes over 130 unique ligatures and numerous alternate characters.

See more ligature combinations and preview images at our Flickr photostream.

Notebook for cafe by Bold Ideas

Cute concept notebook… FOR MORE PICs & DETAILS