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$8 Million Maybach Exelero

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New generation by Danish Crafts

If you are beginner and just start to art, the fist what should rise in your mind is, – work, work and work. And you will find your own style or own approach in design that make you success, after all.
The new generation in design by Danish Crafts. It presents style that you’ve never saw before. It might have strange look, but it inspire.
This zebra-patterned chair

bowls designed for crisps, candy and other sweets.
A series of bowls designed specially for crisps, candy and other sweets.

The monochrome, black or white jugs.
Milk for the coffee and lemonade for the children. The monochrome, black or white jugs.

Children’s Play Furniture. The stools were conceived in terms of a rational production technique and the soft curves ensure the child‚s safety.

Danish crafts bench

Great that those things are available at US online store.

Explosion of designs in dazzling neon colours for new microcar

Chevrolet banks on hot Berlin talent for the launch of its “Spark“ Microcar: Fashion Designer Mischa Woeste, Swiss-born graphic artist Brigitte Speich and fine art photographer Kerstin zu Pan use the new minicar as a canvas for an explosion of designs in dazzling neon colours featuring dragons, butterflies, flamingos and African tribal motifs.

Brigitte Speich’s signature illustration style graces not only the bodywork, but was really taken to the extreme inside: Mischa Woeste has created a cocoon-like interior, decked out in the sumptuous, hand-embroidered fabrics of her “Smilinener“ label’s spring/summer-collection. Photographer Kerstin zu Pan frames it all in pictures that radiate Berlin über-coolness and fashion-forward fun.

Win ‘The Carrot Slayer’

The Carrot Slayer is the only 100% vegetarian toy, designed by Mauro Gatti for Very Bravo. After some endless research, Mauro asked the Big Chief to help him find a name for the cute little carrot. Do you wanna pitch in?
The rules are super easy: to join the contest just leave a comment below, each user may comment only once, everyone can give it a try from now ’til 23:59 on May the 30th. If you’re creative enough, you’ll get to take The Carrot Slayer home and show it off in your own private collection. Mauro Gatti himself will pick the best name and the winner will be announced on the 31st of May.

MY DESK IS 8-BIT – stop-motion shortfilm

They say the two best days in your life are when you buy a boat & the day you sell that boat.

Brazil Cotton


Anhembi design project


Skateistan by Noah Abrams


Keyboard Shortcut Skins For Macs

If you work with applications like Photoshop, Aperture, Lightroom, Logic Pro… etc. then you’re probably dealing with a lot of shortcuts. These keyboard skins help you learn all the shortcuts available in those applications.  They’re custom fitted, color-coded by function and can be easily removed and reapplied. Available for different Mac keyboards and laptops.


Beautiful Artwork by Meri

Here are some beautiful artwork illustrations by Meri, also known as, Kasiukasiu. Each of her illustration portraits an emotional state, some suggest affection, some sadness, and some aggressiveness. I really like her artwork and her style.

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Oceanic Airlines Tees

Now that Lost has come to an end, here are some amusing tees, which showcase the safety card for Oceanic Flight 815.


The Pantone Hotel Opens In Brussels

The Pantone Hotel, each room decorated in one of seven color palettes, even offers color consultants for color psychology and trends.

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Digital Trash Can Made Of Paper

Codeco has transformed the classic trash can computer icon into a paper cut project that brings the digital image to life. the design uses a single sheet of paper, which is cut-out, folded into form and glued together.

The template for the design is available for download through their site and could easily
be scaled to make a tabletop version or a life size trash can.

Check it out.