Hover Scooter

scooterdyt Hover Scooter
This would be the vehicle of my dreams: the Hover Scooter, a mix-up between a motorbike, a scooter and a hovercraft. Seen here on a test run in 1960. Tweed jacket and tie are optional. Video here.

New Citroen Karin is Very Hot… For 1980!

karin1 New Citroen Karin is Very Hot... For 1980!
Having no new models to reveal at the 1980 Paris Salon, Citroën stylist Trevor Fiore was given the go ahead to build a model (not a driveable car) for display. The result was the trapezoidal Karin, clearly inspired by Michel Harmand’s design for a GS Coupé. A three seater with the driver being seated centrally and ahead of the two passengers, this layout pre-empted that of the McLaren F1 of 1992.

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Photographer Mark Cohen

cohen1 Photographer Mark Cohen
Karate Stance, 1977

cohen2 Photographer Mark Cohen
Legs and Boy in Pool, 1977

cohen3 Photographer Mark Cohen
Family Walking, 1977

Mark Cohen occupies a conspicuous place among the innovators of American street photography. Cohen’s photographs are intrusive, fragmented keyhole perspectives depicting the street-life of his hometown, Wilkes-Barre, PA. Taken in the 1970s and 1980s, True Color is a project originally commissioned by the George Eastman House. Mark Cohen’s color images demonstrate chaotic visual narratives, at times harshly flashed, that denote the artist’s invasive style illustrating this American coal-mining region. A somewhat hermetic visual predator, Cohen deliberately seeks closeness to his subjects and finds a way to ambush partial details, a pink jump rope, a green car, a child’s set of bare limbs.


81t Window
140 orange yarns between a middle room window and the floor to simulate sun rays.
German Photograph and Designer Johannes Henseler. Check out his portfolio or the construction video of his Window-projet.

Brian Walker

brianwalkerskin deep Brian Walker
Plastic Fantastic – The work of Brian Walker is pretty amazing !! More info & pics here
brianwalkertuesday draw600x292 Brian Walker
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James Oconnell

Graphic design work by James Oconnell.
howies James Oconnell

Audrey Tautou, Chanel perfum and Leica M8

audreytautouchaneln5commercial Audrey Tautou, Chanel perfum and Leica M8
In Exclusivity the video of the New commercial and interview/making of, called ” Train de Nuit” ( night train ) featuring the New Coco Chanel French actress Audrey Tautou and haha the Leica M8. More info and VIDEO here
chanelno5backstage Audrey Tautou, Chanel perfum and Leica M8

See video interview/making of HERE
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Olivia Frølich Photography

1226663427 Olivia Frølich Photography
The work of Olivia Frølich is pure and is really Danish !! See more pics HERE
1226663970 Olivia Frølich Photography
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Blue Tang Clan

wu Blue Tang Clan
What if Wu-Tang Clan were on Blue Note Records? More here.

Accident-Explanatory Slings


Vivienne Balla’s new photoshoot about Ropedress what made of 100% recycled materials. Click here for the full series, or here for some backstage photos about this project.

ropedress 20090504 Ropedress

Giveaway! Good to Know: Issue #1

Head over to PICDIT and tell us in the comments: your biggest stumbling block to creativity, and what works for you in overcoming these setbacks! Once you do that, you will be eligible for a free copy of Good To Know.
Picture6 Giveaway! Good to Know: Issue #1

Book design

temp Book design

Book cover design from Finland.


Dreaming Freud

DYTfreud Dreaming Freud

America is a mistake, admittedly a gigantic mistake, but a mistake nevertheless.

Sigmund Freud

Isometric Heaven

1 11 Isometric Heaven
3 10 Isometric Heaven
2 06 Isometric Heaven
We know a few town planners, but even they couldn’t plot a city so stunning as drawn up by Borja Bonaque. More here.