The Art of Bicicleta sem Freio

Bicicleta sem Freio (Bicycle No Brakes) is a group of illustrators who make and design posters. The group is comprised of Douglas Castro, Victor Reyes and Renato Reno of Goiania, Brazil. All of their illustrations are hand made using pencils, ink and other materials.

They wanted to create art work for a band so they formed their own named Black Drawing Chalks.

View more of their illustrations, music video and their new campaign with Converse at

Military Inspired Photoshoot


Military inspired photoshoot by photographer Anastasia Garcia

Ecole: Flat #1

The Flat #1 by Ecole comprised a full restructuration of the existing space and the conception of some design elements. The first floor, formerly consisting of a long corridor and four rooms has been largely cut open. Thus, the entrance, the living room and the kitchen form one single continuity. The guest space (a bedroom and a bathroom) has been built on the same floor. A steel staircase links the living room to the owner’sv private space underneath the roof.

More pictures here!

Diner Poster art

The Green House

The Green House - Fede Hartman
The Green House is a weatherstripping installation company for energy saving and arrange homes for a green consumption. The site was designed by Fede Hartman. → See the site .

Rob Seward

4 Letter Words est un projet de l’artiste Rob Seward. Avec 4 blocs pour montrer toutes les lettres. Un algorithme en arrière-plan avec une liste de mots préparés par l’Université de Floride. Un mélange en art,technologie et mécanique. More > WWW.ZEUTCH.COM

Koffiee-Koffiee By Benjamin Crowe

Here we have a concept design by designer Benjamin Crowe in his take on the percolator he wanted to move away from what he saw as a higheracical liner serving system to a more social system of service. In each of the balls or ‘coffee pods’ is a separate serving of your favourite coffee meaning that when you have guest round you can server them their favourite coffee even if its not your own. Powering itself by means of ‘Resonate Energy Transfer’ (wireless electricity) so that this device could be used anywhere in the home with out fear of tripping over wires and pulling it off services. The designer had this to say about the concept:-

KoffieeeeiffoK is a concept design for a more sociable coffee meeting. With insperation from such things like percolators, hooker pipes and nature.

New Sevnthsin Lives!


Sevnthsin is a lean, mean interactive agency with expertise in user flow, information architecture, graphic design, and development for all things interactive. These skills also translate well for social media and mobile experiences.

Gilbèrt François

Gilbert Francois

See more pictures and learn more about Gilbèrt François on Le Blog de Yoland.

Garage Doors with Trompe L’oeil Effect

Style Your Garage has created optical illusion billboards to cover garage doors. It is a great way to fool your neighbors as well as make your space stylish!


Photography by Elena Jasic

Fashion photography by Elena Jasic, more pics and info here.

El conejo careta from Buenos Aires

More Juan Weiss drawings at:

Gorillaz Gun Down in “Stylo”

Bruce Willis gives chase and shoots at the Gorillaz in “Stylo.” Stylo is Gorillaz new music animated video from their latest album “Plastic Beach.” The song features Mos Def and Bobby Womack. I really like how the computer animation was blended with the real footage.

Click here to watch the video.

Sea Sex & Sun T-Shirts!

R&E Praspaliauskas and Dziugas Val.
Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania
Check it out

Come on England

Come on England
Vuvuzelas for World Cup 2010 | Designer’s Edition
England | Designer: Örgüt Çaylı
September 2009 [ concept only | unapproved ]
Submission for Gökhan Yücel’s project. Source & more here

via flickr/orgutcayli