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Charting The Beatles.

Exploration of Beatles music through infographics… pretty interesting stuff!!
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Most Popular Firefox Themes You Must See

Most Popular Firefox Themes You Must See

Firefox is a free, open source and most reliable web browser till now. The list has been prepared according to the popularity of these themes. The screen shot and a little description has been included for each theme. I personally liked ‘Classic Remix of Windows 7′ theme and definitely recommend it. Enjoy most popular Firefox Themes!


Our evolution

Nick Lepard

Amazing stuff from Vancouver based artist Nick Lepard. His technique is amazing!!
Check out more of his works HERE

Icons Mania

Cool Works by DualForm

Super Hero Photography

Agan Harahap does more images of Super Heroes found in historic moments. This one is called “A Camp Near Minsk 1941″

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The Most Dangerous Animal in the World

Continuing on from the strong response that my scratchboard illustrations have received, my idea for the new year/decade is a return to bold graphic styles, particularly to printmaking styles that pre-date screenprinting, and helped inform its beginnings as a medium.

Specifically for this design, I’m working with with a linocut process that involves carving out an image then blockprinting it, which I’ve documented in the full post.

For the subject, I’ve chosen “The Most Dangerous Animal in the World”, which is of course a Grizzly Bear on a Motorcycle carrying a Great White Shark with a Laser on its head.

It is now up for scoring in the Threadless 2k10 competition, so please take a moment to go vote!

You can also see a full description/tutorial of the process on this blog

The M&Co family tree

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It’s amazing to see the amount of talented designers come out of one studio.

We Shall See

Collection of Crazy Beards

For the full collection of wacky beards check out theDesignZine™ | Wacky Beards. You can subscribe to their RSS here and follow them on Twitter here.

Lovely Artwork by Cellar-Fcp

These lovely illustrations/paintings are some of the artwork by an artist from Hong Kong that goes by the name of Cellar-Fcp. I really like the oil painting feeling he gives his illustrations. (Note: Some images are NSFW)

Click here to see the rest of the images.

Creme de la Creme – Vilnius, Lithuania

The superb artworks from Rutger Termohlen

Rutger Termohlen (1977 the Netherlands)
His career didn’t quite start like the ones of most artists: as a child he was deaf for two years. A period in which he was compelled to look at the surrounding world from a different world of view. He shifted his focus almost entirely to the visual and-equipped with his drawing materials he created his own world. a world in which he examined and compared an infinite amount of faces,shapes,colours and objects.

Check out his flickr page for his prints, canvas and playground works.
Soon at a gallery near you!!