Terry Richardson start Blogging

(his Mom)

Like his friend Olivier over at Purple, Terry is now updating his blog / diary, with all kind of pictures…more info HERE

Matthew Rainwaters Beardfolio

Matthew Rainwaters has achieved an impressive work taking photos of the people with the most stylish beards and moustaches. Might give you some ideas.

See more pictures on Materialiste

Wonderful Landscape Photos of Rebecca Cusworth

Landscape photos are usually nice and commom. However Rebecca Cusworth take breathtaking photos of landscapes , far away from regular photos. She makes great use of light and framing what turn her images uniques. It´s very inspiring to see images likes these, making you look around in a different way.

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cd – L.A.Salgado

four-handed project with Anderson Maschio, L.A. Salgado and Dado Queiroz – Highlight of 8th Brazilian Bienal – 2006 Client – L.A. Salgado
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no computer – collage

CAT – collage
Published in a classic periodic book named “Grafica Internacional” (International Graphic) Edition #56 – Year 2006
Art: Photography and collage without computer interference
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Derick Melander

Carefully folded and stacked second-hand clothing by Derick Melander.
More on Designaside.

Sustainable Habit Reminders by London-based Studio Hu2 Design

Hu2 Design strikes again with a new collection of Sustainable Habit Reminders. These wall stickers create little stories around your wall plugs and light switches in order to get you to – finally – switch off the light. Can be seen at www.hu2.com

“No Photo” Profile Pics For Facebook

Artist Visualbug has created a few Facebook no photo images for those popular, but shy Facebook users; one of which is our beloved batman! Check out the rest here.


Zim & Zou Paper Wonders

Zim & Zou use paper to beautifully create highlights of restaurant menus with amazing elegance and finesse.
Check out more pics here.



ATTENTION! ATTENTION! All digital artists and motion designers!

Prepare your design asses to be kicked! Or licked! Send me you latest digital artworks
at we@myaki.ru and I will try reviewing it and post it on my blog.

You can also send me links to your motion works, but please, vimeo or youtube only.
As soon as first 3 review are ready I will reveal my blog to the world.

Expect BIG exposure.

Artwork by Andrew Domachowski

Andrew is based in Vancouver, Canada.
Via Unstage (Click here for more)


Kakkoiiiro is awesome store from Brussels. More photo in link

Illustrations by Adam Hughes

Adam Hughes is most commonly known for his stylized renderings of women; super heroines, damsels in distress, figures in fantasy.
Via Unstage (click here for more)

Best WordPress Themes Websites Every Blogger Should Bookmark

Best WordPress Themes Websites Every Blogger Should Bookmark

A blogger always need a professional and best wordpress theme. When started Smashing Share as a Blogger three months back, I went through all wordpress themes websites. There are a lot of paid and free wordpress themes available over the internet these days and you can grab any theme you like and apply it to your wordpress blog.

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Kaws x Wonderwall Vinyl Figure

Kaws created this unique, and nameless, vinyl toy based on previous t-shirt designs. The collaborative effort, created along with Masamichi Katayam from the Wonderwall architecture firm, is a boxy 22cm figure designed to look like a brick wall. Two variations will be released (black/gray/yellow or red/gray/black) so look out for it in the next month or so.

via highsnobiety, grabmagazine, collect3d

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