Danish 70s Interior Design Porno Style

Traditional Fijian Chief’s Costumes stamps

fijianfdc2 Traditional Fijian Chief’s Costumes stamps
From left to right: 81 cents – A chief in war dress, 87 cents – A chief in formal dress, $1.12 – A chief in presentation dress, $2 – A highland chief in war dress. Found via CreativeRoots.org

Impressive Digital Paintings by Z-KO

Very impressive digital paintings by concept designer Z-KO.
dyt01 Impressive Digital Paintings by Z KO

dyt02 Impressive Digital Paintings by Z KO

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Quimby The Mouse

[vimeo 4412391]

Quimby The Mouse – New video from the hand of Chris Ware
Via : ViaComIT

Backs and Shoulders

stas1 Backs and Shoulders
stas3 Backs and Shoulders
stas2 Backs and Shoulders
By Stas Kulesh, photographer.

Monsieur Steve

monsieurstevearoundtheworld Monsieur Steve
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toilet collection

05klo1 toilet collection
Awesome toilet collection! Photoworkers is a photography studio from Switzerland. via LooksLikeGoodDesign

Dan Rule

Artwork by Dan Rule.
1112907118389 81fa7110fe o Dan Rule
via: Picdit

The Colouring

[vimeo 1006434]
“The Colouring,” created by Dan Britt and Joe Pelling. Every frame is coloured in pencil by hand. Audio from the movie “The Shining” (1980). It’s an interesting way to animate cartoons with random use of color.

Link via Scene 360 Illusion

Business card

Tanyacopy Business card
B.Card for pattern designer . Very Interesting composition .
by V.B.

Individual tourism by PLAGGE.O

Plaggeo.combyadeator.com 02 Individual tourism by PLAGGE.O

PLAGGE.O focuses on providing personal service in the area of individual tourism to the Russian-speaking clients in Austria, Germany, Croatia and Italy.

Polk Design Studio
on request of Yuriy Gladkiy (Marketing Communications Consultant of PLAGGE.O) has developed a corporate identity for company: logo, business card, letterhead and envelopes.

Design Studio Polk:
Project Manager, Alexander Kaydannik
Designer, Ignat Zavada

Marketing Communications Consultant, Yuriy Gladkiy
Founder PLAGGE.O, Olga Plagge

Pearl Jam “Indifference”

[youtube 8VlQLVB3JC8]
I found this brilliant home-made video for one of the greatest Pearl Jam song. Enjoy.

Oliver Daxenbichler

Russ and Reyn

touchpuppet vs kanye west