TapField.com — Beautiful iPhone search

TapField is a simple one-click live search for
iPhone and iPad. Based on Google search engine
this service shows results in three seconds.

Tapfield iphone search

USE: HTML5, CSS3, Google API


Meditational video for graphic designers, artists and writers…

(Via Monsieur Bandit)

Hybrid Pixar Star Wars Characters by Sillof

Alternative SE7EN poster

“L’autre” – A dark and Twisted animation shortfilm

Kicherer Mercedes SLS Supersport Black Edition

Typography inspiration

Billboard Magazine Campaign

Music, see what it’s made of…
More here

Building Trust

[vimeo 12886535]

Promo work for thekdu.com
Music by genius Vitaliy Zavadskyy.
Check his other works here:

More of my works: space-jump.com

if you don’t know Kerouac, you don’t know Jack

A small tribute to Jack Kerouac by Cory Mendenhall. Done in pencil, inked, then laid over watercolor. Text is from Kerouac’s Desolation Angels.


Outside, its just a half-sphere painted gold, white, rust or black, but inside, Skygarden by Marcel Wanders is a surprise with a spectacular white plaster floral decoration that is reminiscent of the ceilings found in noble palaces. A suspension lamp that becomes a decorative element when looking upwards. The light is diffused by an inner glass with further embellishment provided by the aluminum filigree detail.

Book Stool–Sit on your creativity

Have you ever thought of what to do with pile of your favorite magazines or books? No enough storage is not an excuse anymore. With Book Stool, you can turn all your old mags or books into seated stool, with any height you like. See how the designer did it.

Ece Gozen fashion illustrations

Istanbul based fashion designer Ece Gozen’s portfolio. Great talent and promising works

For more:

Anti 3Monkeys ;)

Mis delirios