Undertakings in lego, scribblings and bits that fit together


[vimeo 2215320]
An eco-recycling campaign for eFTe, directed and animated by Katarzyna Kijek and Przemysław Adamski. Music by Grzegorz Mańko.

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Jean-François Campos x Dior

Blog is thicker…

blog is thicker than water by ignant Blog is thicker…

…than water. So true! Via: Ignant

Louis Vuitton QR Code x Takashi Murakami

Google Maps Typography

alphamap670.jpg Google Maps Typography

Rhett Dashwood, Creative Director based in Melbourn, spent some of his spare time searching Google Maps hoping to discover land formations or buildings resembling letter forms.
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35 truly original hand-made type experiments

Sort Design studio

 Sort Design studio
3461896759 b68f185bc9 o Sort Design studio

Nice work from this Belfast based graphic design and branding studio
More on their website : Sort Design
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Girinath Gopinath

a6.jpg Girinath Gopinath
Beautiful illustrations and paintings by Girinath Gopinath. More here.

Colorblind Awesomeness – 40 Inspirational Black & White Websites

legworkstudio Colorblind Awesomeness   40 Inspirational Black & White Websites
kardoayoub 01 Colorblind Awesomeness   40 Inspirational Black & White Websites
madebysofa Colorblind Awesomeness   40 Inspirational Black & White Websites
Far from the huge colored web galaxy, there is a small but extremely catchy black & white css planet. Please make yourself comfortable & enjoy our selection!

Zoran Todorović

zoran big designyu Zoran Todorović

Intense pictures with much thought behind them. Zoran present a spectra of different styles but still in the darkzone of odd and nudity.

more – NIKI @ Viceland.com

Paper Shreds / VideoClip

Taipei Performing Art Center

nl a miller dyt Taipei Performing Art Center

This is one of the latest project propose by NL Architect for The Performing Arts Center in Taipei. It’ s to serve a variety of large-scale performances, including dramas and operas. The structure will contain three theatres: a 1500-seat Grand Theater, and two 800-seat theathers for repertory performances.

All about this project!

Lamborghini Gallardo For Italian Police

lamboxpolicia6 Lamborghini Gallardo For Italian Police

The Lamborghini team graces the Italian police with a Gallardo 560-4. This is a dream car for many, especially La Polizia… – More Info & pics HERE
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rubik’s cube solution; stop motion

[youtube suuQDY6MzkE]

don’t forget to watch in HD.