Amazing wall by the guys from Staynice

For a cultural night at Dutch City of Breda (Cultuurnacht), the guys from Staynice painted a wall at the Graphic Design Museum. An amazing wall by these extremely talented brothers. Staynice Wall

Kulte & Waiting For The Sun

For the Spring and Summer 2010, the french brand Kulte has decided to get back to the roots: Nature, cult, drugs, THE ESCAPE collection is a trip full of new experiences and thoughts about our place into this world. A collaboration with Waiting for Sun, a new french design company, producing handmade 100% wood sunglasses, came to Kulte as a natural move to make, gathering the essence of their Summer mood, together with a post petrol accessorize.

How far is 9529 Miles from where you are?

9529 in miles… separates me from you.
A new publication project by Changzhi Lee

Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City illustration by Fernando Volken Togni via CreativeRoots

The Gatekeeper – Artémis Psathas mini project

View the blog post here. View the full project here.

Artwork by Mark Brooks

Mark Brooks is a comic book artist currently signed to an exclusive contract with Marvel comics. Brooks has worked on Marvel Age, Cable & Deadpool and Ultimate X-Men. He provided cover art for the Spider-Man spinoff Araña, and later worked on The Amazing Spider-Man, Ultimate Spider-Man Annual #1 and 2, and New X-Men, and Avengers: The Initiative. He is currently based in Atlanta, Georgia.
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Thomas Dedry – Graphic designer

thomas dedry
thomas dedry

T-shirt visual by the freelance graphic designer Thomas Dedry.
On sale here.

Maciej Zieliński

photography by garry winogrand

Daily Inspirational Picks #1

Daily Picks

Here I will be posting most inspirational images found throughout the web. Feel free to send your “Daily Picks” and I will make sure to post your picks as well as credits ;)

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3DUZEN Tablehead SHIRT!

Only 36 of these bad boyz and then they done. 4EVER! Fresh off the oven. Get em while they hot! Thank you to all the international orders I have been getting, come on Americans and get with it! Its a Movement! BUY HERE.

Custom Coarsetoys Jaws by Fplus

Design Inspiration – Movies

The Fall Movie
I do believe that we draw inspiration nearly from everything that surrounds us, that includes movies. In this series I will introduce you to some of the most visually stunning movies I was lucky enough to come across.

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i wish every night was taco night

(Be My Valentine: A Studio 360 Design Challenge)