Macquarie Bank

Voici une banque à Sydney, construite comme un village grec mais à la vertical. c’est l’idée du studio Clive Wilkinson. WWW.ZEUTCH.COM

HUGO Create Round 14: Black, White and Red

Image by Meunier

HUGO Fragrances takes traditional design competitions a step further by offering upcoming talent a global platform, HUGO Create.
The aim of the contest is to give designers, illustrators and photographers the chance to show the world their abilities by creating a stunning tribute to the iconic HUGO Man bottle. The contest is open to people of all skill levels: professionals, students and design-enthusiasts alike. It all comes down to strong ideas, pure skills and a lot of creativity…

Today, the HUGO web gallery includes over 35,000 visuals by 15,000 participants from across 108 different countries in a broad range of styles & techniques – from photo manipulations to vector illustrations and analogue artworks.

Current Round: HUGO Create 14: Black, White and Red
The brief is simple: participants are free to choose the idea, theme and techniques for their visuals, but the entries should focus on the colors black, white and red.
Feel free to mix and match the colors to fit your theme and to create a unique feeling. More info on HUGO Create.

If you are engaged in graphic design, illustration or photography, you can enter your work to the online competition and be judged by the HUGO Create community and an expert jury. The 10 round winners receive $500 and global recognition. The design from the overall round winner is featured in i-D magazine.

Gosia Herba

Do you remember your first games console?

Character Designs by Miroslav Petrov

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known pleasures at African Apparel
A nice riff on the famous Joy Division’s album cover by Christopher Wright for AFRICAN APPAREL . Get it HERE

Sandy Skoglund

The incredible photographic works by American artist Sandy Skoglund.
More on Designaside.

Finger In The Nose Hip Clothing for Kids

You can buy your kids the typical threads at The Gaps, the Walmarts of the world, or you can get ’em something that’ll fit their personality like a glove. The new line of kids clothes from Finger In The Nose is as fresh as it gets, a hip style for the little hipsters in your world, your kids. More at TheCoolist.

Baby Heroes

Looking images at Deviantart I found a Baby Jack! I ´m a big fan of Tim Burton and I really like the image. It ´s very detailed and it´s a different way to draw Jack. Well, the artist, Ruben Martinez, has made more baby characters images with comic heroes, what I found very creative.

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DiamCloth Drop

[youtube Wp1l979qGb0]

The glass curtain drops over the gem that is you — you get disturbed beyond the fractals – beyond fractals that you see from w/in. It can drop…

MAYGREEN Boutique | Interior by KINZO

Berlin-based architects KINZO, applied their signature style, inspired by stealth bombers and 80’s science-fiction movies, to Hamburg Germany’s progressive fashion retail spot MAYGREEN. A particular highlight in design is the striking green light installation with a graphically concise, open cable. See more images HERE.

Jeff Koons | BMW M3 GT2

Jeff Koons adds car design under his belt with the announcement of his partnership with BMW. The famous auto-maker announced today that the 17th Art Car created by Jeff Koons will race where the first rolling pieces of art by legendary artists raced – at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in France, June 12-13, 2010. Koons’ canvas is a BMW M3 GT2, which was homologated to compete at this year’s running of the world’s most famous endurance race. Learn more HERE.


5 Features that Would Have Truly Made the iPad A “Magical” Device

So, as I assume you know by now, Apple released their extremely over hyped and some say most important product ever this week, the iPad. Steve Jobs, when first introducing the iPad referred to it with so many different adjectives, like only Steve Jobs knows how to do. The two words that stuck out among the bunch were “Magical” and “Revolutionary”. Now, here’s the thing, the iPad has been out for days now, and it has gotten endless positive reviews, however, with all its amazing graphics and smooth UI transitions, the iPad is hardly magical or revolutionary.

Jessie Craig

Jessie Craig

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