30 Attractive Business Card Designs by machoarts

Are you planning to make your own business card, but don’t have any good idea? Then here are some of the best business card designs for your inspiration. Business cards are great way to impress people as well as the best way to remember you. Here we collected 30 Attractive Business Card Designs for you.
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FIFA World Cup Logo Evolution: 1930 – 2014


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Mademoiselle Chair

The Mademoiselle upholstered armchair is an innovative design for an armchair with the clever and absolutely new technique of fusing two different plastic materials and finishes apparently “foreign” to each other: the structure in transparent polycarbonate offers solid support and a soft and comfortable polyurethane foam seat, without foregoing the glamour of transparency and color.

One-of-a-Kind Lamborghini Safe Protects Valuables in Style

New American Girl

Registration Button Design: Press The Market Button

Getting new members on board is certainly a tough task because netizens are usually reluctant to furnish any personal details because of the fear of being misused. Now, if you are running a forum or a community, you need to get new members on regular basis to increase its popularity. So far, you might have employed different marketing techniques to get new members but sadly enough, you are nowhere near to success. Before spearheading another marketing campaign, you need to take a look at your website and you might discover all of a sudden that the registration button is languishing at the corner of the entire structure of your existing website design. An inconsequential registration button can cost you dearly if your website is heavily dependent on registered members.

Here are some amazing examples of registration button design:

This registration button tells everything about itself at one go. It breaks the stereotype design standard by using an amazing color combination that is hard to overlook.

This is clear call to visitors to get registered and the positioning is picture perfect and there is hardly any way to ignore it blatantly.

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Urban HotSpot: From Church to Modern Nightclub

Although some could see this as sacrilegious, it’s hard to deny that this church-turned-nightclub looks absolutely stunning.

More pics and info at My Modern Metropolis.

TMA-1 DJ Headphones | Tartelet Records x AiAiAi

Denmark’s AIAIAI teamed up with a selection of art design and architectural agencies, production companies and a music label to design these new headphones designed specifically for DJs. More images and information here!

Illustrations by C.F Payne

C.F. Payne is an artist-illustrator whose artwork has graced the covers of Time Magazine, Readers Digest, Sports Illustrated, The New York Times Book Review and Sunday Magazine, MAD Magazine, der Spiegel, U.S. News and World Report, The Atlantic Monthly, Texas Monthly, Boys Life and more. He has been commissioned to paint countless politicians, authors and entertainers. He has illustrated ten children’s picture books, including The Remarkable Farkle McBride and Micawber, written by John Lithgow.
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Bees Swarm Honeycomb Jesus

Unbearable Lightness is an amazing art installation from Dutch designer Tomáš Gabzdil which features 40,000 bees and a honeycomb sculpture of a martyred Jesus Christ.

More pics at My Modern Metropolis.

Photography by: H Photography

Session – Mariela y Javier – Recoleta – Buenos Aires

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Create a Cool 3D Graffiti Text Effect using Line Art in Photoshop

Graffiti style text has a variety of applications in modern art, advertising and other forms of design. While it can be created with 3D programs, similar effects can also be achieved using pure Photoshop.

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to take a line art sketch of text and turn it into a 3D graffiti style text effect using some simple techniques and stock images. You’ll learn how to take a concept, add the initial coloring, then use some well placed images to achieve a 3D effect, then finally use some brushes to add awesome extra effects.



KaBoom! by PES

Jean-François Thériault