Sean Izzard Photographer

Pinup Illustrations by Tyson McAdoo

No one has the ability to combine the essence of 1950’s housewife, 1960’s sexpot, 1970’s exploitation femme fatale, and modern day pin-up quite like Tyson McAdoo.
Pinup Illustrations by Tyson McAdoo

Ariel Escalante

Black & White Photography by Damien Vassart

Amazing architecture and landscape black and white photography by Damien Vassart
Black & White Photography by Damien Vassart

What is most important to you in whole life?

Photo story and the journey through the southern Polish society in search of answers to the truly existential question – What is most important to you in life? I asked them to passers-two cities, trying to collect responses from representatives of the entire cross-section of society. The project is called the cycle “Important!” Often consists of intimate and private confessions of passersby on their target, which at their current awareness is most important to them. The materials collected in a series ranked on the basis of the contrast of expression suggest a question worth further consideration, which appeared only now, when the entire project has been collected together and systematized.

Whether the differences in their views, education, different state of consciousness, or the occupation of our needs and dreams are different? If so, how much? How much I myself different from others?

Left: On his deathbed to say that nothing in his life would not change. (student) Right: Succeed and be happy. (photographer)

Works will be issued 15 February, in the City Hall Gallery in Brzeg (Poland).

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Africa – wax print fabrics typography via

Creative Portraits by Gregor Collienne

Superb creative portrait photography by Gregor Collienne, talented photographer, based in Belgium, and specializes in commercial photography.
Creative Portraits by Gregor Collienne

Rein Janssen

Check the new portfolio of this great Dutch photographer.

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Unintended Functions Installation by Nick Allman

I love this installation by Nick Allman. It looks like the light was ripped right out of the wall.

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Beautiful Girl in the Enchanted Forest

When I first saw this set by 26-year-old Icelandic photographer Silja Magg, it instantly drew me in. The beautiful girl she photographed matches perfectly with her forest scene, and she did a wonderful job seamlessly blending in the soft tones in the background.

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Fashion Photography by Jonas Bresnan

Creative fashion photography by Jonas Bresnan. The Australia-born, London-based photographer has a sharp eye for contrast, often juxtaposing the sumptuous luxury of his subjects with sharp monochrome palettes, barren settings and textured shadow.
Fashion Photography by Jonas Bresnan

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Australian Brand & Design Agency – Blunt Agency

Blunt Agency is an award winning Australian brand, creative and design agency that develops campaigns for online, emerging and traditional media.

150 + Creative Advertising Photos by Linus Schneider

Huge collection of superb creative and very unusual photo retouching works by Pixelprinz, Linus Schneider, talented specialist in CGI, retouching & compositing, based in Zurich, Switzerland.
150 + Creative Advertising Photos by Linus Schneider