Incredible Body Builders

An ad campaign to promote Powerhouse gym, designed by students from the Savannah College of Art & Design, and art Direction by Michael Griffith.


Paolo Troilo

The amazing works of the Italian artist Paolo Troilo. More on Designaside.

The Roots – Dilla Joints Mixtape

The Roots Dilla Joints Mixtape

Listen this amazing mixtape The Roots – Dilla Joints Mixtape on Le Blog de Yoland.

25 Free High Quality Fonts

We present 25 High Quality fonts, free to use in your design projects.
Via Unstage (Click here for more)

Steph Goralnick

Steph Goralnick est un photographe et graphiste indépendant. Il s’illustre notamment via ses photos qui trempent dans l’humour et l’urbain. Voici sa dernière compo pour le 1er avril. WWW.ZEUTCH.COM

Second Emporio Armani Store in Singapore

International Italian fashion house Giorgio Armani has unveiled the second Emporio Armani store in Singapore, spanning over 550 square meters on two levels.

Located at the Mandarin Gallery, on the corner of Orchard Link and Orchard Road, the fashion boutique reflects a design that embodies Giorgio Armani’s vision of the modern, casual lifestyle that Emporio Armani represents. The store is stocked with Emporio Armani lifestyle collection for men and women.

Read more through ‘World Interior Design Network

Mina Kwon’s New Illustration – Bruce Lee

Making Your Website Multicultural

The internet is a marvelous place – millions of websites and millions of people (nearly two billion, in fact) out there mixing and chatting and buying and selling, like some giant virtual bazaar. Moving into this bustling and profitable marketplace is a top priority for any serious business in the modern economy, but so often when businesses move online they fail to think beyond their own language group. According to Google Zeitgeist, half of all Google users are searching in languages other than English, while has found that 78% of internet users are non-English native speakers – if you set up your site purely for English speakers, then that’s a significant chunk of your potential online customers you’re giving a cold shoulder to.


Philippe Guillerm

Guillerm’s music-inspired sculptures are whimsical and curvaceous string instruments. via


Petite présentation de l’artiste connu sous le nom d’Amose. Il est né en 1979 et vit actuellement à Lille. Amose a étudié l’illustration à l’Institut Saint-Luc en Belgique. Il travaille l’illustration, la peinture traditionnelle, peinture au pistolet, et la sérigraphie. Coup de cœur pour cet artiste au style unique. WWW.ZEUTCH.COM

Incredible Home Generated Avitar by a Youtube Member

This character appeared on the scene a couple of months ago, no one actually knows who created it, until recently. It turns out a man who goes by the name Greg Mutt is behind this amazing homemade Avitar sensation that has swept the web. His latest video is a message to James Cameron.
Watch this video

15 Incredible Photo-Realistic CG Images

Via Cretique

Mashup ! Video games VS Renaissance

Some mashups between video games and Renaissance period. See more here

Astronomer’s Dream

A mind-blowing short Film by Malcolm Sutherland. “When a hungry astronomer falls asleep while working on a problem, he discovers a solution not in outer space, but in the surreal food-chain of his subconscious mind.”
View the vidéo

Inspirational Picks #8

inspirational picks

Most Inspirational Picks Gathered from the Vast Planes of the Internet