Polar Beer t-shirts

Created entirely by hand with scratchboard, this design squarely inhabits the junction of cryptic LOST mythology with classic beer label design, executed in a vintage, hand-tooled style rarely seen in t-shirt design.

For this printing, I’ve worked personally with a local screenprinter to ensure the absolute highest quality prints on American Apparel 100% fine jersey cotton garments to make a shirt that both looks and feels even better than its original printing!

Now available at http://shop.ianleino.com

30+ Professional Business Website Design Tutorials In Photoshop

Professional Business Website Design Tutorials In Photoshop

With more and more businesses needing an online presence, it’s no surprise to see there’s a lot of photoshop tutorials out there about creating a professional business website design layout. We have collected some of the very best 30+ professional website design tutorials mostly done in photoshop. These website design tutorials would help to improve your photoshop skills.



Last month they came up with an awesome drawing project ‘About’ which was featured on the Behance network and deviantArt. Now they’re giving you a pretty wallpaper and a t-shirt design!
Into1 opened a little shop where they will sell a t-shirt now and then, for a reasonable price. To kick of their new shop they’re selling a design in two colors possibilities; Black & white and color.

Download wallpaper set on WallpaperArt.org

Sociology of objects Posters by Hulk4598 – retrofuturs

The french Illustrator Stéphane Massa-Bidal just perform his new serie, Sociology of object. What is the marketing, the sociology and relationship behind objects ? Inspired by the research work of Bruno Latour.His latest work was webcover therapy All posters sizes are 50*70 cm, A3, A4.
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Gulliver’s travel – by phoenietzsche

jokeend of jokeescape

Two In The Shirt – Spring/Summer 2010

Two In The Shirt announced us new collection, -15% with the code GRAFITEE. More picture in link.


Forms #1 – Architecture. Photo by Pietro Bagnara

Pietro Bagnara is an italian Milan based photographer.

Vicente García Morillo

No Only Good Things

This is the latter one T-shirt design that I created, I hope you enjoy it.
I hope you Have a good week.

Brasil vs Argentina

Brasil vs Argentina logo designed by Bola Sociology Design via CreativeRoots

Present China

We have not freedom of speech.
There isn’t human rights in China.
no youtube no twitter no facebook no wiki no blogspot no BBC
no vimeo no flickr no picasa no blogger no .cn no .com.cn no ““`
Who is the next ? I’m cannot imagine.
Google is about to leave China.

Ad: CPR First Time

[youtube ryIs_8YEVwQ]
This is an Ad from Australia raising awareness of CPR.

If you like it please rate it on youtube.

Great new video by Poubelle International

I’m pretty in love with the new video by Hong Kong based band Poubelle International for their song “The School Reunion.” Check it out over on Farskt.com. It uses really simple but creative editing. Looks like it couldn’t have been too high budget, but its really entertaining.

Parking Lot | Artémis Psathas

(A night after new year’s at the) Parking Lot | New project on artemispsathas.com
To view the project go here. For the blog post go here.