Oded Ezer – between graphic design, art, science and silliness.

The Typosperma Project, Typoplastic surgery, combining ants with letterforms,… These are just some of the weird and wonderful experiments of artist/typographer Oded Ezer.

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Freshjive Spring/Summer 2010

The new collection of Freshjive are available. More picture on Grafitee

Marlboro Red Exhibit


Slinkachu nous fait partager son projet en cours, intitulé Relics. Une pièce qui permet de remuer quelques réflexions. WWW.ZEUTCH.COM


Camouflage Pendant by ZERO

Camouflage is a light fitting with outreach. Both light and shadow from the lampshade form patterns in the room. The enormous globe has been pressure turned and then perforated by three-dimensional laser cutting – a technique which is frequently used in the motor industry. Click here for more Camouflage Pendant photos and the beautiful ambient in the room.

Boring Pictures by Mothi Limbu

Mothi Limbu is a french graphic designer based in Marseille (south of France). Usually behind his computor, or pencils in hands, infront of a piece of paper, he also push his creativity forward with a minox camera and his new series of “Boring pictures”


Phil Ashcroft

Miele’s CAVE (Computer Aided Virtual Environment) Room

German appliance manufacturers Miele’s ‘CAVE’ room which stands for ‘Computer Aided Virtual Environment’ is used to show how their appliances can work in a scheme, in a completely CGI setting you can actually step into. It allow clients to literally walk around in the proposed setting and experience the full visual idea as well as show products which may not even be in production yet.

Once you put the glasses on, the images become totally 3D and the perspective surrounds you and moves as you do, because of four head tracking cameras tracking the viewer’s movements.

A highly technically sophisticated system of optics, electronics and software developed for the aircraft and automobile industry, the CAVE came at a total cost of 1.6 million euros.

Read the full story at World Interior Design Network’s Interior Design Blog

Retro Style Table Fan

A color coordinated accent that is reminiscent of times past, the Retro Style Fan is your quiet companion. A stylistic, subtle, table-top solution to your comfort needs in any room.

Binta Armchair by Philippe Bestenheider

‘Binta was inspired by Africa. Its sculptural shape evokes African wood carvings, but its polyurethane rubber forms are softer. Like a baobab tree, Binta anchors itself firmly to the ground with thick, trunk-like feet whose elegant forms bring to mind the weighty baobab.
Its upholstery is a patchwork of Wax fabrics, the traditional textiles worn by African women. Contrasting patterns and colours emphasise the armchair’s shape, enveloping and moulding its silhouette.

The brash, bright colour contrasts are in the tradition of African textiles and colour schemes; they conjure up the elegant tailoring of women’s clothes as if Binta were a Senegalese lady about to wear and enhance the hot colours of Africa.’
-Philippe Bestenheider.
more picture here

Horological Machine N3 Frog

Take a look at more images and amazing video animation http://www.naxmix.com/naxmix/2010/5/3/horological-machine-n3-frog.html

33 Awesomely Cool Science Fiction Wallpapers

Science fiction is one of the most popular genres in the world. From classics such as Asimov`s Foundation, to Star Wars, Star Trek, Blade Runner to modern media such as Halo, Mass Effect, Iron Man, and any other of a seemingly endless list, science fiction has helped drive ingenuity, creativity and technological advancements.

With science fiction being so popular, it would only make sense that some awesome science fiction wallpapers exist, and indeed they do. In this post, we`ve rounded up 33 awesomely cool and epic digital science fiction wallpapers. From clever 300/Halo hybrid wallpapers, massive dystopian cities and powerful robots, you`ll find some awesome wallpapers in this collection.



If Star Wars was set on Earth

French photographer Cedric Delsaux transplanted Star Wars-like characters into urban Parisian environments using model toys superimposed onto shots of local architecture.

> More at Lost At E Minor

Marlboro Red Exhibit – Slinkachu

Slinkachu takes us on another fun ride with this latest piece from his ongoing project, “Little People, a Tiny Street Art Project.” Titled “Relics,” an old couple is seen checking out a Marlboro Red exhibit.

More pics at My Modern Metropolis.

The Standard | Limited Edition Artist Scarves

In a follow up to their artist t-shirts collaboration last year, The Standard has commissioned three artists representing LA, NY and Miami —Thomas Campbell (CA), José Parlá (Miami), and RoStarr (NY) to design art printed on a limited edition run of silk-cashmere scarves. More images and info here.