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Penguin paperback design competition

To celebrate the publication of this must-read book Don’t Panic have launched a visual design competition, the winner of which will have the chance to have their artwork included in The Left Hand Of God paperback release and also have their artwork printed on 80,000 x A2 Don’t Panic posters.

What we are looking for is an artistic representation of the lead character Thomas Cale, who you can get to know through a selection of excerpts on our site. We want entrants to use any printable media they choose to create an interpretation of the young Cale using the text provided.

The top ten entries submitted will be put into the winner’s shortlist to be judged by Penguin with the top three entries given the chance to win some fantastic prizes, including £350 worth of Penguin books and signed copies of The Left Hand of God, as well as of course the opportunity to have their design printed. Also, every shortlisted entrant will receive a copy of the book.

For full details, visit the competition page here.

Adrian Grajdeanu, Character Designer/2D Artist

Adrian Grajdeanu, Character Designer/2D Artist
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6 Amazing Pop-Up Paper Sculptures

6 Amazing Pop-Up Paper Sculptures by the graphic designer from Germany,Peter Dahmen.

More info and video on Creative Side.

Marie Schachtel

Fun new Light Switches by Normal Design.

I love these new light switches by Normal Design. Silicone is one of my favorite materials and this is really a creative usage. Found at

Bianca Balti By Vincent Peters


How to Create Really Cool Light Effects

Mobile Office: The Practice of Everyday Design

The Mobile Office was constructed from discarded materials within a one block radius from the site. All the material was transported to the site with our bikes and a makeshift dolly. The only purchased items were the hardware used to hold it together. The mobile office has allowed us to consolidate all the furniture and shelving into one mobile unit. This has freed up our office space allowing us the flexibility to make large scale models and have spontaneous dance parties.

Mobile Office Photos:

Christel Hadiwibawa – Furniture Designer (Sydney)

Loop Table from YLiving

The base of the Loop table from YLiving is constructed of thin slices of steel in series, which form a suggestive arrangement that changes intensity as the viewing angle shifts. Sharp yet curving and smooth, the table is the marriage of technology with seamless form. All slices of the table are permanently connected and powder coated, and the table has a glass top.