Create a Stunning 3D Liquid Explosion Artwork

3D renders are often combined with vector elements and photostock elements to create stunning visual effects. While some artworks can be created merely in Photoshop, most designers are forced to call upon other programs in order to achieve truly brilliant effects. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to create a Poser figure, create a shatter effect and render it in 3DStudio Max, then use Photoshop and some simple stock images to create a brilliant and visually stunning water explosion effect. Even if you don’t have Poser or 3DSMax, we’ve included the render in a PNG format for you to play with, and you’ll still learn valuable techniques.

This tutorial covers many advanced techniques, but not to fear, as Joe will walk you through step-by-step how to create it. You’ll learn rendering, depth of field, dispersion, photomanipulation, and how to add the tiny details that all combine for a brilliant artwork. So, let’s get started!


aids graffiti – AD

Adidas x Star Wars Video Campaign

Adidas x Star Wars Video Campaign featuring Beckham and Snoop ! – More info & pics HERE

Guilded – PSA Jan 19, 2010

Artwork by Dominic Marco

Dominic is a professional pin-up artist and illustrator, hailing from the East Coast of Canada.
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Henry’s Skyship: Book Design

Vadim Gannenko Illustration

Vadim Gannenko and his studio Artmonolit, have an Amazing portfolio.

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a collection a day, 2010

Terry Richardson start Blogging

(his Mom)

Like his friend Olivier over at Purple, Terry is now updating his blog / diary, with all kind of pictures…more info HERE

Matthew Rainwaters Beardfolio

Matthew Rainwaters has achieved an impressive work taking photos of the people with the most stylish beards and moustaches. Might give you some ideas.

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Wonderful Landscape Photos of Rebecca Cusworth

Landscape photos are usually nice and commom. However Rebecca Cusworth take breathtaking photos of landscapes , far away from regular photos. She makes great use of light and framing what turn her images uniques. It´s very inspiring to see images likes these, making you look around in a different way.

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cd – L.A.Salgado

four-handed project with Anderson Maschio, L.A. Salgado and Dado Queiroz – Highlight of 8th Brazilian Bienal – 2006 Client – L.A. Salgado
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no computer – collage

CAT – collage
Published in a classic periodic book named “Grafica Internacional” (International Graphic) Edition #56 – Year 2006
Art: Photography and collage without computer interference
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Derick Melander

Carefully folded and stacked second-hand clothing by Derick Melander.
More on Designaside.

Sustainable Habit Reminders by London-based Studio Hu2 Design

Hu2 Design strikes again with a new collection of Sustainable Habit Reminders. These wall stickers create little stories around your wall plugs and light switches in order to get you to – finally – switch off the light. Can be seen at