10 Articles that Suggest Android Might Take Over

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MASHUP – 50 Marvel Super Heroes as Simpson’s characters

Photography and math

Nikki Graziano is a photographer and a mathematician.

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Which Is the Best Mobile Platform?

In a recent post from our own Hillel Fuld, he put forward some thoughts on why Android is seeing the OS number 2 in U.S. sales for the first quarter of 2010. The content of the post is great, it provides some perspective, from Hillel’s point of view, on where things might be headed for both Apple and Android based on the choices that have been made surrounding the operating systems.

Spun Chair


CREW Serigraph / Mauro Gatti x Untho

Heavy weight 400gr. Photographic paper with matte finishing.
Limited edition of 50, signed and numbered by Mauro Gatti.

“I had the honor to get an invite to join the Untho Art Lab and create a unique design around the infamous Untho logo. Being between the likes of Shepard Fairey, Kayone and Florencio Zavala (just to name few) put a little bit of pressure on my shoulders but after a couple of breathes, I gave life to the “Untho Crew”, a badass gang formed by 3 guys named:Art aka Masta, Music aka Rappa and Sport aka Machete. They travel around the world to spread the Untho’s philosophy around and eventually break into your car and spray-paint your wall!”
Mauro Gatti

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Withings Wifi Body scale

Finally available in the US online store, the WiFi Body Scale by Withings. It has very nice looking and allow you track your weight in web.
Withings Wifi Body scale

Withings Wifi Body scale
The scale wirelessly sends your weight, fat mass, and BMI to a personal web page at Withings.com. Also you can share it on Google Health page, RunKeeper account and others. Now it’s also offer integrate it with Twitter.
Withings Wifi Body scale
To set up it you should use only USB cabel and filled out some information online.
Withings Wifi Body scale
Cool gadget! But what will happened when your dog, kid or visitors step on it?…

Time Cube – design clock

Tete-a-tete with top graphic designers –The first episode!

Tissot Augmented Reality – try watches virtually

design basics paper+pen

The Art of Conversation