cool manipulations by martin grohs, leipzig/germany.
more manipulations here.

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NGC Best Photos Of May 2010

Check out the 30 photos from the National Geographic Channel, for the month of May 2010. The collection of photos included all the categories of festivals around the world, nature, natural calamities, events, news etc. Hope you will like the post


repair hands

print campaign dy dentsu for lotion “on the job”
more prints.

Umbrella with coffee holder

Umbrella with coffee holder design by Jung-Woo Lee.

Photography by Marc Rabadán

Photography by Marc Rabadán, more pics and info here.

RethinkTO wall mural art by Chairman Ting

A commissioned wall mural piece for Rethink’s new Toronto office. The wall (25 ft. x 11 ft.) was done in 2.5 days (40+ hours) by Chairman Ting and assisted by Denise Cheung (AKA Denisekiwah). The wall was painted entirely with acrylic paint. Shot and documented with a Nikon D90 + Nikkor 28mm-80mm AF. Cut and edited with Quicktime 7 Pro.

Music by Flying Lotus’ Cosmogramma album, titled: ‘Galaxy in Janaki’

See Video via Vimeo here:

Arjowiggins Creative Paper Launches International Design Contest

Arjowiggins Creative Papers [Client] , the world’s leading manufacturer of creative eco-sustainable papers, has launched a new international design contest in partnership with Design Week. The aim is to encourage and promote new talent within the UK and global design community by providing a platform to showcase work inspired by the world’s leading range of creative papers – the Curious Collection.

Inspired by the Curious Story, created by top fashion photographer Grégoire Alexandre for last year’s rejuvenation of the Curious Collection, the contest is looking for a range of entries including illustration, printed artworks, 2D computer generated graphics, 3D sculptures and models that capture the imagination of designers in the UK and across the world.

Open to both professionals and students, the brief for the contest is for designers to create a visual representation of their own Curious Story, where the paper is the hero. Like Grégoire Alexandre’s story of a girl’s vivid journey through different, colourful paper worlds, entries should reflect the curious nature of the designer as well as showcasing originality.

Designs need to be created using papers from the Curious Collection, or featuring them as the centre of the story, and must be submitted via – where a picture of the design work will be posted. In order to receive samples, designers will be required to contact their local distributors or send an email to an address indicated on the website, including a brief description of their planned submission. The deadline for submissions at the international level is September 30th, 2010.

For more information about the contest or to view the ‘Curious Stories’ of renowned artists and designers such as Grégoire Alexandre or Le Creative Sweatshop, please visit

The Big Caption


This week, HypeForType releases its latest line-up of exclusive fonts designed by seriously talented designers from around the world.
The HFT Exclusive Collection Volume 3 features brand new typefaces made by Craig Ward, Marta Alimbau, Playful, Official Classic, and MusaWorkLab.
Each typeface is able to be purchased separately or as a pack and are only available through HypeForType.

Click on the images below to read more!

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Paintings by Ray Toh

Raytoh aka Torei is a Singapore based illustrator, painter and concept artist.
Via Recave

Fine Line Illustraions by Jenny Theisen

German Designer and Illustrator Jenny Theisen has a fine expression of lines, surrealism and cutieness.
view Jenny Theisen’s Portfolio

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Gang Bang – Hangman

Really nice animation. Fun to watch!

Click here to watch it:

Bernard Voïta – special perspective

Bernard Voïta creates patterns with an planned arrangement of objects and a special POV


Black Bird Custom Bikes