Bad Kitty.

BadKitty Bad Kitty.

Comics Style Illustrations by James Jirat Patradoon

jiratjamespatradoon2 Comics Style Illustrations by James Jirat Patradoon
Sydney based James Jirat Patradoon have some sick comics style illustrations – More info & pics Here
jiratjamespatradoon5 Comics Style Illustrations by James Jirat Patradoon
jiratjamespatradoon3 Comics Style Illustrations by James Jirat Patradoon
info & pics Here
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The Hemeroscopium House

thehemeroscopiumhouse1 The Hemeroscopium House
The Hemeroscopium House located in Las Rozas, Madrid, Spain is an Amazing architectural work by Ensamble Studio. It took them a year to engineer the project but only seven days to build the structure – More info & pics HERE
thehemeroscopiumhouse2 The Hemeroscopium House
thehemeroscopiumhouse6 The Hemeroscopium House
More info & pics HERE
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Cigarette man

Cigaretteman Cigarette man

Stop Motion

Kelly Thompson | Photography & Illustrations

kellythompsonillustration1 Kelly Thompson | Photography & Illustrations
Fashion Photographer and Illustrator Kelly Thompson Have an amazing style. Her portfolio is worth checking out ! More info & pics HERE
kellythompsonphotography Kelly Thompson | Photography & Illustrations

More info & pics HERE
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Mathias Schmied

LGwallpinupsdetail2 A DYT Mathias Schmied

Mathias Schmied was born in 1976 in Berne, Switzerland. He Lives and works in Crest, a small village outside of Lyon. He was recently included in the Art on Paper Biennial at the Weatherspoon Museum in Greensboro, North Carolina. His drawings are included in the collection of the Museum of Modern Art, New York.

More at Fabrik Project and at josee bienvenu gallery

Margot Quan Knight

margot 3 b dyt1 Margot Quan Knight
margot c dyt2 Margot Quan Knight

The work of American artist Margot Knight sticks in the mind: a strange parallel universe of double takes and playful, sometimes dark, surrealism. Beginning with a sequence of photographic images created while a researcher at Fabrica—Benetton’s communications and research centre founded in 1994 to foster young creative talent from all over the world—Margot went on to develop her conceptual photography in bundles of themed images.

She draws inspiration from a rich history of photographic artists who focus on the body and her parents’ medical textbooks. She says, “I begin with objects or bodies or plants and try to give them more life, or a different kind of life. Loneliness, exuberance, and wonder take on physical form.” Her work has been exhibited all over the world and appeared in over 40 international publications. She currently lives and works in Seattle, where she is working on a new series called Procreation.

more here, here and here!

Berlinale Winner: “Please Say Something”

The animated short “Please Say Something” by David O’Reilly, which recently won a golden bear for best short at the 2009 Berlinale.
[vimeo 3388129]
Director: David O’Reilly
Sound Design & Music: David Kamp, Bram Meindersma.

Sleepyhead (Remake)

[vimeo 3412420]
Some months ago, I had featured Passion Pit’s official video of “Sleephead” at Scene 360 Video channel. Now, I found this remake by director Barker Gerard (above). Great editing and rhythm!

Link via Scene 360 Illusion

sk8Phone Skateboard by impossiblesk8


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My first post.Please indulge…

First picture is taken in Iceland and is part of a construction that serves the water supply in Reykjavik.Second picture is taken in Italy (thaaa) last summer at the “Colosseo” in Rome. The last picture is taken also in Rome at the train station and I find it somehow interesting. My name is Gabriel Robert Brumaru and I am a multimedia designer.
small35 My first post.Please indulge...colosseo My first post.Please indulge...techcops My first post.Please indulge...

How to do a X-Wing with metro tickets.


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