Augmented Reality: The Future on Print

Maybe you didnt saw yet the new Augmented Reality issue of the latest Eqsuire Magazine more info & Video HERE

Artist Karen O’Leary x The Jailbreak — Manhattan Barcode Print

We are pleased to announce that our collaboration with wonderful and talented map-cut artist, Karen O’Leary, has resulted in this amazing Manhattan Barcode Map, which has just been made available to purchase as a limited edition print. In the spirit of Christmas, and because we’re feeling generous, we’re going to be giving away a total of SEVEN prints to our readers. That’s you! The initial freebie will be awarded to the person who best answers this question in the comments section: What is the one thing you love the most about New York City?

Additionally, for every 25 prints we sell, we’ll be giving away ONE free print. To be considered for this round please follow our brand new Twitter page and mention @The_Jailbreak, telling us why you think you deserve a free print. Be creative! The best one will receive the first free one and so forth. Participate in both and you might just have two free gifts for family and friends.

It can be purchased here for $52.00 (+S&H)

[Via The Jailbreak]

Eika Dopludo

Post Eika Dopludo: Vegetables

ION / iMGC – International Motion Graphics Conference by DHNN


DHNN (design has no name)

Illustrations by DHNN



New tee in!!


Hard disks get too old, keyboards lose their keys, modems break, disk drives run too slow, VHS don’t have a proper recorder anymore, wires get no plugs, screens fall apart. They are all abandoned somewhere, apparently useless.
What happens to these products when they are no used anymore and get trashed?
What is the best way to keep using these products anyway?
How can we exploit their potentials, their hidden qualities and unknown properties?

You can find an HowTo here
more info on the IOCOSE website

Mark Khaisman

Nuevo Trecool

Trecool Nuevo, Mecanicas Fiestas
Bueno, acá estamos. Todavía nos falta colgar algunos cuadros, hacer pequeños retoques de pintura y ni se les ocurra mirar debajo de la alfombra. De todas formas, amigos míos, este es el nuevo Trecool.

Minimalist furniture by design studio METROFARM

Check out this great minimalist furniture by Berlin based design studio METROFARM!

via minimalist

Art — Aggtelek

Aggtelek. (Xandro Vallés and Gemma Perales)

The Quiet Life

More t-shirt in link.

Interview with Jon Macnair

Jon MacNair is artist and illustrator (MICA alum) living in Michigan.He spends him time imaging what to draw next and judging from his work, it seems that he possess a pretty good imagination.

Click on the link to see his interview with ARDT on his thoughts & experiences of being an artist.


Lost in Transition

A Piece of Mind mix from Avenir

St.Petersburg, Russia based music maker and DJ Avenir (Eugene Dankovcev) released a special mix for Designcollector Podcast named A Piece of Mind (psycho mix). Enjoy the sound!

Palermo Disko Machine – Theme From Palermo Disko Machine
Thomas Bangalter – Outrage
Huggotron – Pop It Bad (Agoria Remix)
College – Blue Camera
DJ Falcon & Thomas Bangalter – Together
Live Element – Something About You (Live Element club mix)
Redroche – Open Your Eyes
Skatebård – Vuelo