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LP Player Concept by Charlie Pyott

Creative Ad: Copenhagen Zoo

Copenhagen-based ad agency Bates Y&R created this hyper-realistic version of “Snakes on a Bus.” A huge constrictor snake is seen crushing the metal frame of a bus, giving the illusion that all of its passengers are in grave danger.

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h a r d t a g – dress

L O V E C A R P E T is free-art project that was conceived in adel kovacs’s mind. the name comes from a plastic garment label fastenings that create bizarre texture inspired by the hairy human body. the project seeks to merge phony and high quality thus revolting against the fashion’s snobbish and fancy impulses.
available at K E P P showroom.



The Art of Window Displays (15 Creative Examples)

Redefining everything we ever thought about window shopping, these creative store window displays will stop anyone in their tracks. As a mix of art, fashion, design and marketing, they not only have to quickly grab our attention they must compel us to enter a store. See more at My Modern Metropolis.

Marie Antoinette x ZOYA by Suresh Natarajan

Weekly Fix of Inspiration at KeepInspiring.Me


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50 Funny and Creative CG Creatures

Awesome collection of scary, funny and creative CG creatures! Check it out!

Creative Photography by Douglas Fisher

Douglas Fisher photographer advertising, has been in photography since the mid eighties, when at the tender age of 19 he became an assistant to advertising photographer Harry scotting
some works of Douglas Fisher via on82

Creative Advertising Photography by Filtre Studio

Filtre Studio’s primary focus is high-end creative image retouching. We work with advertising agencies, design firms and photographers to artistically enhance images, or in some cases create them from scratch. Projects we work on range from simple color correction to complex multi-image composites, combining 10 or more images.
Creative Advertising Photography by Filtre Studio

Creative Photography by Anuchai Secharunputong

Anuchai Secharunputong is one of the best Advertising Photographer of Thailand who is in the advertising business more than 20 years.
Creative Photography by Anuchai Secharunputong

Art On Display 2nd bi-annual art competition.

Art On Display bi-annual competition is back! Click here for more!

She Was an Angel – Tommaso Nervegna

Using wonderful soft tones, Milan-based Tommaso Nervegna takes beautiful shots of model Antonella Missoni. I’m really diggin’ the antique cameras and the scene where she’s writing in a journal, as It gives the set a bit more character.

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