Cinelli x DSC Hand to Mouth

Round faces – Los cara de galleta

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Urban Anatomy by Guillaume Chamahian

“Urban Anatomy” is a visual journey through the eyes of the French photographer Guillaume Chamahian, as he shares the Urban Anatomy during his 6 months stay in China.
[youtube VOCzBw-G4DM]
Produced by Melon Rouge Agency

International brands terminal

We are addicted to brands, We couldn’t live a life without Google or Coca-Cola. We are all like citizens of the same global brands. “Instock” is Antrepo’s new poster about the hit list of the trademarks world. It shows the top 50 global brands in 2009. Top list information is from the annual brands rank made by Interbrand and BusinessWeek.
Isn’t that interesting to reach a certain level of awareness about the reds and the blues after putting the top 50 global brands on the poster? – Which is pretty much a real container terminal… Poster dimension is 70x152cm, 27.5×59″ and It is available at and It is exclusive limited edition, 5 copies only.
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Artemov Artel redesigned 2K-Group corporate identity

2K-Group software company established in 2002. For the last years company’s grew, new offices were opened, new services and products were developed.
2K-Group proposed to Artemov Artel to redesign company’s corporate identity in order to make it more up to date and dynamic but also successive to existing identity.
Main idea of new logo is a «focusing». For this project Artel completed a design of corporate materials (such as letterheads, business cards, envelops etc.), new web site and identities and subsites for 2K-Group’s services and products (development now in progress).
Souvenir t-shirts were designed. There are different kind of t-shirt for company staff – depending from amount of years worked in 2K-Group.

Art directors: Sergey Artyomov, Gera Artyomova
Designer: Oleksii Chernikov, Katerina Voitko

Create a Dark Steampunk Digital Painting

This tutorial, will teach you how to create an amazing dark steampunk digital painting inside of Adobe Photoshop.
Create a Dark Steampunk Digital Painting
steampunk digital painting
Create a Dark Steampunk Digital Painting

Daniela Edburg

Photographer Daniela Edburg has long incorporated knitting in to her photography, but has taken it to a new level with her recent series STITCH, with hand-knitted wedding tables, wine glasses, bombs, brains and more.

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iPhone Wallpapers

New 3DUZEN Shirts for sale plus more free wallpapers here.

iMated for iPhone

iMated fo the iPhone is available again. Your favorite facial feature melding app brings hours of hilarity… or creepiness.

iMated for iPhone


Hello Schröddy

20 Incredible videos created with the Canon 7D Camera

Bound by Herring & Herring

Bound by Herring & Herring for Zink Magazine. More info and full editorial here.

Bladi One Slab 4F

An aggressive strong bold slab serif with normal and wide widths. Suitable for headlines, posters, logotypes. Character set covers many Latin and Cyrillic scripts. Available for purchase on MyFonts.

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Apple App Store Now Has Quality and Quantity

The app industry is continuing to dominate the mobile world. With Android’s numbers continuing to grow rapidly both in terms of phones and apps, Apple has to stay ahead of the game somehow. As of now, Apple remains the unchallenged king of apps with 200,000 apps and counting. The Android Market, with its 20,000 apps cannot compare, but it is growing rapidly, which apparently had the Apple Folks worrying a little.