The EU introduced the OGM potato!


A Midsummer Night’s Dream – Nirrimi Joy

Looking at these photographs, you wouldn’t be able to tell that photographer Nirrimi Joy was 17-years-old. Her images contain a vintage feel, with a subtle maturity that could easily go unnoticed.

More info and pics at My Modern Metropolis.

Photography by Lilya Corneli

Lilya Corneli has been expressing herself through her photography for years. Born in 1978, her path began in capturing the world around her with her father’s Zenit film camera.
Photography by Lilya Corneli

Olga Kurylenko by Simone Nervi for Campari 2010

The 2010 Campari Calendar, “Campari Milano”, through the action-filled behind the scenes images, in a cosmopolitan and dynamic set: the city of Milan.
Olga Kurylenko by Simone Nervi for Campari 2010

The Citroen Survolt Concept Car

At this year’s Geneva Motor Show, Citroen revealed a stunning new concept car based on the Citroen Revolte supercar. The Citroen Survolt Concept is a bold black beauty with pink neon trim and the best of the Revolte styling. See it at TheCoolist.

Photography By Jerry Yoon

Creative and amazing wedding photography by Jerry Yoon, professional photographer, based in Oakland, CA.
Wedding Photography By Jerry Yoon

Pinup Photography By Tiffany Krzywicki

Beautiful pinup photography by Tiffany Krzywicki, Massachusetts based fashion photographer located North of Boston
Pinup Photography By Tiffany Krzywicki

Amazing Typefaces

Photography by Carl W. Heindl

Design a Tropical iPhone Advertisement

The Apple iPhone was one of the revolutionary devices of the new millennium. Apple’s overall brand recovery and rebuilding process has been stunning, charging back onto the market after losing significant market share to Microsoft, IBM and other technology giants during the 1990’s. Part of the reason for Apple’s success has been excellent advertising and branding.

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to design a tropical underwater iPhone advertisement, complete with clownfish, starfish, and bubbles. You’ll learn how to isolate a variety of stock images, using custom brushes, extraction methods, and image manipulations. You’ll also see how to visually compose an image for maximum effect.

Hopefully you enjoy the tutorial, and please, leave feedback so we can provide tutorials that you want to see.

55 Awesome Photos Manipulations by LSD s.r.l.

Photography by Diego Diaz

Fashion photography by Diego Diaz, more info and pics here.

Camilla Rose Garcia’s Alice

Barbara Ana Gomez, a Spanish illustrator

Barbara Ana Gomez is a Spanish illustrator living in London. Her drawings are created using ink and Photoshop, always keeping a traditional finish in antiqued paper…

Reed more and see some of her work on cc.

Selection of Fashion Books

We have selected the Best Fashion Books of this season with some classic Street Style and great names of Haute Couture.

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