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dsc2173aweb Ovni Latest!
taratieloutoforderexpo Ovni Latest!

After the past installation for Nike in Barcelona and the past exposition “IN__BETWEEN_” in Lisboa, Ovni come back with some new crazy stuff!!
The “poor art ” by Ovni looks like sacred!

Ovni Website

Via: Fabrik Project

Wrigley and Indycar (Stop-motion)

[vimeo 849719]
A spec animation for IMS Productions, created by Nathan Shipley.

Notes by the creator:

This was created using stop motion photography, After Effects to combine the photos and add post-effects, and more packs of gum than any man could chew in a lifetime!

Link via Scene 360 Video Channel

Thanassis Krikis – Photography

thanassiskrikis2 Thanassis Krikis   Photography

Thanassis Krikis is working as a photographer, contributing to major publications including Vogue, L’Officiel, Marie Claire… More pics and Info here

thanassiskrikisphotography Thanassis Krikis   Photography

via Fashion CyanatrendLand

HATE: Tactical Magic supplemental

dyt hate HATE: Tactical Magic supplemental

New supplemental for the Tactical Magic zine.
Hate. What is it to hate someone, something, someplace.
The artists in this issue were asked to interpret hate in whatever way they chose, from serious to comical.

Lorin Brown — lorinbrown.net
Christina & Hans — ohyeahstudio.no
Julie Mattei — juliemattei.com
Nikelle Orellana — nikelleorellana.com
Nick Steinhardt — 23in.com
Daniel Guimaraes — danielucas.com
Nathan Martin — n8designs.net
Chrissie Abbott — chrissieabbott.co.uk
Buffy Cutler — buffycutler.com
Arinbjørn Kuld — ia.lavoll.no
Gretchen Nash — gretchenetc.com
Jay Johnson — letsrazzledazzle.com
Devin Daley — merritt.la

Design & Concept
Joel Evey — mikronized.com

Melting Men by Nele Azevedo.

500 Clocks Research

Caged Humans

dyt 2 Caged Humans
dyt  Caged Humans
The bizarre and artistic photography of Julian Wolkenstein.

Link via Scene 360 Illusion

my private sky

KRAM DYT my private sky
KRAM dyt2 my private sky

Clemens Weisshaar and Reed Kram have designed a limited-edition of hand made and hand painted dinner plates for PORZELLAN MANUFAKTUR NYMPHENBURG titled MY PRIVATE SKY — an elegant alchemy by combining the traditional techniques of porcelain manufacturing with a custom-programmed computer application of their own creation.

via: Fabrik Project

A collection of “object proverbs”

Be Free

heller Be Free

Cannondale Stealth Concept bike

Cannondale Stealth Cannondale Stealth Concept bike
CannondaleStealth Cannondale Stealth Concept bike

Cannondale launched “Stealth” a concept bike showcasing innovative design solutions that will inspire future production models.

Alexandre Efimov

Freezed Newspaper

sol Freezed Newspaper

Brasilian sport newspaper: PLACAR
Look here

Fennica Identity

Brilliancy is a portfolio of a freelance designer with innovative and creative skills. His works are really strong and elegant.

845271226581967d Fennica Identity
845271226581981 Fennica Identity

More works >>

Robot Puppet Women

robotpuppetwomen3 Robot Puppet Women
Digital Artist Michael Oswald have some amazing Digital Women Puppet Illustrations – Half Robot/Half Women, is digital work send us the a really near Future…

michaeloswald Robot Puppet Women

More info & picshere
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