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free website layout

For your enjoyment – a free website layout – might save you some time working out ideas and execution. The layout is based on blueprint framework, so it should be pretty easy to develop. Let me know if it helped you :) .

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American Cowboys – Christopher Wilson

Photographer Christopher Wilson takes some of the best shots I’ve ever seen in this particular landscape. His photos are great tribute to one of America’s historic icons. In this set, Wilson truly captures the very essence of what American Cowboys are made of – the grit, the grime, and the rugged masculinity.

More pics at My Modern Metropolis.

Fashion Photgraphy by Anna Wolf

Cecilia Carlstedt Fashion Illustrations

The Third and The Seventh

For the inspirational full video check out The Third & The Seventh on KeepInspiring.Me.

greg williams photography

Leo Rosa Borges – Blank Canvas

Graphic designer Leo Rosa Borges, an award-winning artist working out of Dubai, generated this unique solution to an issue often encountered by the creative classes. The blank canvas. These posters — created on a close to zero budget — are generated by cutting an ‘image’ into a blank white surface, demonstrating the ability to generate design with minimal addition or subtraction to a medium. All Borges’ designs requires are a few carefully placed cuts, that with a stretching of the canvas, come to life in the third dimension as a monstrous face.

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Richard Gomez – Tool Bag for Urban Green Areas

Industrial designer Richard Gomez, working out of Mexico City, has generated a modern interpretation of gardening tools for the iconic American agri-industry brand John Deere . Taking inspiration from the increasing prevalence of environmental consciousness within society, and the modern movement of urban-gardening, this tool bag, designed in collaboration with Veronica Heredia Otero, represents an elegant and practical approach to urban gardening; emphasizing functional tools and materials with a nod to urban aesthetics and high design.

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Jeremy Brunet – ‘Flat Cars’ Poster Series

Graphic designer Jeremy Brunet, working out of Paris, France, has rendered a series of elegant posters highlighting the design of iconic cars in both film and television. From the infamous De Lorian from “Back to the Future,” to the often airborne Dodge Charger of “Dukes of Hazzard,” Brunet takes the complicated mechanics of these vehicles and concentrates them into the two-dimensional elegance of their signature graphics.

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Daddy Was A Jewel Thief


For the full post check out Daddy Was a Jewel Thief | KeepInspiring.Me

Happy Pills!? Sweet Happiness in Sugar-Pill Supplements

A candy store (and associated product series) designed by Studio M in Spain to treat the more mild forms of day-to-day depression in casual shoppers.
From the products to the packaging, everything is themed around prescription medication – pill-shaped sweets, boxes, containers and entire to-go cartons for the most serious of cases.

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I Am Stuffed Animal

I Am Stuffed Animal takes your picture and turns it into a cartoon caricature on a plush doll. Get a buddy for your bedroom, desk or to carry around with you at all times to freak people out. Check it out.


S rules.

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SOKO #4 is out!

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