Magical Metamorphosis – Runolfur Gudbjornsson

Is Spinning Jewelry so magical that it morphs beautiful women into enchanting animals? Runolfur Gudbjornsson thinks so. He’s the photographer who’s captured it all for us. Look closely and you’ll see Spinning Jewelry’s mysterious earrings, rings, bracelets and necklaces displayed right alongside crow wings, capricorn horns and lizard backs. See more at My Modern Metropolis.

Serett Metal Works

Serett Metal works portfolio of fabrication and design. More work to be added soon…

Studio8 Design

Studio8 Design
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Calling all UK designers, artists, architects…..

If you’re a creative and are based outside the UK’s major cities then we’re looking for you…..

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Showcase of popular blogs from Spain

Today we would like to give a chance to look closer at the next collection from the series of “Popular blogs”. We present well-designed, interesting and popular blogs from Spain. Random order.

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Mateusz Kolek

The Many Faces

A photography series entitled “Couples” by Spanish artist Reclarkgable. It is the same two people in different outfits and hairstyles. It reminds me of Cindy Sherman‘s work, who would portray different female characters in her pictures.


Instant 2010 Calendar

printable 2010 calendar from e.m.papers
DIY Download and print 2010 Calendar from e.m.papers.

Southsouthwest Studio; Melbourne, Australia

Още едно приятно австралийско студио със силно съчетание от фотография и типография. Колективът е компактен и се състои от тримата основатели на студиото, Jonathan Price, Andy Sargent и Adam Gibson.

The three of us all studied at The School of Art at Hobart in Tasmania. Andy and I went on to work in several studios both in Hobart and Melbourne, and Jon did some studio/account management jobs. We all got sick of working for other people to be honest so we started up our own studio. I think the major deciding factor for us all to create something of our own was the lack of control in the type of work we did. Working for yourself means that you can pick the kind of work you would like to do, although sometimes this means that you can’t eat for a week.

Visit STBAE for more info and pics…

…. and then read the whole interview with SSW


Posters which represent the male leads of the Mad Men series through their unique pocket square folds. on FLICKR

portfolio of the creator


I Left My Heart In New York, Book design by CZA&D


Album artwork for EDM Artist Zoo Brazil

New album artwork for Zoo Brazil’s album Please Don’t Panic, to be released on Magik Muzik.
Design by Hugo de Graaf.

Merci Beaucoup

“Merci Beaucoup” is new collaboration between Cookies & Cream and Skwak. More t-shirt in link.