Fat Frankie

by Aiser3D, available in 3D….

Jazz comics by Philip Paquet

With bookdesign inspired by the famous Blue Note record covers : jazz related short stories by Belgian comics-author Philip Paquet.

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For Sale : James Bond’s Aston Martin DB5

007’s Aston Martin will be sold with the factory-fitted “interesting modifications” that Q thought it would be necessary to add such as a submachine gun, a tracking device, armour plating, revolving number plates, an oil slick sprayer, triangular tyre shredders and a smoke screen device. All this is controlled from a central unit hidden beneath the armrest.

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14 iPhone Apps to Help Manage Your Social Media Accounts on the Go

There are dozens of social media services available with hundreds of apps to support them. Figuring out just which apps might be useful can be a challenge.
Hopefully I can help. I’m not a Social Media guru, but Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and blogs are a part of my job on a daily basis. With only a couple of exceptions, I use all of the apps I’ve listed here on a regular basis, depending on what I’m working on or looking for.

Wellness Products From Fashion designer Norma Kamali

Fashion designer Norma Kamali has brought her talent into the beauty & gourmet industry. Developed by Kamali as a response to 9/11, the wellness product is simply based on olive oil & herbs……More news & photos here!

Visual Inspiration from China, Vol. 7

Visual Inspiration from China brings Koi Koi Koi readers examples of fresh creative content from five emerging Chinese creatives.
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Mp logo

Miros Product -logo by bullmastiff.

Malibu by Kulte

For this summer, Malibu gives two beach styles to its famous bottle became a design product since three years.
 And that’s the french brand Kulte which held the paintbrush. Two limited editions designed by Happy Mess -studio responsible for the artistic direction of Kulte- giving its double vision of the brand: two parallel universes, one timeless, marked by the origins and “caribbean touch” of Malibu, the other one, bright and colorful, suggesting the many flavors of Malibu.

20 Great Sampled Hip Hop Songs

The art of sampling in hip-hop is as old as the genre itself. Many of hip hops greatest producers from Dr Dre to DJ Premier and Kanye West have always relied on samples from a diverse and eclectic pool of musicians to craft the hits we love. Here are 20 of our favorite songs containing samples culled from equally great original tracks.
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Hungarian POP! by Vivienne Balla

Photographed by Vivienne Balla. For the complete series visit www.vivienneballa.com

8-bits videogames in 3D [Voxels]

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Kitchen Stand for iPad

The Kitchen Stand for iPad designed by Dizingof available 3D printed to order.

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18 Posters by Naxart

More Posters http://www.naxart.com/graphic-design/