Erwin Olaf

Great use of color. Great Art Direction. Great photographs all around, by Erwin Olaf.
Erwin Olaf  THE DANCING SCHOOL Erwin Olaf
Erwin Olaf  THE KITCHEN Erwin Olaf
Visit Colectiva to check out more of his work…

“The apple tree” Jewellery Design.

Biology Drawings

An old biology textbook was found with some very interesting additions:
3285311697 87ec776f60 o Biology Drawings
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More can be found here.

Robot Attack! 23 Really Cool Robot Products

RobotsProducts DYT Robot Attack! 23 Really Cool Robot Products
If you like Robots (and who doesn’t!) check out this list of 23 really cool robot products.

Powers of Ten

This gem of a short film is a must see.. It was created by Charles & Ray Eames in 1977 to illustrate the scale of the universe.

[youtube 1Z53wTtGGA0]

v/ Colectiva

Space Invaders

spaceinvaders2 Space Invaders

Above – Playground Love

Alexandre Duret-Lutz’s Panoramas

Teknograd Strikes Again

teknograd tie fighters screen 580px Teknograd Strikes Again

New ad for the mac support-company Teknograd

Last year 2008scandinavia’s campaign for Teknograd was a big success in blog-comunities, and got awarded in the norwegian “Golden Pencil” and in the Clio Awards.

Teknograd has followed Martin Holm and Erik Heisholt to TBWA\Oslo, and now their first print ad is complete. It uses the new OS X Leopard elements, and just like previous campaigns its about the harddisk getting in trouble.

Untho x Obey

Untho Obey Untho x Obey

Untho, italian streetwear brand, is proud to announce an amazing art collaboration with the most innovative street-artist: Shepard Fairey!


porezava4 IM NOT HERE

From / /

Sony Simplicity – A mobile phone concept

Bild1 02 Sony Simplicity   A mobile phone concept
Sony Simplicity
The Sony Simplicity Concept is a mobile phone, just a phone, nothing else. It’s made for people that don’t need the modern functions like SMS, Organizer, Camera, E-Mail, surfing and so on, it’s made for people that just want to communicate via phone. Just like in the good old days.

» See the full feature on the Behance Network (external Link)
» Manuel Irritier’s personal Blog (external Link)
» Website of Armadaquadrat (external Link)

Music from Sand

[vimeo 3080808]
This is an interesting sound project by Diego Stocco.

Notes from the sand music maker:

I had some sandbags in the backyard that I used in November during a rainy day. I was moving them to a different spot when I heard the noise of the sand. I thought that maybe I could try a new sound design technique so I bought some piezo film transducers and started to experiment with them.

Link via Scene 360 Illusion

Florian Fromentin – French Photographer and graphic designer

Florian Fromentin is a french blogger, photographer, and graphic designer, bust most importantly he’s the creator of the first Cosplay magazine.

2663168669 1463e9ea7a o Florian Fromentin   French Photographer and graphic designer

An interview of the artiste, and more photos here

Beard poster

bp1 Beard poster

Beard Revue turned a year old about a month ago. To celebrate, I printed up this technicolor illustrated poster.

Inspired by Milton Glaser’s Bob Dylan (in turn inspired by Marcel Duchamp’s Self-Portrait in Profile), here is the my own Beard in the likeness of Leonardo da Vinci.

A limited edition of 200 signed and hand-numbered posters are available at