Brooke Nipar

Brooke Nipar

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Design an Out of this World Laptop Advertisement

Laptops and computers provide an excellent subject for composition and design. They provide several dimensions where elements can be placed, and they naturally have a depth that can be exploited. They can be illustrated to express the performance, the creativity, or the gaming aspects of computing.

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to design an out of this world cosmic advertisement for a laptop/tablet style PC. These techniques can easily be applied for stock manipulation and advertising a variety of products, and you’ll learn some great tips for dealing with a variety of stock images and design situations.

21 Beautiful Modern Vintage Art and Illustrations

An amazing collection of modern vintage art and illustrations at My Modern Metropolis.

Drunk Captain America & Zombie Jesus

A homemade selection of Street Art and stickers in Paris


Pretty Cool Artistic Alphabet by Peagabassi

Here is a pretty cool art alphabet by deviantart user Peagabassi, a 22 year old artist from Estonia. Each letter has a special design and an illustration that symbolizes that letter. Also, each letter has a sentence, phrase, or group of words where the letter is used.

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The Photography of Patrick Hoelck

Patrick Hoelck has shot for such magazines as Vanity Fair, URB, Rolling Stone, Complex, Vibe and Inked.

Celebrities he’s photographed include Clint Eastwood, John Legend, Beyonce Knowles, Mister Cartoon, The Game, Pharell Williams, Will Farell and Kanye West.

“Patrick Hoelck’s photography resonates because his darkness does not hide, pervert, destroy, or malign. Instead, it emboldens, signifies, nurtures, resurrects an individual for who they are: sexuality and celebrity status are consequential of being human—of being a man or woman, actor or actress, singer or musician, model or cult personality; glamour and attitude are consequential of one’s pride and self-respect.”

View more of Patrick’s work at

Photography by Garmonique

Via Oh, Snap!

the future belongs

very creative idea by roland reiner tiangco.
the whole idea in pictures here.

Graphic Design by Krzysztof Zdunkiewic

Via Cretique

Ojo Triste – Sad Eye

New web cover

40 Great Illustrations by Matthew Vimislik

Matthew Vimislik has been featured in Creative Quarterly Magazine, and has been published in a number of children’s publications.
He’s a relatively recent graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology.
Via Unstage (Click here for more)

fascinating photography

bizarre,cool and fascinating photos by silent order.
more photos here.

Lexus Concept

the Design Cove | Photography by Federico Erra

Photography by Erica Shires

Fashion photography by Erica Shires, more pics and info here.