Connect Sofa Set- The Ability to Connect

Ability to connect with each other……
Ability to connect the space……
Ability to connect with surroundings……
Ability to not to connect….

That is Connect Sofa designed by Inci Mutlu of Mutlu+Milano Design Studio. Connect is a seating unit which can be added, removed and used in many ways. More info & pics here.

Photography by Lucy Carr-Ellison

Photography by Lucy Carr-Ellison, more pics and info here.

Nike World Cup Advert

Nike’s 2010 World Cup advert is typically brilliant, focusing on the expectations of a nation and each player’s potential for greatness, with often hilarious effect….


Kaloian Toshev

More pics here : WWW.ZEUTCH.COM

J.A.W. Cooper

JAW Cooper was born in England and grew up in Africa, Sweden, Ireland, various other locations throughout Europe, and California.
J.A.W. Cooper

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The Vault- Art Collector’s Paradise

Switzerland-based Oppenheim Architecture+Design, in partnership with Javier Lumbreras of Artemundi & Company, have designed an art storage facility or as art insiders calling it,”The Vault” in the trendy Wynwood Design District, Miami. The Vault is 11 storey high, with 14000 square foot of storage facility and ‘blank canvas’ exterior which will serve as an important public art installation. Click here for more pics & info.

Songs For The Weekend #7

Songs For The Weekend #7

Here some songs for your weekend! Songs For The Weekend #7 on Le Blog de Yoland.

A baby dreams of the wonders of life to come when born HIV free.

Awesome new public service announcement directed by Jack-Antoine Charlot of Bonzom for Global Fund to raise awareness of HIV infection in mothers and children. Must see it!

Flickr Friday – #14 – Photography




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online publishing

formatpixel is a flash based online Web Top Publisher allowing you to ceate your own online magazines, fanzines, brochures, catalogues, portfolios and more. Using the formatpixel online editor you can design page based projects, layout text, upload your own images, add interactivity and customise their appearance.

An example published project:

“Je suis un mec Cash”

José Lamali, usually presented for his work as Kulte‘s designer, is now presenting us his personal work as photographer: Nikon FM2; Lens 50mm. Je suis un mec cash

More pictures

Weekly Fix of Inspiration – #6


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Push Collection “Capitulo 5º” Proximamente

Crater Face