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Coupons Tee with Hard to Believe Offers

19 various coupons for tech nerds and web enthusiasts. Special offers not seen on any other t-shirts anywhere! Sci-Fi based themes like, “30% off the droids you are looking for”. Fantasy themed coupons such as, “50% off any 1 ring of power in either styles for men or dwarves”. For web-nerds there is “Get your mom off Facebook”, a coupon to insure that “someone/anyone notices one of your tweets” and others related to lolcats, blogging and an old school html technique.


Comes in American Apparel 2001 (AA) or Alstyle (AL) options. Sizes SML-4XL. Get it now at Chop Shop.

TWIG Bench & Cube | Designed by Pinch

The TWIG bench and cube series designed by Pinch, are prime examples of why we love their work. More info and images here!

Collection of fav’s design Zippos

Watch the full list here

Join us. Únete.

Evolution Store

Giving Pride to the Poor: Favela Painting in Brazil

A duo of Dutch artists travel across Brazil working with the poor to reinvent their communities in color. Favela Painting is their art form, teaming with the poorest of Brazil’s favela shanty towns to give them a renewed sense of pride in their own neighborhoods. More at TheCoolist.

Adolfo Correa, New Personal Showcase!

Hi people! I’m launching my first personal showcase! a bunch of new works, please visit and enjoy HERE! more inside the post… Continue »

Pikartzo Graphic Design

Music Mondays #8

listen to the tracks here

Octave & Charlie

O&C new french label with great production. More picture on Grafitee

The Secret Behind Nike Air revealed !

Miranda Kerr by Greg Kadel

Mullet + Mustache + Unicorn + Rainbow = WTF of the day !

A crazy ad for the Electric Daisy Carnival 2010. Mustache, mullet, unicorn and rainbows, all the ingredients for good old WTF of the day ;)