Ó Paí, ó

[vimeo videoid]
Vinheta Ó Paí, ó from BRABO on Vimeo.

William Hundley Art/Photography

williamhundley5 William Hundley Art/Photography
Mixed media artist William Hundley create delicious juxtapositions of images, with their signature amorphous shapes that float in and among everyday landscapes and serial street scenes… Just so you know, NO PHOTOSHOP is used !! More info and pics Here

williamhundley2 William Hundley Art/Photography
camomanx William Hundley Art/Photography

hPac – Lounge Chair (concept)

mjbing hpac hPac   Lounge Chair (concept)
The profile of the armchair reminds of the computer game figure Pac-man from the 80s.

celebrate the holidays in 3D

snowdin1 celebrate the holidays in 3D
For the holidays this year the agency I work for decided to put together a holiday site. We went all out and built an 8×12′ set, photographed it, and turned it 3D. There’s a bunch of classic games (qbert, paperboy) with a holiday twist and of course the whole 3D thing. So go visit Snowdin and let us know what you think. (And if you don’t have 3D glasses we’ll send you a pair too)

Socket Deer

socketdeer 580 Socket Deer

Socket Deer is an outlet cover created by Japanese design company Nendo. The covers feature deer antlers that will hold your hand held device as it recharges. It can be also used to cover light switches, as the antlers can hold keys and other accessories. [via-holycool]

Parc du Bleu

Newest piece added to my current Graphic Portfolio….Parc du Bleu
736021229034680 03 Parc du Bleu

Zeppelin on Rails

hst Zeppelin on Rails
1931, Germany. High-speed train.

The Art of Fabian Perez

Underwater Sculpture

DYTUNDERWATER Underwater Sculpture
Jason de Caires creates underwater sculptures. Instead of trying to create unchanging and lasting works, he encourages the organic growth of coral and other organisms across his creations. He’s working on a new project in Mexico at the moment, but we caught him on dry land for a few questions.

Muscle Car Video

[vimeo 2535263]
Muscle Car Video – 2 from Furkan Sener on Vimeo.

Another Amazing Speed Painting

[youtube WSKruiv9Ul8]
These paintings were done by S. Maguire; he’s super quick with his software tools. It is amazing to watch him draw and paint!

Watch another speed painting video

Link via Scene 360 Illusion

SpY. Urban Arts.

spy2 SpY. Urban Arts.
SpY is an artist from Madrid. His first actions appeared in the middle eighties.

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StripClub! I forgot her fake name!

strip1 StripClub! I forgot her fake name!
strip2 StripClub! I forgot her fake name!
The unrelenting focus on negotiations of power between men and women.

C is for Count… or Crime?

TheCount C is for Count... or Crime?
One Murder , Two Murders, Three Murders…

Sex & Sundhed Condoms

Mads Jakob Poulsen and Robert Nagy have created a conceptual package for condoms Sex & Sundhed. This is great propaganda for safe sex!