Plastic Gods

These are test images of cellophane and scotch tape being projected unto a white board and covered on both sides with polarized filter paper that when moved reflects an infinite number of colors, the gods dance as you turn the sheets. its as though you were on acid but you weren’t’…..

by: Fernando Padilla

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Gurafiku: Japanese Graphic Design

An introduction to Japanese Graphic design, ranging from Ukiyo-e prints to manga and from outrageous movie posters over stylish book and record covers to webdesign.

(Via Monsieur Bandit)

Impressive Alcohol Drink Packaging From China

WuJi Entire (RSWJ) is a China based company specialize in alcohol drink packaging and branding. They have done some really amazing works of alcohol drink packaging. Click here for more photos.

Benjamin Shine Taxi Elephant


Voici l’éléphant taxi conçu par l’artiste britannique Shine Benjamin. Il s’agit d’une sculpture destinée à une vente aux enchères pour défendre la cause de cette espèce. L’une des plus menacées sur notre planète. MORE HERE

New works by David DELIN


VIVA LA VITA project

An eye-like design house

Don’t be surprised if you see a huge eye-like object at a tree. Maybe it’s an eye-like design house , called free spirit sphere, designed by Tom Chudleigh. It is a very unique design. This object is attached on a tall tree. Actually they have their show unit on on private land near Qualicum Bay, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada, where you can rent it and try to stay on there.

More detailed story at ‘Architecture 4 Us

make love,not war

make love
make love 2
make love 3
more images

Lucia Ondrusova – Photographer (Melbourne)

Excellent Video about the Extraordinary Gilbert and George!

Watch the Video ->

World renowned UK artists Gilbert and George recently gave a talk to students at the College of Fine Arts, The University of New South Wales, Australia. This has to be one of the most entertaining, crazy talks we’ve ever seen! They speak about their artwork, living in a house with no kitchen and give some ‘straight to the point’ advice to up and coming artists. Settle in and enjoy 50 minutes of mayhem!

For more COFA Talks, please visit the COFA Online Gateway

20 Hot Games For Your Inspiration

Here you will find very interesting games illustrations for all kind of players.

20 Hot Games For Your Inspiration

Etched Leather Artwork by Mark Evans

The artist Mark Evans creates portraits of famous faces, all hand-etched into leather hides. He creates artwork using knives as his ‘paintbrushes’…
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London Photography by Stefan Oury

More Photos @ Wooop Design

Christopher Peters

Christopher Peters is a digital painter and illustrator who creates incredible digital artworks fit for book covers and videogame illustrations.
Christopher Peters

Adam Hughes

Adam Hughes is a comic book artist known mostly for his renderings of pinup-style female characters, and his cover work on titles such as Wonder Woman and Catwoman.
Adam Hughes

Creative Illustrations by Tariq Raheem

Tariq Raheem is a digital illustrator with over ten years of freelance and production house experience ranging from, computer game development, film & TV production and music video & TVC (Television Commercial) production. He has been presented in Spectrum 12 as one of the years best for the November 2004 cover issue of Heavy Metal Magazine.
Tariq Raheem