Non Cadenza

Non Cadenza ” it’s pure Russian soul-music with touching jazz harmonies and clear female vocals. That kind of music is better for live performance and the most bright moments you can notice only at concert, of course. We wish you have a chance to hear it by yourself. Still the band doesn’t start it’s tour around the world, so we choose several records for you. Hope it will be enough to tune on the right mood.

Bram said – ” The sounds of Non Cadenza were amazing, the lovely soul with the beautiful jazz elements made my imagination go wild. My artwork is very abstract-surrealistic. The gold elements are representing Non Cadenza lovely voice popping up here and there. I just love the tunes.”

You can find the details of his work here.
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Illustrations by Steve McGhee

Photography by Ben Aqua


Eyeone is a really great artist part of Seeking Heaven, a graffiti & art crew established in Los Angeles.

Via Coisa’74

Photography by Matias Posti

Matias Posti is a young advertising photographer.

Creative Photography by Matias Posti

BigMag №7

Studio ROM

Latest work from Photographer Remi Rebillard

viktoria remi rebillard

Ugly Peoples

Photography Portfolio by Gary Salter

Very Realistic 3D Dinosaur Video Animation by Pantural

Two weeks ago I made a post about Pantural featuring his amazing 3D skills in his “My Cars Showreel.” Well, I couldn’t stop there and I had to make another post about him. This time, here is another awesome 3D animation by Pantural, a short video sequence featuring a very realistic 3D dinosaur T-Rex.

Click here to watch the video.

Rolzy y Radio-FM PVC :: minimalismo y sencillez

Los holandeses del estudio Lijmbach Leeuw & Vormgeving son los responsables de estas dos radios simples y curiosas. Más info Trecool.

Wrongo typefamily

On released typefamily Wrongo 4F with four styles: Regular+Italic, Bold+Italic.

Conjuration Films – Endless Clips by Clare Strand

Without Words.


Sculptures: Livio De Marchi

View the great variety of his current work in wood.

How to fall into a war

Amazing advertising made by Tita Italy.