Daily Inspiration #3

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Electric Mountains by Thomas Kneubühler

Electric Mountains in the Canadian winter landscape.
A new photo project by Swiss-born artist Thomas Kneubühler.
See more at www.thomaskneubuhler.com

Photographer Adam Voorhes Exploded Object series

Adam Voorhes exploded object series. Go to http://www.voorhes.com/wordpress/?p=208 for more including a bull frog.

The Coolest iPhone Games You Should Own No Matter What

A new week, a new iPhone goodies roundup – this time we’re listing only games

Photography by Marco Grob

Award-winning photographer Marco Grob is making his mark in advertising and editorial circles with his high-impact fashion and portrait imagery.

Via Photography by Marco Grob

Win Street Art Sucks T-shirt

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The Dutch Bicycle by David Roemer

Christian Marclay

Pandy Cane Clothing

Pandy Cane Clothing is clothing brand with panda everywhere :). More photo in link.

ColdGear, Lindsey Vonn + Dick’s

Pedro Primavera

BLOBS are coming!

Digital Mona Lisa

Take a look at the piece of art that’s in the lobby of the Asus HeadQuarters, a Mona Lisa made entirely from recycled motherboards.

More info and photos here

Serge Gainsbourg’s Home – 3d Graffiti Animation

A little animation that took 5 years to make that documents the graffiti made on the wall outside of Serge Gainsbourg home.
Check out the video here

Hundreds of people collaborate to make design magazine cover

The third issue of design magazine O.K. Periodicals was presented under great public interest at the Illustrative Festival in Berlin. What makes this edition so special is its cover, which is the collective design of hundreds of people from around the world.

First crowdsourced magazine cover in the world
The topic of the third issue of O.K. Periodicals is REPEAT. This is apparent from the content, the imagery and, most notably, the cover of the magazine. Hundreds of people have made their contribution by designing a small part of it, either manually or using the computer. The bizarre yet unique reproduction of the cover visually underlines the power of the online network. The result is the world’s first crowdsourced magazine cover.

The topic of this special issue will be broadly examined in both text and image. There is an intriguing story about a high-society murderer, human printers, repetitious trends and patterns in fashion, the daily experience of living with Tourette’s syndrome, illustrations of proverbs involving repetition, an interview with a Steven Spielberg lookalike, a repeating parakeet, and much, much more.

The rapidly growing and internationally acclaimed magazine O.K. Periodicals regularly uses crowdsourcing techniques, which enables it to show inspiring work by established and upcoming creative talent. For each edition, designers, illustrators, artists, scientists, writers and photographers from around the world send in their work, exploring themes such as collecting, failure and repetition. The result is a pleasantly confounding magazine that stimulates, surprises and penetrates, but above all, inspires.

Have a look at the sneak preview / order at: www.ok-periodicals.com