Everyday is like christmas

Rarely I find something as inspirational as the interview with Eike König. Eike, is the owner of the creative studio HORT in Berlin.

It is overwhelming to see Eike König talking about his prefession as graphic designer. The passion, the shining in his eyes. You could get jealous. But for me this interview is much more inspirational and infectious.
And now lean back and watch some one speaking about his job and working in a team by using phrases like: “Everyday is like christmas for me..you know, they give me something and I open this present and I am really surprised about it..” Awesome!!!

[vimeo 7709246]

You can find more about the video here and about HORT here.

Forkless Cruiser Bicycle By Olli Erkkila

Illustrations by Jean Zapata

29 Incredible Black and White Photographs of Cityscapes

Cities look amazing in black and white. A lack of color adds definition to cityscapes, making the straight lines of roads and skyscrapers appear crisp and distinct. Black and white photography does more than simply mirror the greyness of the urban jungle landscape, it brings urban morphology and architecture into clear focus, while capturing the sense of isolation one can feel in a city, even when surrounded by thousands, even millions of people.

Below you’ll find 29 stunning black and white photographs taken in cities around the world, from Paris to New York, London and Tokyo. These fantastic images capture the world’s major cities as you’ve never seen them before. Hopefully they’ll inspire your own creative endeavors!


The Fringe Project

Designer/artists Henrik Vibskov and Andreas Emenius began working on ‘The Fringe Series‘ … More info & pics HERE

Humorous Poster Designs of TV Culture by Albert Exergian

Albert Exergian perfectly illustrated a touch of clean graphic design and humor on his poster series of popular TV shows. This is a personal project of his, “A HUMOROUS VIEW ON TV CULTURE.”

Click here to see the rest of the images.

Showcase of 20+ amazing skiing photos

Continuing the habit of publishing a collection of excellent sport shots… Today we present 20+ amazing photos of skiing. Great!

Look at the whole collection of amazing skiing photos

Elena Gallen for KULTE

Elena Gallen (born 1984) is a freelance artist based in Barcelona. Graduated from college in Media Studies in Barcelona and filmmaking studies at the New York Film Academy (Hollywood). Experienced in fashion design (prints and illustration) and specially known for her collection of t-shirts that quickly garnered a cult-following among the Fashion Elite, Gallen combining the naïf, the odd and the minimalistic and inspired by trash culture, cult movies, postmodernism, consumerism and an unusual taste for monsters, ufos, blush, red lipstick, ligers, galaxies, horror films, transgression, teenagers and nature, the character embodied by the artist has become outstanding beyond her creations. Impressed by her talent, the french brand KULTE, proudly present a collaboration upon their FALL09 theme “The Final day”…4 limited series tshirts out this month…

Seen in ZINK mag .

photographed by Remi Rebillard ,make up Davide’ Calcinai .

Third World Ads (of the World)


USA (Philadelphia) – ‘$20,000 reward for info on Shamari’s Remains’

Characters for an epic tale

Inspiration: Flame Logos

Fire based logos are a great way to show action or heat in a logo. It can give your logo a lot of added attitude and flare. We are going to look at some logos that use fire and flames as a basis for their logos. Enjoy!

Link to: Inspiration: Flame Logos


Geoffroy Thoorens

Typography — Autodidakt

The online portfolio of Göran Söderström.