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Jay-Z Rhapsody Ad

Jay-Z recreates his album covers for Rhapsody.
Via Unstage (Click here to watch video)

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What is That?

A new poster at Postera: What is That?, by Alan Rodrigo Lourenço da Silva.

28 Astounding Illustrations by Michael Dashow

Michael Dashow is a science fiction, fantasy, and childrens’ 2D and 3D artist. While his works are often made digitally, he is also an expert at watercolor painting. His illustrations have been featured in such publications as ImagineFX, Fantasy Art Magazine, Expose, and others. He has won several awards, including multiple CGSociety challenges. One of his most notable clients is Blizzard Entertainment, where he worked on Diablo II and III.

His illustrations encompass a wide range of styles, from emotional to bizarre, but each piece is a masterpiece, and his capturing of the finest details is one of the ways he stands out in the world of illustration. For some of his works, I have included both the large version, and the detail version, so you can see the incredible amounts of effort and talent that are involved in each piece.

Dirt Po(or)ster by Roland Tiangco

Roland Reiner Tiangco is a designer from Brooklyn with a rather good name, and this is his rather genius-like call to arms for the kids of the ‘information generation.’ The first in a series of posters, ‘Dirt Po(or)ster‘ is a physically interactive art statement that, once dirtying the hands of the recipient, reveals a message by rubbing your dirty mitts across the spot-varnished type.

Via: We Heart Stuff

Alberto Sevesso Illustration’s

Alberto Seveso is a italian graphic designer with some crazy vector works.

More works from Sevesso here

Seher One

Rush Hour London by Chris Searson

Chris Searson created an experimental, awesome looking Time Lapse film exploring rush hour in London. Watch the video here.

Uber Best: 11 Fresh Roundups With The Coolest Design Articles in August

Here are a few very good selections that you could bookmark for weekend or a few hours of free time. Please suggest others in the comments.

Over 45 Excellent Examples Of Retro Typography, Design And Illustration

I get all warm and fuzzy inside every time I see neon color schemes, over the top shiny metallic typography and Tron inspired grid backdrops. At first I thought I was the only one with this absurd fetish but lately the web has me believing otherwise. Check Designfeedr for the rest of this showcase of excellent 80s inspired retro work!

A Beautiful Splash of Color – Iain Crawford

London based photographer Iain Crawford makes splashes of paint look like couture clothing. See more at My Modern Metropolis.

Illustrations by Matheus Lopes

Great work from the Brazilian Illustrator.
Via Unstage (Click here for more)

Optic Illusion – Georges Rousse

Georges Rousse is a French photographer and installation artist. He paints geometric shapes in abandoned places… MORE PICS AND VIDEO HERE

Daily Boom Box

new character design by stubborn sideburn

Mountain Dew — History

A short animation exploring the evolution of the Dew Brand.
Via Unstage (Click here to watch video)

New Concept Feedback Tool for Designers

Our friends at Concept Feedback have launched an awesome online (free) review tool that gives designers, marketers and developers a place to exchange feedback and ideas on design projects (websites, logos, etc.).

Click here for more info.