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Looking Into the Past (12 Amazing Photo-in-Photos)

What better way is there to honor the past than this? By placing an older photo into a present day shot, these creative photographers have given us a unique, one-of-a-kind experience. It’s like taking a beautiful, and sometimes haunting, trip down memory lane. On Flickr there’s actually a group for this called Looking Into the Past. See the most amazing ones at My Modern Metropolis.

Metal on Metal “BASTARD”

[vimeo 8026411]
sick video directed by The Glue Society

as seen on MyDC

Raymond Meier

Adhemas Batista… new website

Photography by ArtLuz Studio

The photographic studio ArtLuz Studio, headed by photographer Alexandre Salgado, has been active in the publicity market for the past 25 yers.
Photography by ArtLuz Studio

V&A Decode generative identity by Postspectacular

[vimeo video_7791424]
Spot On ViaComIT’s Blog
An open source, generative identity for the upcoming “Decode: Digital Design Sensations” exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum London.

THX 1138 Movie Trading Cards

Trading cards for George Lucas’ 1971 dystopian masterpiece.
See them all here

Hole Santa Claus vector icon

free icon vector : Hole Santa Claus via:

in the Box by tariq design


See more for my art works Click here

Video Game Minimalism – Ashley Browning

London-based graphic designer/artist, Ashley Browning, has a huge passion for video games and digital design. Here he’s taken some of our favorite video game characters and given them a minimalist makeover. See more at My Modern Metropolis.

Bizarre Illustration by Saddo

Samantha Tio’s “Conveyance” Photography

Photographer Samantha Tio‘s “Conveyance” photo series is a study of busy traffic patterns in Asia. These wild, kaleidoscopic, slow-shutter images have been commissioned by the Singapore Art Museum. More at TheCoolist.

Encyclopedia Galactica

A poster series of images from other worlds. Inspired by Isaac Asimov and Carl Sagan.

From Sidearm Design

Last Things by Constant van Hoeven