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The Silence:Ayudarte está en nuestras manos

[vimeo 10458081]

Corporate video for the Physiotherapist College of Madrid.

The first complete project of The Silence-Motion Design and VFX based in Spain.
Concept – Production – Postproduction: The Silence

Sound Design: Marcelo Baldin
Agency: Te prefiero como amigo
Client: Colegio Profesional de Fisioterapeutas de Madrid.

Creative Photography by Jim Fiscus

Known for his pioneering work integrating conceptual photography and computer generated imagery, Jim Fiscus has produced award-winning images for Levi’s, Showtime, Nike, ESPN and many others
Creative Photography by Jim Fiscus

5 High Quality Web Design Layout Tutorials


Author: Gatis Veikšins.

Jaime Jones Artwork

Jaime jones artwork via

Illustrator Carine Brancowitz

world of codel

artworks by french artist codel.
more infos and artworks here.

Motion Design poster by Scott Lyle

motion design poster for typography class at Maine College of Art.


Illustrations by Ana Benaroya

Ana Benaroya is an illustrator, typographer, and designer; but above all, a decent human being.
Illustrations by Ana Benaroya by Creative Illustrations

Alexa Meade Painting

Illustrations by Ken Orvidas

Award winning illustrator, Ken Orvidas, creates conceptual images for annual reports, collateral, books, magazines, CD’s and new media for clients in publishing, advertising, design, editioral and music.
Illustrations by Ken Orvidas

Fiat 500 x Hype Means Nothing

More pictures on AutoPulp

Hitting the teens with the right tune!

Dasein Academy, one of Malaysia’s leading art & design schools moved from a location on the outskirts of the city to a larger and more urban city location.

School administrators, with the help of designer/ creative director Michael Wong creates a road safety campaign to remind students to be more aware of the traffic hazards of their new surroundings.

The biggest danger for this young, tech savvy group is how they wear and listen to their mp3 players while walking about the city, often times unable to hear or notice oncoming traffic.

Noting this pervasive habit, the visual language of an mp3 advertising campaign was leveraged but given a completely fresh and hard-hitting twist.

Headline: 10,000 distractions in your pocket. Stay alert when you cross the road.