Women who tell us stories

This is a personal project about the re-interpretation the different stories.
I’m still working on developing other characters, so please be patient.

Thanks to the help of Anna Koerlin (Translator for this project)
The Mad Hatter
Little Red Riding Hood
Snow White

Tips For Calling Visitors To Action

Tips For Calling Visitors To Action
A blog is a blog. But without a call to action, you risk losing readers. Or worse, if your goal is to activate or mobilize, you risk missing your goal.

A call to action is anything that encourages visitors to act. Whether signing up for email updates, following your twitter feed, or forwarding to a friend, calls to action are key. Calls to action span into the political and non-profit world as well. Succesful websites with purpose also ask for donations, letters to the editor, or general registration.

Here are some of the most effective methods, and associated tips for calling your visitors to action.


the Design Cove | new site design

The Design Cove has been growing rapidly in the past few months to become a trusted source of creative and visual inspiration. In celebration of this success, the Design Cove has now had a face lift. You can check it out here: the Design Cove

Typography designs

4 new amazing typography design inspired by Shapes and colors.

See the whole thing on whitezine

self portraits in black, white and blonde

Amazing that these shots are actually self-portraits – check out more on youmightlikethis.com

iPhone Font

The iPhone Font is made by using 540 existing apps to create every letter in the alphabet (with the exception of W).

Check out all 25 letters.


Scott Urban

Daddy Mojo1
Title: Daddy Mojo1
Hip Hop1
Title: Hip Hop1
Jason Tyler1
Title: Jason Tyler1

Absolutely amazing!! These hand carved eye-glasses are created by Scott Urban here in Chicago. YES, everything is hand carved, the frame and the lens! He’s a craftsman, artist, designer, and maker all wrapped up into one. Just impressive. Check out more of his work here at: www.urbanspectacles.com

Kantik Bookcase

A bookcase that leans on the wall and displays the books quite interestingly.


The Little Time

The Little Time by Rafael Morgan, a clock with magnifiers for hands!
“Little Time comes with numbers printed so small they’re difficult to read except when the hour or minute hand, which are tipped with magnifying lenses, passes over them.”


Infinite USB

The Infinite USB, a new kind of USB Plug, provides a USB port when it occupies one. There is no limitation of the USB port of labtop anymore. By Gonglue Jiang.


“Green” Furniture

The Secret Garden collection by home furniture Thai company Ayodhya uses real dried moss inserted under a glass table top.
Also mirrors, stools, trays and boxes all made with recycled newspaper.

Check it out.


1948 Buick Streamliner

The beautiful 1948 Buick Streamliner by Norman E. Timbs.
Check out more pics.


Daily Inspiration #68

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Marie Claire Advertising by Network BBDO

The Naked Issue ad campaign by Network BBDO, find out more…

The Dead Weather – Die by The Drop

The Dead Weather

The Dead Weather par Savid Swanson

See the new music video and listen the new songs of The Dead Weather, Die by The Drop and Old Mary on Le Blog de Yoland.