DIESEL Only The Brave

Only the Brave online exhibition curated by Hellohikimori is now complete, with final contributions from Jeremyville, eBoy, Suprb, MWM, and Si Scott joining the forces of MrDoob, LaundryMat, Combustion, Peter Jaworowski, HKI, Michael Paul Young, Tom Muller, Serial Cut, Renascent, Nico Stumpo, Eric Carl and more!

[vimeo 5992731]

[vimeo 7436517]


T-shirt by 410BC. More photo in link.

Pixelelement’s 1st Illustration Contest

Pixelelement is very excited to announce its very first illustration contest. This is going to be a fun, inspiring, and a great way to fire up those creative minds out there.

Click here for more info and details.

Creative Photography by Adrian Samson

Adrian Samson is creative photographer, who based in London and shooting global advertising campaigns, and working on personal projects.

Via Photography Art Blog

Voice Mag No.7 – Afflicted Eyes


Voice Magazine No.7 - Kingston through Afflicted Eyes.

Assassin’s Creed 2: Eyes


More by Stephan Walter on LookeLikeGoodDesign

Showcase of 35+ amazing snowboarding photos

Extreme sports first and foremost are very spectacular. Without a doubt snowboarding is one of these sports. We would like to introduce a collection of 35+ excellent snowboarding shots. Amazing!

Look at the whole showcase.

business card as toy for Japan

Business card presentation as little paper toy for Japan Tokyo – Via maurusso design – www.maurusso.com

Adidas, Create your Adicolor | Ads

Great prodution of the spanish agency TBWA for Adidas.

More images here

Awesome Medical Gifs by Christine Ericsdotter


See the rest of this really great series right aroud the corner on >>> HUNDERTMARK<<<

Marc Owens: Avatar Machine

Beautiful design project of Marc Owens.

Michael Zavros art

Great Australian artist and illustrator Michael Zavros works with traditional materials like oil and charcoal

Patrick Hoelck photographer

Spot On ViaComIT’s Blog

Patrick Hoelck’s photography resonates because his darkness does not hide, pervert, destroy, or malign. Instead, it emboldens, signifies, nurtures, resurrects an individual for who they are: sexuality and celebrity status are consequential of being human—of being a man or woman, actor or actress, singer or musician, model or cult personality; glamour and attitude are consequential of one’s pride and self-respect.

Marco Craig Photography