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Sniff is an interactive public projection in a storefront window: an animated dog follows passers-by, discerns their behavior as friendly or aggressive, tries to engage them in a play and forms a relationship with them based on the history of the interaction.

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Olga Kurylenko in Campari Calendar 2010

Campari has officially released their Campari Calendar 2010 with Olga Kurylenko. Ms Kurylenko plays the role of the desired woman in the shoot, chased down by her suitors for her looks and her Campari. The calendar will be available in a limited run with 9,999 copies, as is every Campari calendar each year. See the full set, as well as a making of series, at TheCoolist.

Eco Luxe Fashion Exposé

Australia’s best Eco-loving labels and designers on show for Melbourne’s fashionistas

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Urban Street Art: She’s Got Killer Eyes – Liliwenn

I absolutely love this bold piece by French street artist Liliwenn. She created it for the “One Foot in the Grove” event in London. The pink paint really jumps out against the black background.

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More Photography from Perú

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Pepsi Natural :: premio Clear Choice Award

Una bebida con extractos naturales, agua espumosa, fructosa, caramelo, extracto de nueces y digna poseedora del premio Esmeralda de la Clear Choice Award. Más info Trecool.

Photo Manipulation Landscapes

These artists do a great job of mixing different photographs and techniques to create on flawless composition. Some are subtle changes while others are much more dramatic, but they are all very inspirational!

Link to Denis Designs: Photo Manipulation Landscapes

Saint48 Sketch Book

The creative heads from Saint48, Marita Weil and Aldrin Banguilan, present the Saint48 Sketch Book, which features an awesome laser etching by Prplmnt. Saint48 Sketch Book will be available soon via the highly anticipated online store.

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Maxim Mjödov: Maha Shivaratri

Award-winning photographer Maxim Mjödov went on a journey through Kathmandu, Nepal and visited the Shivaratri Festival and the Pashupatinath Temple, where he took these amazing pictures. The result is a collection of habitual daily situations in a world we know little about other than that which is portrayed on the T.V.

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Michelle Obama Action Figure Hits Stores Nov. 20th

After the resounding success of the Obama Action Figure, Brooklyn-based toy company, Jailbreak Toys, decided to give the president’s wife and our lovely first lady some love.

So comes the Michelle Obama Action Figure– a 6″ tall toy with six points of articulation and movable elbows and arms. Michelle comes in three fashionable variations: black and white dress, purple dress, and black and red dress. Each outfit corresponds to a key moment on the campaign trail.

Pre-order yours here. The toy will hit stores November 20th, 2009.

Source: The Jailbreak

Lukasz Murgrabia

NES Portable

Black and White Paper-Cut Outs

An animated film entitled “Dead All Along” by Giles Timms, and music performed by Ceri Frost. The music video includes ink drawings and cut-out figures, inspired by illustrator Edward Gorey. Compositing and animation was done in After Effects. It was developed during an animation workshop at UCLA’s Department of Theater, Film and Television in 2009.