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The Soviet Republics: Ukraine

Son of the Earth (A. Bovkun)

We are travelling to Kiev, the capital of one of the most significant Soviet states — the Ukraine. Here you will find pictures from a book called “Amateur Photographers”, published in Kiev in 1986.

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RED by Salustiano

RED by Salustiano > Full Serie here!!

Mr. Lacy Bike Lock By TheGoodWillOut

Check out the new bike lock by Mr. Lacy which is now available in 36 different colors at TheGoodWillOut in Cologne, Germany. And for those who have problems locking at night, there’s also a glow in the dark version available.

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Sarah Meskin: Artist Books

Sarah Meskin’s book-binding, sewing and knitting makes us think back to the days when we enjoyed our holidays at grandma’s house, watching her while she knitted our winter scarves or fitted our wool socks. This also just happens to be the inspiration Sarah had when she decided to create these awesome book designs.

More Pics

Photography by Andrew Woffinden

Fashion photography Andrew Woffinden, more pics and info here.

The Ruins of Detroit Photo Series by Marchand and Meffre

Walk just a few steps away from Detroit’s bustling central thoroughfare, you’ll be met with empty skyscrapers, abandoned lots and the slow reclamation of nature. As the American auto industry has crumbled, the city of Detroit has crumbled with it. It is this emptiness which creates some of the most beautiful scenes of urban decay in the United States– and photographers Marchand and Meffre have captured it perfectly. See the Ruins of Detroit photo set at TheCoolist.

Emrah Elmaslı

Emrah Elmaslı is a Turkish illustrator working in the video game industry.
Amazing concept art wrapped in cool flash portfolio, definitely worth a look!!
You can check out more of his work over at

Sexy Nsfw Kate Moss

The beautiful (naked) Kate Moss shot by Mert & Marcus – Full Editorial HERE
Via Paper Mode

12 Masters of Visual Storytelling

Who are today’s modern day storytellers? From Erik Johansson to Christoph Martin Schmid, find out who we think are twelve of today’s finest at My Modern Metropolis.


After Obama-Joker, a new visual experiment of convergence cultures from Italy

Creative Animal Advertising

Stella & Chewy

Have a look at these and other creative advertisements – Antilogic Advertising

Aubade Fall/Winter 2009

MIMOBOT Design Challenge

Gigantic Patterns on the Beach

Beautiful pattern art on the beach by landscape artist, Andres Amador.

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62 Incredible and Breathtaking Video Game Wallpapers

Videogames are one of the most popular forms of media today, because they allow interaction between the user and the virtual environment. Combined with the power of computer graphics, there are limitless possibilities for the creativity of videogames. There are role playing games, first person shooters, adventure games, flight simulators, movie to videogame adaptations, real time strategy, turn based, and a host of other forms of videogames. Videogame topics include everything from sports, to futuristic sci-fi battles, to historical battles between ancient kingdoms. In many ways, videogames echo human passions, our primal selves, and express all the ways humans wish they could be free from the mechanistic society that has developed.