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Directory and Showcase for the visual media Industry, Photo by Remi Rebillard

Online Showcase of Artémis Psathas

Online showcase of Artémis Psathas. See more here.

slashTHREE’s 12th exhibition: STEAMPUNK

Thick, billowing smoke fills the midnight sky as the thunderous roar of pistons moving in unison resonates across the countryside.
The deeply piercing whistle of the engine’s horn announces its highly anticipated arrival.
Ladies and gentlemen, all aboard
slashTHREE’s Steampunk
, the collective’s 12th exhibition. Enjoy the ride!

slashTHREE Public Relation

Grape Frogg awesomeness

Russian designer and day dreamer Grape Frogg impress by the sensuality of artworks. They touch a heart and make sense in any case.
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hamlet’s helmet

Inspiring ideas for your head.

Basement Jaxx: My Turn music video

the beautiful new music video of Basement Jaxx featuring Lightspeed Champion. -More info & video HERE

Embedding Social Media Channels in Modern Web Design

Inspired by Russian designers

[vimeo 7424549]

Another cherry-picked Russian creative projects as seen on Behance platform. Jump here to view 18 selected works.

Photography by Wendell Levi Teodoro aka Zeduce

Illustrations by MARUMIYAN

monochrome still lifes: helga steppan- see through

very well thought out shoot by helga steppan. see the other sets in white, black, yellow, and mixed

skin beauty edito

photographed by Remi Rebillard

Make -up artist Paul Innis , Photographed by Remi Rebillard .


Digital Camera Photographer of the Year 2009 Shortlist Announced

Sorting through over 100,000 entries, the judges from The Digital Camera Photographer of the Year competition had a tough task at hand. How do you select the most captivating and creative pictures from such a large pool? Find out more at My Modern Metropolis.

Collection of Yahoo! ads

We would like to present next position in our collection of Internet’s giants ads. Today… that will be the most famous and popular web portal in the world… Yahoo!

Look at the collection of Yahoo! ads.