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Electronic Day

Electronic Day as a 1605 music label annual celebration. This is the main visual for the 16 hours 1605 Music Therapy event in Križanke Ljubljana.
find out more on behance or here

IMG 7121 1 Electronic Day

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Photographer Chayo Mata “Talonted” 2

DesignYouTrust2 01 Photographer Chayo Mata Talonted 2

Photographer Chayo Mata “Talonted”

DesignYouTrust1a Photographer Chayo Mata Talonted

Your Whole World

PSPnew4DYT Your Whole World

Jay Jay Burridge, former BBC TV artist, has created a rather cool interpretation of the new PSP-3000 for a competition that they ran. The idea was to fit your ‘whole world’, in your hands. Burridge managed it – see the video here. For more information on the competition, visit

Julie Pike in B/W

Julie Pike is a very talented Norwegian photographer with a keen eye for sexy and elegant work. Here then are two of my favorites, taken from a series of Black/White photographs featured over at Colectiva’s (Daily) Blog.
JuliePike3272284175 30a3d2118b o Julie Pike in B/W
JuliePike3272283511 66e8879452 o Julie Pike in B/W
Click here to see the entire series of 11 sexy b/w pics over at colectiva!

Uptown, downtown

uptown Uptown, downtown
New York, without a horizon, by Schulze & Webb. More here.

Pick Chair

bbb a dyt Pick Chair

A chair designed by Studio Dror for BBB. More>>>

New porfolio

wg032 01 New porfolio
Hove new porlio!!

Neon Waterfall

Neon Waterfall is a beautiful art installation by the Swiss-born Lauris Paulus.
laurispauluscascadedeneons 01 Neon Waterfall
[via: colectiva > blog >> art >>> installation >>>> lauris paulus >>>>> neon waterfall]

Beach Arty

[vimeo 3919633]
Created by a young Parisian Director, Gregoire Pierre, for the French clothing brand KULTE, this video (2nd one of a trilogy), comes from the idea of animating an entire collection of designs made for a tshirt line. Each logo presented in the video is today physically available upon tshirts. The project was made in collaboration with graphic designers such as: Dirtlab, Freakfabric, Happymess or Thomas Cantoni
Music by Metronomy (Discodeine remix)

Ivan Ushkov

Ivan Ushkov has had his images confiscated by the police, compared shooting notes with Dennis Hopper, and been fired from a casino for insobriety. One of the least predictable creatives we’ve seen this side of the Balkans. ivanDYT Ivan Ushkov

Catalogue of free Cyrillic typefaces

Ukrainian Type Blog launched own catalogue of free Cyrillic typefaces. Enjoy.
Free Type Org UA Catalogue of free Cyrillic typefaces

This one time…

[vimeo 4566083]
A animated film by Nelson Boles. It is short and sweet!

Link via Scene 360 Illusion

HUGO Create Round 9: SUMMER TIME

DYT PabloCasado HUGO Create Round 9: SUMMER TIME
Pablo Casado

The sun is shining and the days are getting longer. Summer is definitely here! We hope you are feeling the summer creative groove… join HUGO Fragrances as we kick-off a new round of HUGO Create called SUMMER TIME.

The days of endless summer are magical. Summer provides the perfect opportunity to go out and discover new playgrounds. Enjoy the beautiful weather, travel to unique places with breathtaking views and live the midsummer night’s dream.

HUGO Create Round 9 is all about being creative as you interpret the summer theme… we look forward to seeing how you integrate the iconic HUGO Man bottle with your entries as well. You are free to choose the style and technique for your HUGO Create submission(s): illustration, any form of digital arts, photography, paintings… its up to you. So go ahead and get inspired by your favorite holiday moments, outdoor activities or travel destinations.

HUGO Create entries can be submitted online at the Participate page of the website. Format: RGB JPG, 672 pixels L x 960 pixels H, max 0.5 MB. The 10 winners receive cash prizes of $500 each, plus exposure on the HUGO Create website. The design from the overall round winner will be featured in an international style magazine, i-D magazine. At the end of the summer, a selection of the winning HUGO Create submissions will be painted on NYC walls.

The deadline for Round 9, SUMMER TIME, is June 30, 2009. The winners will be announced on August 1, 2009. For more details about the contest, visit the HUGO Create website.

Photographer Nejat Talas

nejat1 Photographer Nejat Talas
nejat2 Photographer Nejat Talas
nejat3 Photographer Nejat Talas
Nejat Talas, so fresh and very sexy.