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Creative Photography by Jill Greenberg

Absolutely creative advertising photography by Jill Greenberg, professional and very talented photographer.

Creative Director is Guy Seese.
The Art Director is Andres Herrera.
The Copywriter is Eric Flynn.
The Associate Creative Directors are Brian Shown, Brian Clevenger.

What Everybody Ought to Know About Digital Photo Retouching

Today we take a look deeper into the hidden art of digital retouching where skies can always be blue and imperfections simply disappear. Whether you like it or hate it, think it’s necessary or not, retouching is here to stay!

Illustrations by Kirsty Whiten

Left 4 Dead, Retro Style

Urban Street Art – Balloon Boy by Spy

Balloon Boy is back! Looks like this attempt to get off the ground is going just as bad as the last, if not worse.

via My Modern Metropolis

Charles Helleu “watches” photography

Shmup Photography

15 outstanding minimal websites

A nice collection of minimal websites, some of which include great typography.

via minimalist approach



Kanosworld.com is live – Designed by SKETCHYMEDIA™

Portfolio Duda Pan / Design and advertising

It knows my works as to designer and advertising. click here

The World of X-Ray Photography by Nick Veasey

Nick Veasey is a British photographer and filmmaker working primarily within the medium of X-ray imaging.

More info and images here

Matias Posti

Faster Online Gaming Campaign – Telenet

Telenet Broadband along with Duval Guillaume recently launched their new broadband ad campaign promoting Faster Online Gaming possibilities. Find out more here…