Edward Kinsella

Nice art coming from Edward Kinsella.
107 Edward Kinsella

Prepare for winter

final Prepare for winter

School project: commercial for my fictive action sports company.
Music by Minus

Watch here


Obama Buttons Collection

obama button poster Obama Buttons Collection

A collection of Barack Obama collectible buttons from the ’08 campaign trail. From the creators of “Emo for Obama” for better or worse.

Check it out here

Photoshop Adbusting

adbusting3 Photoshop Adbusting
A really cool ” Photoshop Adbusting ” from Berlin made by Artist: FTW-Crew / Mr. Tailon, Baveux Prod., Kone & Epoxy – MORE pics Here

adbusting1 Photoshop Adbusting

Via T…d…nd

15+ Awesome Photomanipulation

Here a selection of 15+ amazing photomanipulations done by some really great Artists… The first one :

dyt 580 15+ Awesome Photomanipulation
By Miika Ahvenjärvi.

Bold Ideas Stationery

ringmammampresent Bold Ideas Stationery
bookmammampresent2 01 Bold Ideas Stationery
clippo Bold Ideas Stationery
Bold Ideas is Thai stationery and graphic design studio.
They product range comprises of cute notebooks, writing,
and small accessories.

More works : www.bold-ideas.blogspot.com

Thomas Forsyth

il fullxfull.51651438A DYT Thomas Forsyth
il fullxfull.51651435 B DYT Thomas Forsyth

Thomas Forsyth is a designer and artist based in Brighton, England. His Graduated from Brighton University in Wood, Metal, Ceramics and Plastics BA(Hons). On the top, one of the most interesting object: The “Drawing Tops”.
More here!

Public Spirit

PublicSpiritthumb Public Spirit
Excellent speed-drawing from Public Spirit. Follow for video.

Kate Erickson

Picture3 Kate Erickson
Up and coming Minneapolis Stylist Kate Erickson brings a sense of delicate fashion combined with intricately sculpted hair masterpieces.


Not a Box!

notbox1 Not a Box!
notbox2 Not a Box!
notbox3 Not a Box!
This is a lamp design by David Graas.

Official notes about this product:

This lamp comes as a box with all parts inside (bulb, plug, cable etc. + manual). You cut top and bottom yourself and then install. The cut out of the lamp shape functions as a graphical image of the lamp that could be inside the box, but is not.

Link via Scene 360 Illusion

Vintage Russian Ads

rusad1 Vintage Russian Ads
rusad2 Vintage Russian Ads
rusad3 Vintage Russian Ads
A great selection of old-time Russian ad posters could be found here.

Geoff Cordner

geoff1 Geoff Cordner
geoff2 Geoff Cordner
Very interesting photo-blog of Geoffrey Cordner, legendary Amrecian photo-artist.

A Man Among Bears

manbear1 A Man Among Bears
I found these gorgeous photos on internet. I don’t know who is that brave man and who was a photographer. Could you point me to the author? Brilliant!!!

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Great Photography by Joy McKinney

Joy Mckinney at http://www.amourphoto.org/, is a good friend of us at the Piado Atelier and a very talented photographer. She is an currently focusing on fashion photography, and her work is colorful and full of life.

joy mckinney  photography Great Photography by Joy McKinney
joy mckinney  photography4 Great Photography by Joy McKinney

Visit Joy Mckinney Photography on the web.