Megan Fox’s Gorgeous First Ads for Armani – S/S ’10

Megan Fox’s new Spring/Summer 2010 ad campaign for Emporio Armani Women’s Underwear and Jeans was just unveiled. Starting in February, they will begin appearing in magazines and billboards throughout major metropolitan cities worldwide. Shot in Los Angeles by renowned fashion photographers Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott, Fox looks undeniably stunning. See more at My Modern Metropolis.

ClockTower Triplex Penthouse

This ClockTower Triplex Penthouse is a $25million apartment in Brooklyn – More info & pics HERE

Laura Gómez López

Awesome Archan Nair Portfolio Update

Archan Nair is a 26 years old illustator from New Delhi, India. He makes incredible pieces, with wonderful use of colors and a great balance of hand draw and digital elements. All of his pieces are full of details and vey inspiring. He ´s a self taught artist with clients like Canon, Microsoft and Dodge.

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Charlene Chua illustrates for Best Health

Toronto based illustrator Charlene Chua created these images for Best Health magazine’s New Year Resolutions article. The light hearted pieces highlight taking a dance class, getting a bra fitting and putting on sunscreen.

The Women

A short created for the paperback release of T.C. Boyle’s amazing novel.
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Carl Warner’s Foodscapes

Carl Warner


A Clockwork Orange

Carsten Witte Photography

Carsten Witte Photography

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30 Striking Architectural Photographs

Architecture is one of the most popular subjects for photography, because many architectural designers spend incredible amounts of time and money to make their building unique, creative, functional, and memorable. However, not all brilliant architecture is created by intent, some naturally occurs, whether it be the ivy at Wrigley Field or the everlasting Great Wall of China, originally designed as a barrier to invaders.

In this post, we here at CreativeFan have gone around and gathered up 30 striking and dynamic architecture photographs. From spiral staircases that fade into infinity, to the world’s new tallest building in Dubai, you’ll get a glimpse of the incredible combination of architectural creativity and incredible natural effects.

Julien Bergignat – Tattoo Bicycle Helmet

French designer Julien Bergignat has taken inspiration from the Armadillo to create a lightweight, low cost, and recyclable bicycle helmet. The Tattoo helmet is entirely made up of polypropylene, and is able to transform from flat to three dimensional and back again in a matter of seconds. This design results in lower product shipping costs, and allows users to store their helmet in a backpack as apposed to carrying it around like a traditional helmet.

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Michael Green – Roadkill

Artist Michael Green has taken roadkill and made it fun and lovable with his custom 10” Flying Fortress Teddy Trooper. With its ample amount of exposed brains and cute bulging eyeballs, how could you not want to just take it home and snuggle.

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