The Awakening of the Self

gonzalo bernard g dyt The Awakening of the Self

Gonzalo Bénard – The Awakening of the Self

An encounter with Portuguese photographer Gonzalo Bénard brings to mind the ephemeral, yet deeply mystic, moment of “epiphany” that accompanies any artistic creation. Contrary to what one wants to believe, being an artist does not merely involve aesthetic assertions and compositional skills. It actually goes far beyond this, as a double-faceted integral state—a blessing and a curse at the same time—that brings the collective consciousness closer to what Kant once described as the feeling of a universal aesthetic. Being an artist is all about an inventive gathering of impossibilities. Lyricism and poetry spring out of blood and suffering, and, miraculously, ideas flourish under the storm. Even if confined within the four walls of a house— their hands and legs paralysed, their spirits and souls tormented—all artists are capable of making their way towards the sensorial, as long as they can sustain their ultimate need for self-expression. Nothing else matters; neither risks, nor deep waters. When the world seems to fall apart, artists rise out of their ashes and articulate their discourse. The unique ability of switching between death and rebirth seems to be exclusively reserved for them.

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The Regal Twelve

“The Regal Twelve” series is a suite of pictures depicting powerfull historical women combining photography, illustration, European backdrops, fashion models, historical treasures and symbolic references, digitally montaged to create works based on historical truths.

Check the whole series here

queen1 The Regal Twelve
queen2 The Regal Twelve

Check the whole series here

Kind Of Blue Skateboards

boards Kind Of Blue Skateboards
New Western Edition skateboards in a Miles Davis style, celebrating 50 years of Kind Of Blue and 10 years of Western Edition. More here.

Huge Collection of Outdoor & Guerilla Marketing

ad Huge Collection of Outdoor & Guerilla Marketing
ad5 Huge Collection of Outdoor & Guerilla Marketing
Here is a huge collection of Creative and Interactive outdoor Marketing. Look closer for each ones there is a lot of really cool and subtle details – A lot of MORE pics HERE
ad4 Huge Collection of Outdoor & Guerilla Marketing

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Coca Cola Robots

cocacolarobot Coca Cola Robots
These scaled-down replicas of walking coke dispensers found on the streets of Japan would be cute additions to anyone’s desk… More Info & Pics HERE
lifesizerobotcoke Coca Cola Robots
More Info & Pics HERE
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Ants or Scorpion for Lunch ?

edible Ants or Scorpion for Lunch ?
Antlix Lollipop, Chocolate Covered Giant Ants, Scorpion Vodka, Worm Crisps. Do you want some more? – More info & pics HERE
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Ichiharu Anime Convention, Moscow ’09

ichi1 Ichiharu Anime Convention, Moscow 09
ichi2 Ichiharu Anime Convention, Moscow 09
ichi3 Ichiharu Anime Convention, Moscow 09
In photos by Max Milano.

Web design Outsourcing

india Web design Outsourcing
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Le Chat

[vimeo 3187708]

Inspirational music video.

Performed by Woman Eyes

Directed by Alex Turvey


IMG 4960 3 Sunset
Cairo, Egypt

Coltesse – New Collection

The New collection of Coltesse is avaible

Pictures of BMW Museum!

The Sex Olympics

thesexolympics The Sex Olympics

An idea for a non existing, (so far as I know) event.

See more at my website.


stick2target dyt Stick2Target
Brand new website from portuguese street-artist Target is finally online.
Filled with stencils, posters, and other related works from the artist.
Be sure to check the Posters series. Some good works performed on abandoned cars.

More works at Stick2Target

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BMW Art Cars

BMW Art Car Installation Grand Central Terminal Manhattan3 BMW Art Cars
A two-week (March 24th through April 6th) free public art installation in NY featuring the collection of four iconic BMW Art Cars designed by Andy Warhol, Frank Stella, Roy Lichtenstein and Robert Rauschenberg – More info & pics HERE
BMW Art Car Installation Grand Central Terminal Manhattan 5 BMW Art Cars
More info & pics HERE
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