Rational exploration of the undersea

Surreal photography of Philippe Ramette.

pr 04 Rational exploration of the undersea

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Superwindy Likes Smart People

superwindy Superwindy Likes Smart People

Superwindy is the Orange County, California design shop run by design-pro Aaron Martin. They do some of the finest print, web, type, and branding design out there. They like smart people, so contact them for your next project.

Diesel xXx Amsterdam

diesel xxx amsterdam 1 Diesel xXx Amsterdam
After the global “Diesel SFW xXx” ad for Diesel’s 30th birthday, local ads pop up to announce the parties. Here are 4 that come from Amsterdam… >>>

Vault49 Ivy

ivy Vault49 Ivy

Vault49 new wave stuff

afro tree1 Vault49 new wave stuff

John Lydon in TV ad

deadjon John Lydon in TV ad

One-time punk pin-up and sometime anarchist John Lydon has mellowed further into middle age by starring in a £5m TV campaign for Country Life butter.


Light Art Performance Photography


Amazing bronzework by Kevin Francis Gray.

gray 01 Bronzework

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Paper Snake.

Worldwide design exchange at THE-SIGNERS

thesigners img Worldwide design exchange at THE SIGNERS


Founded by Spanish interior design studio Innova::designers, THE-SIGNERS is an on-line community (powered by Ning) conceived as a unique meeting point for all design professionals from across the World who wish to exchange work experiences by seeking collaborators for their projects and as a result, be able to sign projects on an international scale.

Our dream in creating the social network of THE-SIGNERS was to eliminate the boarders in creativity and design and especially to encourage a new and exciting way of collaboration between designers all over the world, sharing miscellaneous, multi-cultural, different and wealth-producing points of view. Over all we wanted to transmit our passion for what we do. If you feel some affinity in this sense you are more than welcome to consider THE-SIGNERS yours“. Diego & Pedro Serrano (interior designers and founders of THE-SIGNERS).


Feathers on the Wings of Time

feather2 Feathers on the Wings of Time

feather3 Feathers on the Wings of Time

Author R. J. Evans states “Feathers abound in nature. The winged creatures of the world have a huge diversity of plumage, coming at us in all the colors of the rainbow. When viewed close up they can give the impression of being more successful attempts at abstract art.” -Adriana de Barros, from Scene 360 Illusion

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COMBINE (kom’bain)

18 18253148 COMBINE (kombain)
43 18253164 COMBINE (kombain)
COMBINE is a set of different combines, more or less. the person behind this is marianne mueller (prob. müller)
the project COMBINE was made between 1995 and 2005.. MORE

Ms. Hardwick

Eleanor Hardwick. A 15 year old is taking better photos than you.

lenaah 01 Ms. Hardwick

lenaah 02 Ms. Hardwick

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Does Your Church Website Appeal to its Visitors?

snap 1 Does Your Church Website Appeal to its Visitors?
So you have a church you attend,there are a great group of people, a great pastor and great outreach. But do you have a website or does it convey any of what I just said? Chances are your church website in my lingo “is conveying nothing and the design looks like crap” problem is alot of church websites are following this trend. Churches think the next best way to get coverage for their church is have a website, problem is your church is doing more harm than good if it looks like it was designed in 1998. There are numerous church websites that I can show you to prove my point but for the sake of the churches I will not be pointing them out here……

30 images+4 art directors+5 months = 1 project,1 artist

Grey Advertising in San Francisco has been working with Swedish illustrator Krister Flodin to produce a massive series of images for Adobe Inc.

flodin3 final 30 images+4 art directors+5 months = 1 project,1 artist