When is an illustration more than an illustration?

To create a recent portrait of Amy Winehouse, artist Liz Lomax employed drawing, sculpting, painting, powdering, set design, lighting and photography.  And Brillo pads.

07 When is an illustration more than an illustration?

Amy Winehouse by illustrator Liz Lomax

Breakbeat Science: Shattered

bbs shattered front Breakbeat Science: Shattered

bbs shattered back Breakbeat Science: Shattered

A flyer made for a one off breaks party, being thrown by Breakbeat Science at the club Love in NYC.

Design by Norik

Phil Hansen’s art

[youtube MKMq_tSO7zs]

Artist Phil Hansen is very creative, he makes art using bibles, photocopied messages, Starbuck cups, oreos, and paints with his feet among other hidden talents seen in his videos. At top, a video reel with a bunch of his work. -Adriana de Barros, from Scene 360

Light-Painting : Piano Player



dsc 79811 Photography


The World of Drum’n’bass

dnwor89473 The World of Drumnbass
AD poster for promo gruop Contrforce The ultimate experience of drum’n’bass

Beasts of Burden

Ric Stultz! Gouache and india ink on paper.

ric 02 Beasts of Burden

ric 01 Beasts of Burden

via: Booooooom!

Сlaire Сoles.

National Agency for Employment

anpe 1 National Agency for Employment
ANPE (National Agency for Employment): Offers, People, CVs
Advertising Agency: TBWA\CORPORATE, Boulogne Billancourt, France
Executive Creative Director: Jean-Charles Davin
Art Director: Thibaut Vieville
Copywriter: Hugo Vella
Illustrator: Guillaume Plantevin
Published: March 2008

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Anti-Theft Lunch Bag

br 1 Anti Theft Lunch Bag
br 2 Anti Theft Lunch Bag

Pink Floyd Design Tribute

DHNN (design has no name) Website release!

2859628239 c6f7a7d910 DHNN (design has no name) Website release!
Check it out at www.dhnn.com.ar.

Richard Wright

pf Richard Wright
[youtube 5Rnn2cV9NHA]
Rest in Peace, Richard… :..(