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CUT-UP MX is a blog dedicated to Mexican billboards. Chopped up, partly exchanged and randomly assembled they often become exciting commercial collages.CUT-UP MX is run by Norman Palm, associate of fertig design, Berlin.

Paper Sculpture, Forever 21!

What do you do with a year’s worth of old A4 paper? Don’t throw them away! just crush them up and make a sculpture of the number 21 for a party!
Event Design by Changzhi Lee,

Daily Inspiration #37

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Paul Smith Accessories 2010

Our favorite British designer of the moment Paul Smith has released some very cool affordable accessories. [MORE IMAGES OF THE COLLECTION ON MATERIALISTE]

Łukasz Murgrabia photographer

Spot On ViaComIT’s Blog

‘Black’ series by Łukasz Murgrabia

K1X Limited Basketball Series

Jet Scooter concept

BradNU Interview and Netbook Wallpaper Download

Radim of
BrandNU was kind enough to provide an in-depth interview at Minibook Wallpapers. He also dedicated some of his valuable free time to make a minibook wallpaper which is available for all of you to download. Read the in-depth interview or grab the wallpaper.

Michel Collet “Automotive” sculptor

Fashion Blogger Influence

Did you knew that Fashion Bloggers was gaining more and more attention by the advertisers on the web ?! – More info HERE

Wirebird by eosmexico

This&That by Fabrica

Wallpaper* City Guide Iphone App

The Wallpaper* City Guide is now available on Iphone / ipod touch – More info & pics here

Antrepo Official Wallpapers for you

Our first new year post is for you.
It is our official wallpaper set what we use in the our office.

18 different wallpapers in the different resolutions.
It’s compatible with any Mac Os system, also compatible with Windows and available for iphone too! It is freeware. Download it, use it!
All of them are available on the
Antrepo Flickr Page
Or you can download all of them as set from the Rapidshare,
IphoneSize | 1024x768px | 1280x800px | 1280x1024px | 1366x768px | 1440x900px | 1680x1050px | 1920x1080px | 1920x1200px | 2560x1600px

“We are like each other” by Mieszko Syty

We do not see it every day. Passing through the crowded streets you see only a crowd of strangers to us humans. However, if they take a closer look, stop for fifteen minutes – will begin to see similarities. Minor details, who will show us that he did so much we differ from each other.

You can see more here, or buy digital prints in store.

Photos taken in Opole in Poland by Mieszko Syty.