Telmolindo aka Matthieu Appriou

site02 08580 Telmolindo  aka  Matthieu Appriou

Source: Telmolindo

Untho video commercial

Nice video commercial for Untho Fall/Winter 2008/09 collection, Watch it at
videountho Untho video commercial

This Is Art?

thisisart1 01 This Is Art?

This is art is a series of “paintings” that emphasizes the fact that art is or should be all in our head. The paintings obviously don’t involve much work, so do you think they are enough to convince you that art is in your head? More on

Video: Sea Orchestra

[vimeo 1515767]
Client: United Airlines
Agency: BDM

Produced by Shy the Sun
Directors: Ree Treweek and Jannes Hendrikz
Producer: Nina Pfeiffer

(Video selection Scene 360 Video Channel)

Urko Suaya

Daniel Hjalmarson

dh 1 Daniel Hjalmarson
dh 2 Daniel Hjalmarson
dh 3 Daniel Hjalmarson
Photography and clothing line from Sweden, by Daniel Hjalmarson.

Nick Minton

nm 1 Nick Minton
nm 2 Nick Minton
nm 3 Nick Minton
Interesting photo works of Nick Minton, a photographer from Texas. For sport lovers.

Note from admin

ccc Note from admin


Paper collages by Are Mokkelbost.
ion 03 B O R G
via: Booooooom!

Matte Painting Made Easy

003 Matte Painting Made Easy

Embracing Gunfire – Francis

layout60580pximage2 Embracing Gunfire   Francis

Learn more about the band at:

Soar Like A Vulture

vulture Soar Like A Vulture
New shirt for SteadFast Brand. Created by Chris Parks at Pale Horse Design. This shirt is available at Steadfast Brand now.

Tasty Treats by Tim Berg

timberg2 Tasty Treats by Tim Berg

Timothy Berg is an American Artist from Denver, Colorado – Currently Berg is an Assistant Professor at Pitzer College in Claremont, California. His recent exhibitions include a solo show at Dean Project in Long Island City, New York and a group show entitled Confrontational Ceramics in White Plains, New York.

timberg1 Tasty Treats by Tim Berg

His Tasty Treats Exhibition is really cool – See more of his art here

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Princes Gate

aaprincesgatelogo 02 Princes Gate
aprincesgate Princes Gate
aprincesgatestationery Princes Gate


UNO00812 Unocycle
UNO02062 Unocycle
Smaller and cleaner than a regular motorcyle, the Unocycle is all electric and can reach speeds of up to 40 mph, making it the most kick-ass form of bike transportation…that is still, as of yet, hypothetical.