Rowan Mersh Fashion sculpture

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Amazing Fashion Photography

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Celebrity Photo Booth!

These photo booth-looking shots by world-renowned photographer Yu Tsai are great. Pressured to take multiple photos inside a confined space, people become goofy and animated, trying to make themselves look different for every shot.

More celebrity photos at My Modern Metropolis.

Paola Kudacki For Hercules S/S 2010

Mothers Day Card generator from SKULL AND BONES

SKULL AND BONES have created a creative online Mothers Day Card Maker.

A creative way to say THANKS MUM!

A creative way to say THANKS MUM!

Visit the site here.

Eilbeck Photography

Jen Mann

see more artwork here

Breaking Down Obama-care

Magical Mirror Anamorphoses

These are incredible anamorphic etchings of Istvan Orosz.


Daily Inspiration #81

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Jacob Holdt Photography

Mark Eilbeck Photo

Mark Eilbeck Photo

Awesome Toy: The Audi Auto Union Type C

This strictly limited, hand-made edition brings back a racing legend created in a series of ten superb victories in mountain and circuit races in 1936. For just $13,399, Auto Union Type C is more than just a toy (dream). Click here for more photos.

Denial, Ghosts & Robots

Art by Dan Bru. Available at 3-D Monster


AIGA fellow Lanny Sommese is interviewed about Cheese Monkeys, design and his posters