Ninja’s unboxing

Ninja’s unboxing By Patrick Boivin
[youtube f_ETSvTAo4A]
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Oriflame vs World of Warcraft?

[youtube 6CXdPQYUaMA]

Evgeni Plushenko Oriflame Ad Glacier Ice


[youtube PcRg_O9TNjU]

World of Warcraft: Wrath of The Lich King

Heartquake Prevention Icon Set – In Honour of Haiti Victims

Today we have very unique icon set for our audience. Heartquake Prevention Icon Set is created by Iconshock, known for professional stock icons for web and applications. Tragedies like the one that Haiti is suffering remind us of how fragile our life is, and the importance of prevention. Anything can happen to anyone, anytime. This is a small contribution to make us remember the importance of being prepared.

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Magnificent Animal Scuptures Frozen in Mid-Air

These highly-dynamic sculptures by visual artist Claire Morgan are captivating on so many different levels.

More pics at My Modern Metropolis..

Zettel’z 5 Chandelier

Zettel’z is a grand chandelier where the Bohemian crystal drops are substituted by scribbled paper notes from some incurable romantic’s desk. The light shines through the paper mobile. In this work Maurer plays with traditional approaches to chandelier manufacture, using precious and semi-precious materials.

CG Characters by Jian Xu

Incredible 3D Characters by the Shanghai, China, based Artist.
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R.I.P. Coco

Rezatron pays tribute to the late “Tonight Show with Conan O Brien”.

Room of past journeys.

If you had a room, how would you display the past journeys you had been on?
CZA&D Journeyman

New Paper Products by Behance

The Action Journal, Dot Grid Journal and Action Cahier are the newest additions to Behance’s “Action Method” product line that explores the intersection of design and productivity. They are 100% ecologically sound.

See the whole product line.

Controversial Logo Design for New York City Opera [Designed by 2×4]

Logorama – Very nice animation short

Logorama is a short film made with logos and typos of international brands. Isn’t our world a little bit like that?

See the video here

Photography by Lucas Tomaszewski

Lucas is based in Warsaw, Poland.
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Godfather Horsehead Pillow

Nothing says “I want you dead” more than this Horsehead Pillow inspired from The Godfather.

More pics and info at My Modern Metropolis!

“Le Petit Prince” in the Modern Ages

Ahmet Coka is istanbul based designer, also He is story reader of the modern times. There is not too many words in his stories, most of them is naive drawings like “Le Petit Prince”, all of them are online at Cokabook Look Drawing Blog

Photography by Benoit Paille

Great work from the Canadian Photographer.

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