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1 05 Cultur sculptor2 04 Cultur sculptor3 04 Cultur sculptor

Recent project. Not finished yet. This must be pocket-sized, two color magasine for culture&arts.

Check my other works at

Sister Phunk x Thomas Lélu x Kulte

Sister Phunk is an eclectic electronic music label set up in late 2004 by Phunk, a music PR company established in Paris, France since 1996.
Sisters is the new project released on Sister Phunk, with their brand new compilation: “18 AIRS DU TEMPS”
Thomas Lélu, artist, writer and graphic designer was asked by the The Sister Phunk team to create the art work for their compilation.
The artist, also comes back to his first love : “collage” with 6 new posters and a limited and exclusive KULTE t-shirt only available @ Colette
sisterscdcover Sister Phunk x Thomas Lélu x Kulte

Bill Dunlap

Paintings by Bill Dunlap.
09 09 king midas Bill Dunlap
via: Picdit

Brand Nu V5 Live Now!

BRAND NU Brand Nu V5 Live Now!
It’s here, it’s fresh and it’s looking better than anything you’ve seen for a while. The new website with advanced tagging features, larger samples and faster server is now proudly sitting at . Packed with selection of new projects and product shots, not only it will give you insight into recent past, but also a little hint of things to come.

The version5 will be regularly updated, sign up to RSS for the direct latest news.


Mariusz Kozik

Mark Holthusen

Multitouch Space Invaders XL

[vimeo 5008339]

Multitouch Barcelona | Multitouch Space Invaders XL [2009]

Here the installation presented by Multitouch Barcelona during the latest Offf! It’ s what we need!




Keeping up with our GLHH extravaganza we give you: Daisy Dukes! Tiny, hot, barely there and white trash inspired, these babies make legs look like jewels and girls who dare to rock them are a solid number one in our sexy list, YES! Girls look hella hot wearing Daisy Dukes. want more?

Maurizio Cattelan

Italian-born Maurzio Cattelan is without a doubt one of the most important artists of our day. His sense of humor is always present in his work, which he uses to discredit and ridicule art in general, as well as the institutions (galleries, museums, cultural centers) that promote it.
maruitziocattelanducttape Maurizio Cattelan
mauriziocattelan99 Maurizio Cattelan

check out much much much more of Cattelan’s work here!
via: colectiva!

Another Reality

TREXRGB Another Reality
We wouldn’t mind living in a world created by Ryan Cox. More here.

In Da Car

Pigeon of Terror

pigeon Pigeon of Terror
So scary! ;)

New York’s High Line Sky Park is Open for Public

hp1 New Yorks High Line Sky Park is Open for Public
hp2 New Yorks High Line Sky Park is Open for Public
hp3 New Yorks High Line Sky Park is Open for Public
The High Line runs through three of Manhattan’s most dynamic neighborhoods: the Meatpacking District, West Chelsea, and Hell’s Kitchen/Clinton. When the High Line was built in the 1930s, these neighborhoods were dominated by industrial and transportation uses. Now many of the warehouses and factories have been converted to art galleries, design studios, retailers, restaurants, museums, and residences.