Element Energy Drink

Main concept and creative direction: Saizen Media
Direction, concepts, design, illustrations, motion-design: Alexander Saraev
Dynamics simulation, modelling, rendering: Nikita Buyanov
Flash animations and development: Roman Anokhin
Sound scores: Davide Bianca (Saizen Media)

Produced at Saizen Media 2009

Intro video (HD 720p, mov)

the thoughts, work, and absurdity of nate coonrod

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Classic Elegance – Florian Sommet

German-based photographer Florian Sommet doesn’t just settle for ordinary shots with pretty girls. He strives to make his models look classically elegant.

More pics at My Modern Metropolis!

50 Mind-Blowing Space Artworks

Space has always fascinated humanity. The concept of an almost infinitely vast and complex universe stirs the deepest emotions in the viewer. From movies, TV shows, science, music, and art, outer space has had an incredible influence on our lives. And whether you’re a NASA scientist, a die hard science fiction fan, or just sitting in a cubicle working, space art can take your breath away.

In this post, we’ve rounded up 50 mind-blowing space images, that challenge and push the boundaries of both art and science. Each image is linked to the artist’s homepage, so you can view the fullsize and download wallpaper packs. If you liked this post, please share it with others. Hopefully one day, these views will be available not just on a computer screen.

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Mega Munny Electric Killer by CiclopeP

more images at freshcharacters.com

18 Russian motion graphics projects

Photography by Marc Gouby

Superb creative commercial photography by Marc Gouby, french photographer, works for advertising and press: BAT, Création Magazine, Photo Revue, Zoom, Photographie Magazine, Libération.

Photography by Marc Gouby

Illustrations by Rob Shields

Rob Shields Illustrations


Ibai Acevedo Photography

Ibai Acevedo Photography

Ibai Acevedo Photography (9)

Ibai Acevedo Photography (39)

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Plus House by Mount Fuji Architects

Plus House by Mount Fuji Architects

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lisa jee: selected work

Mendel Heit Rings

The past few years has seen a sort of shift in the production method of certain pieces of jewellery. With the breakneck speed of technology, jewellery designers have come across all new techniques and ways to create interesting new designs and concepts. 3D stainless steel printing is one of the more popular production techniques at the present moment and is used by Mendel Heit’s new collection of rings. The result is a cool looking detailed bit of jewellery that can also be seen as an indication of the direction modern jewellery design is headed.

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Dani Miras Bike Locker Concept

With climate change being the hot button topic of the day, word is that alternative methods of transportation are one of the key factors to stabilizing the environment, as well as the next financial ‘big thing’. Industries are quickly trying to be the first to break through in to this profitably promising sector with innovative and interesting new concepts and designs like Dani Miras’s Bike Locker idea. The folding bike Modular Locker is for interior public spaces and creates a light and elegant appearance and also has a fixed wall option.

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Aleix Gordo Hostau ‘Mis Nuevas Tarjetas’ Personal Cards

Barcelona’s Aleix Gordo Hostau designs these interesting personalized cards titled Mis Nuevas Tarjetas. The images on the cards consist of his trademark brightly colord eyeballed globs on the face of the card and information on the back in white using standard Helvetica font.

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Aston Martin, Backstage

Materialiste invites you to the backstage of the Aston Martin plant for the making of the new Rapide (4 doors). [VIDEO AND IMAGES AFTER THE JUMP]