Russell Flanders

Artist Powered Clothing.

$20 tees & $10 Posters Hizoku Cultivating Human Creativity.
More than just a clothing company. Hizoku is the physical representation of the creative human spirit. Hizoku is a collection of artists from around the world working together to create clothing designs that will change the way you think about apparel rather than just being a garment, they are transformed into wearable pieces of art. Our goal is to open the human mind to the endless possibilities of creative power and positive thinking. Each and every design produced by Hizoku has meaning and substance behind it.

Paintings by Leonid Afremov

Leonid Afremov, born in 1955 is a Belarusian painter. His painting are often vividly-coloured landscapes, cityscapes and figures, and are typically painted using a palette knife and oil paint.
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Absolut Tokyo Style

Photo by Pickelweasel. Source

Aleksandra Marchocka

From Polland , Aleksandra Marchocka’s amazing illustration portfolio is full of cuties.
Check out more of her wonderful works HERE

20 Essential Infographics & Data Visualization Blogs

In the tradition of Inspired Mag’s huge lists, here goes a new one – all the blogs with cool data visualization eye candy in the same place!

Wilkosz + Way photography

Via : ViaComIT
Great portfolio by Wilkosz + Way

Samantha Hahn: Illustration + Pattern

Via : ViaComIT
Great work by Samantha Hahn – illustrator, surface pattern designer, crafter, blogger, and art teacher.

Great use of Color in Digital Art

16 great examples of how different color combinations can be used effectively to enhance images.
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Free Clothing Co – Freedom

The latest line is available. More picture in link

Collaboration between Mister Millerchip and Camellie

MaRIO de Janeiro Testino

The New book about Rio de Janeiro view by Mario Testino – More info & pics HERE

Patricia Villanueva

Marge Simpson NSFW for Playboy !?

Yes the rumors are true ! here is the cover of Marge Simpson for the Playboy US Nov09 – See Marge NSFW pictorial here