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Say It With Chocolate By Jamie Wieck

Designer Jamie Wieck gives chocolate-giving an update with this clever idea: printable chocolates. The individual chocolate “pegs” can be arranged in a box to form a word or short message that is printed on the top inside of the box (thanks to chocolates with a low melting point which allows the chocolate to melt even in room temperature).

Check it out.


Impressive Work from Diane Özdamar


Iain Macarthur

The Wonderful World of Pritty Things – Iain Macarthur

my work is described as surreal and unique in its own way. Using mostly pencil,watercolours and pigment pens i create portraits of ordinally people but create them in a unusual way by embelishing patterns and watercolour effects into the portrait to give a vivid explosion effect. making there faces from somthing plain to somthing entirly bizzare and wonderful at the same time.

More on Designaside.

Paper War

Makaio Tisu is a German Motion-Designer an here’s his great Animation-Video
named “Papierkrieg”

Incredible Staple Art by Baptiste Debombourg

staple art
Like Ran Hwang’s beautiful murals, Baptiste Debombourg creates incredibly detailed art that can only be fully appreciated up close. Using just a white wall as his backdrop, Debombourg carefully placed 35,000 staples over a period of 75 hours to create his works titled Air Force One and Air Force Two. See this up close at My Modern Metropolis.

Auberon Font at

Newly released beautiful display face. Available at

Kawaii Portraits by Arwassa

Brick Lamp

Brick Lamp by HCWang-Design.

artists and design­ers typo­graph­i­cally depict New York

That’s One Nerdy Trio of Prints, Harry!!!

nerdrider_hires craftsman_hires squidrobot_hires
A bunch of new prints suddenly appeared on and are even nerdier than a whole boat load of robot icons. Nerd Rider (left) is actually the original version of a tshirt that has mysteriously disappeared from our collection due to circumstances beyond anyone’s control. The Craftsman (center) was inspired by the video game World of Warcraft and the actual real-life appearance of most of the “warriors” that play the game. Finally, The Squid and the Robot (right) was inspired by the prevalence of of both squids and robots in tshirt designs during the year 2009.

All digital prints are produced and printed on archival Moab Rag Bright white and the weight is 190 GSM. The size of these particular 3 pieces is 13″x19″.

Poked Studio Illustrations

Skull tees that are actually cool.

The last is my favorite.

The full list here

Katherine Westerhout Photography