The Strange High House in the Mist

[vimeo 3241627]
JordiBoix & 40Gurus launched The Strange High House in the Mist trailer for the, an International Fake Trailers Festival.

Nudes of Roy Stuart

3 Nudes of Roy Stuart
Roy Stuart is an American photographer and director who lives in Paris. One of the characteristics of the photographs of Roy Stuart is an astute blending of glamour photography and pornography which puts a strong emphasis on female models and BDSM aesthetics. Attention: x-rated content ahead!

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Patrcik Rocha

patrickrochaillustrationroma2 Patrcik Rocha

Patrick Rocha Jr is a young, 25yrs old emerging artist, son of surrealist painter Pat Rocha. His style is a mix between street graffiti and Pop Art- More info & pics HERE
Via CyanaTrendland

Jasper Goodall

Jasper Goodall has produced work for mags including The Face, ID and Dazed & Confused, as well as doing commercial stuff for BMW, Nike, Gucci and a heap more…

medusa 01 Jasper Goodall

Ellesse design competition

Anders Bergh photographer

Environmental Photographer of the year

EnvironmentalPhotographeroftheyear 01 Environmental Photographer of the year

This year The Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management’s Environmental Photographer of the Year competition received over 1,400 international entries for the categories Changing Climates, World of Difference, Quality of Life, The Natural World, and Under 21. A selection of the images is currently being shown at the Apothecary Gallery in Hammersmith, London. The overall winner was Abhijit Nandi, whose image is shown above.

Keep Me Alive

steph typog Keep Me Alive
Beautifully flowing typography by s-t-e-p-h.

Link via Scene 360 Illusion

Russ Schwenkler aka Dangeruss

S2000amuse Russ Schwenkler aka Dangeruss

Russ Schwenkler aka Dangeruss specializes in 2D automotive and motorcycle digital artwork, and realistic 3D modeling, rendering and presentation art.
His last artworks are 3D watches.

Via & Deviantart

Erwin Olaf

Great use of color. Great Art Direction. Great photographs all around, by Erwin Olaf.
Erwin Olaf  THE DANCING SCHOOL Erwin Olaf
Erwin Olaf  THE KITCHEN Erwin Olaf
Visit Colectiva to check out more of his work…

“The apple tree” Jewellery Design.

Biology Drawings

An old biology textbook was found with some very interesting additions:
3285311697 87ec776f60 o Biology Drawings
3285317691 5aeb4bab37 o Biology Drawings
3286135194 8ea6ff6ac4 o Biology Drawings
3286143002 e4f876aa3a o Biology Drawings

More can be found here.

Robot Attack! 23 Really Cool Robot Products

RobotsProducts DYT Robot Attack! 23 Really Cool Robot Products
If you like Robots (and who doesn’t!) check out this list of 23 really cool robot products.

Powers of Ten

This gem of a short film is a must see.. It was created by Charles & Ray Eames in 1977 to illustrate the scale of the universe.

[youtube 1Z53wTtGGA0]

v/ Colectiva

Space Invaders

spaceinvaders2 Space Invaders