LEGO Kitchen

LEGO Kitchen by Munchausen, a duo formed by Parisian designers Simon Pillard and Philippe Rosetti. MORE PICS HERE!

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usoul mag music feature elaine faye

checkout our interview with elaine faye @

25 Bright WordPress Themes Using Popping Colors

After the huge success of our article on websites using popping colors we decided to make a WordPress themes roundup as well.

Photography by Silent-View

Silent-View photography is an art photo project consisting of a photographer (Silent-View) and a model (Fraeulein von Rosenfelde), that tries to implement impressions which may develop in a camera’s lens into pictures.
Via Unstage (Click here for more)

David Rapoza

More of David Rapoza HERE
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Playground Titles

Tony Benna and Adam Avilla animating spaghetti… For Music Id 2

A brand new directing duo out of San Francisco Tony Benna and Adam Avilla. just completed a Stop motion spot using yarn! see the spot at this is for reels

Cone Face

2010 Lavazza Calendar

Photographer Miles Aldridge got inspired by the italian music for the 2010 Lavazza Calendar. MORE IMAGES HERE

Mr Kone

My good friend Cesar Evangelista Bautista aka Mr. Kone’s got a brand new website full of wonderful works.
Please check out his amazing works HERE

Chairman Ting – Bicycle wall art

Watch the video here.

A Chairman Ting illustration production. My first stop motion animation of myself painting my studio apartment wall in Vancouver. Shot with my Nikon D90 and Nikkor 28-80mm AF lens on a tripod triggered with a remote. After well over 1,800 shots I assembled the final movie with Quicktime Pro and imovie.

Illustrator: Me, Carson Ting
Music: Metrorail thru space by Cut Chemist.
Paint: Amsterdam, Standard Series Acrylic
Camera: Nikon D90 / Nikkor 28-80mm AF
Location: Vancouver, Canada chairmanting

Alternative Nudes

Alternative Nudes from Emli Bendixen

Fanboy! facebook papertoy

fanboy! free facebook paper toy easy to cut and fold on
10000 thanks/grazie for 10000 fans

A Vulture’s Dance

assume it: we all have a dark side which always want to fly high like a vulture. a crow. the ancient rituals and specially rites in all the cultures of the world recreated somehow the dark flights of these black birds with special meanings. some as exorcism. some others as calling or preys. pagan or religious, human or spiritual. black birds flights always had imposed some human fascination. symbol of death for many cultures because their behaviour. dreaming with crows use to symbolise that death is coming. a vulture’s flight over death fields is an intense mix of beauty and of fear. if exorcism, we want that black bird will fly away, and this is most used in rites: let it go, free and dare your own. with respect. dancing with them.

Flying and dancing over death, the vulture creates shadows of it’s own, looking and seeking the next skeletons. Based on some ancient culture’s rites this is a new set of photography (self portraits) by G.Bènard

Dyson Air Multiplier Fan

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