Smoking With Style By Remi Rebillard

from Remi Rebillard
make up and Hair Davide Calcinai .

Big City Freaks – Graffiti Crew (Sydney)

A look into one of Sydneys greatest graffiti groups The Big City Freaks. Its members have all made major contributions to the aerosol artform since its birth in late 1983 and continue to do so.

Via The Grafik Museum

Moments Like This never Last

Custom type, wooden engraving by Pale Horse. inspired by the late Dash Snow and one of my favorite Misfits songs. Created for the ‘Type Riot’ art show at Roundhouse Gallery. Click here to see more.

Some Type Of Wonderful Store Now Open

Orn-typo by tariqdesign

See the work in full view click here

Tim Bollinger: BETWEEN

Character Designs by Tixinda Mexico

These awesome character designs by the guys from Tixinda Mexico from Distrito Federal, Mexico are still just a concept. But we’re sure those Indians would be a great extension for a good vinyl toy collection.

More Pictures

Playboy Mag Archives

From 1954 to 2006, all the pages and cover High-def + all the Ads and old Layout – The Playboy Mag Archives is so good for inspiration, i LOVE it ! – See all the 30 images + info HERE

an office in the woods

see more photos of it here 2009

We are all in love limited edition prints

Our dear friend Horacio has released a limited edition print called WE ARE ALL IN LOVE which is basically an A2 illustration on 180gsm / 2 PANTONE® inks (silver & black) offset. It’s only limited to a 100 pieces so be sure to place an order if you FALL IN LOVE WITH IT.

*Only international orders

More information can be found at


Pictures From Wonderland – Cade Martin

Cade Martin just recently collaborated with Design Army and the Washington Ballet to create a one-of-a-kind book commemorating Septime Webre’s 10th year as the dance company’s artistic director. With over fifty dancers performing in locations throughout Washington D.C., the commemorative book is a truly unique blend of art and fashion. It is aptly titled Wonderland. See more stunning images at My Modern Metropolis.

Fashion Latex

Some great photographs for HighGlossDolls: Mixing Fashion and S&M – See more info & pics HERE

Pier Revisited – Vintage Photography

The Invisible Men

One of the cruellest ironies of the occupation is that Palestinians are building it. Tens of thousands of labourers are employed in construction of the wall, settlements and the industries around them.