Looking Into the Past by jason e powell

Photography by Victor C. Sizemore

Victor Sizemore has built a successful wedding business in less than five years because he is easy to work with, personable, professional, and creative.
Photography by Victor C. Sizemore

Amazing Vectors from Sheng Duo!


For the full inspirational gallery check out Sheng Duo on KeepInspiring.Me. Be sure to follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

British Invasion by Sam Werczler

A Beatles tribute for the classic Yellow Submarine disc. The British Invasion nickname is used as a new concept for the submarine character bringing the psychedelic style to London.


The Art of Jon Todd

Jon Todd is “not a typical fine artist”. Working with mixed media, his work combines tattoo graphics and street art with Asian, Northern European and Mexican influences to create his own unique style.

View more of Jon’s work at inkbutter.com.

40 Awesome Illustrations by Reid Southen

Photography by Iain Crawford

Creative advertising and beauty photography by Iain Crawford, fashion photographer based in London that has a pretty impressive portfolio.
Photography by Iain Crawford

The VitraHaus

Unit: Design/Research 01–Ronald Clyne at Folkways

Norio Fujikawa ‘Rocket Boy’

San Fransisco based designer Norio Fujikawa has created a fitting companion piece to his beautifully designed ‘Rocket Girl,’ fittingly titled ‘Rocket Boy.’ Much like its predecessor, ‘Rocket Boy’ demonstrates Fujikawa’s ability to develop and convey the intricacies of a piece without sacrificing clean, responsible design. With his bulging belly and oversize jet pack, ‘Rocket Boy’ is a work of art with a sense of humour; two criteria of any great toy.

More Pictures

#usoulmag featured illustration Erro by Alex Kok!

#usoulmag i6 is UP at http://usoulmag.com
illustration Erro by Alex Kok!

#usoulmag i6 featuring Eric Roberson

#usoulmag i6 is UP at http://usoulmag.com
Photo by D Brown Photography

Incredible Animal Photography – Stefano Unterthiner

With a PhD in Zoology, Stefano Unterthiner isn’t just any ordinary animal photographer. In fact, his passion for telling an animal’s story takes him around the globe. As a skilled photojournalist, he waits for precise moments, often times spending long periods in the field in complete solitude. See more at My Modern Metropolis.

EXPRESSIONS 2010 ideafixa/enox

poster created for expressions 2010 ideafixa/enox – serie of 40 posters of 40 artists exhibited in 21 cities in Brazil

Folding Reality!

Anatoly Zenkov’s has created a program on his computer to create this unique series of art entitled, “Persistent Pyramids.