Heavenly Innocence – Amy Sol

Amy Sol’s wood panel paintings are incredibly soft and innocent. Through her pieces, she takes us to a heavenly place surrounded by the beauty of nature and kind animals.

More pics and info at My Modern Metropolis.

I Clown NY

This is one of the digital art series I ? N.Y. by Vpaya4002. A reflection of life in New York City.
Here you can also see some of vpaya4002 oldest digital art work.
The Art in Progress.

illustration by Grzegorz Rutkowski

Photography by Bianca de Jong

Fashion photography by Bianca de Jong, more pics and info here.

Rob Roy Kelly Thank You Notes

Custom thank you notes printed with the Rob Roy Kelly Wood Type collection at the University of Texas.

New Tee Design by Dozign

Twisted Princess par Jeffrey Thomas

Following the series of photographs “Fallen Princess” by Dina Goldstein, discover illustrations of american artist Jeffrey Thomas also turning into ridicule the old favorite Disney heroines girls.

View full series here

Subway Ticket Portraits

The Most Creative 10 Twitter Mashups

A lot of creative folks have build whole new and amazing websites and services around Twitter and we’re showcasing the best 10

Atari Fan Posters – Space Invaders and more

Atari Fan Posters, find out more on Antilogic


Alex & Felix’s project Queens is a mish mash of futurism, consumism and nature done in exccentric fashion.
View full series here

View full series here

Oslo Trienale 07

Oslo Trienale 07 Layout. via LooksLikeGoodDesign

Lancia Stratos Zero

The Lancia Stratos HF prototype was a styling exercise by Bertone, first show at the Turin Motor show in October 1970. Via: iGNANT

Vision of “The End”…The Final Day

Few graphic designs for a single project in collaboration with the french brand Kulte.
Under the theme “The Final day’, Delarocca, Dirtlab, and Mothi Limbu are give us a fresh vison of the end of the world….

Edberry Creative

Phantom_BandAqua_by_EdberryBeatbox_BandThe Amsterdam design studio Edberry Creative released their new portfolio.

You can visit them at: Edberry.net