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[vimeo 1934447]


a/v performance
Visuals Mcfly/Lardz/Grassivaro
Sound BeInvisibleNow

Via: Fabrik Project

PICDIT Project #1 ♥ Mid-Air Object

Just wanted to share with you a project I have started on my site (

What I want to see from the first project on the site is a photo of something obscure being thrown in the air, and then snapping a photo of it while still in elevation. I really want to see what creative minds will create, given the requirement of the project.

So, if you’ve got a minute maybe you can check out the link:
img 0407 1 02 PICDIT Project #1 ♥ Mid Air Object

Olaf Veltman

veltpost 01 Olaf Veltman

Photographer Olaf Veltman. Fully gallery and write up at

Ellen Rogers.

Estetic packaging CoffeeTime by Studio43

Skull by Jim

skin jima a cxcx dyt Skull by Jim
skin jima a cbbccbcqrqrq dy Skull by Jim

The art of Jim is totally absorbed by the skull icon represented throught different material, colour and forms. He realizes complex sculptures highly impressive. A stunning work!

More at Fabrik Project

Movie Poster Remakes

dyt 09 Movie Poster Remakes
dyt2 03 Movie Poster Remakes
I was familiar with Olly Moss‘ illustrations at Threadless, but had no idea about his poster art. These are obviously remake poster concepts of famous movies—some are really well-thought out such as “American History X” (1998).

Link via Scene 360 Illusion

Omega Code Fan Art Submission is Open

dut Omega Code Fan Art Submission is Open
Omega Code invited 23 artists to create a series of posters that will be given for free next month.
* Illustration above made by Matthew Curry, aka, Ninja Cruise.

The idea was very well received around the design sphere that several designers wanted to contribute as well.
After receiving lots of emails about submissions, people really started to send their own stuff!

So here is the cool thing:
We are opening a Fan Art set for submissions.
Download our template and send us your art:

We’ll pick up 20 illustrations and feature them on our upcoming book.

Deadline: February 27th.
Send us your LOWRES 72 dpi.


Up to B1 in 300 dpi
(as we may print them later)

* No need to have anything written.

HOTS: Religion, Spirituality, Noir, Mysticism, Alchemy, Tree of Life, Experimental

NOTS: Porn, Offensive Content, Violence

Tagged in Motion

solid grafitia DYT Tagged in Motion
SOLID GRAFFITI H dyt Tagged in Motion
solid graffiti2 DYT Tagged in Motion

Whether walls or trains — graffiti need to be sprayed on solid, “real” backgrounds. Doesn’t it?

An answer to this is provided by the “Tagged in Motion” project, which builds a bridge between real graffiti art and its virtual depiction.

More at Fabrik project!

Garbage pin!

pinbolsa DYT Garbage pin!
pin2 DYT 01 Garbage pin!

Garbage Pin is born of a definitely urban concept, the appropriation and reinterpretation of a daily use object: the garbage bin…More here!

Free PRO photostock for designers

logo Free PRO photostock for designers

This is what you need, if you wanna use large PRO photos making your web-design or ads without paying a single cent

The 2008 Feltron Annual Report

feltron The 2008 Feltron Annual Report
Nicolas Feltron’s 2008 report

Durex’s Animated Frolic Ad

[vimeo 2853756]

A creatively fun ad for Durex by Superfad.

Link via Scene 360 Video Channel

Poster for musical theatre “PRIVATAUS SEKLIO ISTORIJA”

privataus seklio istorija Poster for musical theatre PRIVATAUS SEKLIO ISTORIJA

Making of: