tmp Mujica
Design portfolio of Mujica TMP.

Bel Koo

bel Bel Koo
Portfolio, illustration, and others of Bel Koo, a freelance web designer based in Perak, Malaysia.

Denis Simachev

simachev Denis Simachev
Check out new collection of famous Russian kitsch-fashion designer Denis Simachev.


velendil Velendil
Amazing Peter Nowacki!


unlogik Unlogik
When you hire Unlogik Studios, you are hiring a philosophy, not just a design studio. That philosophy is one where ideas count, design must function, work should be fun, and we should all have a sense of humor. Good design makes a great product better!

Motion In The Ocean

johan Motion In The Ocean
21 year old Swedish designer/animator Johan Gustafsson. Including work for clients such as: Target, Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, Sony Pictures, Royal Caribbean, Big Spaceship, TV4(swe) and He’s former Hyper Island student and design/motion intern at Big Spaceship. Currently Motion Graphics AD at Ottoboni Group (Stockholm, SWE).

Lifter Baron

baron Lifter Baron
Very nice design portfolio of Rob Angermuller!

Design Flavours

peha Design Flavours
Peter Holub is a graphic designer based in Poland, specjalizing in illustration, print and id graphic.

Jess Bonham

jess Jess Bonham
Jess Bonham is a graphic designer and photographer.

The Firm

jbh The Firm
Photography by Jocelyn Bain Hogg. Check his The Firm documentary, an intimate four year journey into the dark heart of violence documenting the British criminal & gopniks underworld.

Will Sanders Photography

ws Will Sanders Photography
Photo portfolio of Will Sanders, turn it upside down.

Nick Sherman

sherman Nick Sherman
Design portfolio of Nick Sherman, a 24-year-old designer, musician, and skateboarder. He’s currently working for Bitstream Inc /

Harmen Liemburg

harmen Harmen Liemburg
Very nice works of Harmen Liemburg, graphic designer and printmaker!

Jen Stark

jen Jen Stark
Digital? Drawings by Jen Stark!

Samuel Freeman

samuel Samuel Freeman
Design portfolio of Samuel Freeman. He has spent the last few years working as the Art Editor at The Big Issue Magazine in London and has recently left to pursue a freelance career.