Brain hemorrhage inducing illustrations by Evgeny Kiselev.

kiselev 01 Kiselev

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Digital T-Shirt.

Stunning Ski Trailer in HD

ski Stunning Ski Trailer in HD

Get Lucky Ski Trailer, by Field Productions.

Yay! Monday! Issue #40

ym40 Yay! Monday! Issue #40

Check it out:

Sticker Cars

picture 1 Sticker Cars
Since Flickr has a public API, people can create all sorts of fun applications to go play with the extensive photo website. The Multicolr Search Lab by Idée Inc lets you search the entire Flickr library by color. You can pick up to 10 colors. Above I did a search using primary colors: red, yellow, and blue. It’s fun. Trust me.

James Macari

c94a415b623d99fa5a26bed8c8bc0d66 James Macari

Scene 360 Illusion

illusion dyt Scene 360 Illusion

Scene 360 magazine launches today, the illusion” project. This website will highlight artwork that is “unique”—amazing for its skills, level of creativity and vision. From Lego art, living grass graffiti to foot painting—we will cover art, design, photography and videos with artistic integrity that often causes us to think “WOW!”

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A Portrait of Amanda

Graphic Designers


Kubrick´s withe tub…

space odyssey web Kubrick´s withe tub...


picture 1 300x222 worn

picture 52 300x221 worn

picture 4 300x221 worn

Music for the Soul


“We Love 90s” T’s Design by Anfex

we love 90s full We Love 90s Ts Design by Anfex

New T’s unisex design made by the italian Anfex.
Inspired from the 90s music and its apparel stunning colors, its printed on a fantastic heather grey t-shirt!

This design is available at Anfex’s shop with other amazing t-shirts too.

Enjoy it!

Typographic Linocut for Rochester College

rochester lino Typographic Linocut for Rochester College

This is a lino carving done for the print of this carving, that makes a poster for Rochester Independent college, Kent, England.

Mark Andrew Webbers website:

The Actual Print can be seen

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