Maya Wild

maya Maya Wild
London-based illustrator Maya Wild. I like the technique!

Sam Weber

samweber Sam Weber
American illustrator and artist (and, I think, is a cool typo man) Sam Weber.

MTV Rebrand

panda MTV Rebrand
Design of toy box and merchandise for MTV’s new rebranding by PANDAYOUGHURT.


dustoff YAAAARGH!
;) From photoblog of Julien Roumagnac.

Little Monster

I was playing around this morning and made a nice little piece of art.
No real advertising purpose here, just something that was fun to make.

Sometimes I find it difficult running my own studio while also designing and talking to cients. There just doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day. And, as a result of that I don’t always have time to make things that are fun, just because. But, this is one of those things where I just had a few minuets and was like “hey, this is swell!” and, well, yeah.

If you have comments, suggestions, or whatever — let me know.

James Caruso
Easily Amused, Inc.

dyt little monster Little Monster

Maine Coon Cat

mainecoon Maine Coon Cat
Just a cat, that I want. Awesome. Fur.

“Pre-Order Bonus”

gtapreorder Pre Order Bonus
Huh, lol ;) Via Ctr+Alt+Del.

BMW M1 Hommage

bmwm1 BMW M1 Hommage
Modern retro? More photos here.

You Know Him

sting You Know Him
Yes, Sting is on the right, looks like a real hobo. Photo was taken some times ago in Nepal. Russian chopper pilot Valera is on the left.


ted696 TED696
The TED696, a collaboration between artists and Tooheys Extra Dry commissioned DMOTE, Luca Ionescu and Studio Number One/ Shepard Fairey to design a limited edition brown paper bag that will be used in selected Australian bottleshops.


undata1 UNDATA
Fragmented and Corrupted Landscapes of Design, Video, and Sound. Grad Project 2008. View Website.

View Video/Sound
[youtube XiEWJ5ADqz0]

Jake Sargeant

mn8 Jake Sargeant
Check out video works of Jake Sargeant, talented motion designer and animator.

Laura Alejo

laura Laura Alejo
Awesome works of Laura Alejo, US-based design lady. Bhnc.

my portfolio page is on the air now.

Grand Theft Auto IV is Now

gtaiv  Grand Theft Auto IV is Now
Today, on April, 29 is a worldwide release of the greatest game, the all-time best game ever, the game of the century – Grand Theft Auto IV! Thank you, God, thank you, Rockstar.