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Still Life Photography Master !

belaborsodistilllifephotography Still Life Photography Master !
Bela Borsodi is what we can call the master of Fashion Life Still photography – More Info & pics HERE
belaborsodistilllifephotography9 Still Life Photography Master !
belaborsodistilllifephotography14 Still Life Photography Master !
Info & plenty of more pics HERE
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Fruit Juice Packaging

juicepackaging01 Fruit Juice Packaging
Japanese industrial designer Naoto Fukasawa has created a amazing series of creative fruit juice packages that have the look and feel of the fruit they contain. More info & Pics HERE
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cuypi Cuypicuypi1 Cuypicuypi2 Cuypicuypi3 Cuypi

This is Cuypi a great designer

mmm HMMm

Bellagio, ceiling, Las Vegas
bellagio01 01 mmm HMMm
private art studio, Shanghai
knived01 01 mmm HMMm
torch masses, Nanjing
olympics01 01 mmm HMMm
long-time fan, my first post, thanks for the support

I am Joey Gu
all pix from

Zoè Gruni

zoegruni 2 dyt Zoè Gruni

Zoè Gruni is an italian artist born in Pistoia in 1982. He used cheap and recycled materials to “dress” his models. His art is so cool!

Dan Witz

Joseph Marconi

press Joseph Marconi

All new photography work & blog.


toasterposter Ape Republic
coba3 Ape Republic

I’m a Visual Artist like to play with vectors, and colours. I wanted to share my arts.
Hopefully you guys will like it.

See more at:

Guten Touch

[vimeo 3288753]

Designed for the Red Bull Music Academy 08, Guten Touch is an interactive art installation that involves people into a natural relationship with technology.

Stefan Benchoam

Hey Everyone,

I’m a Visual Artist, and one of the editors for Colectiva’s daily blog. I wanted to share the documentation of an installation piece that I did for the XVI Paiz Biennale in Guatemala City, (2008), in which I was playing with light/shadows. Hopefully you guys will like it.
stefanbenchoamejerciciodedibujo3013239 Stefan Benchoam
You can check out more of my work at:


Photography by Sandro Diener

Justine Lai

According to Justine Lai,

“In Join Or Die, I paint myself having sex with the Presidents of the United States in chronological order. I am interested in humanizing and demythologizing the Presidents by addressing their public legacies and private lives.”
JustineLai Justine Lai
To see her in action with more of the former US Presidents (with the files/paintings in their original sizes) follow this link to colectiva!

Schweppes Collector Packaging

Freshtrip Fixed Wheel by I Love Dust

Naked Friday Dress Code