Illustrations by Miriam Moshinsky

Born in Russia at 1978, Currently lives and Work in Israel after graduating from Avni Institute specializing in graphic design & digital art.
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Some more digital art illustrations from Pat Kuleta. Recently I have posted two link of this guy art and he is getting better and better with each week.


Johnny Walker F1

London-based photographer Benedict Redgrove is a man obsessed by structure, form, and clean lines. He also has a sharp eye for detail and design.

More pics at My Modern Metropolis.

149 Sci-Fi Icons on One Poster

149 well-known celebrated robots, aliens and sci-fi vehicles extracted from film, television, video games, cartoons, children’s books, rock music and more. Can you find Woody Allen’s car from “Sleeper”? How about the three alien villains from “Superman” that insisted we all “kneel before Zod”? Can you find the rocker who was popular in the 70’s and 80’s that appears here as an alien?

Over 150 icons of scifi were produced for three tshirt designs weRobot, alienWe and weGo. By eliminating about half the non-scifi cars from the weGo collection we had to add about 15 new robots, aliens and vehicles to get back to 149. These most of these new icons are exclusive to this screened poster.

Design comes in 3 colors screened on a 14×34″ sheet of Cosmos Black or White 80lb deckle edged poster paper. See below for an example of the design on white.

In due time

New work on Behance

Hunt Studio

Hunt Studio is a Melbourne based multi-disciplinary design consultancy that is skilled in brand identity and development, art-direction, packaging, environmental design, printed matter, online and interactive design. More Images Here

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Portugal Street Art Highlights

Highlights Portugal Street Art
In case you don’t know Portugal street art, it’s well and alive out there.
Vhils is probably the easiest name to remember, but throughout the year lot’s of artists and events have passed by this country that made a real difference to the street art panorama. INSA inaugurated the new Montana Shop in Lisboa, Visual Street Performance had David Walker massive paintings inside, and so many more have done a great job this year.
See the highlights of 2009 in Portugal by artist Target.

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Pixelelement’s Illustration Contest Entries

We have two more wonderful entries. These are from Saharai Rodriguez and Aran Lopes. So far I love all the entries, I love each individual artist’s technique, I think you can see not only colors in these paintings, but also feelings in all the details. Thanks to all for your amazing paintings. We still have one more day till the deadline, so stay tuned.

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Soon Tong – Photography

Perky Bros LLC: Graphic Design Portfolio

Perky Bros LLC is a graphic design and creative service company located in Nashville, TN, established in 1883 & 2009. This time around by Jefferson Perky.
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LOST Underground Art Show at Gallery 1988

Here are some pics from the LOST Underground Art Show at Gallery 1988 in Los Angeles. They were taken at the opening reception of the exhibit.

More pics and My Modern Metropolis.

84 Media By Colby Thueson

Take a look at 84 Media, a photography project by American photographer Colby Thueson. This set, inspired by George Orwell’s classic Nineteen Eighty-Four, is a brilliant tribute to the brutal dictatorship Oceania’s mottos and slogans. Ignorance is strength, war is peace, freedom is slavery, and this set is undeniably doubleplusgood.

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Kristy Anne Ligones’s Family Guy Portraits

It’s kind of creepy to see cartoons in real life, so even these quasi-realistic portraits of Family Guy’s Griffin family by Kristy Anne Ligones is enough to qualify as unnerving. Just the same there’s no denying Ligones’s artistic talent, and the amazing detail with which she was able to recreate the Fox’s favorite foul mouthed family.

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Jorge Miguel Photography

Jorge Miguel Photography

Jorge Miguel Photography (10)

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