Mysterious Bottle Art… Who did it?

bottle 2 Mysterious Bottle Art... Who did it?
bottle 3 Mysterious Bottle Art... Who did it?
Notes from Funnybee website: “Mystified residents have been baffled by empty milk bottles appearing on their doorsteps for months with intricate art etchings created by an artist that’s been dubbed as ‘Pic-glasso’ and ‘Bottle Banksy’ after the enigmatic guerilla graffiti artist whose work appears overnight on buildings across Britain that continually escapes unseen.”

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kw 1 Heartless
kw 2 Heartless
Kanye West “Heartless”.

Twilight Forest

Incredible images by Daniel Freytag.
dan 06 Twilight Forest
dan 08 Twilight Forest
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Yay! Monday! Issue #43

ym43 Yay! Monday! Issue #43

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Architectural Photography Inspiration

From Spoonfed Design

Kim Høltermand is a great photographer whose main focus is architectural photography. Take a look at some of Høltermand’s amazing pieces. The buildings in these pictures are also very cool.

565461202681660 Architectural Photography Inspiration

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50’s and 60’s American Concept Cars

CadillacCyclone 50s and 60s American Concept Cars Cadillac Cyclone (1959) GMFirebirdIIIandIII 50s and 60s American Concept Cars GM Firebird I, II and III  50s and 60s American Concept Cars Chrysler Turbine (1963)


50’s and 60’s American Concept Cars.

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Collection of 40 of the Most Creative Lamp Designs

10 20 08lampsmain Collection of 40 of the Most Creative Lamp Designs
Let’s face it, there’s only so much you can do with a sofa or a bed frame. But lamps? The possibilities are endless! We all know that one of the easiest ways you have to light a dark corner in any room or add some atmospheric lighting to your living-room area, is to place your choice of lamp. In this article you can see 40 of the most creative lamp designs that you can find on the internet these days. Enjoy the 40 of the most creative lamp designs !


Magazine made in Amazon
capa final Gotazkaenapocalipse 12 7 9 240x300 Gotazkaen
babilonia 300x240 Gotazkaen

The weight of our bodies.

Great photo series by Cole Rise.
cole 01 The weight of our bodies.
cole 04 The weight of our bodies.
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Ricochet Studio.

Miniature Worlds!

tessa swarmdetail big Miniature Worlds!
Tessa Farmer describes her work as ‘a tool to realise imaginative possibilities that might otherwise linger unseen, just beneath the surface’. The tiny fairies and hell’s angels she creates from plant and tree roots owe their scale to the insect wings which sprout from theirbacks. Although Farmer declares that they are growing smaller still!

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God Bless Romain B. James

Laura Splan.

Magnetic Ink

[vimeo 615344]
Scene 360’s Video Channel selection of the day:Magnetic Ink.” A project created with Processing by flight404. Audio by Flashbulb (“In an Instant” from the album “Red Extensions Of Me”). This is a time-based documentation of how the Magnetic Ink prints are created. The orbital vector is quite noticeable in this video. Beautiful to watch!

The “Soft Hercules” Stool

fatherc1 The Soft Hercules Stool
fatherc2 The Soft Hercules Stool
Notes from “Created by visionary designers FASHION ARCHITECTURE TASTE (aka: ‘FAT‘) especially for inclusion in ‘From Now to Eternity,’ a show exploring the use of plastic that took place during The London Design Festival last month, ‘Soft Hercules‘captures a classical bust of the Greek god in soft “memory foam” rubber that easily molds to the occupant’s nether region when sat upon.” (Featured at Scene 360 Illusion)