doserpod DOSErpod
DOSE-productions is an independent graphic design studio located in the south of France, established by Sam Hayles.


nodact NODACT
Super works from Japan by Ryota Kikuchi.


karoly Extraverage
My man, Karoly Kiralyfalvi, still continues to enslave the design world!


intrigue Intrigue
Very, very clean and professional web designs and photo retouch of intrigue Ray Doyle!


arique Arique
So, check illustrations and photo portfolio of my pal Ariil “Arique” Davidoff!

Mark Is Art

mark Mark Is Art
Small design portfolio of very potential designer Mark Angelini.

Tod Kapke Opticals

tko Tod Kapke Opticals
I love photos which Tod Kapke made. Also he has amazing graphic desig works!

Kommunikation Design

oleg Kommunikation Design
Small and nice graphic design portfolio of Oleg Shmykov.


meninos Meninos
Meninos is a creative team of two designers – Bruno Warchavsky and Diogo Magalhaes.

Designers Don’t Commit Crimes

rupp Designers Dont Commit Crimes
Marian Rupp is a 18 years old designer and illustrator from Stuttgart/Germany. He loves both, traditional and digital art, therefore he combines them in his work. Marian is currently available for commision.


french French
French is from Aldershot, but lives in Brixton. He draws pictures all day, whilst sitting in his under pants, listening to death metal, drinking tea.

It’s My Party

pp Its My Party
Online photo portfolio of Paul Paper.


mostar Mostar
Mostardesign is an independent creative studio based in France specializing in the interactive and static visual arts.The company founder, Olivier Gourvat, originally worked as a graphic designer for various agencies, producing artwork, logotypes, corporate publicities and print layouts.

Tropical Mystification

tm Tropical Mystification
Since 2005 Esther de Vries and Richard Niessen mostly work together. Besides being designers Esther runs a small publishing house (Uitgeverij Boek) and Richard makes music (The Howtoplays).

10+ Websites With Retro Design Approach

Here is a list of websites with retro style design approach that has acquired a great success. It is a fresh idea with an excellent old designed interface indeed.