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Thousand and sliced

designslices Thousand and sliced
In less than a year creative platform for design geeks Designslices has chopped more than a thousand unique slices within videos and events. Now it’s absolutely free for joining and easy for posting and promoting your design stuff and nonsense.

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low art 1 21231944535957 Loworks
Stunning limited edition artwork from award-winning creative agency Loworks. Up now on Tokyocube. Limited to 20 each.

This Is Where We Live (Made from Books)

[vimeo 2295261]
Slogan for the film: “Welcome to our city—to our world—of books. This is where we live.” It was created for the 25th anniversary of 4th Estate Publishers. Produced by Apt Studio and Asylum Films.

Project Details:

The film was produced in stop-motion over 3 weeks in Autumn 2008. Each scene was shot on a home-made dolly by an insane bunch of animators; you can see time-lapse films of each sequence being prepared and shot in our other films.

Link via Scene 360 Video Channel

Why Not Break “Rules?”

rules 01 Why Not Break “Rules?”
This is made with a blank sheet of paper, an old note pad, thread, tape, and x-Acto knife. Created by Laser Bread. I’m familiar with his work at Threadless.

Link via Scene 360 Illusion

Fiero Animals

fiero1 Fiero Animals
fiero2 Fiero Animals
fiero3 Fiero Animals
Amazing image production from Nikolai Kvartnikov.

Zygote Interactive Ball

[vimeo 2177723]
Zygote Interactive Ball is a fun installation conceived to shift the focus of a show, from the stage to the audience. It was created to empower the crowd and make them an active part of the show. Zygotes can work autonomously, or wirelessly controlled by a central computer to create a dynamic light show. Zygotes can also send data back to the computer and this info can be used to trigger sounds or visuals.

This is the opening of Sensation White in Amsterdam at the Ajax stadium with 40,000 people. Zygote will be on tour with Sensation for the rest of 2009 and 2010.

A project by

Graffiti Lives

grl Graffiti Lives
A cool new book is came out this month called “Graffiti Lives” by Greg Snyder.
He chronicles the lives of several Graffiti writers in NYC and how they’ve been misunderstood, etc. He also took a lot of awesome pictures, which are up on.

Everything You Can Do With Just One Euro

[youtube YcuSiKd8p94]
New viral campaing for Mcdonald’s Savings Program EuroAhorro (where you can buy lots of Mcdonald’s products for just one coin, of one or two euros). The campaing is called “RICKY LA CUELA”, wich translates as “Ricky gets it done”. Created by TBWA-i Spain.


Fabulous drawings from Pekka. Love the amount of attention to little details.
12290988381 Pekka
View the post on PICDIT.

Edward Kinsella

Nice art coming from Edward Kinsella.
107 Edward Kinsella

Prepare for winter

final Prepare for winter

School project: commercial for my fictive action sports company.
Music by Minus

Watch here

Obama Buttons Collection

obama button poster Obama Buttons Collection

A collection of Barack Obama collectible buttons from the ’08 campaign trail. From the creators of “Emo for Obama” for better or worse.

Check it out here

Photoshop Adbusting

adbusting3 Photoshop Adbusting
A really cool ” Photoshop Adbusting ” from Berlin made by Artist: FTW-Crew / Mr. Tailon, Baveux Prod., Kone & Epoxy – MORE pics Here

adbusting1 Photoshop Adbusting

Via T…d…nd

15+ Awesome Photomanipulation

Here a selection of 15+ amazing photomanipulations done by some really great Artists… The first one :

dyt 580 15+ Awesome Photomanipulation
By Miika Ahvenjärvi.

Bold Ideas Stationery

ringmammampresent Bold Ideas Stationery
bookmammampresent2 01 Bold Ideas Stationery
clippo Bold Ideas Stationery
Bold Ideas is Thai stationery and graphic design studio.
They product range comprises of cute notebooks, writing,
and small accessories.

More works :