Singlespeed Photoshop-Template

Really nice Singlespeed/Fixie Template for your DIY Bike

Ad Impact for MIA Lingerie

Hot Lingerie advertising for MIA Lingerie by Ad Impact Australia – Visit Antilogic for more in this set.

DHNN (design has no name)

Pablo Escobar – Private Photos of the Drug Lord


“Twice as Nice” a tribute to New York city

These original paper photo-montages were created in October 2000, at a time when the Twin Towers were still the worldwide symbol of NYC. Following the simple idea that, like the towers, things in life usually work in pairs, “Twice as Nice” is a personal project that comes out of my dusty box of pictures for the anniversary of a tragic day; 30 pictures as a tribute to a city that will never be the same again…

See them all @ “Twice as Nice”

Truly creative type experiments by Oded Ezer

Illustrations by Pat Perry

Pat is based in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
Via Unstage (Click here for more)

Postera: Amazing Sounds, by FdeFlavio

A new poster is available at Postera: Amazing Sounds, by FdeFlavio. Check it here.

Luke Chueh: Inferno

Romero Britto x Bentley Continental GT

Odani Motohiko

Odani Motohiko is a 26 year old Japanese Artist best known for visions of the future premised on “mutation” and “transformation” of the body in sculpture, film and photography.

via: Look in art

10 Cool Non-Design Blogs You Should Check for Daily Inspiration

Most of them are not even related to design, but there’s a chance to inspire you more than the others.

Photography by Abdul Smith

Fashion photography by Abdul Smith, more pics and info here.

Juliko — photographer from Kiev, Ukraine

Juliko — photographer from Kiev, Ukraine. Via

Futuristic Block Village

This project was the show opener of CAT (Creative and Technology) conference in NY. The piece combines stop-motion and a generative application to create a futuristic block village all in a LCD screen.

A striking piece from Mekanism.

More info and video here