Zandra Rhodes – Trunk Show

Last week I went to an exclusive couture trunk show held at The Collection on Brompton Road, West London. It was full of women being pampered; drinking cocktails and trying on exquisite Zandra Rhodes dresses.

Spacecraft Illustration

Font “Boldesqo Serif”

On MyFonts published Boldesqo Serif – a fat unicase serif designed for headlines, logotypes etc.
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Happily ever after…

Full Sail Hornbills

A trailer for a new comedy about an art school’s basketball team.
[vimeo 5223945]

Mixed to Perfection

?RU (What are you) is a newfashion line for the fastest growing group in the U.S.

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Dan Flanagan – Madison Avenue (The Consumer™)

In an age where people are defined by their ability to shop, one individual has stepped forward as a representative of our newfound sameness—’the consumer’.

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Everything and Me

Everything and Me is the online portfolio by Clemens Behr, an artist actually living in Barcelona. The use of poor materials remember me another great artist like Ovni, Fupete, Neasden Controll Center and Anna Taratiel


Uniqlo Calendar

Effing Cards

FU angels “EINU DANGUMI” cd design

Camel Ad Campaigns

Interesting Ad campaign for Camel by Saatchi & Saatchi – see the full campaign Here
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Barrel Monster

A student at North Carolina State University has been arrested and charged with larceny for swiping some of those bright orange construction barrels from the road and creating what has been dubbed the “Barrel Monster”.

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