Matthew Curry

curry Matthew Curry
Matthew Curry is a GRAMMY Nominated® designer, illustrator and painter that resides and works from his studio in the Washington DC area and is the principal of the design studio, Imagefed. As a designer, Matthew’s work has been featured in Communication Arts Design Annual #47, STEPINSIDEDesign Magazine’s “Best of the Web”, Computer Arts, XFUNS and etapes international.

BLA… blane!

bla BLA... blane!
Make Bla and Bla, so Blaaa!

Best of Phirebrush: 2007 Edition

Phirebrush has launched their third annual collection of the some of the best art on the internet. The 60 best works of art and photography found on Phirebrush during 2007 are featured here – each issue’s cover as well as four other submissions per issue. The additional selections were judged on a mix of views, comments, and overall feel. Enjoy and do spread the word!!!

Bruno Ribeiro

marraio Bruno Ribeiro
Bruno Ribeiro has relaunched his personal portfolio, full of new works!

Victor Sahate

sahate Victor Sahate
Victor Sahate is a very talented Brazilian web and graphic designer.

Luisa Bernardes

bernardes Luisa Bernardes
Luisa Bernardes, motion designer and illustrator from Brazil. Don’t miss her reel ! Behance.

Delweeg – Bregantina

[youtube ufeJ6UooTXI]
Designed by Essence of Graphic.

Haggis Chick

chick Haggis Chick
Very stylish photos of Haggis Chick.

Siggi Eggertsson

siggi Siggi Eggertsson
Amazing works of Siggi Eggertsson, illustrator from Iceland.


tony Tonys
Tony Halldin, designer and photographer from Sweden.

The Grooveblender

fabb The Grooveblender
DJ Junn personal website. Production by Fabb Group (full website is in progress). Yeah, the Black Sabbath “Iron Man” remix sounds damn good!

Total Reflexes Locked

[youtube jxaxoIFFZ-w]

2093273633 2bfaa7b03e Total Reflexes Locked

Rainbow In Your Hand

rainbow Rainbow In Your Hand
Masashi Kawamura and his pocket rainbow!

G Cap

gcap G Cap
Black blue vintage jewelry accessorized hat cap, designed by Helena Aleixo.

Andrea Desiato

andread Andrea Desiato
Andrea Desiato designed a Freesbe, Samsung gadget, the result of the longing to broaden our musical horizons, to express ourselves freely and to create a no mediated communication networks.