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Typeface Film Trailer

Watch the trailer here
Typeface focuses on a rural Midwestern museum and print shop where international artists meet retired craftsmen and together navigate the convergence of modern design and traditional technique. The film looks to bring this fascinating junction of historical and contemporary, as well as rural and urban America together for enjoyment and contemplation. Typeface will be of interest to art and graphic design enthusiasts, to teachers as an educational resource, and to anyone looking for a film about perseverance and preservation in the heart of America.

Further information on the film and screenings can be found here.


Wallpaper : February

Whitezine is proud to present its wallpaper for Februaru 2010 made by akashrine.

Download it here

Caricatures by Nina Hadzic

Frida by Nina
Awesome caricatures and art profile of bosnian female artist “Nina Hadzic” on Sub magazin.
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The spring/summer collection are available on Prestigious store.

10 Terrific Logo Design ideas to stir your creative senses!!

Utter Chaos in Nabi Saleh

Me and my Swiss/Macedonian snapper were in the West Bank village for a protest that swiftly descended into utter madness. Examine the evidence, if you would be so good.

It’s A Beat

The debut albumsite by Tunç Ak – iTsAbEaT is an urgent, stereo imaged, tribal, electronic instrumental beat psychedelia… coined “Rock.Tronic”.

PLAY / listen online. The site “lights” up when the music is played with hypnotically changing colors (use arrow keys for songs).

DOWNLOAD album for free in four formats of your choice: MP3, AAC, AppleLossless, or AIFF. Delivered in (app installer like) DMG files that launch when downloaded. The electronic “record” package.

POST a widget of any song to any site. The ability is by a hidden menu that reveals when scrolled over to the left of each song. This is the modern 45 single that can proliferate the Web.

REMIX. For those who are musically inclined have the opportunity to be part by remixing any song from the playlist. The raw and pure nature of the music encourages creative elaboration. Stems for every song are available in a hidden menu that reveals when scrolled over to the left of each song. The completed remix is then submitted to the site where it will be posted and played on with its own site number and its own generated widget that can be posted to any site.

Weekly Fix of Inspiration

Matt Taylor Illustrations (8)

For the full range of inspirational design check out theDesignZine™ | Weekly Fix of Inspiration – #10.

Thomas Brechler Interview

Thomas Brechler also known on various communities as Headead, is a young incredibly talented graphic designer currently studying in Prague, Czech republic. Thomas was so kind to make wallpaperart’s readers an amazing exclusive wallpaper. If that wasn’t enough Wallpaperart had the chance to get to know this wonderful guy a little better with an interview. To us Thomas is one of the most promising, inspiring upcoming designers we know. Have a nice read and don’t forget to grab yourself an extraordinary piece of art for your desktop.

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You Got Design Right – Now ‘Write’ Design!

In many ways we may be like night and day, you designers and us writers, but while you design with tablets or paint and we hone our craft by dancing with Miss QWERTY, there comes a time where our paths cross

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Les cahiers du Poème 2 on BehanceNetwork

Long time i didnt post any news here ! Quite busy, lots of work.
Last weekend, I saw that two of my latest works were picked up by the actual Behance Network curators to be featured on their homepage ! And I was quite happy !

Les Cahiers Du Poème 2 :
An editorial project of 3 books, packaging, and brand image for the new Poème 2.
Here for the direct link
Behance Network (at this current time, already on the third page)

Re.Source :
An opening title for a belgian tv show
on MotionServed
Here for the direct link

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The Videogame History Timeline

50 Fancy and Pretty Arts of Coffee Foam

Come Rain Come Shine Chandelier

Come Rain Come Shine is Tord Boontje’s lyrical reinterpretation of the chandelier. Constructed from a round metal structure, the chandelier is wrapped in a handcrafted concoction of crocheted cotton, organza, silk and fabric flowers which are placed upon and strung from the chandelier.