“Sorry I’m Late” (brilliantly done in stop-motion)

[vimeo 4862670]
I loved watching this short film! It was directed by Tomas Mankovsky, and you can see the making of it here.

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Jim Stoten – Artists profile

Jim Stoten has colloborated with Alex Pardee, Luke Ramsey, Ben Jack and others – his most recent work is a fanzine called Boing.

Eté d’amour x Stéphane Manel

Stéphane Manel is a French and talented illustrator based in Paris. Books, record covers, portraits, exhibitions, he ‘s been also supervising the visual direction of “Eté d’amour”, series of parties happening every year in Paris, and organised by the Respect is Burning crew.

Illustrations and logo by Stéphane Manel in collaboration with KULTE

Sorry I’m late

The best stop motion i ever saw ! The story of a guy who’s … late, written on the floor, and captured with a celing camera. (check out the making of at the end of the video)

[youtube PgpRz3RHJMw]


You Are What You Eat

The Good Magazine has posted about photographer Mark Menjivar’s series “You Are What You Eat,” for which he photographed the contents of strangers’ refrigerators.

More pictures here

Pixar’s Latest 3d Animation “Up”

The 3d characters of Pixar’s upcoming movie “UP” are really cool. Here is a short clip followed by the theatrical trailer.

Click here to watch the videos.

I’m not a battery

“Cool concept of salt and pepper shaker by Antrepo Design. ” via LooksLikeGoodDesign

Sound Designers from the Future

Conceptual. Detailed. Creative. Emotional.

These keywords could describe any design project that we love. But in the case of this post they refer to sound design.

Sound design is “the manipulation of audio elements to achieve a desired effect.”

A work of detail, exploration and technical research and directly connected to an emotional pursuit, sound design is more and more becoming “music” for itself (or if you prefer an aural experience) than the boundaries of the secondary role, that have been given to it, by the movie industry in the past.

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Winners of DYT & UPrinting.com Business Cards Giveaway!

It works! We have two honoured winners of our contest:

1. 250 free rounded corner business cards (with any style) goes to Laurens!
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Music Label Pschent

The music label Pschent, that does the Hotel Costes compilation, has a fresh new websites, with all the content avaible on streaming, nice !

Polite Umbrella

Polite Umbrella is a shrinkable umbrella that enables users to morph its shape in order to reduce occupied space and to increase user maneuverability.

Via: Ignant

Fcinq Showreel

check it on Fcinq

Follow Jonas Kamber on Twitter and win a calendar poster

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Zombie, artwork for Fauna´s record
Smash fx

Acampante, Sebastian Valdivia, is an Argentinian graphic designer with excellent work in illustration, is also a musician and organizer of the conference Trimarchi graphic design largest in Latin America

Chameleon – Flyer and poster design by Martijn van Dam

Here is an awesome poster designed by Martijn van Dam. Watch a time lapse video of how the poster was created here.