Distorted Kids Social Store

Distorted Kids just launched a simple store to show off and sell prints and other hand/home made things. Not that much in the store at launch, but the design/UI is pretty neat.

Take a look at the store here.
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The Logo Game – Can you spot the right logo?

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25+ great skateboarding photos

Today we present collection of 25+ great skateboarding photos. What these people can do…

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The type work of Source Creative

Some excellent type work from Source Creative

DJ Business Card by Deepak Nagar & Nasheet Shadani

We created a card that replicated the scratch console to instantly draw attention to our DJ�s profession as well as efficiently deliver the idea of practically scratching the disk. The card generated a lot of hype as it successfully registered with people and at the same time it got nominated in many award shows.

Movement Series X srger

Iv Orlov

The Aircruise concept by Seymour Powell

It’s more than 70 years since the Hindenburg disaster put an end to the golden age of the Zeppelin, and airships have come a long, long way since then. Safe and environmentally friendly, the airship, also known as the dirigible, has captured the imagination of a new generation of designers and engineers.

London-based art director Tino Schaedler and designer Michael J Brown have also unveiled plans for a ‘lifestyle Zeppelin’. The ultra-modern Strato Cruiser is to include a gourmet restaurant, spa, and swimming pool.

Read full story at ‘World Interior Design Network

Wojciech Zalot updates!

Hi all,
I just finally update my personal temporary portfolio at www.cargocollective.com/wojciechzalot

Wayne Rooney Neo-Cubism By Tsevis

Charis tsevis Has started an new series of illustrations
The first one is Wayne Rooney the known football player of Manchester United
A nice combination of type and image! see some details.

NATIVE shoes..Keep it lite!

Native is inspired by the classic casual silhouettes, but made with the lightest and most comfortable material available. It’s the best of both worlds: footwear for the future done in the style of everything we’ve ever loved about shoe design. The Native SPG10 collection will be available on the European market for the 1st time this coming summer.

Isabeli Fontana in 3D by Jacques Dequeker

Jacques Dequeker

If you have a pair of 3D glasses handy, try them on and see some photos of Isabeli Fontana by Jacques Dequeker on Le Blog de Yoland.

Chlormint barber, Campaign for a breath freshener

Campaign for a breath freshener

Chlormint dentist

Chlormint wife