A Stunning View of Moscow in Slow-Motion

A view of the city of Moscow in slow motion. Directed by Andrey Stvolinsky, and music by Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble.

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Paintings by Kris Lewis

Great Artwork
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10 Photographers With the Craziest Sets and Costumes

Step into the world of one of these photographers and you may never want to return. What each of these photographers possess is a talent so deep that they can whip together a whimsical wonderland most of us could never imagine. More at My Modern Metropolis.


Here’s another design in Vault49‘s series of Cityscapes. For those of you more familiar with London, there are some fun observations in this design. More on Vault49’s blog.

Water Sunglasses

Ramm ND Putting His Art Skills on Drink Cans

Here are some drink packaging designs by Russian designer Ramm ND. I have to say the first design, the lingerie one, has an attractive subliminal message. Makes you want two cans instead of one.

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Illustrations by Mike Inel

Very talented artist from the phillipines.
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Jack Featherstone

Jack has recently updated his site and has some great new work on there. www.jackfeatherstone.co.uk
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World AIDS Day 2009: Mass Murderer.

[dailymotion xadsq9_world-aids-day-2009-mass-murderer_creation]

The advert titled Mass Murderer was done by Regenbogen advertising agency in Germany. It was released in the September 2009. Business sector is Public health & safety.
Agency: Regenbogen e.v., Berlin, Germany
Creative Director: Hans Weishäupl
Photographer: Uwe Düttmann
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Lego House

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Art of Innovation

A wonderfully realist set of illustrations bring a new breath to still life by giving it the modern twist with some serious guns.

Full series here.

Full series here.

“The Great Temple of Fallen Civilization” Time Lapse

If you get together a huge wall to paint, some brushes, some ropes, and a vision. you get a nice time lapse by Yulia Pinkusevich.
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Eglantine Gouzy – Boa

Really cool music video
Directed by Sophie Gateau
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Frankie Finch

Frankie Finch.

Hit http://www.yangmedia.com/#75178 for more closeups.

Brilliant Negative Space Illustrations by Noma Bar

I love how graphic designer Noma Bar employs the technique of negative space on his clever illustrations. These are some examples of his new book Negative Space. In this book Bar focuses on subject matter ranging from sex, global warming and nuclear warfare to religion, crime and corporate greed.

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