56 Amazing Photo Manipulation Tutorials

56 Amazing Photo Manipulation Tutorials on TutorArt

the house that wilt built

inside Wilt Chamberlain’s house on the hill

Kimberly Balevre ‘Tilt Shift’ Photo Series

Tennessee photographer Kimberly Balevre has created a beautifully executed photo series titled after the process used to create it characteristic effects, ‘Tilt Shift’. The landscapes combine contrasting notions of open space with the appearance of having been condensed or miniaturized; drawing the eye in through its obvious eccentricities.

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Norio Fujikawa ‘Baika’ Figure

San Fransisco designer Norio Fujikawa has created a whimsical and futuristic figure called ‘Baika‘, very similar in styling and theme to his previous ‘Rocket Girl/Boy’ creations. The figure, which despite its small size conveys a sense of heft and quality, showcases beautifully considered design; combining minimalist aspects to generate an overall intricate piece. Consistently designing figures like this, we eagerly await whatever is to follow Fujikawa’s ‘Baika’.

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The Photography of Dale May (Update)

Dale May’ updates his site with a new design and work that is just as beautiful and impressive from the post on the 19th.

More at inkbutter.com.

Intel buzz with Music Canon Men on video

View Intel buzz with Music Canon Men on video here

Have you made your promise?

Be part of an installation only possible with your help. www.leechangzhi.com

Sherry Bellamy

Aujourd’hui, je suis tombé sur ces perles au chalumeau. Un travail incroyable de l’artiste canadienne Sherry Bellamy. L’utilisation du chalumeau est un type de verrerie qui utilise le gaz pour faire fondre les tiges et des tubes de verre clair et coloré. Une fois à l’état fondu, le verre est formé par soufflage et façonnage avec une variété d’outils et de mouvements de la main. WWW.ZEUTCH.COM

Beautiful Girl | Wallpaper

Wallpaper Beautiful Girl is work design by Duda Pan. More here.

Painting by Kehinde Wiley

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ECO-BOX – A sustainable house designed by Jorge Andres Serpa

North Carolina-based architect Jorge Andres Serpa has designed a sustainable house named ECO-BOX integrated with green systems to maximize energy conservation and reduce carbon emissions.

Read more through ‘World Interior Design Network

20 New and Amazing Premium Tumblr Themes – Yes, Premium!

Now that Tumblr is getting bigger and bigger every day and it’s kicking Posterous’s ass, it’s the perfect moment to compile our first roundup of fresh premium Tumblr themes. Yup, we’re not talking about the same old themes you see everywhere, but about new exclusive designs that help your tumblog to really stand out. Here’s what we found roaming the web over the weekend.

Fashion Photographer Camo Delgado Aguilera

Flickrista interviews one of Colombia’s most talented fashion photographers, Camo Delgado Aguilera, or Camography, as he is known online. It’s a very personal interview with stories, tips and great photos.

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Paper Char by Mathias Bengtsson

Mathias Bengtsson combine le numérique à le manuel pour créer ce siège à partir de papier recyclé. Le papier est collé et empilé pour former une sculpture massive. Impressionnant non ? WWW.ZEUTCH.COM

Illustrations by Artémis Psathas

Illustrations by Artémis Psathas
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