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Obama in Art

From Spoonfed Design

dfo1 Obama in Art

Design is everywhere, and it is used to send messages or to promote ideas. Even Barack Obama is using design in his campaign. He has gathered quite a following of designers and deign works. Here are some great pieces done supporting Obama.

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in … we trust

666 08 in ... we trust

Wanted: People for 2009 Australian TV show.

If you could meet anyone in the world, who would it be? Well, this could be your chance.

There’s a theory that everyone in the world is connected by no more than six degrees of separation, and Tooheys Extra Dry want four Australians to help prove it.

We all know great conversations happen over a beer. So, armed with a six pack, you’ll have the task of meeting five different people in the hope that each of them will move you one step closer to meeting your hero.

So, if you’re over 18 and want to be in a TV show where you could meet your hero, let us know.

For details visit
Entries close 30 November, 2008.TEDLogoVersionARGBFinal 1 Wanted: People for 2009 Australian TV show.

Sport Accessoires Chanel

Chanel accessoires Sport01 Sport Accessoires Chanel
New Sport Accessoires by Chanel

TheLuminarium releases exhibit IV: “Prismatic”

V4 TheLuminarium releases exhibit IV: Prismatic
Prismatic Release

The Luminariums 4th exhibit is by far our greatest and most anticipated exhibit, Prismatic. featuring vibrant and colourful pieces in such a dark and gray time of year. Featuring not only art but music with our new feature of music submissions. NEO our first music artists has joined us to help bring the music part of our site out to you and give a more interesting experience of what the Luminarium is all about.

The group as a whole has really worked hard on this exhibit and not only is it our exhibit with the most approved submissions but also declined submissions. We see that as not only an accomplishment but a learning curve of where The Luminarium is to go.

akajork TheLuminarium releases exhibit IV: Prismatic
Nowhere Warm by akajork

pdgfx TheLuminarium releases exhibit IV: Prismatic
Now The Love Is Gone by pdgfx

kaio TheLuminarium releases exhibit IV: Prismatic
Harvester by Kaioshen

Scarletflowerpretender TheLuminarium releases exhibit IV: Prismatic
Scarlet Flower By Pr3t3nd3r

Office world =)

plankton smail 01 Office world =)

Full size

Nooka Extra Dimensional National Video

602191223402941 Nooka Extra Dimensional National Video

602191223402960 Nooka Extra Dimensional National Video

Nooka – trippy videos – The story unfolds as we fall through the universe and logic to discover time. Completely concepted, animated, directed and designed by yours truly. Watch the video here.


slashTHREE new art pack released: 30th Century

Without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, hold on tight because we’re headed straight for the ’30th Century’, slashTHREE’s latest exhibition!

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Simplify .

simple Simplify .

Via . (thanks Szymon!)


Via .

Pierre Fouché, new expo!

pierre fouche dyt Pierre Fouché, new expo!
New Rojo Expo in Cape Town!

GizMag Web 32

You might already know him, but he is still one of my favorite artists.
Stuntkid is featured in this week’s issue #32.

2940199732 c13707753b GizMag Web 32
(Chocoholic by Stuntkid)

The Brunch.

brunch teapot 580 The Brunch.

brunch 00 ivo vos The Brunch.

The Brunch

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More than 60creatives ads

Here his the 3rd volume of ads selection :
20 03 More than 60creatives ads
38 More than 60creatives ads
98 More than 60creatives ads

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