No Only Good Things

This is the latter one T-shirt design that I created, I hope you enjoy it.
I hope you Have a good week.

Brasil vs Argentina

Brasil vs Argentina logo designed by Bola Sociology Design via CreativeRoots

Present China

We have not freedom of speech.
There isn’t human rights in China.
no youtube no twitter no facebook no wiki no blogspot no BBC
no vimeo no flickr no picasa no blogger no .cn no no ““`
Who is the next ? I’m cannot imagine.
Google is about to leave China.

Ad: CPR First Time

[youtube ryIs_8YEVwQ]
This is an Ad from Australia raising awareness of CPR.

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Redo Studio – Concept Brush

Belarus-based industrial/interior designers Maria & Yurij make-up Redo Studio and are responsible for this awesome set of concept Toothbrushes. Entitled Tooth-pick, Freedom, Embrio, Sigarette, and Fishing, the designs are basically a what’s what of things we would hate to put in our mouths. Check out more work from Redo Studio at their website.

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Steven Moreau – 2687

23 year-old, French born, Vietnam based designer Steven Moreau releases this set of beautiful digital illustrations. Each illustration includes a set of similar elements in a grey, blue, and purple colorway. Tombstones, televisions, houses, and books are some of the themes explored, as are what look like a set of worms who also appear in each of the other posters in the series. Check out Steven Moreau’s website for more work.

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Great new video by Poubelle International

I’m pretty in love with the new video by Hong Kong based band Poubelle International for their song “The School Reunion.” Check it out over on It uses really simple but creative editing. Looks like it couldn’t have been too high budget, but its really entertaining.

Parking Lot | Artémis Psathas

(A night after new year’s at the) Parking Lot | New project on
To view the project go here. For the blog post go here.

SugarSync for Android Will Finally Allow you to Sync your Files

One of my major beefs with the Android platform is the lack of an iTunes-like solution…
Read More on the Appboy Blog

100 Kickass Photo Manipulation Art Examples

100 Kickass Photo Manipulation Art Examples

These 100 Kickass Photo Manipulation Art Examples are a great source for inspiration. Photo Manipulation is an art, a combination of photography and graphic design. This art has been used for improved story-telling and self-expression. Blending and mixing a bunch of different photos and creating one kickass photo from it is not an easy task. This require some great skills.

In the following photo manipulation art examples, you will find many images which are just for illustrative purpose while some came up with very close to nature. The examples are based on different categories including photography, illustration, abstracts and objects. Hope these examples would bring a great inspiration for all of you and you enjoy it.

I Want You To – Weezer fan music video

Recently released music video from amateur director Jordan Vogt. Filmed by Jonathan Wolfe.

[youtube Jv72Zq1sBvQ]

20 Creative Flash Websites From The Creative Minds

We are showcasing here some of the very creative flash websites from the creative minds for your inspiration. Although flash platform has been always considered not good for usability and accessibility but there are number of good advantages for using flash. Flash websites display same on all browsers and platforms. No need to validate flash websites for different browsers. With flash you can make your websites more dynamic, attractive and interactive.

Mostly designers and developers are using Flash to create Advertisements, Interactive Websites, Offline Presentations, Screen Savers, Games and Rich Internet Applications. Flash CS5 is on it’s way which is going to be launched in April 2010. Read the new features for Flash CS5.

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Business [Credit] Card

“It looks and feels like a credit card but it really has no functionality beyond a business card. It is plastic and not green but black. It poses as object of desire and comments about the current economical situation. It also plays with the notion of privacy; protecting your information vs. divulging it” -V.Oid Architects

Twitter Office

Ever wondered what it’s like to work at the Twitter? Find out at KeepInspiring.Me | Twitter Office.

Avatar making-of

Spot On ViaComIT’s Blog

Avatar the movie behind the scenes making the movie