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Some new works from

790011229686351 Some new works from Some new works from
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Pencil Bench

banch penA DYT Pencil Bench
banch penB DYT Pencil Bench

1600 bright pink pencils were used by design duo boex 3D to create this unconventional table!

Wicked Body Art Wallpaper

dyt1 Wicked Body Art Wallpaper
dyt2 01 Wicked Body Art Wallpaper
You can view more examples here.

Link via Scene 360 Illusion

Mona Lisa Tattooed

mona Mona Lisa Tattooed
New amazing work from Dmitry Maksimov!

Omg, Teletubbies!

tele1 Omg, Teletubbies!
Somewhere in Russia. Author unknown.

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Jumb, baby, jump!

ani boy bender Jumb, baby, jump!ani boy dedmoroz Jumb, baby, jump!ani boy panda Jumb, baby, jump!ani boy deadgirl Jumb, baby, jump!ani boy vader 1 Jumb, baby, jump!
ani boy ufo Jumb, baby, jump!ani boy disco Jumb, baby, jump!ani boy makaka Jumb, baby, jump!ani boy dino Jumb, baby, jump!ani boy olen Jumb, baby, jump!
ani boy obama Jumb, baby, jump!ani boy karabas 1 Jumb, baby, jump!ani boy medved Jumb, baby, jump!ani boy shut Jumb, baby, jump!ani boy bat Jumb, baby, jump!
Funny jumping avatars, created by Ilyaz.

Twilight – Interactive Subway Installation

Twilight03 Twilight   Interactive Subway Installation
For the Twilight movie release in Brazil, Ginga Interactive has created interactive posters to the underground metro system in São Paulo.

Karl Rothenberger

karl rothenberge01 Karl Rothenberger
karl rothenberge04 Karl Rothenberger
Great work by the photograph Karl Rothenberger

Stéphane Lallemand.

Graffiti, comic books and video games.

berlinwalls 14908704 Graffiti, comic books and video games.

Swedish photographer Erik Lindström.

Black Thin King

[vimeo 2366191]
Video directed by Cisma, animated by Birdo, and sound by Combustion.

Selection by Scene 360’s Video Channel

Web Stencil Kit – Hot Off The Press

webs Web Stencil Kit   Hot Off The Press
+ Custom-etched eraser shield.
+ Browser pad (fully W3C compliant!).
+ A handy mechanical pencil for those “hard to reach” places.

By Design Comission.

Snow Art

Agenda 2009

agenda1 Agenda 2009
agenda2 Agenda 2009
Amazing! By Helene Ryenbakken.

Las Vegas in Snow

lv1 Las Vegas in Snow
First time covered since 1979!

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