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f5×5×5 by LAb[au]

The f5×5x… sculpture is a kinetic and luminous framework conceived and realised by LAb[au]. In software development, a framework is a methodological tool based on re-usable chunks of code, code libraries or other software pieces to assist, to develop and to glue together the different components of a software project. In regards to the f5×5x… installation the term ‘framework’ refers to the installation’s constituting elements, a raster of fix and kinetic aluminium frames. The installation title indicates the resolution instructing the numbers of modules used such f5×5×1 equal one module up to f5×5×5 equal 5 modules. Further ‘framework’ refers to the multiple operating modes of the installation, from a low resolution display to a generative and interactive sculpture. Consequently the term ‘framework’ can be understood as a way to manage conceptually and technically the sculpture’s sequential operating modes and the rules by which they switch from one mode to another.

The f5×5×5 installation is part of the ‘16n’ project cycle confronting architectural concepts (congestion, flows…) with spatial sensing technologies (electromagnetism, infra-red …) and its constructs (signal propagation, field theories…) …through the means of programmed ‘lumino-kinetic’ devices.


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55 incredible examples of photo manipulation

55 incredible examples of photo manipulation

We present collection of 55 incredible examples of photo manipulation. Some of them… you may know already, but another ones… could be new for you. What I’m sure about… all of them are simply worth of your attention.

Look at the whole collection of 55 incredible examples of photo manipulation


Moonlight over Lunahuana – Perú

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Organs – ‘Heart’, ‘Brains’, ‘Guts’

‘Good creative work is made through having brains, guts and heart’.
3 striking visuals on the theme of creativity for the advertising agency Publicis Conseil, Paris.
The visuals, created for posters and postcards, work as a tryptich to decorate three large panels on the walls of the agency.
Art-director/Illustrator: Nicolas Ermakoff.
Additional drawing: Gilles Bosquet.

Joanna Krupa Different style by Remi Rebillard

joanna krupa Remi Rebillard

Illustration on Lumadessa

Flora Fauna: Birds Edition by Josh Brill.

Photography by Nils Vilnis

photo by photographer Nils Vilnis

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Illustrations by Richard Roberts

Illustrations by Richard Roberts

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10 Amazing Offices from Around The World

Most of us aren’t lucky enough to work in an office as beautiful as any of these. For most, we’re stuck with boring cubicles, soulless fluorescent lighting and otherwise dull surroundings. However, work really can be beautiful, and these 10 works of office design are amongst the most amazing in the world. Check out the full list of amazing offices over at TheCoolist.

Sori Yanagi

Sori Yanagi is one of the most inspiring and respected designers in the world. His language of form is universal.

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Artist Series Snowboard Decals

Grafik Armor Artist Series designs by Fatoe, Revise CMW, Troy White and No Pattern. Also check out the Grafik Lab where users can make their own designs. ga_artistboards_04.jpgga_lab_02.jpg

Harold’s Planet :: redes sociales

La verdadera, cruda y triste realidad de cómo funcionan las redes (anti)sociales. Trecool