Spa Barisart Ad Spot

[youtube yPiTOVWofQE]
“Spa Barisart”. Water with more action in it. Very sparkling water.
Created by Duval Guillaume Agency, Belgium.

Tough Jeans Provocative Ads

Made in China. “Nothing will be TOUGH forever but the revolutionaries!” Continue »

US Dollars Re-Design is Coming!

So. I want one ;) Continue »

Jeremy Saunders interview

Interview with Jeremy Saunders on Key Art Design.

i Smoke, So What?

The Subtle Art of Conspicuous Consumption

Art Mosaics made from photos of the things we consume by Chris Jordan via greenupgrader

Felix Larher

Sexy Kate Moss by Hedi Slimane

Sexy Kate Moss shot by Hedi Slimane –> More PICS HERE
Via TrendLand

“The quick brown fox jumps over a lazy dog” t-shirt collection

Check more t-shirts here!

Prince Zimboo X Major Lazer: Hold The Line (Freestyle)

Video mashup by The Afflicted Yard
Check Zimboo’s Myspace mess here:

[youtube -rZkdeyWqDg]

Marco Ovando

Marco Ovando is a photographer living and working in NYC.

much more: Here!

天风 – Tian Feng

For the a bit background process hit my Flickr-account
Or for more details check out Yangmedia

Ninja BTL business cards

Hello all, I want to intrudoce to you Ninja BTL advertising agency’s business card wich I think is pretty original and looking cool. It looks like a star and is folded in origami folding way. So enjoy.

Thomas Doyle

Thomas Doyle’s miniature dioramas, usually encased in glass bell jars, look like isolated frames from the storyboard of some unmade horror film, recreated in three dimensions.

Fan Of The World

[youtube ni8e28p2G20]
a video we made for the YouTube Cannes Young Lions 48 hour Ad contest.