Save John Hejduk’s Tower in Kreuzberg, Berlin

Living in John Hejduk’s Tower in Kreuzberg, Berlin, was an extraordinary experience. I had an apartment in the eighth/ninth floor for eight years: the light is fantastic, as the flats were originally designed as artists’ studios and only subsequently integrated into a social housing programme. Yet now the building is under threat from an insensitive refurbishment.

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Vintage-style DC Comic Character Posters – Batman and The Flash

I’ve always been a big fan of these retro/throwback takes on popular characters, so I thought I’d take a stab at it. The Batman illustration is greatly influence by Batman: The Animated Series, probably one of the best animated cartoons made.
Vintage DC - The Dark Knight
Vintage DC - The Flash

More will be added in this Flickr Set:
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Manual to Digital Illustration

Series of works done from manual drawings and digital processing, by Manuela Montero.
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Marshall Cup-of-Tea Series by Quan Vu

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Artist Day: Chairat Ketnirattana

Chairat Ketnirattana art

This is the portfolio from a talent anime artist from Thailand: Chairat Ketnirattana, also known as “y2cool” on deviantart . He is an artist with good drawing skills. At the end of this post, you can see two images where the artist is showing a little of the artwork process.

Check out the wonderful designs by Chairat Ketnirattana here.

Illustration pt 2

The Photography of Anthony Mandler

Anthony Mandler has directed music videos for Rihanna, Jay-Z, Mary J. Blige, The Killers, T.I. and John Legend. His photos have been featured in Entertainment Weekly, Esquire, and ESPN.

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Build a Well With T-Shirts?

At the Well

As graduates fresh out of college, the members of wellDone traveled to Africa during the Summer of 2005, during which they observed the critical need for safe drinking water in communities throughout rural Ghana. Wanting to make a difference they launched WellDone with one goal: funding, constructing, and the long-term managing of six wells in villages throughout rural Ghana. The costs associated with the drilling of a single community well amounts to only around $8,000. That number is actually less costly than the installation of just one industrial sized cappuchino machine you normally see at many cafes like Starbucks.


We worked closely with the WellDone team to design a t-shirt that highlights the various facets of the global water crisis through the visualization of 27 striking water statistics (see the actual art below). The icons paint a picture that remind us that we must both conserve earth’s most precious resource, while working to improve clean water access to those most in need. Furthermore, the key to each of these icons and their associated numbers is listed on the inside/back of the tee below the label art. Never has looking this good, done so much good. Your purchase of one or two tees is quite literally one step further on the road to providing a permanent source of clean water access for an entire community. Available in styles for both men and women.

Art Actual

Vinyl Chair

Ce vinyle autocollant à placer sur le mur est une super trouvaille. Vous empilez vos magazines ou journaux pour en faire un siège ou une chaise enfin vous voyez le genre. Le tout pour 30€ environ, plus d’infos WWW.ZEUTCH.COM

Daily Inspiration #69 DeviantArt Edition Part 1

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Gosia Herba – Illustrations

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Vintage Characters from Bold Ideas

Vintage style pencil bags come with 2 new designs.
— Love bird & Moody rabbit —

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We now launch our very own Submit page, where you can upload what ever you think is cool, either its your portfolio, a blog post, illustrations, photography, your videos, or even if its a creative/advertising agency, just upload an image, a description and a link – that’s it ! –

Illustration pt 1

breathtaking sport photos

brilliant advertising sport photos for nike and underarmour by joel grimes.
more photos here.