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Metabolic Media by Loop.pH

nobel img 04734 Metabolic Media by Loop.pH
Searching for projects using new technologies systems, found a Design Research Studio located in London, directed by designers Rachel Wingfield & Mathias Gmachl, focused in design and the natural sciences.


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I (L) Geeks .

donotfeedtheanimal500x I (L) Geeks .

Via .

Subprime Cover .

Inspiration: Beautiful Illustration

From Spoonfed Design

Check out this amazing illustration collection done by Tony Ariawan. He calls it Stop Haunt Me Everyday or S.H.M.E. Take a look:

5611612003033641 Inspiration: Beautiful Illustration

5611612019716861 Inspiration: Beautiful Illustration

5611612003034931 Inspiration: Beautiful Illustration

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Vicki DaSilva

Vicki Dasilva j Vicki DaSilva
Vicki DaSilva does fluorescent installations.

more photos>>>

RUEDAmag #4

rueda4cover RUEDAmag #4
rueda4dyt RUEDAmag #4
rueda4dyt2 RUEDAmag #4
This is the brand new issue #4 of RUEDAmag, an e-mag about latinamerican rollerblading community.
By PAMBO, From Tijuana, México.

Hans van Bentem

hansvanbentem k Hans van Bentem

more work’s>>>

Red Apples

rED APPLES by Naturegaleria Red Apples

I was just surfing deviant art and found this. loved the colors.

Kinsey updates.

Nice to see new work from Dave Kinsey – his style is evolving!

kinsey 03 Kinsey updates.

kinsey 01 Kinsey updates.

via: Booooooom!

Slime Time

2904994178 9c70a91744 o Slime Time
2905022000 e9bf41bf8c o Slime Time

Just a bit of shameless self-promotion. This is up for voting at threadless right now – if you want to head over and check it out please go here

Energy Concept Design

Self Destruction

n609967209 833659 1932 Self Destruction

Piece of “Consumer” bald art(!) collection by Blue Beard.


573551207668444 01 Story

Value Pack

alpha 2 Value Pack
alpha Value Pack
Although, this was made in 2005 by Robert J. Bolesta, “Value Pack” is still an interesting project today. It is an “alphabet made of raw hamburger. Each character hand-shaped, packaged, and photographed individually.” -Adriana de Barros, from Scene 360 Illusion

Traditional Carzy Friday Boombox Post

1 08 Traditional Carzy Friday Boombox Post
A previous cover photography was removed due to copyright violence. Muhahahahaha.

Autumn… Let’s drink some hot! That’s what you like. Yes! Girls (oh, nude, mmm) and cats (almost crazy).

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