Music Label Pschent

The music label Pschent, that does the Hotel Costes compilation, has a fresh new websites, with all the content avaible on streaming, nice !

Polite Umbrella

Polite Umbrella is a shrinkable umbrella that enables users to morph its shape in order to reduce occupied space and to increase user maneuverability.

Via: Ignant

Fcinq Showreel

check it on Fcinq

Follow Jonas Kamber on Twitter and win a calendar poster

Follow Jonas Kamber on twitter till 31.05.2009 and you can win one of this Calender Posters!


Zombie, artwork for Fauna´s record
Smash fx

Acampante, Sebastian Valdivia, is an Argentinian graphic designer with excellent work in illustration, is also a musician and organizer of the conference Trimarchi graphic design largest in Latin America

Chameleon – Flyer and poster design by Martijn van Dam

Here is an awesome poster designed by Martijn van Dam. Watch a time lapse video of how the poster was created here.

Interview with Jeremy Geddes

Interview with Artist Jeremy Geddes at Australian Edge.

Fan the Fire Magazine redesign

Fan the Fire, the digital music, film, art and style magazine, have redesigned their website and blog in advance of an imminent new issue and iPhone app. Homepage here, and blog here.

Design Competition

would you like to see your work in print? how about printed at 10m by 13.5m on the front of cordy house, in the heart of shoreditch, london? and not without some prizes either – £500 cash and 2 vip bestival passes! not to mention, you’ll have your work printed on the don’t panic poster another 80,000 times.

Bus Stop Design

Check out these creative and unusual bus stop designs that make the time you spend waiting for the bus a bit more bearable. – More info/links & pics HERE

More info/links & pics HERE

Graffiti Time Bomb

[vimeo 4741945]

TimeBomb is the brainchild of digital artist Lukasz Karluk (Holler) and Sydney sculptor/painter KissKiss (

The final installation will “appear as two giant graffiti walls suspended in the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney. One painted wall will be real, the other a projected double, interacting with the viewers movements to reveal the layers of graffiti swirling backwards in time.”

Via Creative Sidney

GLITTERS…Glow! Glow! Glow!

When we were kids….remember? They were shinny, sticky, heavy on your chest, but probably among your cult t-shirts!
We gave the opportunity to few graphic designers to take them back from the 70’s…and here they are!!!

Glow, Glitters, Glow…..

Designed for Kulte by:Thomas Cantoni, Happymess, and Yak Da House.

Interim Camp

[vimeo 3407108]

Interim Camp is an experimental short film 12:00 min. realized by Field, telling about the earth´s surface dynamics. Please just look at these impressive shapes! ;-)

Via: Fabrik Project

Customizable Icons for Your Web Site. Totally Free!

Iconza — collection of free icons that can be colored and reduced in size to your taste. If you are a happy site or blog owner, you will be able to pick icons that will fit right into your design. The project is done by Turbomilk, company that is also involved in producing icons, logos and interfaces for cash.

Iwase Yoshiyuki. Classic of Japanese Photography.

Iwase Yoshiyuki was born in 1904 in Onjuku, a fishing village on the pacific side of the Chiba peninsula, which encloses Tokyo Bay on the east. After graduating from Meiji University Law School in 1924, he took up lifelong pursuits, heading the family sake distillery and documenting the receding traditions of coastal Japan. In the late 1920’s Yoshiyuki received an early Kodak camera as a gift. Since the main livelihood of the town came from the sea he gravitated there, and soon found a passion for “the simple, even primitive beauty” of ama – girls and women who harvested seaweed, turban shells and abalone from beneath the coastal waters. Continue »