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hellovon mig ny022 Migration

Migration / Part 01 / London Time Lapse video

Migration / Part 02 / New York Time Lapse video

Migration took place in two parts, in two major cities in two months. A flock of abstracted birds was first installed on the Truman Brewery, London in late August. In September the birds reappeared in New York flocking towards the billboard on the side of the Espeis Gallery in Williamsburg – the project inheriting the migrational nature of it’s content.

A huge thanks to those involved in helping make it happen.
Many thanks to all those who have published and blogged the project.

Prints and original artwork are available to purchase from the Migration site.

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Screen-prints for Sale!

cartontherack Screen prints for Sale!

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mountainsontherack 2 Screen prints for Sale!


Mika Nash, an illustrator based in London has launched a new online shop selling a couple of her screen-printed illustrations.

Have a look:

or her online portfolio:


[vimeo 1747316]
“Metamorphosis” is programmed entirely in Processing, it’s the follow up to “Music is Math” video (created by Glenn Marshall). The video “Music is Math” can also be viewed in Scene 360’s video channel. Enjoy!

Diesel XXX party, October 11st

[youtube tjEa90HKj1c]

An around the world party touching Tokyo, Beijing, Dubai, Athens, Paris, London, Barcelona, Milan, Munich, Zurich, Copenhaguen, Oslo, Helsinki, Amsterdam, Sao Paolo and New York. And guess what, you are ALL invited!! Pick your city and get going down to your nearest Diesel store to get details on how to get invites.All cities will be broadcast live on Line up so far includes N*E*R*D, M.I.A. Chaka Khan, 2many DJs, Soulwax, Mr Oizo, JunkieXL, Steve Aoki, Uffie, David Holmes, Pedro Winter, The Cool Kids, Pete Doherty, Mark Ronson, New Young Pony Club, The View, and many more…

The amazing video is by Keith Schofield.

Paintings by Ralph Heimans

ralph 2 Paintings by Ralph Heimans

ralph Paintings by Ralph Heimans

Beautiful paintings by Ralph Heimans. He uses colors that are warm and romantic in many of his portraits. For more info, here is a bit from his bio: “Ralph Heimans’ work has been described to have a disarming quality, recalling the methods and conventions of 16th and 17th century European portraiture, while at the same time playfully undermining those traditions. Although his technical approach pays homage to masters like Caravaggio and Velazquez, particularly in the use of chiaroscuro, his subject matter is distinctly contemporary, drawing inspiration from technology and images of modern life.” -Adriana de Barros, from Scene 360

(Paintings © Ralph Heimans)

Fork – the sophisticated wine holder

Halloweek 2 DBH

Bats Attack running DBH

Tauba Auerbach

Fantastic work by Tauba Auerbach. Equal parts art and math.

tauba 01 Tauba Auerbach


New Portfolio Site: AVMJ

<img src=""
agenda 021 New Portfolio Site: AVMJ
Updated portfolio site for Sacramento, CA-based AVMJ design studio, aka the commercial design of Aaron Winters.

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annis naeem

This kid is sick, his name is Annis.

No Pattern

header3 No Pattern
I3A4F1I5E2X7F6V2T2V983214 No Pattern U7M9R5T9Q6K2Q1I6G6I483050 No Pattern Q6J7O4Q8N5H1N9F5D5F384133 No Pattern

Check out this guys work, it’s so colourful and packed with detail, you wont be disappointed.

Fiat 500 by Diesel

fiat 500 by diesel 01 Fiat 500 by Diesel

fiat 500 by diesel 02 Fiat 500 by Diesel

Fiat worked with denim maker Diesel on the design of this special edition car… More >>

Future Car Finalists!

peugeot Future Car Finalists!
peugeot1 Future Car Finalists!peugeot3 Future Car Finalists!
The Peugeot Design Contest for 2008 asked designers to imagine a car for the metropolis of the future, while keeping in mind 21st century values of environmental awareness, social harmony, and efficiency. No matter who takes the 10k prize, the fact that we’re taking issues like environmentally efficient design seriously makes us all winners. Also: COOL CARS!

Anni Kuan Mailer

Samsung Armani Night Effect

samsung night effect Samsung Armani Night Effect

Visual for the new Emporio Armani Samsung mobile phone. See the teaser >>