Hylozoic Soil.

“Hylozoic Soil” is an incredible, interactive, artificial life installation created by Toronto digital media artist and experimental architect Philip Beesley.

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Jay Taylor

Ron Jeremy?

Jay Taylor is a full time, freelance illustrator who graduated from university with a BA(hons) degree in illustration in 2005. Since then he has gone on to work for a number of clients internationally in the editorial, advertising, new media and music industries. With social issues playing a big part in his ideals, Jay’s style plays on life’s little imperfections and is a big fan of the “Happy accident”. The majority of Jay’s work is made by hand, with only simple composition and colour changes being altered in the latter stages by computer.

Kevin Tong


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In The Lab

Diggin’ these great geometrical designs/illustrations by In The Lab:

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Virginia Echeverria Whipple

Here the art of Virginia Echeverria Whipple. I love her analog touch!
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Omega Code by Papangue Project

Illustration done for Omega Code fan art submission.
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Cynthia Drescher

New Yorker Cynthia Drescher – well, I say New Yorker, but she’s out of town more often than not, and she documents her trips around the world with some great photographs.

In A Dream

In a Dream is a family film. The director is Jeremiah Zagar. The main character is his father Isaiah Zagar, an eccentric artist who over the past four decades has covered more than 50,000 square feet of Philadelphia with stunning mosaic murals. The murals chronicle his love for his wife, Julia, and hint at the darker corners of an outlandish imagination. The film took Jeremiah about seven years to complete.

i-D Magazine “The Best of British Issue”

Friday the 13th Cake


This is a Cake!?!?  via coast to coast am

Colorful People


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Winter Berries

Asgar / Gabriel

Collaborative painters Daryoush Asgar and Elisabeth Gabriel are making amazing work together.
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Toyota / Lexus – Telematics

Hook shows the making of Telematics city. Check it out here.