Flying in Circles

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Laurent Meurgey

The young freelance designer Laurent Meurgey creates a beautiful porcelain plates.
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Enver Hadzijaj

Black & white illustrations by Enver Hadzijaj.

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LG-GD900 : Transparent mobile phone

LG unveiled its GD900, the first mobile phone with a transparent keyboard.

HUGO Create round 8: The Elements

Due to the tremendous response to the previous rounds of HUGO Create, we are happy to announce Round 8: The Elements – Earth, Wind, Water & Fire.
HUGO Fragrances invites creative talents from around the world to illustrate the HUGO Man Bottle within the concept of one or more basic Elements.

The HUGO Create contest is open to graphic designers, illustrators, computer artists and photographers. You can use any type of technique as long as it corresponds with the theme. To enter the HUGO Create contest, you need to upload your digital file(s) on the competition website. Check out the website for the full contest description and rules. Deadline for this round is April 30, the winners will be announced on June 1, 2009.

The Elements: Earth, Wind, Water & Fire
Ancient Greek philosophers such as Empedocles and Aristotle suggested the theory that the world was made up of four particular and indestructible Elements: Earth, Air, Water and Fire. Their writings had a significant influence on alchemy, biology, astrology and psychology.

Empedocles described the four Elements not only as physical manifestations or material substances, but also as spiritual essences and facets of the human being. He even believed that the four Elements result in different personality types. The same ideas were found throughout the ancient world in many cultures, mythologies and religions.

Earth represents the hard, solid objects of the world. Emotionally, Earth is seen as a straightforward. Element that is associated with confidence and stability. Today, Earth could be seen as a materialistic base of human life. Modern day Earth representations are manifested in architecture and construction.

Water is all about being fluid, flowing and formless. Water can be associated with change, adaptability and flexibility. In modern life, “Water” invokes the flow of communication, transforming communities and making waves.

Wind represents things that grow and expand. The wind enjoys freedom of movement. Mentally and emotionally, Wind represents new experiences…an open-minded attitude and a carefree feeling. Today, wind can be associated with information and cultural exchange and is manifested in the freedom of urban life and viral impact of the creative communities.

Fire represents the forceful and energetic things of this world: flames, heat and lightning. Fire can be associated with passion, action, power, motivation and desire. Today, “Fire” represents those things beyond our everyday experience: creative concepts that break out of existing boundaries and “heat up” other, very interesting areas of our lives.

Let the 4 Elements inspire you and please submit your key visual to the HUGO Create contest.

About HUGO Create
With HUGO Create, HUGO Fragrances takes traditional design competitions a step further. The aim of the contest is to give designers, illustrators and photographers the chance to demonstrate their creative abilities in a stunning tribute to the iconic HUGO Man bottle. It’s a real creative challenge. This is your opportunity to show the world your talent.

Each round, 10 winners receive cash prizes of $500 and tons of recognition. The artwork of the round winner is featured in i-D magazine.


Ganztoll Updates!

Ganztoll Update

Bath’s bomb

For absolutely fearless champions got used to any difficulties and dangers.

For men stepping along the blade every day.

For ones who really know the value of the words honour and courage.

* This gift is a candy for eyes and ambitions:)

made by Mukomelov Studio

Tony Hawk Foundation supports with Quicksilver

Quiksilver is stoked to team up with DesignByHumans to present the Design a Difference Tee Contest. Quiksilver has a deep artistic heritage in board sport culture. Each season, Quiksilver partners with an aesthetic visionary in the creation of our Foundation Tee Shirt Collection benefiting a range of social, economic and environmental causes. For Fall 2009, the charity is the Tony Hawk Foundation and the artist is you! DesignByHumans and Quiksilver will donate 6% of proceeds from the sale of each t-shirt to the Tony Hawk Foundation which helps fund recreational programs and the creation of public skateboard parks in low-income communities. They just updated with a new, fresh layout, too. So be sure to enter the contest!

Laretta Houston Fashion Photographer

Laretta Houston is a fashion photographer. I stumbled across her work on Twitter a couple months ago and meant to blog about her. These are images from her beauty mask series. Check out Laretta’s Portfolio for more great fashion photography. Follow Laretta on Twitter too. If that wasn’t enough you can also visit her Flickr page.

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It’s quite simple, really… If you want to start the week off right, you should check out this short little vid from the 50’s:

[youtube kTYGmjgSMv8]


Silhouette Masterpiece Theatre Updates

Freshly designed humor now showing at the Silhouette Masterpiece Theatre


Wackystuff’s Collections.

Fashion Illustrator : Peter Winnett

Peter Winnett fashion illustration are just amazing – More info & pics HERE

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