Fashion Illustrator : Peter Winnett

Peter Winnett fashion illustration are just amazing – More info & pics HERE

Via Cyana.Trend.Land

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Photo courtesy – jackie2summers.

Sam Javanrouh.

Replacing World Landmarks With Cheap Souvenirs – Michael Hughes

Michael Hughes loves to take pictures of world famous landmarks – perfectly blended with cheap souvenirs.

More pics at My Modern Metropolis

Inspired-Inspirers Issue 9

A new Saturday appears, which means a new issue has to be released.

This time we spread the envelope a bit with featured guests Simone Magurno, Reid Southen, Dan LuVisi and Tomin Vladimir.

Plus, we just opened the Thoughts on Inspiration page, listing all of our guests’ insights on inspiration.

So go right ahead and keep on being inspired!

Nina Levy.

Otávio Rios

“It is not your home that needs renovation. It is your way of thinking.”

If your home is your world, look how polluted it is.

Otávio Rios is an illustrator and social activist from Brazil. I’m happy to wake up and listen this fantastic visual!
more here and here!

Common Underground – A social exchange project

Common Underground is a design project that studies social issues and reports both sides of the story. Designers from around the world are asked to create posters depicting the correlation between the U.S. and a word which is considered taboo in this country (War, arrogance, etc…). We also ask U.S. based designers to do the same towards another country. This is the study of such unspoken subject matter. A book and an exhibition will be held in Miami Fl of all the posters. A visual exchange for all. Check it out and submit a poster!

Breakdowns updated!

Hey you guys, I just updated with fresh new breakdowns.
Check them out!

Voltage Fashion Amplified 2009

The newest iteration of Voltage Fashion Amplified his the web today. The hottest fashion event to hit Minneapolis combines rock bands with edgy designers at musical venue First Ave.

NCOTB Mixtape

Download on NCOTB or here.

Burning Safari.

Druks – EX First Season tee collection

Smart fortwo – Big fun in small space

James Clerk Maxwell