Beautiful Photos by Ross Brown

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70 Amazing Works by Adam Spizak

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Photography by Pavel Morozov

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Christine Faulkner ‘Bad Barbie’ Book Design

Graphic designer Christine Faulkner, working out of Brooklyn, NY, has developed a clean and elegant format for a series by photographer David Levinthal titled Bad Barbie. The book, which features images of the infamous doll engaged in a variety of sexual acts, works to provide a sense of artistic seriousness and merit despite the seemingly humorous nature of some of the content. Through minimalist design and an elegantly planned format, Faulkner’s vision allows for Levinthal’s photography to be the showcase, proving that some of the best design need not always be the focus.

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Marina Rudinsky ‘Miniatures’ Series

Designer Marina Rudinsky
, working out of Tel Aviv, Israel, has imagined a fascinating photographic series titled ‘Miniatures.’ Through the use of photo manipulation, Rudinsky has taken images — a mosque, and the scene of an accident among them — and lent their subject matter the fascinating quality of appearing to be miniaturized. Although these photographs and their content are indeed real, it takes a great deal of focus to appreciate the manner in which these photographs on first viewing appear to be captions of a small-scale model. The result is a series that draws the viewer in, fascinating the eye, and serving as a commentary on the scale of real life relative to the universe around us.

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Artist Profile: Andrew James Jones

Andrew James Jones, the guy behind Stolen, talks about his art and draws a creature on a wall in a video by Don’t Panic TV.

Coca-Cola’s Copy-Cat?

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Orbitone is an ambient interface for musical interaction by means of tangibles and user motion. It was developed with vvvv, reacTIVision, OpenCV and Ableton Live by a few
Media System Design students at the University of Applied Science Darmstadt, Germany.

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Eduardo Rodrigues

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Mon Oeil

Mon Oeil means “My eye” in French. It’s also the name of Jerom Masi’s graphic design studio.

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Photography by Kris de Smedt

Creative and glamour photography by Kris de Smedt, professional fashion photographer, based in Belgium.
Photography by Kris de Smedt

Grab Magazine | Interview with Nick Walker

Nick Walker

2) Where are you from and where are you based right now?
I’m from Bristol and spend most of my time here.

3) When, and using which tools, did you start to approach art?
I’ve been drawing for as long as I can remember. I discovered these magic marker studio pens and from there on couldn’t put them down.

4) Is there a number you consider special?

5) Which creative process do you usually follow to create one of your works?
Firstly the image & concept will be swimming around in my head to begin with – sometimes weeks & months The first rule is to take my own photos or it could come back to bite you on the arse. Once I’ve got the shot, I need to manipulate the image to a stark black & white form and cut it into a stencil and after that the rest is all application.

6) Many of your works –on canvas as well as on the road- feature a man in suit and bowler hat… How was this character born? What does he represent?
You don’t expect a man dressed as a city gent to be writing on the wall. People generally judge by appearance so dressed in this uniform, the vandal is less likely to be gripped by the police. The large umbrella is also a good decoy as you could be doing anything behind one. For me the the character is a representation of the man who could not take it anymore. Tired of the dull grey architecture that surrounds him, he takes over cities one at a time with his palette of colours. Just painting the town red wasn’t an option.

7) In what kind of world do your creations live?
A Haphazard but colourful one.

8) “Moona Lisa”: surely one of your greatest successes, also from a commercial standpoint… is it the work you are the most bound to as well?
This piece put me on the map so I’m still particularly fond of her.

9) How can a street artist get into the expositions/museums/galleries circuit?
Do your first shows yourself. Hire a building or pull in a favor from someone with a cool space and promote your show yourself.

10) What would you advise to someone trying to start this kind of career?
Don’t look at what everyone else is doing or saying. Listen to your own mind and entrust your ideas to only those within your inner circle – if at all.

11) Say goodbye as you would say it to your friends…
Never goodbye – only see you later.

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40+ Fantastic Vectores

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Featured Design Studio: Ubica

great minimalist furniture designs by ubica design studio, based in Barcelona, Spain.
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