“Hooker DreamEscape” by Natalia Fabia

Inspired by ornate interiors, wild animals, voyeurism, punk rock music, and sparkles, Natalia Fabia is fascinated with hookers, which fuels her paintings of sultry women. “Hooker DreamEscape” tells tales of seduction by revealing the forbidden desires and secret fantasies of her modern-day belle de jours.

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ink01 Poster

ink01 poster.

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Big Rig Sculpture

Big Rig at Burning Man. Original artist unknown.

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Jonathan Leder Steams Up Our Screen – Retro Style

With a sharp eye and a distinct indie style, Jonathon Leder is able to capture these absolutely amazing, dreamy shots. More pics at My Modern Metropolis.

Promotional Postcards for painting company

GizMag PDF #4

The 4th PDF issue includes artwork and interviews of Matias Vigliano, Anna Anjos, Dave Hughes, Laura Serra, Shona McQuillan, PaperMonster, Yoko Furusho and Charrish Ferguson.

Exclusive cover by Matias Vigliano.

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Naina (Retro-look) revised!

Both shot and edited by me. More from the same set here on my behance page.
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Jennifer Taylor

Jennifer Taylor’s most recent sculptures depict chaotic messes of interlinking pipes, chains, and disposable objects coated in white paint and wax. Cancer cells, labyrinths and internal organs, are just some images that spring to mind when looking at these troubled objects. But who is Jennifer Taylor, how were these fantastic sculptures born and why?

Taller Than Trees

This short film looks at the story of an outrageously tall giraffe. She has trouble fitting into daily life until eventually she manages to find a more suitable home.
[vimeo 1840168]
This beautiful animation was created by Joseph Mann in 2008. It was made using a 2D ‘real-time cut out’ technique through which he wanted to create a 3D world in which 2D characters could live and interact. Each character was created out of paper and all models were made from cardboard.

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Milk Bottle Lamps

Recycled Traffic Signs by Boris Bally

Echo by United Visual Artist

Echo. Performed at Teatro Sociale di Como, Italy

In collaboration with the dance group Mimbre, ‘Echo’, was performed in the monumental setting of Como’s Teatro Sociale in Italy. This work was originally commissioned by Vamp for the Tate Modern’s turbine hall. Using advanced 3-D cameras to capture the physicality of the dancers movement, this was then translated in real time to a monumental backdrop creating a simultaneous performance. ‘Echo’ will be touring internationally in 2009.

United Visual Artist

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Polaroid Composites

Assembled works made from polaroids by Patrick Winfield.

Google Will Introduce Aptera 2e Electric Car in October

Even last summer, became aware of Google’s intention to engage in the production of automobiles and invest 5.5 million dollars in the development of new electric cars. This amount was divided between the two companies – Aptera Motors and ActaCell.

Aptera Motors, together with Google is developing a two-seat car, which is equipped with a hybrid or electric motor. A car will be able to accelerate to 140 km/h, «hundreds» reach approximately 10 seconds. Max distance – 160 km. And less than 1 liter of fuel per 100 km. Aptera 2e arrive at the California market in October this year and the cost will be approximately $ 30 thousand dollars. Continue »


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