Revert 2 Type

New piece from my behance projects.
Hope you like…

MTV-ONE Paper Art

Another great installation piece from Julien Vallée. Video inside post.

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Amy Casey’s Paintings

Amy Casey is an American painter with a fascination with the urban landscape and its evolution and transformation. Her subject matter usually depicts buildings, homes, and city infrastructure immersed in chaos. She paints most of her images on paper using acrylics.

To see more of her work (in high res) go to Colectiva

Chiho Aoshima’s Beautiful World

Born in 1974 in Tokyo, Japan, Chiho Aoshima uses computer technology to create beautiful, imaginary fantasy worlds. She uses the ‘superflat’movement, a term coined by artist Takashi Murakami where the style is typified by the simple and emphatically two-dimensional forms.

More pics at My Modern Metropolis.

Natalie Westbrook

New Popwhore’s tees

This Stormtroppa got some feva for the thrilla!!
Check the new Popwhore tees HERE

Charles Negre photograper

Storming the Capital

Typography-based design by burst of beaden.

Bovey Lee

Chinese artist Bovey Lee creates paper cutout drawings, seeking to contemporize the ancient Chinese folk art. To preserve and extend this artistry she replaces familiar subject matters in traditional paper cutouts such as folklore or celestial animals, with a blend of images drawing from her background in art. Her works depict personal narratives, current affairs and politics.

To check out more of her amazingly meticulous drawings go to Colectiva >> Blog >> Art!

PersianTypeface [First Dirty]

First DIRTY Font in IRAN is “MIXEDfont”. This Font is created with FontCreator 5.5 and has more than 1 MB size and also 214 Glyphs. The Designer used some other Persian fonts and other motives from Iranian historical patterns and a few Ironic works! [such replacing dots and using of his own head and…]

Pix of Glyphs
Other Persian Fonts

Ariadne Binderl

Ariadne Binderl is a Brazilian illustrator and designer who currently lives in New York. She just released her portfolio, which includes personal and commercial work.

Evil Scientist

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Typography: You Blow Me Away

An inspiring typography-based piece from Craig Ward & Jason Tozer.
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Spring discounts 42%

On MyFonts activated the special prices for fonts designed by Sergiy Tkachenko / 4thfebruary dated for the International women’s day of 8th March.