tHEREfore, Velvet by nocturn

Experimental pieces by Alex Tass / First one was done for Velvet Club project and the second one inspired by the traveling in time theme from Swatch & MTV Playground. More info on nocturn portfolio.

The Bravery: Slow Poison produced by Buck

[vimeo 7585367]

The Bravery‘s “Slow Poison” music video was produced by Buck.
With a four week production schedule and a love song of sorts, Buck travelled back in time to the late seventies and joined a cult of psychonauts to make a video about alien panther love, ontology, and inter-dimensional space travel.

View Buck showreel and details on Designcollector

Scarlett Johansson x Mango x Mario Sorrenti

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Mario Sorrenti shoots Scarlett Johansson for Mango’s Fall/Winter 2009-10.


Hell Fire Qiev Drum and bass music event.

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Nicoline Patricia Malina photographer

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Great portfolio by Nicoline Patricia Malina

Porsche Legend

[vimeo 6745012]
The Porsche “Legend” spec spot was created as an experiment in remote collaboration between Monovich (Stephen Fitzgerald) and The Brigade.

As seen on Designcollector TV

Arash AF10 Supercar

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Arash, a British car manufacturer, released this supercar – the Arash AF10.

Fernando Vincente illustrator

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Great illustrations by the Spanish Fernando Vincente

Snow’s Revenge

Transform your MacBook with Snow’s Revenge by Vinylville.


A beautiful work by Craig Costello: The KRINK Mini.

Bloated Heads – a documentary

view documentary and more images on BehanceNetwork or visit Stefan Mildner’s website

production paradise ,

Directory and Showcase for the visual media Industry, Photo by Remi Rebillard

Online Showcase of Artémis Psathas

Online showcase of Artémis Psathas. See more here.

slashTHREE’s 12th exhibition: STEAMPUNK

Thick, billowing smoke fills the midnight sky as the thunderous roar of pistons moving in unison resonates across the countryside.
The deeply piercing whistle of the engine’s horn announces its highly anticipated arrival.
Ladies and gentlemen, all aboard
slashTHREE’s Steampunk
, the collective’s 12th exhibition. Enjoy the ride!

slashTHREE Public Relation

Grape Frogg awesomeness

Russian designer and day dreamer Grape Frogg impress by the sensuality of artworks. They touch a heart and make sense in any case.
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