Proudly Painted Cows

A series entitled “Cowscape” by body artist Emma Hack. The goal of the bovine artwork was to raise awareness of the drought in South Australia and farmers plight. Photography by Peter Fisher.

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A Love Letter Project

A Love Letter for you is a project to paint 50 walls by 40 artist in Philly with the theme of LOVE –More info & pics HERE

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Drew Struzan

WUNDERLUST, a fashion photography exhibition by Peter Tjahjadi

The works embody Peter’s unique signature on glamour with a whimsical touch. Models, socialites and celebrities are captured in Peter’s world of fashion wonderland, reveling in sensuality and a kaleidoscope of colors.

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Inspired Interview: Derek Herman – The Man Who Built The Envato Websites

OK, everybody knows that Collis Ta’eed is the man with the plan for the Envato empire, but he’s got the best ninja to build all those beautifully crafted websites. Hello Derek!

Ninja! Heads will roll!

Ninja! Head-slicing new shirt :]

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10 years of fashion, from the mind of Aliona Doletskaya. more here…

Rasmus Mogensen

Paintings by Francoise Nielly

70 Most Beautiful CG Girl Artworks

A brilliant collection of most amazing CG women portraits! I did some research and I have created this really huge list of the best CG female images that I was able to find. I hope that it will give you some inspiration for your next works!

Most of these images were made using 3D applications but there are a few that were entirely painted in Adobe Photoshop. I thought you’ll want to to check them along with the 3D ones so they are here!

HIV Aids Awareness Advertising

“Each time you sleep with someone, you also sleep with his past. Get tested for HIV”. Great Ad campaign – via Antilogic