Interesting fusion of street art and traditional clay technique, by polish artist NeSpoon.

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Programmatic Furniture by OnSite Studio

This is just a little part…Check all the rest about On- Site-00 | Programmatic Furniture project by Sebastien Wierinck.

The rubber bandit

awesome work from Andy Mangold
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Louis Vuitton is going into Space !

The Last Louis Vuitton Campaign –> Some journey’s change mankind forever ! The beautiful Louis Vuitton Journey’s ad campaign to mark the 40th anniversary of Apollo 11’s landing on the moon… More info & video Trailer HERE
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MTV: Shot, Girl

MTV: Demand Your Partner to Wear a Condom (MTV Portugal). Via : ViaComIT

Brooke Nipar Photography

The young and Talented NYC Brooke Nipar relaunched her portfolio and its sexy as hell !! – More info & pics HERE

More pics HERE
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Interview: Hollis Brown Thornton

An interview with artist Hollis Brown Thornton. Read the interview here.

Neil Krug photographer

Great Polaroid set by Neil Krug. Via : ViaComIT

When Urban Street Art Attacks!

North Carolina-based uLiveandYouBurn creates havoc in the city with the creation of these wicked street monsters. He takes urban elements, such as traffic cones and trash cans, and turns them into Frankenstein-like beasts!

More pics at My Modern Metropolis.

Unpublished photos of Marilyn Monroe

The CrunchPad

TechCrunch is working on the slimmest (and largest) Touch Screen Web Tablet: Called the CrunchPad, they wants to arrive to a final $200 Retail…Cant wait ! – More info & pics HERE

Dr. Romanelli Vs Nike

Sorry I’m Late by Tomas Mankovsky

SEAK:Graffiti & Street Art Diary.

SEAK: . Amazing artwork by german airbrush artist Claus Winkler. See more of his work.


Dutch/Brazilian designer Rafaël Rozendaal has got a series of sites you will happily lose yourself in for far too long.