Pony Pony Run Run – Walking on a line

Director: Romain Chassaing.
Production: Premiere Heure / SOLABS (Edouard Chassaing)
With Clementine Poidatz, and Arthur Delair

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Get your holiday on like its 1996.


Brano Hlavac

Amazing skills by Brano Hlavac from Slovakia…Truly inspiring Technique and composition.
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Holiday Cheers Lots of Goodies

GAS’D Fashion

Fashion GAS'D Clothing (14)


Curtain Door by Matharoo Associates

Graphic Design by Mel Marcelo

Cem Hasimi ‘Family and Friends’

Illustrator Cem Hasimi creates this collection of discomposed images titled Family and Friends, showing, in true surrealist fashion, finger based characters interacting in a mix of very interesting colors and textures. Do you think he might be trying to tell us something?

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Xanele van Rensburg ‘Gangsters’

This interesting collection of images, all in black and white using different textures, by South African artist Xanele van Rensburg, narrates a very symbolic story of bird’s, pies, and human non existence. The pictures are all two dimensional and flat, but the contrasting textures and patterns emphasize the detail that goes into each character. Very entertaining.

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33 Astounding and Breathtaking Sports Advertisement Photographs

Nike and Underarmour are two of the world’s most recognized brands when it comes to sports apparel. In a competitive market, advertising is the key to keeping their respective brands at the top of the game. Plain, standard advertisements won’t suffice. Instead, the audience must be stunned, and this requires some incredibly unique photographs. Luckily for both companies, photographer Joel Grimes answers the call with unique and dazzling sports photographs. The level of detail is intense, the composition is brilliant, the depth dynamic. These sports photographs capture the intensity of the moment, the fierce competitiveness of the athletes, and the sheer determination and will.

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TyC Alentados por la Pasion by DHNN




Fox International Channels Green Stationery by DHNN

Leave Duff and Carry On // Poster Illustration by Luigi di Silvanni

Lisbon based artist and graphic designer Luigi di Silvanni took the well known WW2 time poster “Keep Calm and Carry On” and gave it a comical Simpsonized twist. If you were yellow, had spiky or blue-ish Everest like hair, this is what you would see in the walls of Springfield by this days.
The “Leave Duff and Carry On” poster is available in 8 standard color schemes but is totally personalizable to match your mood or ambiance. Leave Duff and Carry On

DHNN Bank Robbery Infographics

DHNN (design has no name) www.dhnn.com.ar