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New piece

Hey I added one more piece to my portfolio ( ) check it out !

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mlb Mulanbu
Some good logo works here ;)


Escape to Neverland | Season Zero

escapetoneverland Escape to Neverland | Season Zero
Latest artwork I added to my portfolio. Hope you like it! Visit for more!

Breathewords Updates

eternal love1 Breathewords Updates
My new website is up. It includes painting, illustration, photography, identity design, clothing prints, and narrative Flash films. There is also a Guest book, if you would like to sign it. I hope you enjoy it!

Reptiles Breakdown

omay Reptiles Breakdown
From here.


gluej Gluejeans
You will have a newfound appreciation for glue when you see the innovative denim designed by G+N. Aptly named Gluejeans, the jeans are held together not by thread, but by glue.

Yay! Monday! Issue #31

ym31 Yay! Monday! Issue #31

Check it out:

I Need Some Votes-Please Help!

Here are 3 of the 5 boots I have designed for the Dr. Marten Design Contest and need some votes on all the designs. I hope you love them!

Please go to this site to vote

Thanks! PS

footer logo I Need Some Votes Please Help! 0e38204d764c0b9904521509f1d3d907 I Need Some Votes Please Help!
footer logo I Need Some Votes Please Help! b412a188818ffbaf347732b54b6a2e2e I Need Some Votes Please Help!
footer logo I Need Some Votes Please Help! 1dca93662ff86279822728af4d28c1cd I Need Some Votes Please Help!

the Puyo

puyo1 the Puyo
puyo3 the Puyo
The closest thing to riding inside a Pokemon, the Puyo car is the latest innovation from Honda in Tokyo. Biggest creepy-cool factor? A soft, gel-like outer skin.


Song Birds by Emily Sutton.

Beautiful little illustrated sculptures by Emily Sutton.

sutton 03 Song Birds by Emily Sutton.

via: Booooooom!

Bright Nights

tokyonight4 Bright Nights

tokyonight6 Bright Nights

From THE PUBLICS: Way back in 2005, I was living in Tokyo working as a menu translator slash photographer’s assistant and I launched a film project that tragically never ended up seeing the light of day.

Keep Looking!

2693161682 cf2c30906a o Keep Looking!

this is part of my campaign to get me an invite to, same as the image posted few days ago, I have been doing some minor changes to images in order to say what I want and get the sought after invitation,….
EDIT: thanks to users hyilmaz and krest now I am in! I will try to keep the line moving….
I recommend you guys to join this community on flickr
The not FFFFound!


tonyhey Tony....
tony Tony....
///// edouard delage