Alex Ricochet

Alex Ricochet

Alex Ricochet is a talented designer and dj from Izhevsk, Russia. The basis of his portfolio are posters and flyers for events, logotypes and experiments with typography.

Videoclip Toyz Hunter | |
Ph: Natasha Ygel
Art Direction: Martin Diez

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“You Are Home” (A Paper Animated Video)

[vimeo 2205326]
This is a brilliant video for Levi Weaver‘s song “You Are Home.” It’s like watching a silent film, you simply get the story!

Link via Scene 360 Illusion and Video Channel

Future is now!

American painter Scott Listfield:
«The present is in fact a very unusual place, and it’s strangest in the ubiquity of things we take for granted». Look his cosmic art.

Laurent PERBOS

This is Japan !

The Enchanted Doll by Marina Bychkova

Marina Bychkova is a doll sculptor born in the South-Western Siberia, Russia in 1982. She says: “I find nothing more boring and thoughtless than another girly girl doll with blond curls and a puffy dress holding a teddy bear”…ehheeh!

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Rocker Vases

An interesting collection of rocker vases at LeGarage Pierre Blank. The prices range from $180 to $500.

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My new web

Hello, i recent up my new website


Elan Chicas Notebook Contest!”

elan snowboards

Just finishing this little website for Elan Chicas. Besides the new gear they are running a nice little competition…

Official Pip Boy Reminder


Official Supercars of Chechen Republic

No comments on this. About Chechen Republic. Updated!

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When i remember my chilhood.

Pop Tart Pop Art

Kent St. John

Some new illustration work…