Free Leather Stock Textures

Another set of free stock photos for web designers:

You can download 12 leather textures here.

Drawing Lego Robot

In the last period i’ ve seen many experimentations beetween robotic, mechanic art, lego and technology. Do you remember the “Lego Cinema Room”, posted few weeks ago? So Cool!

Now is the turn of Nils Völker, a designer from Berlin and his Drawing Lego Robot. The robot was built by the artist for the exhibition “Makers & Spectators” at the MU in Eindhoven by Christien Meindertsma.

All the rest!

Kasset’s Interruptor

couché + cut + pilot 2mm

Life Form

Life Form. Really cool installation project by German Kapitonov. Check this!

Soy tu aire

China’s Dark Cloud

[vimeo 4474035]
A spectacular spec ad for Discovery channel, produced/directed by Peter Szewczyk and sound design by Matt Englund.

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Link via Scene 360 Illusion

Copy sluts

Grand Designs

The coolest house this side of the sun, is in Tokyo, and designed by Yasuhiro Ymashita. We want to move. More here.

Sony Ericsson “Mobile Sessions”

[youtube sKjNKNbD424]

Mobile Sessions – Pretty weird commercial from Sony Ericsson. Via : ViaComIT

Zambia statistics t-shirt are behind various t-shirts taking inspiration from countrys in Africa and their statistics. 20% of the money from the sale of the shirts go towards building an orphanage in Mozambique. Found via

Where is Everyone?

Love Art?

[youtube Csx_9Ccyh3c]

Agent Provocateur model Jen Dawson spied on.
Via : ViaComIT


Awesome clean layout, impressive photography and good using of the font “Wyld”! More pictures on LooksLikeGoodDesign

Greg Williams photographer

illustration by Jayson Hotchkiss