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A New Warehouse for Graphic Designers – Go for it!!

In my opinion, such sites provide good opportunities to freelance graphic designers, in specific. I just discoverd an exclusive site on net which seems to turn out a bigg buzz in future. I think getting ourseves added on such sites opens new doors to success.

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Ordinary Heroes – Photoset


The weekend is finally here!!! Bravoooooo!!!
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21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art Kanazawa

The 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art is located in the center of Kanazawa, one of the nation’s historical centers, on the north coast of Japan.

The building contains community gathering spaces, a library, lecture hall, children’s workshop, as well as museum spaces. The variously proportioned rooms placed inside the circular building – the model based on a chain of islands or an urban space – signify the centers that generate values originating in the maldistribution of decentrism and polycentrism, and in remote regions.

More pics here. More info here. Youtube video.

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Designed to mix American performance with Italian style, the SV 9 Competizione features a unique carbon fiber body which borrows more than a few lines from Alfa Romeo’s sexy 8C Competizione……continue to read here and view more exclusive images

Drawings by Evan Meister

Redesign of LooksLikeGoodDesign

LooksLikeGoodDesign comes in a new design! The high quality blog.


Photography by Amber Gray

Fashion photography by Amber Gray, more pics and info here.


theotherstream Richard Roberts releases a new illustration for desktopography 2009 exhibition.

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Design by Book

The Design by the Book series highlights the amazing local design talent in NYC as well as the incredible creative resources the New York Public Library has to offer. With the project’s 4 episodes the formation of the final results from inspiration to creation is documented on video. See the final results as well as the 4 video episodes here.

Jorge Chamorro Artsy Collages

Interesting visual art collages bi Jorge Chamorro – More info & pics HERE
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26 Ridiculously Awesome CG Portraits

One of the great things about computer graphics is that literally anything is possible. Software such as 3DSMax, Maya, and Cinema4D are incredibly powerful, and when put in the hands of a talented user, the results can be breathtaking.

Today, we have 26 ridiculously awesome computer generated portraits. From Captain Jack Sparrow, to the evil witch in Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, and of course, the Incredible Hulk, these computer generated images push the very boundaries of reality.

Inspirational Design/Photography from AEIKO

More from AEIKO, this designer is amazing and has sharp skills that combines all the right elements of design. His website is….continue to read here and view more images