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David Brownings

David Brownings’s got a thing for paper shoes… and he’s a pretty darn good illustrator and designer.
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Mags on a Plane – Fuel your Magazine Inspiration for the Next Months

Writing is telepathy, Stephen King wrote. The author sends a message; we receive it. Preferably, in our favorite reading spot

DesignersCouch Wallpaper artist Bram Vanhaeren made this Passion Wallpaper for DesignersCouch Community to promote their new website.
The wallpaper is based on the true passion of an artist, the time he spend on it and the story behind it. In my opinion, dancers are perfect examples of a great artists working hard, making sacrifices to become what they are. Also they just look really cool on picture and are fun to work with. Again music leads to a beautiful wallpaper. You can download the different sizes here.

Kevin Millet: Beautiful People

Photographer and artist Kevin Millet from Annemasse, France, presents a photo series which takes viewers beyond the outward appearance of ordinary people. The artistic photographs and catchwords like ‘No Exit’, ‘Nothing Else’, ‘No Past, No Future, Nothing’ make you think.

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Jean Charles Frémont for HUGO Create

The red label by Hugo Boss teams up with street artist Jean Charles Frémont aka Java from Bruxelles, Belgium, to create another artwork series for HUGO Create. The result is an extraordinary shop window decoration and an awesome artwork printed on Boss bottled perfumes.

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Chocolate Skinhead’s Gang

Have you ever heard of Bob, Baba or Chocolate Skinhead? If not, than now you know them. The three guys are the latest 3D characters by Madrid-based illustrator and toy designer Ojo Frito aka Raúl Real. His nickname is the Spanish word for ‘fried eye’ because he spends so much time in front of his PC.

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Recycled Toy Sculpture

By UK based Artist Robert Bradford – More Info & pics HERE

Andy Awesome

New Giclee by Rafa Jenn – “One Million Pixels”

What does one-million look like?

In his latest concept piece, Rafa Jenn arranges exactly one-million pixels utilizing a CMYK pattern. The edition is limited to just twelve.


Stefan Kranefeld


Black &White art?

In The Raw!!! with Street Poet Monte Smith Show 1

Street Poet Monte Smiths new 1 hour show.”IN THE RAW” Listen Here.