Pierre Fouché, new expo!

New Rojo Expo in Cape Town!

GizMag Web 32

You might already know him, but he is still one of my favorite artists.
Stuntkid is featured in this week’s issue #32.

(Chocoholic by Stuntkid)

The Brunch.



The Brunch

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More than 60creatives ads

Here his the 3rd volume of ads selection :

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Peripetics by Zeitguised


Must-see video called “Peripetics”, realised by Zeitguised studio for the opening exhibition at the Zirkel Gallery.

Olli-Pekka Jauhiainen

Olli-Pekka Jauhiainen is a graphic designer from Helsinki, Finland. Seen on Design your way
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Michael Macku

“I use the nude human body (mostly my own) in my pictures. Through the photographic process [of Gellage], this concrete human body is compelled to meet with abstract surroundings and distortions. This connection is most exciting for me and helps me to find new levels of humanness in the resulting work.”

mikakido’s rollerskaters


A beautiful combination of painting and photography by Labokoff.

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Death and Colors

Running on the Threadless

Gwon Osang

Gwon Osang makes extraordinary life-size sculptures of people. He uses hundreds of photographic images to build up the surface appearance of his models, including the face, their hair and their clothes. The process gives his beautifully crafted figures both photo-realist and surreal qualities.

Los Heroes Building.

50+ Beautiful icon form Matei Apostolescu

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other cups by Psyho.

Polalook… Kiss!