Fatal Attraction by Sebastian Kim

Fatal Attraction by Sebastian Kim, full editorial and more info here.

McCann Erickson

Illustrations by Ahmed Alrefaie

Very talented artist from Kuwait.
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T-shirt ‘Blossom’ in sale teextile

Animabase’s design ‘Blosoom’ smoke artwork T-shirt is in sale during this week (7.Sep~13.Sep) in Teextile.com
Especially, This shirt is buyable with cheap price 12$ in Wednes day.
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Carnaval de Blancos y Negros 2010

Mi propuesta de cartel para los carnavales de Blancos y Negros 2010, que se celebran cada año en Pasto, Colombia.

marie antoinette and her page

ph backstage: m10

typographically shaped into mask

a typographically shaped into mask see the original size <a href=”http://www.jocr8.com/item/view/492“>click here

Photography by Williams+Hirakawa

Exceptional work from the husband and wife team, Mark Williams and Sara Hirakawa.
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Milla Jovovich Goes Full Frontal for Purple Magazine

Supercolors. Refresh

“Save the date”


Velvet – Saving the princess
[vimeo 6070072]

Mocha – Saving the whale
[vimeo 6244480]

For the annual invite to ADC’s exhibition of priced works, we at lommelludwig didn’t want to rely on their usual email-invite. So we came up with a series of virals, produced two of them and let them loose.

Save the date!

Agency – lommelludwig
Client – ADC, Frankfurt
CD – Benjamin Lommel
Creation – Stefan Mildner, Kaspar Schneider
Illustrator – Johannes Hench
Audio – Gabriel Le Mar
Production – Stefan Mildner

Colombian Style

Colombian Fashion photographer Basilio Silva has some great fashion and sexy photographs in his portfolio – More info & pics HERE

Safe Kids USA & Nickelodeon: Chicken.

[dailymotion xaehl6_safe-kids-usa-nickelodeon-chicken_creation]
The advert titled Chicken was done by Nickelodeon Creative Advertising advertising agency for Safe Kids USA (NICKELODEON company) in USA. It was released in the August 2009. Business sector is Public health & safety.
Client: Nickelodeon
Air Date: August 2009

Agency: Nickelodeon Creative Advertising
VP/Creative Director: Pete Johnson
Design Director: Juan Carlos Gutierrez
Head Writer: Jared Elliotta
Project Manager: Mike Zermenoi
Producer: David DeLuca

Prod Company: Tool of North America
Director: Harry Cocciolo
DP: Mark Plummer
EP(s): Brian Latt, Jennifer Siegel
Line Producer: Lauren Bayer
Production Designer: Joaquin Grey

Editorial: Final Cut
Editor: Akiko Iwakawa
Producer: Brian Semple

Telecine: Technicolor/Complete Post
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Apple Tablet Concept

A review of 12 Apple Tablet concept from around the web – See all 12 concept HERE