Interpret: Whistler’s Mother and Write to Congress

New entries at The Art of Interpretation: Whistler’s Mother and Write to Congress. Submit a short and sassy interpretation about each artwork.

(Cover Image Write To Congress © Vika Prokopaviciute )


Latest version of Digiguru V8 Supercharged is live.

Websites aren’t “Just There”

The internet is so accessible, websites and online presence are so “your next breath” that they don’t even really seem to have any value at all. The online industry is so new that people don’t really know the value of the products and services we offer. Our only chance is to educate people. To let them know the real value of what we do – that websites just aren’t “there.” That they were created by real people–real people programing them, and designing them. Real people thinking about the user and caring for them. Real people with families to feed and bills to pay. Real people, in real life, that are really fighting to make the world just a little bit better, in the best way that they know that they can.

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Andrew Holder has some sweet stuff

Andrew Holder

Andrew Holder

Check it before you wreck it:

Plastic Kid and The Fashion

plastic kid

the fashion

Jakob Printzlau aka Plastic Kid is probably one of the most talented/coolest guys I wish I knew on the internet. He’s been a fav for years and I love everything he does. But it doesn’t stop at design. For sometime I have known about Jakob‘s band The Fashion (he’s the lead singer) and up until a couple weeks ago their album wasn’t available in the US. I couldn’t find it at least. Well, it popped up on itunes and I totally snagged that up. It is awesome. You should check them/him out and fall in love with this freaking talented guy.

Fantasy Interactive New Website

The new Fantasy Interactive is online. Bye bye flash, hello HTML!

Some Posters

I have some posters that I would like to share.
Please let me know what you think of them.
As soon as my other site YetiMade is ready, they will be available for purchase.

James C.
Easily Amused, Inc.

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Hellofreaks exhibition

New Hellofreaks exhibition at the Café Dune (Paris).
Hellofreaks is a french and fresh illustrator with really nice art works.
You can discover his realisations here.

Le Café Dune
18 av Claude Vellefaux
75010 Paris (metro station Goncourt or Colonel Fabien)

exhibition from may 04 til may 24 – opening : may 06 at 7 pm


Interview with Lucile Hadzihalilovic

Film Poster

Scene 360 interviews Lucile Hadzihalilovic, the director of acclaimed film “Innocence” (2004); a story about an all-girls boarding school deep within the heart of a forest where pupils arrive in coffins.

(Cover Image, “Innocence”, © Wild Bunch)

Edition Populaire

Awesome French abstract illustration artists at editionpopulaire.

Ginger Monkey

Brilliant illustrations of Tom Lane, many respects! Bhnc.

Maya Wild

London-based illustrator Maya Wild. I like the technique!

Sam Weber

American illustrator and artist (and, I think, is a cool typo man) Sam Weber.

MTV Rebrand

Design of toy box and merchandise for MTV’s new rebranding by PANDAYOUGHURT.


;) From photoblog of Julien Roumagnac.