Digital Paintings by Paul Davey

Beautiful work by the Jamaican Artist.
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2S Design

2S fuses architectural principles with uninhibited jewellery design to create attire which is bold and challenging. The pieces bring to life a transcending statement of art, construction, and beauty.

Whether it’s the ‘my crowd’ necklace including resident figurines, the angular ‘star’ bracelet intertwining squares of silver, or the ‘answer’ ring giving suitors a definitive response, the concepts enliven the senses, titillate the imagination, and provoke admiration.

Get ‘square’ when it comes to rings, or reveal how you feel with the ‘my heart’ silver bracelet.
Adorn elegance with the gold and silver ‘piano’ bracelet.
Go wild with the ‘zebra’ ring in silver and zebra resin, or twisted with stainless steel pieces…or just plain crazy with a ‘man in my ear’ earing.

All pieces are meticulously constructed using natural and synthetic materials set in gold, silver and steel.

Welcome to designer, Jennifer Gehbauer’s, first collection of hand crafted, limited edition jewellery.

Born in Germany Jennifer’s artistic influences began early when the family moved to Nigeria. An ever-changing landscape of colours, movement and shapes gave birth to a passion for aesthetics , compelling her towards a future in design. Studying Jewellery and Product Design, followed by Interior Architecture at the University of Applied Sciences, Trier- Germany and finally Architecture and Design in Chile, she won prizes for her interior architecture and furniture design.

Arriving in Sydney in 2005 Jennifer made it her home and started working for a leading Architectural practice. It is here today her influences and experiences have crystallized into the launch of her first jewellery collection.
2S DESIGN is based in Sydney/Australia. The unique designs are shipped WORLDWIDE!

Dave Cortes ‘SideshowBarker’ Pugzee

Fans of Dave Cortes (Inu Art) will be delighted to hear that ‘SideshowBarker’ Pugzee and boardwalk companion ‘Vinny Hotdogs’ are due for release in the near future. The tattooed resin figure was painted and named by longtime Inu Art collaborator Brandy Anderson and pays tribute to Coney Island – Pugzee is inspired by the Coney Island ‘Illustrated Man.’

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Bicycles By Zigzain

Zigzain is a graphic designer who has a great fondness for bicycles. This resident of Kirov, Russia, is both a fan and rider of BMX bikes, and has rendered several bicycles in loving detail, including models by Fly Bikes, KHE, and Transition.

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Stefan van Deventer’s ‘Nostalgia’

Stefan van Deventer is a photographer from Cape Town, South Africa, who’s created this amazing black and white photo set called ‘Nostalgia’. The photos are haunting, and even if the places and people he uses are unfamiliar to you, the themes of loss and reminiscence of the past are universal.

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Interview with Dan McPharlin

Dan McPharlin
creates abstract imagery of space travel and exploration of distant worlds reminiscent of 70’s science fiction art. He also builds miniature analog synths and audio equipment hand crafted from cardboard. His work has been on the cover of Wallpaper Magazine and most recently designing album covers for Prefuse 73.

Australian Edge


Covered is a blog that posts comic book covers redrawn by different artists. Some of the results are excelent and impressive.

There’s a lot more at

Via Vorkurs, BoingBoing.

subtitle clock


proposal id + photosession to Bighozone, spanish hiphop producer, for the HipHopNation Magazine by Migue Martin. You can see more photos about this project here.

Black and White Lovers

Andres Guzman Illustration

Check out Andres Guzman over at brick

Artwork by Stanley Lau

Incredible work from the Singapore based artist
Via Unstage (Click here for more)

Ghostly International covers by Michael Cina

The “About Time” clock by Sander Mulder

International operating design studio Sander Mulder from The Netherlands, gives us a innovative way to look at the time.
About Tiime clock by Sander Mulder
About Tiime clock by Sander Mulder


Photography by Patrick Lindblom

Fashion photography by Patrick Lindblom, more pics and info here.