Art terrorists from Hungary. thanks, Judit.


I just had my 2nd annual zombie photo shoot!
Every October I host a giant zombie photo shoot, here are the results for ZOMBIE 2008!
What better way of getting in the spirit for Halloween!

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Breaking the mold: 9 impressive Flash portfolios

Nine impressive Flash portfolios with a unique way to showcase the content. Read the full post over at Designfeedr.

Another round of awesome product packaging

Designfeedr product packagaing
See the full showcase over at Designfeedr.

i.dunno.dt Updates



Derek Tan recently redesigned his portfolio / blog. Take a look. i.dunno.dt

Alien Sofa

Via: Made in Mundo In 1999, Lithuanian designer Jonas Jurgaitis was captured by aliens. “Alien” is the sofa that he was told to pass along to us here on earth.

Project 5am

Fave tracks are ‘Crepuscular’, a sexy trip hop trip with overly dramatic strings and keyboards… really nice!!


FINT – new online portfolio

The Ring Calendar

Growing Jewelry

Growing Jewelry
is a redefinition of modern values. It is a clash of jewelry an gardening; couture and organism.


GizMag Web 31

New stuff on GizMag nr 31.

Cover artist of this week is Matias Vigliano, with some really beautiful and colorful illustrations.

Pixel Posters

Created by Ilya Kazakov.

Vector rules!

Metabolic Media by Loop.pH

Searching for projects using new technologies systems, found Loop.ph a Design Research Studio located in London, directed by designers Rachel Wingfield & Mathias Gmachl, focused in design and the natural sciences.


I (L) Geeks .

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