Eco + Technology Van

Verdier Remix of VW Van is 100% eco with Sun Tracker solar panel working day & night charging the battery for the Hybrid motor – On board computer, Home theater, freezer/refrigerator, and the best Internet Connection !! Basically everything you need – I want one !! more info

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Tsuru Origami

New project.
Visit my portfolio.
My name is Edinaldo Marques, I am 24 years old, a native of Recife, currently living in Sao Paulo. I work as an art assistant in One Digital, creating pieces, sites, campaigns, to customers such as Bradesco, Samsung, American Express among others. So far, I enjoy doing it, however, soon I intend to be working with video and 3D as well.

Clayton Cubitt

Clayton Cubitt, (aka “Siege”) has his photographic finger stuck in many pots. His highly stylized editorial work has appeared in Surface, Rolling Stone, and The FADER, among other publications. Meanwhile, on the web, he chronicles his personal and professional life in photograph and words on his weblog The Daily Siege. His work is, more often than not, relentlessly sensual, saturated in deep colours, infused with an explicitness that lays its subject as bare as possible. Working within his own philosophy that inspires him to shoot with no holds barred, Cubitt’s lens lingers over muses ranging from the mid-coital form of his fiancée in bed with another woman to a dead baby bird set before him.

Optical Hacking

Stunning surfaces of Sebastien Parodi.


Works of Marcelo Nunes / Bandits Graphiks.

Seal of Approval

Pedobear goes to Halloween party. ;)

Inspired-Inspirers Issue 2

Maciej Hajnrich
Matt W. Moore
Justin Maller
Peter Jaworowski

Courtney Kim Melbourne Solo Show – “Too Sweet For Mine” on Smith St

Mee Gallery is hosting a little art show for Courtney Kim on Nov 28 at La Niche Cafe Smith St, Fitzroy (Victoria, Australia). Exhibition continuing from 28 Nov – 28 Dec 2008.
Please check out the event blog post, and our facebook invitation.

Courtney has fresh new original arts ready for the show!
Some of her prints can be found on Mee Gallery etsy shop, you can also find some framed prints in the Melbourne local designer shop “incube8r”. Courtney also has a blog called “Courtney Kim & Her Naughty Lips”

Do you like lips?

Dazed Cover Versions

Daniel Weiss

Some great street photography and portraiture by Daniel Weiss.
daniel weiss photography photographer booom blog
daniel weiss photography photographer booom blog
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Oleg Dou – Fine Art Photography

AMAZING Russian Photographer Oleg Dou from Moscow win the Professional Photographer of the Year in Fine Art.

See all series of Oleg Dou here
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Zoe Lacchei

Visit the complete Geisha project by Zoe Lacchei!

No entry fee in creative park – don’t feed to pigeons

[youtube v8ITvZ97lwE]

Experimental type works.

Art direct by Ethan Park

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Christian Dior and Chinese Artists

Quentin Shih (aka. Shi Xiaofan) is a Beijing-based Chinese photographer specializing in advertising, fashion and editorial assignments. In 2007 he was awarded “Photographer of the Year” by Esquire magazine.

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