Blog by Niki

Highly recommend you a blog of Niki Sjölund, from Sweden. A lot of georgeous photos.

What the fuck, KoKos!

Stunnin’ web design portfolio of Kinstantin Kotryahov. Wtf,cc? Via Designcollector.

Mihail Aleksandrov

Awesome works of Mihail Aleksandrov, Art Director of Leo Burnett Brasil. Via Designslices.

Johnny McMillan

Johnny McMillan

Johnny McMillan has a great photography portfolio. Feast your eyes:

Phillip Fivel Nessen

Phillip Fivel Nessen

Phillip Fivel Nessen has a bunch of sweet work. Check it out here:

The Sartorialist

Lovely New York, Milan & Paris fashion-street photography by Scott Schuman, The Sartorialist.


My entry for the EMPORIO ARMANI – GET TOGETHER Contest.

Feel free to vote at the following link:


Guillermo Alarcón – Veggie

Guillermo Alarcõn

Guillermo Alarcón A.K.A. Veggie just dropped a fresh update all the way down from Chile with new kickass works.

Acid Haus

Screenprint ‘celebrating an unexpected clash of the classic smiley, his lesser known family members and some principles of the Weimar Bauhaus.’ Happy modernism at YES

Justice Stress

[metacafe 1288377/]

New video directed by Romain Gavras, for french duo Justice.

Modern Housewife

Suomi Rule!

More laser covered stuff from Joe Mansfield and his Engrave Your Tech.

Interpret: Whistler’s Mother and Write to Congress

New entries at The Art of Interpretation: Whistler’s Mother and Write to Congress. Submit a short and sassy interpretation about each artwork.

(Cover Image Write To Congress © Vika Prokopaviciute )


Latest version of Digiguru V8 Supercharged is live.

Websites aren’t “Just There”

The internet is so accessible, websites and online presence are so “your next breath” that they don’t even really seem to have any value at all. The online industry is so new that people don’t really know the value of the products and services we offer. Our only chance is to educate people. To let them know the real value of what we do – that websites just aren’t “there.” That they were created by real people–real people programing them, and designing them. Real people thinking about the user and caring for them. Real people with families to feed and bills to pay. Real people, in real life, that are really fighting to make the world just a little bit better, in the best way that they know that they can.

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