Jason Lazarus

Photography by Chicago-based Jason Lazarus.

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Free Range Duck Design Competition

The open source graffiti project – “The Free Range Duck Project” once again lets you design the next sticker.
The winning design will be sent round the world for free – a great chance to spread your work!


Mad Men Illustrations

Dont know if you are familiar with the TV show MAD MEN, but if you are you will enjoy those cool Illustrations by artist Dyna Moe
more here and here

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Pop_Down Project

On the Internet, getting rid of unsollicited pop-ups is pretty easy. In real life, things are a tad more complicated. The Pop_Down Project aims at symbolically restoring everyone’s right to non-exposure: Just stick a “Close window” button on any public space pollution.

Benedict Campbell

Benedict Campbell – photograher, digital artist, film maker and designer. Awesome!

Pascal Bernier

Born in Brussels in 1960/Lives and works in Brussels.

L’Affiche Moderne

L’Affiche Moderne is a french fine art print e-shop presenting the works of young photographers, graphic designers and children’s illustrators. All posters are high quality digital prints and are strictly limited to 300 editions.

Leandro Castealao

Hot works from Argentina by Leandro Castealao. Also on flickr.


160over90, a branding agency from Philadelphia, just launched their first new site in six years. Outstanding works!

Levi van Veluw

Part self-portrait, part landscape. Interesting work by Levi van Veluw.

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Some Type Of Wonderful 2009 – Artwork now available

STW09 Calenda Cover DetailLifelounge has hand-selected 12 talented artists, designers and typographers from around the world to collaborate on a unique typographic project entitled, Some Type Of Wonderful. Coming from a variety of backgrounds in everything from traditional fine art to graffiti, graphic design, illustration and typography, each artist has been given a design brief relating to a designated month of the year.

Artwork by: Alex Trochut(Spain), Merijn Hos (The Netherlands), Jesse Hora (USA), Si Scott (England), Hellovon (England), Merda (Australia), Timba Smits (Australia), Puzle (Australia), Justin Lee Williams (Australia), Niels Shoe Meulman (The NEtherlands), Steve ESPO Powers (USA) and Luke Lucas (Australia)

All of the artwork is now available as limited edition A1 giclée prints and a beautifully designed A3 2009 wall calendar

A lot more American designers

Along with collection of excellent Russian and British designers, Designcollector™ revealed a collection of American designers and agencies selected during the last five years.


Other-worldly landscapes by Dan McPharlin.

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Carioca Agency’s photography project

Carioca Studio is a Photo production house based in Bucharest, Romania, specialized in Advertising photography. They have a really good portfolio ! see more here & here

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