iPhone Coasters

Hahaha, nice ;)

Scottish Wool Ties & Bowties

The Scottish Wool tie and bowtie collection from David Hart & Co, are all hand tailored in New York City and made out of authentic Scottish wool. The bowties and neckties – which come in three variates – can be bought exclusively at Bergdorf Goodman for $115 and $150 respectively.

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The Kingdom Series

An eye-catching series of artwork by Christopher Hewitt.

From the artist’s bio:

Christopher Hewitt is a self taught Director, Designer, Photographer and occasional Writer located in East London.

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Strange ‘n’ slick creatures from Russian designer Xbost.

“Exquisite Mayhem”

Professional wrestling is currently one of the most popular forms of entertainment in America. – In the early Seventies, Ehret began to stage and photograph female wrestling scenarios in his studio. This erotic photographic genre has come to be known as ‘apartment wrestling’. – Shot on sets with controlled lighting, his photographs have a sense of uncanny drama absent from previous examples of the ‘cat fighting’ fetish style. – This book is the first to present, to a mass audience, the golden age of pro wrestling and its illegitimate sibling: apartment wrestling. – By bringing together, for the first time, these two separate bodies of Theo Ehret’s work, ‘Exquisite Mayhem’ presents the roots of today’s overtly eroticized theatrical world of pro wrestling.

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Silence!!! I kill you!

Suzuki Xbox Car

Hah, GOW2 Included.

Last work in 2008!!!

New Year Gift for everyone

New Container Icon Set from antrepo, another 40 icons about colorful big metal box.
It’s compatible with any Mac Os system, also compatible with Windows XP and Windows Vista.
It is freeware. Download it, share it, use it !

Mac icons is include at least the 16×16, 32×32, 128×128, and 512×512 pixel resources for each icon. The 512×512 size is for use with Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard and later.
Download container Mac OS icon set 2

Windows Icons is include at least the 16×16, 32×32, 128×128, and 256×256 pixel resources for each icon.
Download container Windows icon set 2

The Full icon set preview is here.
The First Container Icon set is here.

Iron Kettle

A modern expression of the traditional Japanese craft of cast iron, produced by Masayuki Kurokawa.

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Beautiful Pots

Serbian designer Karim Rashid made these beautiful pots.

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Vogue Patterns

Beautiful work for Vogue Patterns by Steven Meisel – more pics HERE

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Jaoquin Baldwin’s Papiroflexia

Jaoquin Baldwin, an animator and web designer based in Paraguay. Papiroflexia is one of my personal favorites of his. You can check it out on OpenFilm.

Clicking Kitchen Grip

Clicking kitchen grip is a joke with the virtual world, bringing one of the most common and iconographic computer’s tools to reality. Created by Anderson Horta.


In the week before New Year Moscow-based studio FIRMA launches its new website.

In times of global disturbance and instability it is China that gives FIRMA confidence in the future. FIRMA gets inspiration from courage of Chinese pirates, the cohesion of the Chinese mafia and wise attitude of the Chinese to copyright.

Wearing black suits FIRMA presents their ambitious projects and best works. Among them you can see DOSHIRAK GOLD — quick-cooking noodle with the taste of black caviar. It should be a good alternative to those who got used to luxury but now are passing through difficult crisis times.
After opening its office in London in 2009 FIRMA opens its new office in Shanghai.

Bright blue color promises to be the most fashionable trend in the new season.


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