Virgin Mobile – What Happens Next?

Mafia Kidnapping

Australia’s Virgin Mobile has half-filmed three TV commercials for its All You Can Eat campaign, based around bizarre events happening at a 1950’s American diner, and has launched a competition calling for entries to the endings.

You can storyboard the endings to “Mafia Kidnapping”, “UFO Abduction”, or “Police Getaway”, and win a road trip adventure, complete with one-way flights for 2 to Cairns, $5000 cash, a Canon HD digital video camera, a phone… and that’s on top of them making the winning ad and it going on TV! There are also tons of runner-up prizes.

As a creative tool, they’ve designed a very nifty flash app to sketch on top of the TV commercials, complete with kapows, thuds and bang-bangs-bangs.  You can even change the film genre to a Spaghetti Western if you like. Entries close August 31.

Check out the 15-second TV ad stubs, the gallery of entries already submitted, and the very sweet prize right here!

Bullet Time + Slow Motion

Impressive scenes of kite-surfing filmed in HD. The videography blew my mind.


[vimeo 1275456]
Here’s a promo animation I recently completed. With the hard sell type stuff taken care of, this could be kept soft and a bit mysterious.


He’s Painting Death

Dan Savage

Direction, Design and animation from Dan Savage


My newest additions :), check for more!

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Seinfeld wielding Nunchucks!

Hilarious caricatures by Brandon Bird.

via: Booooooom!


wiz website
Wiz is a Web&Interactive agency based in Cascais, Portugal. This is our brand new website.

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Master Your Childhood’s Inner Fears

Natural photo fears of Joshua Hoffine.

6 tales from UK’s Peculiar Crimes Unit

Illustrated by Inkymole (Sarah J. Coleman)

My Fake Baby

UK reborn artist Deborah King and her fake baby-dolls. The process of reborning a doll is being able to create as realistic baby as possible.

This is achieved by firstly buying or creating a doll mould to start the reborning process. It is then neccessary to begin colouring the dolls head, body and limbs through a variety of different techniques to give a very realistic human skin effect. This takes multiple layers of different paints to create mottled effects such as that of a newborn baby.

Moon Adventures

Adam Brocknbank

Adam Brocknbank has created concept art and storyboards for blockbuster moveis, such as Harry Potter, Spiderman, Alexander, Tomb Rider, X-Men.

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Pete Golibersuch 2008

Pete Golibersuch, DRPCLQ 2008

DropClique Design Division – Home of Brooklyn based freelance art director and designer Pete Golibersuch. Works from the first half of 2008.