Photography by Jonathan Leder

Fashion photography by Jonathan Leder, more pics and info here.

Amazing Digital Painting by Noah-Kh

This great digital painting was made by Noah-Kh as a poster for the massively multiplayer online role-playing game “Xuan Yuan”. It was made with Photoshop CS2 and a Wacom intuos.

Bigger size here.

Scion «tC Streak»

Jesus on Winged Horse and Superman with Hairy Gal

Mixed-media art by Erik Mark Sandberg. His style is a fusion of old and new themes from religious figures to comic book hereos. He presents his work in a pop art, contemporary manner. Lovely!

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Photography by Anna Wolf

Photography by Anna Wolf, more pics and info here.

Sport Wallpaper Collection 1

BAM! Our first theme wallpaper collection has arrived. To start off we’ve selected some of the most awesome sport related wallpapers you can find on the web. It’s been a very tough search, but here they are. Surf and snowboard wallpapers are definitely the most popular ones. Well, actually sport cars are, but we gonna keep those for a seperate collection in the near future. Now enjoy these wonderful wallpapers.

More theme collections coming up. So stay tuned. Feel free to email us some suggestions.


Rock’n Shirt

T-shirts by Rockers for Rockers. Because the Rock it isn’t music, it is lifestyle. Shop and more picture in link.

Fantastic Wedding invitation set

Dima Kuzmichev


Photosession by Migue Martin of Zase, painting in the famous street Stoke Croft, in Bristol, UK.

Out Of Time

[vimeo 6495648]
Just watch ;)

Tom Nagy

tariq yosef butterfly man

design work by

Junk Dunks

Gabriel Dishaw makes interesting sculptures of familiar objects from everyday junk.
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20 Unusually Awesome Art Mediums

From mixed tapes to bubble gum, see what today’s modern artists are using as their medium of choice. Check it out at My Modern Metropolis.