Bastard Store [Milano]

Studiometrico – Bastard Store

One of the latest project firmed by the italian design studio “studiometrico” which converted an old cinema in Milan, into the new Bastard flagship store. The spectacular and hazardous ultimate milan recreative device including an administrative offices and a suspended bowl…enjoy your fly!

All about the project!, Furniture Transformer is a crazed, chainsaw wielding, architect turned designer who took his exhibition to the streets at this years Milan design week.

Via: We Heart Stuff

Photography portfolio by Michael Muller

“Nice pictures from Michael Muller’s Portfolio on Krop. He tryes to capture the energy of a person who is being true to themselves. This He believes is the essence of a photograph.” via LooksLikeGoodDesign

New t-shirt on

Hi everyone.
This is my first entry on designbyhumans. It’s just up for voting so I’d appreciate if you voted for me if you like what you see.
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Full Moon Story

Traditional Korean Dress called Han Bok. Photography: Kim Kyung Soo for Vogue Korea. Found via CreativeRoots

Pure Evil

The latest poster artist to provide free art for your walls is Pure Evil, on the theme of Imagination. Maybe best know for the fanged bunny, he’s fond of spraying on the walls of London. He also has his own gallery/art space/music studio on Leonard Street, which opposes artists as commodities and shoots curators on sight.


balkan by Kliment
I found this great cover by Kliment early and i think the detail is sick… find more here
… also the song sounds crazy as hell too :)


Surrounded by scrapyards, in the middle of Hertfordshire wilderness, the artists of Transmutant are hard at work. Allied to an international network of mutoids, the troupe display their works at festivals and parties throughout Europe.

Cookie Splash!

Behind the scene clip of this shot:

[vimeo 4442114]


The Maltese Falcon

The Silent Giants make another huge splash with this redesign of the classic “The Maltese Falcon.” Available now.

What do wet dogs, Cheerios and reading all have in common?

Artist Robert Neubecker has teamed up with writer Shellie Braeuner, through Simon & Schuster Children’s Publishing, to create “The Great Dog Wash,” which will be out in hardcover for summer 2009. But this spring, the paperback version, printed in both English and Spanish, will be available free inside 1.5 million Cheerios cereal boxes.

Give-Away: Win credits for ProofHQ

Scene 360 Illusion has partnered up with ProofHQ to offer $1500.00 in credits. Three winners will be selected for the best answers of the give-away question, and each will receive $500.00 in credits to use this wonderful project management service.

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WoodWood Exhibition with a new exhibition in Ljubljana. We created a two 2,5m peaces hand drawn on wood. One of them build as a pyramid with illustration divided into 12 peace artwork…

Milan 2009 Highlights

The second stylish roundup of Milan Design Week 2009 Highlights from We Heart Stuff

Satoshi Minawaka

Dekochari: Japanese kids decorate their trucks and biks to the max . Photos by Satoshi Minakawa Found via CreativeRoots