Michael Ciervo

Born 1982 Wilmington, DE
Lives and works in Philadelphia

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C r o n o z

Art progect C r o n o z from Roman Konev www.p-effect.ru !

Banksy: The Rock

In 2004 a guy named Banksy visited Jamaica. While he was here, he stopped at a few places, including a pub on Mona Road.

4 years later…

[vimeo 2309114]

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P v E u N l I v S a

Some posters for GOOD50X70 2008. STD’s category. You can find CONDOM word vertically & also two other words in middle of that!

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Kult House – New work

New work by designer/director Josh Rhode’s Kult House.

Kingstonlogic 2.0

Kingstonlogic 2.0 is the second video release from the album of the same title by Waterhouse, Kingston artist Terry Lynn, and the second video directed by the Rickards Bros. for the artist.

[vimeo 3287468]

Mud Wrastlin’ in Kingston

“Shit Happens” Doggy Poo Bags

Clever design for dog poo bags by Jungeschactel.

Notes about this product:

Turn the less attractive moments in the life of a dog owner into an original happening.

These 16 dog poo bags are the most hygenic and environmentally friendly way to dispose of your doggie’s left overs. Colourful and humorous bags – one size, usable for all poo-poo sizes from Chihuahua to Great Dane. The ideal way to carry the precious substance to a nearby bin. 100% bio-degradeable.

Link via Scene 360 Illusion

Mercabarna-Flor : Flower Market-Barcelona

Geometric patterns, colors, stripes. Impressive building by WMA Willy Müller Architects, innovative flower market including plant and accessory wholesalers, offices, education centrers, event spaces. Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain.

See more pictures by Ricardo Loureiro and Jordi Pulg via Yatzer

Boys & Girls

This page from 1970s children’s book “I’m glad I’m a boy! I’m glad I’m a girl!” is utterly insane.

HOT Chicks HOT Kicks

Edward Kwong

Vancouver illustrator Edward Kwong has some truly lovely work in his portfolio, inspired by 50’s ad posters and comic books, More info & pics HERE

info & pics HERE
Via TrendLand

Sound Design from the Hood

[youtube fDad_epRu3U]
Beat making, production, film scores, jingles, soundtracks etc. More to come, yes, much MORE! – [link]

Big Vampire Party in Germany 18.04.09 Dresden

After four years Dresden is about to experience the Film Ball once more. Under the auspices of the 21. Filmfest Dresden the event will take place on Saturday 18. April 2009. And this year’s special feature: The Film Ball is going to be held at the same time at many different locations in Dresden-Neustadt. Holger John has organised this spectacular event yet again under the motto “Dance of the Vampires – Bite and Get Bitten”. The impresario is producing the Film Ball together with an array of Dresden-based event organisers.

More related information: http://www.filmball.com

“Make It Rain” $

Beautiful collage artwork by Scott Campbell. The artist will be unveiling his first U.S. solo show entitled “Make It Rain,” held on April 11th at the Oh-Wow gallery in Miami. I assume “make it rain” is about bringing in the money, let it rain on us. I’m just amazed with the detail of the work, it is highly original!

Link via Scene 360 Illusion