thirst / a design collaborative website redesign

Thirst has refreshed and re-spirited it’s web presence. A Complete redesign and new work are now online and ready for your browsing. It’s a new website for a new era. Check it out!

Geek and Hype redesign

Geek and Hype is back with a new design.

Elena Savitskaya

Beautiful girl, Elena Savitskaya, graphic designer, based in London. (BHNC)

A Sand Art Portrait of Obama

How big should your canvas be? How about 2.5 acres of ground to create a gigantic Obama portrait? This piece is called “Expectations,” sand art by Jorge Rodrigues Gerada.

Link via Scene 360 Illusion

Wheat Girl

Awesome photostrip by Anton Martynov, Russian photographer.

[teaser] Justice & So-Me x Club Coke 09

Mr Bingo

Mr Bingo is an illustrator and designer from Great Britain. His work is grand, so be sure to check it out!

For more of his work visit Colectiva

Stunning live projection mapping

Alice Hawkins Photography

28 yrs old Alice Hawkins is one the hottest photographer on the market – She have some beautiful and sexy pictures like the Agent Provocateur Campaign and more… A MUST check ! more info & pics HERE

—–> TrendLand :)

Richard Gray Fashion Illustrations

Genius Fashion Illustrator, Richard Gray have a pretty impressive portfolio ! – More info & pics HERE

Via Fashion Illustration on Trendland

NYC in Living Colour

Artist Steven Wilson was commissioned by BBH New York to develop a series of icons to promote and advertise the launch of For more images of this campaign click here.

Jasper Goodall: Poster Girl

Jasper Goodall is one of the most celebrated graphic artists of our time, from his genre defining work for The Face in the early part of this decade to selling commissions to the likes of Sprite for £25,000, even being approached by Gucci. This months decidedly risqué ‘Poster Girl’ exhibition at the Electric Blue Gallery in London, his first solo show in a gallery environment however, confirms his true arrival on the art scene.

Via: We Heart Stuff

Victoria Usova

The (all-new) Heavy Edition – Issue #8

Issue #8 of The Heavy Edition

The Heavy Edition – Issue #8

Welcome to the all-new Heavy Edition. Issue #8 is out, and its pretty special. First, we are releasing an all-new design that will hopefully bring everything together more smoothly and efficiently, and give a tighter feel to the site as a whole. Check out the Audio and Videos pages, they are becoming quite the amazing archive of new bands and music videos. Also, this is our first post with suggested bands! We have 3, the middle row: Scarlet Harlots, Maia Hirasawa, and Botanist. So I’m pretty excited the site is getting more exposure. Head on down and grab the RSS feed!

This weeks Issue includes:

-JC Brooks & The Uptown Sound – Baltimore is the new Brooklyn

-Christian Bale + The Mae Shi



-Maia Hirasawa – Crackers

-Scarlet Harlots


-Port O’Brien – I Woke Up Today

-Bruce Peninsula – Crabapples


Levi van Veluw – Light (2009)

Levi van Veluw update. New stuff is on line!
more here and here!