‘Eat Off Me’ Sushi Plates

Eat Off Me plates, designed by Japanese designer Hiroshi Tsunoda to resemble the controversial Japanese tradition called ‘Nyotaimori’, which is the practice of eating sushi off a woman’s naked body. More on the design and an interview with the designer here.

Liset van der Scheer.

Kayone x Untho

Untho Artists Projects Series with italian artist Kayone.

Mama Shelter

Mama Shelter rooms include Philippe Starck stuff and 24″ iMac.

Kanye West x Kaws

Kaws created the Cover of Kanye last Album – Beautiful Work ! Kanye West will be releasing his latest album next week, November 24th.

via Trend Land

“Limited” Edition of 1 Million

Hand cut ‘limited’ edition of 1 million. This will probably take the next 30-60 years to finish. It is definitely a poignant message, in the times we are currently facing. ITS OK, Edition of 1 Million, By Sighn, Released by Multi Polar Projects. Be sure to check out the short documentary about the process of creating each piece.

Andre Montejorge

The Election Collection

Artist Chris Piascik illustrates in very cool hand lettering the ups and downs of the 2008 election. Warning… Chris is an Obama supporter!

Scare of the Beasts

Dragons, elfs, evils? Yes. They were real!

3D Wooden Brain

Neil Fraser: “Another method to visualize a complex 3D object is to build a model. The dimensions of the MRI data cuboid are almost exactly 3x4x5. Accordingly, I obtained 60 one-inch cubes (it’s the USA, forgive the Imperial measurements), arranged them appropriately, varnished the 94 outside faces, printed nine carefully selected cross-sections and their mirror images, sliced the prints into 266 squares and glued them to the correct internal faces.”

Typography Served by 25 leading creative professionals

A selection of 25 stunning typographic works from all around the world.

Les Petits Pilous – Wake Up

[vimeo 2181881]
Directed by Saturday Fight Never.

Scott Pommier

Scott Pommier Photography
Scott Pommier was not talented enough to become a professional skateboarder, so he became a photographer for skateboarding magazines instead. This is more or less the back story to every good “skate photographer.”

That Excellent Obama Illustration: Patrick Moberg

It seems that the Etsy shop I posted about selling this shirt did not design this. Patrick Moberg did. See his blog here as well as buy the Print version.

Sorry for the misleading credit. It took about 5 emails to the seller for me to discover the full story.

Calendar Made of Matches

You can see more of Yurko Gutsulyak’s work, here.

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