Bechira Sorin – Graphic / Multimedia Designer

Artworks, Experimental Illustration, Graphic Design, Typography, Mattepainting or Compositing:
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– “Ooh, I love your magazine. Especially the ‘Enrich Your Wordpower’ section. I think it’s really…really… really… good.”


A funeral for your ears is now. iCover by Nick Ross.

Interview with Rita Redshoes

With red high-heels on her feet, Rita Redshoes is magically captivating on stage. Her music is a fusion of pop, rock, a bit of cinematic melody and musical—it has completely dazzled Portugal’s music scene. Read our exclusive interview at Scene 360.

We’re also giving away (2) autographed CDs of Rita Redshoes debut solo album, “Golden Era”. Enter this give-away.

[Cover Photo of Redshoes © WEARENOT!]

Travel & Photography

Famous international designer and photographer Sergey Danyushevskiy recently updated his travel photo site with new excellent works. Check’em out.

Newly launched online creative showcase for Karol Kolodzinski.
Check it out.

Made in Japan

Tune up your Lambo or Bentley with special designed aerodynamic improvements. Made by Premier4509.
Cars sold separately!

Almost Dorothy

Identity Design – The concept for “Almost Dorothy” was to create a children’s style illustration, something friendly yet perversely strange. Something that looked perfect—almost. The character Dorothy would have a realistic side to her: some good qualities and bad. Read more.


OHKO is Graphic Design from  Santiago de Chile, Has a beautiful gallery of work DevianArt

visit Ohko


Ricardo Villavicencio AKA delRancho

Ricardo Villavicencio AKA delRancho is Designer from Santiago de Chile


iCondom is real new and innovative hi-tech sexget (sex gadget), especially developed FOR iPhone fans by Contex. Year of release confirmed – 2040 :)


Cider package design by Amore, a brand identity agency from Sweden. Via Designslices.

Nazario Graziano updates

… with more new works!

Gary Fernandez

Superb illustrations and apparel designs by Gary Fernandez, from Canada. Trust him.