iSerendipity Lounge

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iSerendipity is an ambient lounge that enhances mood, sociability and interactivity among people. Organic-shaped pods float amongst each other through space and light up once a person steps on. These pods detect the activity levels of people on each pod and drift through space, either isolating people for contemplative reflection or clustering active groups to enable chance encounters – serendipity. Pod lights are time- and context- sensitive: initial activation of a pod stimulates a glow that intensifies over time and colour hues change according to activity levels. The exterior façade displays the harmonious movement and colour intensity of each pod as aesthetic visual information to passersby.

More information, please visit Vimeo video or iSerendipity Lounge official website .

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Ryuji Nakamura

Ryuji Nakamura : design of architecture, landscape, interior, furniture, and so on..
Wonderfull and stunning rooms, installations, and photos here. via Booooooom

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Afflicted Yard X Heisler Mulano

WoodenCharme (made in Italy hi-end furniture) il nuovo brand italiano di riferimento per arredamenti di lusso.
Il sito su:


New site for Euphonik, one of South Africa’s most succesful young dance DJ’s with a reputation for being able to please a diverse crowd both in the clubs and on the radio.

Designed with love by Digiguru

The Few Gallery

The exquisite online boutique “The Few Gallery” reloaded his website with 10 exclusive limited editions artworks of 10 new artists from all around the world: Antonia Kühn, Base-V, Gerry Wong, Irena Zablotska, Lasse Skarbovik, Mar Hernández, Matthew Green, Micah Lidberg, Sean Freeman and me! Pablo Alfieri.
Enjoy it

This is the start of my comeback!


A “green” (eco-conscious) advertising campaign for Cardboarddesign. It would be pretty funny reading these bubbles on the street.

Notes about this campaign by Laura Fenton (from Inhabitant):

A pioneer in eco-conscious design and a leader in green marketing, Cardboardesign is a company that makes furniture and home accessories out of recycled honeycomb cardboard. In partnership with an advertising agency, Cardboardesign created a promotional campaign entitled ‘The Cardboard Speaks.’ Cardboardesign developed a series of cardboard thought bubbles, which all had witty phrases like, “One man’s trash is another man’s stylish, contemporary coffee table.” These signs were then placed into stacks of cardboard that had been set out onto New York City streets for recycling.

Link via Scene 360 Illusion

After the Hurricane

..when the electricity came back.

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Kanopi House

Portland and Long Bay – Jamaica

[vimeo 3403943]

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new hip hop ambassador for Netstyler

After the Original Festival, every artists leave Lyon city (fr.) with their original Netstyler Bag… Just the begining… have a run on to create your own bags…
Or if you like the original festival bags… find them on

Here is Ice Cube, Cut killer, Puppet Mastaz, Oxmo Puccino, Rouge à lèvres, Scred Connexion, Medine, Rohff and many more… Chillin’ with the artists and just give them their present… It was christmas in april for them.

We’ll Give Our Blood for Good Branding

An extremely creative direct-mail advertising campaign.

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Sometimes irony in art is acceptable, other times, not so much.

Awesome illustrations by Glennz … see lots more here.

Peter Funch photographer

New pictures of Faceless


This is what i like. The thumbs are directly “print screened” from my favorites directory in flickr profile. They formed a pattern with dark and bright “periods” and constantly repeatig favorite colors. see it bigger –