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B.S.V ghost’s tribute to micheal jackson best dancer in da world

[youtube hVSMPqhZqyQ]

Ghost from BSV tributes the greatest. Great Job Ghost!

Scratching the Surface

Really nice project by Vhils in which he creates portraits through a combination of both additive and subtractive processes, and eventually scratching the surface to find the hidden forms within.

More pics + a video here!
via >>> colectiva

Jurgen Wegner

Jürgen Wegner is an german photographer who wants to bring a living dimension in his photos. He says that what’s he loves most about cinema. Here’s a part of his portfolio full of colors.

source ande more photos


Jamie Chung Photography

How Genius are those really cool still Life photography from young graduated Jamie Chung !! More info & pics HERE

info & pics HERE
Via Cyanatrendland

Titi Freak

Guerra de La Paz

If you are in NY, be sure to check the latest exhibition of amazing artist Guerra de la Paz – more info & pics HERE

info & pics HERE
Via Trendland

Matt Barnes

Matt Barnes‘ photos are slick. Whether shooting for Durex, Snoop Dogg or Playboy, his work exudes confidence. Oh, and sex. Matt’s images are drenched in it. He doesn’t solely attract clients known for sex appeal though – he’s photographed David Cronenberg, Justice and, um, Ikea.

Painting “Love” (the making)

[vimeo 5289455]
An interesting video to watch, because you can see the whole painting process to “Stick em Up!” by Two Twelve. It is fascinating to see the artist’s spray techniques.

More amazing art and design at Scene 360 Illusion

Issey Miyake: Pleats Please

“Jedi’s tree”

Tetragram for Enlargment

Apparati Effimeri – Tetragram for Enlargment [Architectural Video Installations]

This post wants to celebrate one of the best Architectural Video Installations i’ ve ever seen. Enjoy!
Launch Tetragram for Enlargment!
– – –
The rest at apparatieffimeri.com

David Plouffe Ad: The Art of the Possible.

[youtube UEBwfI2Y52w]
Released: June 2009
Country: USA

DDB asked Obama for America strategic and production partner Mode Project to create this short film to introduce David Plouffe at the 2009 Cannes Lions.

Agency: DDB Worldwide/DDB Chicago
Chairman and Chief Creative Officer: Bob Scarpelli
SVP Executive Director of Integrated Production: Diane Jackson
Associate Producer: Jessi Dana
Associate Creative Director: Jason Karley
Associate Creative Director: Galen Graham

Production Company: Mode Project, Chicago
Executive Creative Director: Colin Carter
Executive Producer: Kathleen Quinn
Managing Director/Editor: Brooks Ruyle
Creative Director: Lindsay Daniels
Designers/Animators: Stefan Draht, Eric Miro, Brett Schnacky, Rebecca Berdel,
Operations Assistant: Randi Razalenti
Executive Interactive Producer: Joie Mikitson
Interactive Designer / Developer: Derek Olson
Special Thanks: AKPD Message and Media, Electric Kinney Films, GMMB, Scout Tufankjian/Polaris Images
via advertolog.com

Eric Yahnker