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The Orphans Plush Fight–Knock OUT!

PLUSH FIGHT!!! The blue guy, let’s call him, idunno, Bob, got a little aggravated b/c he didn’t have a smoke this morning. The pink one, let’s call him Alex, was nagging the crap outta Bob. So Bob took care of Alex. Total Knock Out…

so this is what i did during the winter when i couldnt go out and paste–i made a bunch a plush dolls… still a couple tweaks i have to work on, but they should be up and ready for your perusal sometime in april ’09.
and yes, it’s late march, it’s officially spring and its still snowing a ton outside. man, gotta love canada….

check or our flickr page for more info(to be updated asap…)

Native Americans

The America we lost.
All of these photos were taken by a group of photographers, from 1939 to 1945.

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The Seed (stop-motion)

[vimeo 3715286]
Synopsis: “A two-minute animated voyage through nature’s life cycle, following the trials and tribulations of a humble apple seed.” A film funded by Adobe, and directed by Johnny Kelly.

Techiques: Using a range of CS4 software. It was produced at Nexus Productions and features a soundtrack by Jape. It was made using a mixture of stop-motion papercraft and 2D drawn animation.

Watch the making of this video here.

Link via Scene 360 Illusion

Lord of War – movie poster

It’s quite old (2005) but I haven’t seen this version before – it’s amazing :)

Condensed styles of Bladi Two 4F font family

On MyFonts released Condensed styles of Bladi Two 4F font family. Available two weights — Regular and Bold, and few other styles — Comic and Extruded. All this with slanted italics. Each font contains 1375 glyphs and 14545 standard kern pairs. Available as OT-ps, TT, PC-T1.

Rodrigo Fuenzalida

Very nice fonts, created by Rodrigo Fuenzalida, a designer from Caracas, Venezuela.

Glenn Brown

Glenn Brown is a controversial artist from the UK that has given the art world heaps to talk about over the last few years, for his uncanny painting abilities, as well as his appropriation of images by living and dead artists. By doing so, Brown aims to dispel the Modernist myth of originality and the presumed genius of the individual artist.

Check out more of his work by clicking here: Colectiva >> Blog >> Art >> Glenn Brown

Coraline Art

Illustrations and production design from the motion picture.

GSP Film Fest Intro

[vimeo 1812553]

I recently featured “The Experiment” by Colin Trenter. Here is another artistic and short video by the author.

Design: Lisa Mishima
Sound: Nick Dematteo
Animation: Chris Kelly, Colin Trenter, Mike Landry and Neil Wrischni

Link via Scene 360 Illusion

Parra Plays, a Free iPhone Game

iRI5 – Ghost in the Machine

Fabjanski Photographic

Pawel Fabjanski is a Polish fashion and sports photographer who also has an interesting, unique eye as expressed in his personal photography. More

Info & Pics HERE
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Your personal lamp + bookmark! Created by Anton Guglya.


It’s fantastic!!!