Love Me Tender… or Else!

A gentle reminder from Agent Provocateur not to forget Valentine’s Day.

Written and directed by Greg Williams
Starring – Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
Boyfriend – Charlie Speed
Cleaning lady Jean Brooks

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Clever Lettering

These are installations and public projects by Kay Rosen. They’re very clever letter and word connections.

Link via Scene 360 Illusion

Photoshop Breakdowns!

Hi everyone! I finally launched PSD layer-by-layer breakdowns.
Check them out here:

I’ll try to upload 1 new breakdown every week, so comeback soon!

New Obama

Mini garbage

Poster Boy

Valerio Carrubba Paintings

Milan based painter Valerio Carrubba is an extreme hyperrealism painter. The paintings are Dali inspired, tho he has some pure beauty work that are already in some big collectors homes…. more info & pics Here

more info & pics Here

Don Shank

Don Shank make fabulous science paintings.

For more, visit:

Kristal Melso

Great stuff in the portfolio of Kristal Melson.

more images at PICDIT:


Created by Daniel and Geo Fuchs, “Toygiants” is a photographic series featuring extreme facial close-ups of action heros and other toys. Once enlarged, the shots taken on a emotional, human quality.

More images at shape+colour

Rubens LP

Brazilian Flavor Illustrations by the wonderful Rubens LP – More info & pics here

Via illustratoronTrendland

Nick Van Woert Sculptures

Nick Van Woert is an amazing sculptor from NY – His work is just amazing and pretty unique… More Info & Pics HERE

Via ilovscultporonTrendLand

Every Image Has A Sound

Truly stunning advertising campaign for the Brazilian sound-production company Saxsofunny!

You HAVE to watch this clip:

[youtube ePsC-HvvHxM]

via Colectiva!

A More Perfect Union

[vimeo 434919]
This was done a year ago. Notes: “’A More Perfect Union’ spells out the preamble to the United States Constitution with forty friends in a high school gym in New York City.”
[vimeo 2888188]
And this is the newest video for Obama’s Presidency. Both videos by Andrew Sloat. The director has an appealing way of showing words/typography through people.

Link via Scene 360 Illusion

Guardian jobs by Andy Macgregor