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The Art of Ricardo Biancarelli

Japanese Action: Azumi

“In 19th century war-torn feudal Japan, a master samurai takes on the task of raising ten orphans and training them to be assassins. Their single-minded mission: do the bloody work of the state by silencing troublesome warlords. After a decade of inconceivably harsh training and discipline, Azumi and her comrades face the task of assassinating the powerful warlords Nagamasa Asano and Kiyomasa Kato. But burdened with the cruel assignment that means killing friends and enemies alike, Azumi begins to question her faith in her master and her devotion to her country. Still, Azumi remains determined to single-handedly complete her bloodbath mission.”

Directed by Ryuhei Kitamura.

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PLUG IN LOVERS Design Contest

[youtube qYDzEusdliY]
PlugiNLOVERS CONTEST – Write your message, win a trip to IBIZA Closing Party PLUG IN LOVERS is a new design Contest, a celebration of visual creativity open to creative people of all skill levels. Professionals, students, graphics, designers, illustrator, photographers, dj, producers and nightlife lovers: this is your opportunity to show the world your ideas and skills. So fire up your creative minds and start to brainstorm, draw, scan, and create a digital collage, gif animation…

Use your imagination and intuition to amaze us with your designs.
We look forward to receive designs, individual interpretations of the PLUG IN LOVERS universe/theme, from people all over the world.

Participants are invited to make a proposal for PLUG IN LOVERS. The top one proposal will be awarded with a flight for two person to Ibiza and two tickets for a night at the popular Space Closing Party. All proposals will be submitted by posting them directly in the ADD COMMENT section. The PLUG IN LOVERS contest is open to all adults (18 years and above) willing to participate. Each Participant is allowed to submit max 3 proposals. All proposals must be submitted electronically as a JPG, GIF file of 800Kb or less. Entering the PLUG IN LOVERS Contest is free of charge.

The jury will award the most expressive, clever and daring proposals. The judges will be considering the quality, wit, uniqueness and product relevance of the designs. The complete PLUG IN LOVERS RULES & CONDITIONS CONTEST will be available on

Submission deadline: September 30, 2008

Is this Dali’s apprentice?

On this page, it says is this Dali’s apprentice?” The artwork has a surrealist envisionment including objects such as eggs, elephants–optical illusions–and a characteristic style that does resemble many of Dali’s paintings. I found out that these are all original art pieces by Russian painter Vladimir Kush. The artist makes no note of Dali in his biography, which leads me to believe that his childhood experience may have influenced these creations, but clearly he got inspiration from some of the masters… he says: “Art school was a world of a new inspiration. The class I attended allowed total artistic freedom. I learned much about the famous Renaissance painters, impressionists, post-impressionists, and contemporary artists. Here I painted my first surreal picture.” -Adriana de Barros, from Scene 360

(Top Images (c) Vladimir Kush)

Vodafone Music Unlimited

Although this is a commercial site, I simply couldn’t resist to that supersexy, colorful typeface – pure beauty.

Beautiful Mail Art!

From 2004 to 2006 Riitta Ikonen mailed around 100 postcards to Margaret Huber. “Hair, fish, a sachet of white powder, a piece of broken record etc. were sent to test the postal system. Only three cards never reached their destination.”

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Gaming Shirt Contest

German shirt design contest A Better Tomorrow teams up with Games Mag Gee to determine the greatest video game t-shirt in germany. Have a look at the submission site. The contest data is available on ABT in German and in English. The contest ends on September 29th, 2008. The winner will earn 500 euros (780 $), a videogame of their choice, a Gee magazine subscription and MarioKart slot car course.


A bunch of old school games with the clothes from russian fashion stores Provokator by Transformer Studio.

96k™ | Creative boutique

96k’s name: liu zheng.96k was born in a port city of developing country(CHINA),
deeply influenced in his childhood by the different foreign cultures and religions,
he addicted himself both into the exotic & traditional arts, At early, adoring the sprint,
he was trained to be an excellent professional sprinter, however because of many
reasons he had to quit, in future days, art focuses all his energy. As most artists
who pursue the liberty, he stopped his school life to start his own art career after
graduated from university. In 2005, 96k came to Beijing, created 96k™ Creative Boutique,
involving Graphic Design, Motion Graphics,, website Design, 96k have served clients:Nike /Idn /Tiger /SonyEricsson /PEPSI /Motorola /Microsoft /INTER /Lenovo
/ebay /adFunture /wangfeng /coldtea
/zhengjun /CCTV /CETV /dazhongyule
/shandong TV / China Mobile / ARRTCO /Buffalo /Perfect Life /Casa&design /Abitare,
as well as created & managed also an entertainment company from this period till now.


Japanese Horror: Tokyo Gore Police

Japanese Horror: Tokyo Gore Police
Let me introduce you the art of modern Japanese horror movies. Forget about The Ring and the same shit. Welcome to the world of a real Japanese gore massacre, the world of manga girls, yakuza, blood, violence, mutants and sex.

“Ruka is a police officer in a special squad formed to eradicate human mutations that have recently sprung into existence, the result of a virus created by a mad scientist simply known as Key Man. Killing these unwieldy mutants is no easy task, and Ruka, naturally enough, carries a samurai sword with her at all times. Despite being on opposite sides of the fence, Ruka and Key Man share a common bond: the murder of their fathers years earlier at the hands of the police, and both she and Key Man seek revenge for their dads’ untimely demises.”

Directed by Yoshihiro Nishimura.

Parental advisory: movie trailer, sex, gore and violenece ahead.

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The Fleet of Doom

The Fleet of Doom

The Fleet of Doom

The Fleet of Doom

The Fleet of Doom

“The Fleet of Doom” – 36in. x 48in. Archival  print on canvas for “Brand New Day” art exhibit for the Tampa Museum of Art. Also, 13x19in paper prints available here.

Beautiful Photography

A Few Stunning Pictures to Inspire You……read more

Pedro Afonso

Trey Ratcliff

Richard Lewisohn

Kim Høltermand

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Centrum Artystyczne Fabryka Trzciny (Poland)

The “Fabryka Trzciny” Artistic Center is one of the few, if not the only place, concentrating all forms of artistic endeavour: painting, photography, theatre, music, as well as a mini-library and spaces for meetings and promotion of modern writers, publicists, politicians and interesting personalities. “Fabryka Trzciny” is a place Warsaw has waited for a long time. 

The “Fabryka Trzciny” Artistic Center:
Creative Support CAFT: