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Mobile Phone Concert!

[youtube g1G-YesiBB8]

Is a large-scale concert performance pruduced by Dialtones whose sounds are wholly produced through the carefully choreographed ringing of the audience’s own mobile phones…Crazy!!

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Calendar Poster 2009

Calendar Poster 2009 on Behance and eBay

EMPRNT: Books for Design Enthusiasts

EMPRNT is a resource for designers who love design books and design related items.

It’s a joint project between two web designers (Jeff Mehlhoff & Dennis Eusebio) who ironically love printed design. Produced under Thought & Theory, this site serves as a platform for us to review books, promote new book releases, interview designers and geek out over cool bookshelves.

Time to Go to Work! – Joshua Budich


HandMade Font. New release.

Edward Burtynsky – Australian Minescapes

Canadian photographer Edward Burtynsky defines ‘epic’ in images. His latest project covers the nickel pit mines of Western Australia. Amazing landscape shots. Is that Hugh and Nicole down there?

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Flying Santa 2008

[vimeo 2725971]
Santa Claus commits suicide with the help of some Lippitt activists.
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If Cars Could Gain Weight, They’d Look Like This!

These images are from a series entitled “Fat Cars,” by Austrian Erwin Wurm.

About the artist (notes from West Collection):

Erwin Wurm is one of Austria’s preeminent international contemporary artists. He has devoted his professional career to reshaping our concept of what constitutes a sculpture. In his One Minute Sculptures, Wurm invites the spectator to act like a sculpture using the props and materials he provides for the while he photographs or videos these events. The corporeal aspect of these pieces support his later voluminous and significant works, the Fat Cars. The Fat Cars are flesh-like vehicle in shades of brown, cream, pink and peach.

Link via Scene 360 Illusion

Ryuunosuke in a sweater’s sleeve (Kitty Hat 5)

Cat’s name is Ryuunosuke (name for samurai in the ancient Japan). The cat was bought for 15 RMB (1,5 €) in China by Franck, a french guy living in Shanghai.

Absolute Tokyo

In photographs of Thomas Birke.

Experience Design by LaShay Carr

LaShay Carr is a New York City/L.A. based designer whose work consists of fresh illustrations and 3d designs from a budding genre called Experience Design.

Argh. Get Yer Greatest Pirate Posters Evar!

826 Valencia is the best Pirate Supply Shop in the world. No kidding… well… you do the research and figure out the deal. In the meantime, these self-promo pirate posters are among the greatest pirate related posters in the world!

Oh… a tee too!

Bethany Bristow

Bethany Bristow is a New York City based installation artist, who takes a multidisciplinary approach to creating her work by utilizing elements of sculpture, performance and photography.

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